First DWC attempt or Dr. Kratky w/ AUTOs

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First DWC attempt or Dr. Kratky w/ AUTOs

Welcome to my first DWC!  Please be patient while I figure this forum stuff out 🙂

Seeds directly into Alpine water, into rockwool on 10/20/2019

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Cannabis Grow A3941C71 FF65 464A B59C 597ACCFFB99D

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As the seeds begin to germinate, it is time to layout the plan for sexing.  I feel that too much energy and nutrients are spent on the presexed portion of the grow.  While I do not disagree that this is an important part of the grow cycle, with autos, I feel we can minimize costs here especially when sharing a limited grow space.

Cannabis Grow paintedjars

I will be taking mason jars and spray painting the outside black.  The seedling in the rockwool will be placed into a 2" netpot.  The netpot will be inserted into the mouth of a regular mouth 1L jar per plant.  The jar will be filled with alpine water for about a week or two or until roots can be seen extending from the bottom of the cube. From this point, the water will be replaced with a very mild nutrient solution.

No bubbler, no air stone. just stagnate water.  

We have time to figure out what nutrient solution will be used when the time comes.  

seedlings will also be grown directly under the flowering lamp at full energy.

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A little about the genetics:

Maturity: 80 days

Yield: Moderate to High

Parents of Spotted Limes

Port and Stilton
A strain for the refined meph_heads amongst us, Port and Stilton should provide a very deep and complex arrangement of tastes and flavours. On one side you have the musky sweet dank of the stilton containing hints of spices, with the dry red wine scent of the double grape. These girls should be doubly dank with a warming, happy festive fuzzy vibe.

CBD Auto Compassion Lime
Bursting with a powerful lime taste derived from Daiquiri Lime genetics, consumers would be forgiven for forgetting she packs high CBD content with comparable levels of THC. Her balanced genetics provide a high that is still powerful, but with all the health-boosting attributes of CBD. A perfect choice for medicinal users seeking mild amounts of THC, or those who like to smoke throughout the day.


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Overall Day 13, seedling about day 6 or 7. 

 Quite the busy week for me with some travel involved.  Right before I left, the seedlings had fully sprouted and were lanking.  So I busted out my 250watt VHO T5 and set it right on top of the dome. The lanking stopped, leaves started to green up, and all except for one plant are nice and tall and healthy. They will move into the new veg room this weekend.

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POTW Winner!!!


Had a little accident with the seedlings. The lamp came too close to the dome and melted it, killing a few seedlings and making the future for some of the others questionable.  The light has been remounted and we will move into our new veg room by this weekend.  

Posted : 11/04/2019 9:47 pm

Cannabis Grow IMG 0305

 lux at apx 20k, will allow to adjust before increasing amount slowly to about 50k lux where possible!  

The girls are sitting in a Flora Nova week 1 at about 50-75% apx 400 ppm + Calmag in 1 L mason jars.  No aeration, no refill.  After the water in the draw jar is about gone, we will transplant into a larger bucket.


Cannabis Grow nova exp rec


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Change to Feedchart

Cannabis Grow first feed chart flower


This feed chart is what we will be using for the 2 res. I'll likely start at 50% strength and ramp up to 100% strength by the end of the grow, just pushing a bit more at each res change.  

There are a planned 6 res changes through the flowering period 

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There will be 2 18 gallon Rubermaid containers which will eventually fill up to about 10-12 gallons of water/nutes.  There is a water indicator tube installed on the side and 2" holes drilled out to accommodate 4 plants per container.  Plants will be trained to grow a single cola each.  

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Flower day 1!

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These "autos" are being flipped today.  Day 1!  


I originally started with 8 plants, but my homegirl's greenhouse grow got stunted so I decided to donate 4 of them to give more room to the Pineapple Express Grow ^_^

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Not too pleased with this setup.  Very bulky and impossible to move around. One of the other buckets cracked for no reason, so I fear I may need to find a better container soon.  Otherwise, they are flowering under hps at the moment 500watt and seemingly tolerant.  🙂

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we may lose this girl.  Caught the image while at work. Will be hours before I can accommodate. I’ll get the humidifier running again m. Some rain would help 

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Day: 90
Flower Day: 9

House keeping 


flip feature post.  

largly ignore please 🙂


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Day: 91
Flower Day: 10

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I gave the poor girl a dome. We are on 17/7 in preparation for Pineapple Express on and around Valentine’s Day.   The black box is the climate controller Stc1000 and it is floating because I removed all the old grow room supplies and need to keep wires off the floor in a hydro setup.

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Flower Day 19
Day: 100
Flower Day: 19

I had to cull the plant that was struggling today. I don't know why she didn't make it, it could have been a laundry list of things in this experimental stagnate water gig.

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The other little girls are pulling along with pistils showing from all the girls.  The fan that I had in there has died and I replaced it with the oscillating fan I had used for drying until I can reinstall a tentpole in the grow room  (when I was cleaning it kept falling over so I decided to remove it - I'm not growing in a tent so there's naturally no tent pole, but I have that clip on fan.

The nutrient res doesn't look hot at all, I plan on changing it out and cleaning out the res.  This bucket has made for a poor res as the rim of the bucket is not supported enough under the pressure of the water and dislodges the lid and allows light to fall through.  

Cannabis Grow A649CC04 53C1 412F BFFA 3D87ABD9D9F4

I have no intention of changing the grow method for this run so let's see where and how far they can go!

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