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Garden Journal Entry: Pre-Transplant Preparations

Date: 08 Mar 2024

Day: 19

Time: Morning Check

Summary: In efforts to mitigate moss/algae growth and manage environmental conditions within the humidity dome, today's focus shifted towards humidity control and the preparation for an imminent transplant. The plant's rapid growth, evidenced by roots emerging from the pot's sides and its proximity to the dome's top, has accelerated the timeline for its transition to the grow tent.

Environmental Adjustments:

  • Humidity Management: Opted not to water the plant this morning, and all vents on the humidity dome were left open to lower internal humidity levels.
  • Lighting: The intensity of the grow lights was slightly reduced, with adjustments made to the sunrise/sunset cycle for a duration of 3 hours, down from 6, to better regulate the plant's light exposure.

Plant Status:

  • Growth: The plant continues to exhibit healthy development, though it has become taller than initially desired due to early stretching. Roots beginning to emerge from the pot's sides signal readiness for a larger space.
  • Preparation for Transition: Recognizing the need for more room, plans are underway to relocate the plant to the grow tent, necessitating rearrangements for the other plant currently drying within the same space.

Cannabis Grow Copy of day 19 critical (1)

Actions Taken:

  • Tent Preparation: Initiating steps to prepare the grow tent for the plant's arrival sooner than initially planned, including finding an alternative location for the drying plant.
  • Transplant Planning: Determining the logistics for transplanting the plant into a larger pot within the grow tent environment.

Next Steps:

  • Tent Setup: Finalize preparations for the grow tent to accommodate the plant's needs, ensuring it is ready for the transition tomorrow.
  • Transplant Execution: Conduct the transplant into a bigger pot, implementing low stress training and topping techniques as part of the plant's next growth phase.

Reflection: The anticipation of the plant's move to a more spacious environment marks a pivotal moment in its cultivation journey. The adaptations made in response to its growth and the dome's conditions exemplify the dynamic nature of indoor gardening, requiring constant observation and flexibility. The upcoming transplant and introduction of new training techniques open the door to exciting opportunities for both the plant's development and my learning experience.

Posted : 03/08/2024 8:45 am
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Garden Journal Entry: Transition to Grow Tent and Early Challenges

Date: 09 Mar 2024

Day: 20

Time: Morning Update at 10:00

Summary: Following the preparatory steps taken on Day 19, the plant was transplanted into a new 5-gallon pot and integrated into the grow tent setup. Despite encountering challenges with root disturbance during the transplant, reflective of previous experiences, the plant was established under new environmental conditions with an adjusted nutrient and light regimen aimed at fostering its continued growth.

Transplant Process:

  • Root Disturbance: Similar to an earlier transplant, the delicate nature of the coco medium contributed to some root disturbance, underscoring the need for refined techniques in future transplants.
  • New Environment: The plant now resides in the grow tent, with the light positioned 12 inches above, and a light cycle of 18/6, with a 6 hour ramup/rampdown setting implemented to simulate natural sunrise and sunset.

Environmental Settings:

  • Lighting and Ventilation: The grow light's intensity and the inline/intake fan settings have been carefully calibrated to support the plant's needs, with adjustments planned based on its development.
  • Humidity Management: Initial tent humidity at 47% and a VPD of 1.4 indicate a need to increase moisture levels for optimal growth conditions.

Plant Status:

  • Observation Post-Transplant: The plant appears to be adapting well, with no immediate signs of shock. A desire for a darker shade of green is noted, with adjustments to the environment and care regimen ongoing.
  • EC Monitoring: The runoff's EC measurement of approximately 894 suggests a close watch on nutrient levels will continue to be important.

Cannabis Grow day20 critical grow

Actions Taken:

  • Environmental Adjustment: A focus on increasing tent humidity to better support plant health, with an aim for levels above 50%.
  • Watering Regimen: Continuing a daily watering practice to ensure consistent moisture, with attention to runoff levels for nutrient management.

Next Steps:

  • Humidity Optimization: Implement strategies to raise the humidity within the tent, leveraging seasonal changes to aid in this adjustment.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: Vigilant observation for any signs of stress or adverse reactions to the transplant and new settings.
  • Training Preparation: Anticipation of introducing low stress training and topping techniques to promote robust growth.

Reflection: This significant transition marks a new phase in the plant's development, with early challenges providing valuable lessons in care and handling. The meticulous attention to the plant's environmental needs and the proactive approach to addressing potential stressors reflect a deep commitment to its well-being. As the plant settles into its new home, the excitement for its potential and the journey ahead continues to grow, with each day bringing opportunities for learning and growth.

