First Journal-#43 and Skywalker

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First Journal-#43 and Skywalker

I really wanted a place for me to keep track of what I am doing, what works and what doesn't.

I returned to the EU and saw my favourite site, cocoforcannabis was having a grow for topping, Yeah!

Checked the seeds and found two with a 9 week grow time both feminized, so I put 3 skywalker and 3 #43 in shot glasses with water.  After 24 hours all seeds sunk.  Into wet paper towels and 3 days later I had all the #43 germinate but only 1 of the skywalker.  I am trying now to get the 2 others to germinate but it may not work.  Any suggestions?

Aug 23 baby sprouts go into coco and perlite, misted with starter and covered. Light cycle 12/12 on a timer.

Aug 24 Skywalker, came through, 2 of the #43 also popped through, covers off, light mist of starter with a drop of cal mag

Aug 25:  Baby sprouts got the first feed of .5, micro, grow, bloom, starter and a drop of cal mag.  Plants are misted to raise the humidity in the tent.  So far two Skywalkers that have not germinated and 1 #43 that isn't popped up yet.


Posted : 08/25/2020 1:26 am

I am now germinating two more skywalker seeds since I only had one germinate previously.  It looks like only one is going to germinate but that will give me 4 plants total for the collaboration grow.  I plan to mainline my plants with LST.  Right now they are on 18/6 light cycle with two tiny leaves sprouted as they grow in the solo cups for now.  Doing 5 ML cal mag and .5 or less on the micro, grow, bloom and starter. All in PH tested 6.0 water and hand watering for now.

Posted : 08/26/2020 10:51 pm