Endgame R2 Clone Run

Greetings reader.  Thank you for stopping by.

I grew out 5 Ethos Endgame R2 girls from seed.  Clones were taken of each.  This grow journal well attempt to document this clone flowering period.

I took 2 clones off of each of the Endgame girls.  At the time of this writing, they are flowering and on Day 63.  Plant #5 had the poorest bud structure, so seeing as how I can only realistically fit 9 pots in the 3x3, something had to go - so we have just 1 clone of #5 growing.  Watch her be the best tasting and most potent of the bunch :).

Anyway, I repotted them this morning from 1 gallon into (something less than >:(  ) 3 gallons pots.  Each pot mix consists of FoxFarm Happy Frog soil, a coupla scoops each of perlite and worm castings, and 5T Gaia Green All Purpose and 1T Gaia Green Bloom.

Girls will be only receiving 16 hours of light tonight.  The following night, 14, and the night after, 12.  And then off we will go!  

Tent definitely looks a bit rough right now.  These girls aren't thrilled about being in gallon pots for a month, no sir.  I also didn't pluck all the old and / or damaged foliage, because I'd like to see how she fills in.  We'll see what we can't do with these girls.  


Cannabis Grow CloneTent1
Cannabis Grow ClonesTent2

Posted : 10/14/2023 11:51 am

Day 1 of flower.  Excelsior !

Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay1 1

Posted : 10/17/2023 4:32 pm

It seems as though I spaced on the photo taking!  Whoops 🙂

Day 9.

Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay9 3
Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay9 2
Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay9 1

Posted : 10/25/2023 4:07 pm

Day 14.

Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay14 3
Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay14 2

Posted : 10/30/2023 4:50 pm

Day 21.

Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay21 3
Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay21 2
Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay21 1

Posted : 11/06/2023 8:09 pm

Day 28.

We've had some hiccups.  I noticed a few days ago that a few of the large fan leaves in the back, on #1, and elsewhere within the tent were starting to turn a bit yellow.  I went through the possibilities, and determined two possible causes:

1) I'd shorted them on the N fertilizer because these pots were a shade under 3Gallons and I didn't want to risk burning them, organic be damned, and now I was seeing the beginning of N deficiency.

2) Despite what I thought to be my infrequent watering schedule, I've once again been overwatering the girls and ruining the roots in the process.

I went with cause #2, and skipped their watering yesterday, seeing if they'd be wilted today.  They are not.  I'm not watering them today either.  It certainly seems easier to ruin these plants by overwatering than underwatering.

Other than the yellowing, leaves were happy and perky up until yesterday.. plants look a bit listless today.  Probably will be nice and thirsty tomorrow.  It's also been rather temperate, only reaching around 71-72F during the day, with RH in the 40's, so that could have something to do with it as well.  

More to come.

Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay28 3
Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay28 2
Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay28 1

Posted : 11/13/2023 2:08 pm

Day 35.

Reduced the watering.  Girls seem happier for it, although yellowing has slowly continued.  I think we'll be alright.  Tent stinks, rotten oranges and cherries.  

Excelsior !

Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay35 5
Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay35 4
Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay35 3
Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay35 2
Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay35 1

Posted : 11/20/2023 2:24 pm

Day 42.  Bud structure is different on the clones than the mothers.  Odd.  Everyone is turning purple, fighting with excessively high VPD, low night temps..  Meh.  It is what it is.  The less I water these girls the happier they are.

Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay42 2
Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay42 1


Posted : 11/27/2023 5:22 pm

Day 49.  

Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay49 2
Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay49 1

Posted : 12/04/2023 5:33 pm

Day 57 (whoops 🙂 )

Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay57 4
Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay57 3
Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay57 2
Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay57 1

Posted : 12/12/2023 7:52 pm

Looks like Day 63 never posted.  Odd.


Day 63.


Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay63 3
Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay63 2
Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay63 1

Posted : 12/26/2023 2:36 pm

Day 71.

Almost done.  

Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay71 4
Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay71 3
Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay71 2
Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay71 1

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Day 75.  Harvest.

Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay75Harvest 5
Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay75Harvest 4
Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay75Harvest 3
Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay75Harvest 2
Cannabis Grow EndGameR2ClonesFlowerDay75Harvest 1

Posted : 12/30/2023 2:21 pm