Posted : 03/09/2024 9:12 am
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Garden Journal Entry: Post-Transplant Challenges and Adjustments

Date: 11 Mar 2024

Day: 22

Time: 11:00 hours Monday Update

Summary: The weekend's observations have highlighted several challenges following the plant's transition to the grow tent, notably a reduction in humidity levels compared to the dome, contributing to signs of stress. The plant exhibited wilting, yellowing, and even purple discoloration on one leaf. High runoff pH and EC readings prompted immediate adjustments to the nutrient solution's pH in hopes of mitigating these issues.

Environmental and Health Concerns:

  • Humidity Discrepancy: The significant drop in humidity from dome to tent (around 50%) is not optimal for the plant's current stage, potentially contributing to its stressed appearance.
  • Soil pH and EC Levels: Runoff readings revealed a pH above 8 and an EC nearing 1,000, indicating potential nutrient uptake problems and soil alkalinity issues.
  • Adjustment Measures: Lowered the feeding water's pH from 6.0 to 5.5 to address the soil's high pH, using about 2L of water to achieve 1L of runoff.

Plant Status:

  • Growth Stagnation: There has been little to no increase in leaf size post-transplant, with a concerning shift in coloration from healthy green to green-yellow.
  • Potential Stress Factors: Several variables, including the change in humidity, light intensity, airflow, temperature, and prior root damage, are being considered as stress contributors.

Cannabis Grow  day22 critical grow

Actions Taken:

  • pH Correction Attempt: Early morning watering used a re-adjusted nutrient solution to directly address the soil's pH imbalance.
  • Humidity Management Strategy: To temporarily boost tent humidity, the runoff water was allowed to sit in the drain plate for an extended period.

Next Steps:

  • Close Monitoring: Vigilant observation will continue, especially regarding the plant's response to the adjusted pH levels and efforts to increase tent humidity.
  • Environmental Optimization: Ongoing adjustments to the tent's climate conditions to create a more hospitable environment for the plant.
  • Health Assessment: Assessing the plant's recovery from potential nutrient deficiencies or toxicities indicated by discoloration and wilting.

Reflection: This period has underscored the complexities of environmental control and its impact on plant health, particularly in the sensitive post-transplant phase. The challenges encountered serve as a potent reminder of the delicate balance required in nutrient management, humidity control, and the importance of a stable growing environment. The proactive steps taken to address these issues reflect a commitment to learning and adapting to the plant's needs, with a hopeful outlook on rectifying the current concerns and supporting the plant's recovery and growth.

Posted : 03/11/2024 10:15 am
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Garden Journal Entry: Environmental Adjustments and Care Refinements

Date: 12 Mar 2024

Day: 23

Time: Late Morning Observation at 10:30

Summary: An unexpected temperature drop overnight highlighted the challenges of maintaining stable environmental conditions during early spring. The plant continues to display signs of stress, particularly purpling leaves, potentially indicative of a phosphorus deficiency or complications from previously high medium pH. Adjustments were made to lighting and watering practices in response to these observations.

Environmental Challenges:

  • Temperature Fluctuations: The tent's temperature dipped to nearly 60 degrees, underscoring the reliance on external climate conditions due to the current lack of advanced environmental controls within the setup.
  • Light Placement: A review of the grow light's manufacturer recommendations led to adjusting the light's distance to 2 feet above the plant, correcting a previous misjudgment of optimal lighting proximity.

Plant Status:

  • Leaf Discoloration: The purpling of the leaves has intensified, prompting considerations of nutrient uptake issues, possibly exacerbated by root damage or the grow medium's alkalinity.
  • Watering Approach: Opted for minimal watering with pH-adjusted distilled water, aiming to allow the plant to utilize existing soil nutrients without over-saturating.

Care Adjustments:

  • pH Management: Continuation of adjusting nutrient solutions to the 5.5-5.9 pH range to counteract the grow medium's elevated pH levels.
  • Humidity Enhancement: Employed a fine mist spray to increase tent humidity, achieving a more desirable 60% level from previously lower readings.

Next Steps:

  • Humidity Management: Plans to maintain improved humidity levels through misting and to invest in a humidifier for future grows to better control environmental conditions.
  • Monitoring and Adjustment: Ongoing vigilance regarding the plant's response to the adjusted lighting distance and watering regimen, with a readiness to make further modifications as needed.

