First Grow- PUDC & Sunset Sherbet (Soil)

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First Grow- PUDC & Sunset Sherbet (Soil)

Growing in a 2x2 Mars Hydro Grow Tent with a Mars Hydro 600W light, oscillating tower fan, 1.6 liter humidifier, 4in in-line fan with carbon filter. 

Posted : 09/19/2020 5:35 am

Late to the grow journal party but I’ll start with my soil composition and what I’ve done up until this point. The sunset sherbet seeding sprouted within 12 hours, almost too eager to begin life. However despite ideal conditions the pineapple upside down cake never sprouted so I started a new seed on September 3rd that ended up sprouting. 

Each seedling was planted into 5 gallon fabric pots. The Sunset Sherbert was first started in a small cup of Sun Gro Black Gold seed starter on a mat warmer in my office (under a T5 light from Home Depot I purchased several years ago to start my garden seeds indoors), then transplanted to the 5 gallon on September 3rd, when I began to worry about how leggy it had become under the old lights.  

The soil composition I used in each 5 gallon is the following:

  • 3/4 of a 5 gallon bucket of Fox Farms Ocean Forest 
  • 1/2 cup of Dolomite Lime
  • 7 cups of Vermiculite 
  • 4 cups Peat Moss
  • 2 cups Red Farm worm castings 
  • 4 cups mushroom compost

I mixed each bucket by hand and then continued to mix it as a filled each 5 gallon fabric plant pot. I then moistened the soil before placing the SS transplant as well as the PUDC seedling. 

Watering schedule:

I mist 2 times daily in addition to the humidifier. I do one watering every 3-4 days depending on how the soil looks and feels. The water I’m using is from my tap, with a ph of 6.7. ( I “checked” it before using it on my plants. Hoping the soil and microbes would help buffer as needed and the cannabis gods be merciful). 

Posted : 09/19/2020 6:44 am
  1. Misted the girls and refilled the humidifier. Plan on topping the SS this afternoon when I wake up. 
Posted : 09/20/2020 6:57 am tree dawg liked

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Posted : 09/20/2020 6:58 am

Yesterday I correctly topped my SS and did some  trimming on the lower branches with the help of an experienced grower. I also switched my SS to the back of the tent so I could focus on lst with PUDC this week. This morning  SS looks a little stressed out. I top dressed SS with Fox Farms Ocean Forest and some mushroom compost. Both plants got a misting and the humidifier got increased since humidity was in the 50’s. The temperature has started dropping and was 22 Celsius this morning when I opened the tent.

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Cannabis Grow ECE0B735 F237 4495 93A5 4D66104F93B1

Posted : 09/23/2020 6:59 am AutoSleepy and ChaseG1992 liked

Cannabis Grow 9007A6F3 76D0 4014 BCC8 B14FC80CF8F9

SS is starting to pick herself up after topping and sculpting. Planning on training PUDC this week for some lst. Morning misting. RH: 57% Temp :22 Celsius 

Posted : 09/24/2020 6:44 am AutoSleepy liked

Noticed an increase in RH this morning ranging from 77-80% Temp was 79F. Only change was opening up a vent screen for more air flow/CO2 paired with the increased humidity due to weather. Lightly misted the girls only in the am. Since humidity was still high I held off on the afternoon misting and also turned off the humidifier which was on low. Observed a little damage on leaves to both plants. I believe the damage occurred when I was attempting to fix the fan and the humidifier became off balanced and landed on both plants. Still no nutes given. 
Also tucked back the larger leaves, trying to train them down for better light placement on the plants. Planning on topping the PUDC soon. 

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Cannabis Grow 618A86A4 BE9A 412F 87DF 9D3B20B66438

Posted : 09/27/2020 6:11 pm BBudz420, AutoSleepy and ChaseG1992 liked

Flipped the girls to flower due to the decreased space in the 2x2. Began using Nectar of the Gods fertilizer. Using NoG fertilizer schedule I mix my nutes in a 0.5 liter container. Using mL instead of tsp/tbsp. Every third water I add nutes. I also supercropped on the 12th.

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Cannabis Grow 5F05FBD9 9C31 4B3F AA69 3C9CA9DBB50D
Cannabis Grow AB99F822 9051 4068 9C5C 2428B36CCD92
Cannabis Grow DA052A04 DED9 48AE 9D34 97842B8F94D8

Posted : 10/20/2020 9:28 am BBudz420 and ChaseG1992 liked
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Trichs have started to appear on the PUDC, the 45 day flower period might be close to accurate. Watered both plants today. They seem to really be reaching up these past few days. RH stays around 65. Temps around 70. The PUDC is also showing some red in its stems and leaves. Excited to see how she develops and how much farther she is ahead of the SS even though the PUDC is a week younger than SS.

