First Photos

Dropped seeds today at 1 AM.

2 x Slurricaine

2 x Planet of the Grapes 

Posted : 05/28/2023 12:41 pm

I am buffering some coco for pint bags.

Cannabis Grow IMG 8165

Posted : 05/28/2023 12:57 pm

These girls all did great in just the paper towel method. I used RO water cuz my tap was reading .7 EC. I rinsed the coco to .1 EC runoff and placed them tap root down as best I could. They are in the closet with 100 PPFD and I’m keeping the humidity at 70-80. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 8169
Cannabis Grow IMG 8170
Cannabis Grow IMG 8171

Posted : 05/29/2023 11:34 am

So I am having some issues and I want to have 6 plants ready to go for when the autos finish up so I decided to pop three more. Two bigfoot glue and one more PotG (5/2) I just put them in coco today at 6/4. All of these seeds seem to being great at germination with just a wet paper towel method. I use RO or distilled water cuz my tap is .7 EC. But when it comes to the closet nursery I think I’m doing something wrong. I have my temps and my RH right but maybe not enough air flow or some fungus nats. I put up tape and put die earth in the coco as well as a dusting. I am even spraying with lost coast when the lights go out. Maybe I’m over doing it but I’m definitely not liking this close lt setup RN.

Cannabis Grow IMG 8223
Cannabis Grow IMG 8219
Cannabis Grow IMG 8209

Posted : 06/04/2023 12:43 pm