Reflection: This day's experiences emphasize the learning curve associated with indoor gardening, particularly the importance of understanding and applying manufacturer guidelines for equipment and adapting care practices to the plant's signals. The environmental challenges encountered serve as valuable lessons for future grows, highlighting the necessity of balancing numerous variables to create an optimal growing environment. Despite the setbacks, the commitment to adjusting strategies and the proactive approach to problem-solving reflect a dedication to the plant's health and growth potential.

Posted : 03/12/2024 10:04 am
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Garden Journal Entry: Observations and Adjustments Post-Lighting Change

Date: 13 Mar 2024

Day: 24

Time: Daytime Check

Summary: Following the adjustment of the grow light's placement to a higher position, initial observations indicate a positive impact on the newer leaves, which seem to be spared from the damage and wilting that affected earlier foliage. This suggests that the light's proximity may have been a significant factor in the plant's recent stress. Continuing with the nutrient regimen and employing misting to enhance humidity, the focus remains on fostering a stable and supportive environment for recovery and growth.

Plant Status and Growth:

  • Leaf Recovery: Newer leaves are showing signs of improvement, not exhibiting the same damage as older leaves, indicating a potential resolution to the light-induced stress.
  • Nutrient Feeding: Continued with the standard nutrient feeding, achieving 1L of runoff, to maintain a consistent nutrient supply.
  • Humidity Management: Employed a fine misting technique on the soil and pot sides to boost tent humidity, supporting the plant's hydration needs.

Cannabis Grow  day24 critical grow

Environmental Adjustments:

  • Node Placement: The more compact node placement observed since the move to the grow tent suggests an overall healthier growth pattern, likely due to more optimal light exposure and reduced stretching.
  • Excess Water Removal: Planned to remove excess water from the drain plate later in the day to manage moisture levels while still allowing a temporary increase in humidity.

Next Steps:

  • Continuous Monitoring: Vigilance in observing the plant's response to the recent environmental adjustments, particularly the changes in lighting distance and humidity management.
  • Adjustment Readiness: Prepared to make further modifications to the nutrient solution or environmental conditions if necessary to address any ongoing or new issues.
  • Documentation and Assessment: Maintaining a record of the plant's progress and any notable changes in its condition, to inform future care decisions.

Reflection: The responsiveness of the newer leaves to the adjusted light setup offers hope that the primary stressor has been identified and mitigated. The importance of precise environmental control in indoor gardening is once again underscored, along with the plant's resilience and capacity for recovery. As each day brings new insights into the plant's needs and responses, the journey of cultivation continues to be a deeply informative and rewarding experience.

Posted : 03/13/2024 11:45 am
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Garden Journal Entry: Nutrient Solution Refinement and Positive Growth Signs

Date: 14 Mar 2024

Day: 25

Time: Daily Check

Summary: A new nutrient solution mix was prepared to support the plant's growth and recovery, with careful consideration given to the quantities of each component to suit the young plant's needs. Initial results from the adjustments to environmental factors like lighting and humidity, have led to visible improvements in the plant's health and vigor.

Nutrient Solution Composition:

  • Base: 1 gallon of distilled water was used as the foundation.
  • Additives:
    • Ocean Magic Sea Mineral at 10mL, reduced from the recommended 2 ounces to suit the plant's sensitivity.
    • Cal Mag at 3mL, Grotek Grow nutrients at 4mL, and SensiBloom Part A and B at 2mL each, to provide a comprehensive nutrient profile.
    • Humic Acid and Kelp+Yucca each at 10mL to enhance soil health and plant resilience.
  • Solution Measurements: The final mix achieved an optimal pH of 5.8 (±0.05) and an EC of 1268, with a temperature of 63°F.

Plant Response and Care:

  • Improved Condition: The plant displayed noticeable growth, appearing perkier and less droopy, indicating a positive response to the recent environmental adjustments.
  • Lighting and Humidity Insight: Reflection on the light damage issue revealed that the proximity of the light, combined with suboptimal humidity levels, likely exacerbated the plant's stress. Correcting these factors has led to a significant turnaround.
  • Ongoing Humidity Management: Continued use of fine misting with pH-adjusted distilled water to maintain and boost humidity levels around the plant.

Cannabis Grow Copy of day20 critical grow

Next Steps:

  • Nutrient Solution Monitoring: Observing the plant's reaction to the new, more potent nutrient solution, with readiness to dilute if signs of overfeeding appear.
  • Environmental Stability: Maintaining improvements in humidity and lighting distance to ensure the plant's environment remains conducive to growth.
  • Growth and Health Assessment: Keeping a close watch on the plant's development, particularly the new growth's health and vitality, as a measure of the recent adjustments' success.