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Cannabis Grow 68513D1F CBC4 4010 995F 97E2CF240C6F
Cannabis Grow 62BF88ED 76EA 4913 92E2 FD4C4C5CC138

Posted : 10/26/2020 4:10 pm AutoSleepy and ChaseG1992 liked
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Triches started appearing on SS yesterday. You can smell the creaminess of the PUDC when adjusting her leaves while the SS is a little more gassy. I raised the light a few inches up. RH was 70% while temp was 72.3. The outside dew-point has been high which could be contributing to my high RH factor. That or I need a new hydrometer.  

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Cannabis Grow A446A88F B070 4CC3 B3EF 8FD8B47C023F
Cannabis Grow 7A5707D4 CE49 4171 848B 68A08112F803
Cannabis Grow 65CFA9FB 3D19 45CB B25F 3F6E475A082B

Posted : 10/28/2020 6:15 am Ripple and ChaseG1992 liked
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Fed the girls a little more nutes than I normally do today to see how they would handle it. Also opened up the vent flaps in the tent as well as opened the doors to the room for a few hours to allow some fresh air flow. The wind was a little crisp but helped bring the RH down to 56% and the temp is now in the 60’s.

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Cannabis Grow FF350189 040A 4518 B997 474A50DD5FAC
Cannabis Grow 4ECCD103 19C5 4794 AE51 745A4D4FB3F8
Cannabis Grow 57AB2CB0 B9BA 4A17 BC18 801D7ED6EFAF
Cannabis Grow 905C6AD8 115D 4BB6 AF6C B434C24691AF
Cannabis Grow CFE56077 7BE4 4FB2 AF8E 8E74896B3E51

Posted : 10/30/2020 3:09 pm ChaseG1992 liked

Cannabis Grow 68A2809A EDBD 4FA0 88B4 7B3665A64002
Cannabis Grow 36889813 E9B0 4F56 978C BA84FD6670D0
Cannabis Grow C3DD24A3 1325 4D43 98AB 299B1CDE16D4
Cannabis Grow AC6BC80A 2064 4C58 94A9 1FF0614ECB67
Cannabis Grow B07B2826 15D0 4E25 9CD8 14F9CAC796CA
Cannabis Grow 8BF3F781 617D 431B BF19 B14B65506C00
Cannabis Grow 0814F6A8 49CC 447C 85A5 6CB95D9ED964

Temp was in the 70’s with RH at 44%. The heat has officially been turned on in the main house causing an increase in grow room heat. I closed the mesh windows of the grow tent and watered both 5 gallon pots with 0.75 liters of water due to the soil being dry. Another thing that contributed to the drop in humidity was an increase in the exhaust fan speed. When I wake up in the afternoon I will determine if the girls need more water. 

Posted : 11/02/2020 5:37 am ChaseG1992 liked
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Top dressed both SS and PUDC with 2 party cups worth of mushroom compost, one party cup worth of word castings and one party cup of FFOF. In addition to the top dressing both plants also got 0.5 liters of water. Runoff observed. Temp was in the low 70’s with RH up to 55%. Gently manipulated the main branches to open up the center of each plant and tucked leaves around in an attempt to even out the canopy. Cream and pineapple scents are more prominent in the tent.

Cannabis Grow 27B2592F B004 467F 9CD1 9E07ACEEA3AB
Cannabis Grow 664A6CF4 1E3D 461C B2F6 B2B83C07E42F
Cannabis Grow A468EFDA 20D7 4CDA B114 367E39DA856A
Cannabis Grow 2B27E36A 0502 4BDE 9828 19AC6595AD08
Cannabis Grow 88AC3A35 FDB7 4BC8 8446 6BE31B0663E6
Cannabis Grow BA05A915 8188 4DCF B988 1D7916C2CCE8

Posted : 11/03/2020 5:07 am ChaseG1992 liked

Opened the tent this morning temp was 75.3, RH 77%. Opened the tent all the way up and adjusted the lower vent to decrease Rh, RH was reading 54% when I closed the tent.

Cannabis Grow 7019F2F1 8F43 491D B5F2 54FE53CBB04F
Cannabis Grow 6D389634 766F 4EC6 830F 7E2B0CD29BCA
Cannabis Grow C93F946D 7480 47A7 BB6C 4C33900252CC
Cannabis Grow 01D45945 78B0 4DCE A21D 1B37A1814A68
Cannabis Grow BC876699 8667 4E3B B3F4 F0E5C05D68F1


PUDC is taking over the majority of the tent. I wonder if it is due to flowering time since we are halfway through the suggested flower time or if it is the lst+ sc. SS projected harvest time is an additional 2 weeks more than PUDC. Debating if improving the light in the tent will increase the yield. 

Posted : 11/04/2020 8:13 am

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Cannabis Grow FFFD26FE D941 4766 B48E C9098958AB45
Cannabis Grow C987D037 975A 4F34 9E9D B54F2F666C2D


Checked on the tent, temp has been hanging in the 60’s as has RH..... will feed tomorrow 

Posted : 11/05/2020 9:11 pm ChaseG1992 and BBudz420 liked
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