Ethos Clone and seed Veg tent.

So I just cleaned up the clones and new seeds I just popped. The clones are in the front and are a few diffcuts from both (krux multi pack) and ( grampaโ€™s stash multi pack) skunk hero, peach Crescendo, punchline, grape diamonds,GMO.ย 
I only had room to promote a few clones to 4โ€ pots because of space but next run I am using round pots size of solo cups. I also moved the reg seeds in hopes of sexing them out to toss the males.

(Unless someone wants a few males ethos plants. )

The two back left one is for a buddy and the Small v is something Iโ€™m working on for PTGC trying my hand at manifolding, along w topping.

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Posted : 07/03/2022 8:11 pm

Move up day for 6 ladies from clone trays

2-skunks, punchline, GMO,

Grape Diamonds, Peach crescendoย 

all are in the round containers.

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Posted : 07/12/2022 8:18 pm

Just started 12 re-vegโ€™s all ethos strains. first time doing re-veg. Letโ€™s see how this goโ€™s.ย 

Grape diamonds 💎ย 

skunk 🦨 hero


peach 🍑 crescendo

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Posted : 08/20/2022 7:22 pm

Move up day for everyone but the new clones in the veg tent. Iโ€™ll go about 3-4 more weeks then flip probably.ย 

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Posted : 08/24/2022 5:33 pm

Starting with the NYGC now and Iโ€™m pumped to see how the new genetics I picked up work out. In this picture are Slurracane and sugar cone by in-house genetics 2 of each. Humboldt headband by Humboldt seed co, 2 of these. Clair-Mel Orange x 2 & envy overdrive x 2 by Fat cat lab and then I won 2 packs of seeds so i said I would grow some of those so I also have a Gary Payton and an Apple fritter germinating on the plate.

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Posted : 01/02/2023 12:12 pm