Reflection: The plant's rebound in health and growth underscores the importance of stable environmental conditions. I am very impressed with this plant's ability to recover and survive.

Posted : 03/14/2024 11:20 am
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Garden Journal Entry: Steady Recovery and Growth

Dates: 15 Mar 2024 - 17 Mar 2024

Days: 26-28

Summary: Over the past three days, the plant has shown remarkable signs of recovery, exhibiting a dramatic improvement in health, appearance, and vigor. The earlier issues of discoloration and drooping have significantly subsided, with the plant now energetically orienting itself towards the light. The careful adjustment of nutrient delivery and the continued emphasis on optimal environmental conditions have contributed to these positive changes.

Observations and Actions:

  • Vibrant Growth: The plant's color and posture have notably improved, transitioning to a healthier darker green shade and displaying an enthusiastic growth posture.
  • Node and Leaf Development: Each day brings new nodes and leaves, indicating robust growth and the successful mitigation of prior stress factors.
  • Nutrient Management: Today's feeding involved a balanced mix of full-strength nutrients and pH-adjusted distilled water, totaling 2 liters but intentionally limited runoff to conserve nutrient availability within the coco.
  • Pruning Plans: Decided against topping at this stage, opting to allow the plant more time to grow and fully recover from transplant stress before introducing new growth challenges.

Cannabis Grow day26 28 critical grow

Next Steps:

  • Continued Monitoring: While the plant's current trajectory is positive, ongoing observation remains crucial to ensure stable growth and address any minor issues promptly.
  • Future Watering Strategy: Planning for a return to a higher runoff volume during the next nutrient application to facilitate fresh nutrient uptake while avoiding over-saturation.
  • Preparation for Training: Anticipating the introduction of topping and potential low-stress training techniques once the plant has achieved a suitable size and demonstrated consistent health.

Reflection: The past few days have been a testament to the resilience of both the plant and the gardener, with the visible recovery underscoring the effectiveness of the adjustments made. The excitement of witnessing daily improvements and the anticipation of future growth phases enrich the gardening experience, offering valuable lessons in plant care and environmental management. This period has reinforced the importance of patience, attentiveness, and adaptability in overcoming cultivation challenges.

Posted : 03/17/2024 10:56 am
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Garden Journal Entry: HUGE MISTAKE!!!!!

Dates: 18-19 Mar 2024

Days: 29-30

Summary: In my eagerness and overconfidence, I prematurely initiated the topping process. In doing so, I inadvertently removed all of the nodes. This mistake, stemming from a moment of misplaced certainty in my understanding of the procedure, has led to significant concern over the plant's potential to recover or continue developing new growth nodes.  I'm afraid this is where the grow may end...

  • Cannabis Grow day30 critical grow

Mistake Acknowledgement:

  • Premature Action: Motivated by excitement and a sense of readiness, I topped the plant too early, neglecting to reassess the timing and technique based on the plant's current state.
  • Overconfidence: My decision was influenced by previous research and a belief in my grasp of the topping and mainlining techniques.

Realization and Response:

  • Upon reflecting on my actions this morning, the gravity of the mistake became clear. The realization sparked not only concern for the plant's future but also a recognition of the need for continuous learning in gardening.
  • Forward Plan: I've decided to order a new photoperiod seed to start anew, while also continuing to care for the current plant as an experimental run. This dual approach allows me to learn from this experience, regardless of the outcome.

Emotional Reflection:

  • This journey with the plant has been profoundly humbling, reminding me of the intricate balance between knowledge and experience, and the ever-present potential for growth—not just for the plant, but for myself as a gardener. Whether this plant recovers to yield a unique story or serves as a poignant lesson, it has indelibly shaped my approach to gardening.

Looking Ahead:

  • Experimental Observation: I'll closely monitor the current plant's progress as an experiment, open to any potential for recovery and growth, however unlikely it may seem.
  • Preparation for New Growth: With a new seed on the way, I'm setting the stage for a fresh start, armed with the lessons learned from this experience and a renewed commitment to adaptability and thorough research.

Conclusion: Despite the setback, this experience has offered invaluable lessons in patience, humility, and the importance of a meticulous approach to plant care. As I look forward to beginning anew, I'm reminded of the resilience and unexpected surprises that gardening can bring. This misstep, while disheartening, fortifies my resolve to approach future grows with a deeper appreciation for the learning journey that gardening embodies.

Posted : 03/19/2024 10:51 am
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