Girl You Know It's True/ChocolopeKush&TigerMilk

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Girl You Know It's True/ChocolopeKush&TigerMilk

Hey Growers! 🤪 👍 : Ted here
Tonight I am going to start off this journal with a delectable choice of seeds, photos, and presentation to the art of growing I like to call 'training' and my grow for the expert and novice alike. Just don't tell mom&dad!

First off the choice of seeds: 
2: Girl, You Know Its True (Regular)
2: Tiger's Milk (Autoflower)
1: Chocolope Kush (Feminized)

These girls (and possible boys) are all special to me because, like some seeds, they are  somewhat classics (other than the Chocolope Kush), but also have sweet terpene profiles that I think really embodies the high and helps with the cultivation and intake (smoke/edible) of the cannabis. With that being said, thank you for joining me on this journey and stay tuned for every single update and post, cause this is gonna be SUPER FUN!!

Happy Growing! 😉 👍 

Posted : 05/11/2023 4:41 pm

Cannabis Grow 20230510 210927

Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20230510 220848 SwitchBot

Current Assessment:
EC: 1440 pH: 6.2 Temp: (see photo) Humidity: (see photo) Nutrients: Combination (see below1) Lung Temp: 78.6F Lung Humidity: 56% Light Watts: 150 Total Watts for Grow: 186 (see below2) Pot Size: 1/2gal-2gal Fertigation information : (see below3)

Nutrient Lines: General Hydroponics (FloraGro 2-0-6, FloraMicro 5-0-1, BioThrive Gro 4-3-3, Diamond Nectar 0-1-1, Armor Si 0-0-4); Botanicare (CalMag Plus 2-0-0); Advanced Nutrients (Sensizym 1-0-4, Sensi Grow A 3-0-0, Sensi Grow B 1-2-4); Aquascape (Beneficial Bacteria .5-0-0) 

Feed Intervals Today (5/10): 5 times
Ec of fertigation: 1276-1440
pH of fertigation: 5.8 to 6.2
Feed Ammount: 1/2 gallon (1/2pint); 2 gallons (1 pint)

Hey Growers! 😎👍 Ted here: Today is recouperation of the topping I took yesterday. Shes going to need a full 2 days of recoup for her to be completely relieved of the cutting, but is already showing recouperation process is going successful! She is doing this by the grow tips sprouting from the inner part of the branch closest to the stem. I should be focusing AGAIN on roots, but I took a harder turn with the roots with the higher ec because the enzyms i have been putting into the media. I've finally ran out of aquascape and although, its been a friendly nutrient of mine, I wont be using it until further into vegetative state when these girls are near their final pot.
I havent been touching the girls much beyond cleaning the leaves from time to time from a wild ride during fertigation 😜  and when adding a bit more coco to the pots. (Chocolope is underweight on coco currently)

Thanks again for Checking out the girls and as always...
Happy Growing!!! - TerpeneTed

Cannabis Grow 20230511 170627
Cannabis Grow 20230511 170353
Cannabis Grow 20230511 170423
Cannabis Grow 20230511 170433

Tiger's Milk, Chocolope Kush, Girl You Know Its True, and Girl You Know its True

Posted : 05/11/2023 5:12 pm

Hey Growers! 😎 👍 

Another day in paradise here!

Cannabis Grow 20230516 102222
Cannabis Grow 20230516 102140
Cannabis Grow 20230516 102206
Cannabis Grow 20230516 102146

The girls are doing great! Im going to need to uppot soon. was really hoping to get some mykos first!

EC dropped back down to 1000. pH 5.8-6.0
Nutrients: ArmorSi@ 3ml/gal, Calmag+@ 5ml/gal, Floragro@ 3ml/gal, Sensigro A&B@ 4ml/gal, Diamond Nectar@ 4ml/gal in their respective order of addition time. 
Fertigation:3-5 times per day, up to 1/2 quart. 
Fan on 24/7.
No Added co2
Training daily, but still low growth prevents anything vigorous. I am getting anxious for big ladies. I need more big ladies in my life... if you have any suggestions, questions or comments, please feel free to drop a line. Thanks for watching! 

Happy Growing!!!!!! 🙄 👍 

Posted : 05/16/2023 10:35 am