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Critical Feminized from RQS

Garden Journal Entry: Third Cultivation Cycle

This marks the commencement of my third cultivation cycle, and a notable first: the introduction of a photoperiod plant, along with my second indoor grow. My primary methodology will be guided by Dr. Coco's techniques, complemented by my own experimental approaches, particularly in the realm of nutrient management.

Watering Strategy:
Utilizing a water distiller, originally acquired for a CPAP machine, I will be providing distilled water to the plants. This will maintain a pH balance of approximately 6.0, with an allowable variance of ± 0.5. To compensate for mineral loss due to distillation, minute quantities of a sea mineral supplement will be integrated.

Nutrient Experimentation:
While it is generally acknowledged that kelp is not requisite during germination, I am keen to explore its potential benefits at this stage.

Plant Training Techniques:
Aiming to optimize space within a 4-foot grow tent, the focus will be on lateral growth rather than vertical. Techniques such as topping, mainlining, and SCROG (Screen of Green) will be employed. The lighting will simulate natural sunrise and sunset patterns.

Seed Selection:
The chosen seed for this cycle is 'Critical Feminized' from Royal Queen Seeds, acquired through a promotional offer.

Excitement for the Photoperiod Venture:
Anticipation is high as I embark on this first journey with a photoperiod plant.

Tools/Equipment for Germination and Seedling Stage:

  • Germination Method: Paper towel technique
  • Medium for Seedlings: Jiffy pellets
  • Germination Kit: AC Infinity with humidity dome, heated seedling mat, and dimmable LED grow bars
  • Water Source: Distilled water
  • Foliar Spray: Small amounts of Kelp and Yucca; Ocean Magic Sea minerals
  • Second Container: Belit nursery grow bag (5.7 x 5.7 inches)

Tools/Equipment for Later Growth Stages:

  • Medium: Envelor buffered coco-perlite mix
  • Ventilation: Next-gen EC-motor inline fan (4 inches), oscillating clip fan (6 inches)
  • Lighting: 100W full-spectrum grow light with LM301B LEDs
  • Grow Tent: Premium 2000D Mylar (24”x24”x48”)
  • Odor Control: Australian carbon filter
  • Container: 5-gallon fabric pot
  • Water Source: Distilled water
  • Monitoring: pH kit, pH meter, EC meter
  • Supplements: Botanicare Cal-Mag, Growtek Grow nutrients, Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect Bloom (part A+B), Ocean Magic sea minerals, Humic Acid, Kelp+Yucca
  • Water Runoff Management: Shop VAC

Light Cycles:

  • Seedling/Early Stages: 16/8 hours with a 6-hour sunrise/sunset setting at 60% intensity
  • Vegetative Stage: 18/6 hours with a 6-hour sunrise/sunset setting

Plant Training:

  • Topping for 4-8 tops and SCROG technique as applicable

Initial Seed Preparation (19 Feb 2024):

  • The seed was placed in a small mason jar at approximately 10 AM.
  • Jar Contents: Distilled water (neutral pH, approx 65°F ± 5), with 1 drop of Kelp+Yucca solution. The seed floated initially.
  • Storage: The jar was placed in a dark storage chest, adjacent to a mildly heat-emitting appliance, potentially beneficial.
  • Ambient Room Temperature: Approximately 66°F.

Next Steps:

  • The seed will be checked later tonight, around 10 PM.

Cannabis Grow day1 photos


Links to all supplies:

Cannabis Grow 20240220 082621

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Day 2 0800 20FEB24

Germination Stage 2: Respiration

Upon inspection at 22:00 on February 19, 2024, it was observed that the seed required additional time for imbibition. Consequently, the initiation of Stage 2 was postponed until the following morning at 08:00.

The process commenced by transferring the water from the seed jar into the jar containing the jiffy pellet. Subsequently, utilizing a paper towel, the seed was delicately positioned. Following this, the seed with the paper towel was reinserted into the original jar and moistened appropriately. Any surplus water was carefully removed before transferring the seed, and poured into the jar housing the jiffy pellet. Both jars were then securely sealed with their respective lids and positioned within the humidity dome.

To optimize conditions for germination, a low-medium heat setting was selected on the heat mat. The humidity dome was then placed atop the mat, with an additional cover implemented to ensure optimal darkness.

A diligent follow-up is scheduled for tomorrow at 08:00 to assess the development of a viable root tip on the seed. Subsequent to this assessment, Stage 3 of the germination process will commence accordingly.

Cannabis Grow day2 photos


Posted : 02/20/2024 6:46 am
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Garden Journal Entry Day 3

Germination Stage 3: Orientation

Date: 21 Feb 2024

Morning Observations (09:00):

  • Inspection of the humidity dome and seedling was conducted to ascertain the development of the tap root and the condition of the Jiffy pellet.
  • Findings: The Jiffy pellet was suitably moist, and the seed exhibited a sufficiently elongated tap root.

Seedling Planting Process:

  • Preparation: The Jiffy pellet was positioned in the designated slot on the seedling tray.
  • Tools: An unused incense stick served as an improvised trowel for this operation.
  • Process:
    • The depth of the tap root was measured using the incense stick, and a corresponding hole was created in the Jiffy pellet.
    • The seed, oriented root-down, was carefully placed into the Jiffy pellet, achieving an ideal fit.
    • A minimal quantity of surplus Jiffy pellet material was used to gently cover the seed.
  • Environment Restoration: The lid of the humidity dome was replaced, with all ventilation holes initially sealed to foster humidity accumulation.

Lighting and Moisture Management:

  • Lighting: The dome's lights were activated, adhering to a 16/8 hour light cycle, inclusive of sunrise and sunset settings. This ensures gradual intensification and dimming of light, capped at 60% intensity.
  • Moisture Strategy:
    • The water previously used for soaking the Jiffy pellet was set aside for ongoing moisture maintenance.
    • Nutrient Enhancement: An additional drop of seawater minerals was added to the reserved water, which already contained one drop each of yucca and kelp extracts.
    • Application Method: A syringe or spray bottle will be employed to sustain the Jiffy pellet's moisture, using the nutrient-enriched water.

Cannabis Grow day3 photos

Next Steps:

  • Monitor the seedling for germination progress and adjust the dome's ventilation as needed to regulate humidity.
  • Regularly apply the prepared nutrient-enhanced water to maintain optimal moisture levels.
  • Prepare for stage 4: photosynthesis, and the transferring of the plant to the secondary container once it reaches suitable growth.
Posted : 02/21/2024 8:00 am
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Garden Journal Entry: Day 4

Date: 22 Feb 2024

Germination Stage 4: Photosynthesis

Observations and Actions:

  • Previous Night Review: Close monitoring of the seed revealed the onset of shell opening.
  • Lighting Schedule Compliance: The humidity dome's light functioned as programmed, turning off at 22:00 and resuming at 06:00.
  • Rapid Growth Noted: Remarkably, the plant began to emerge from the Jiffy pellet in less than 24 hours since the previous stage. This development was first observed at 07:00.
  • Moisture Management:
    • Upon examining the Jiffy pellet, a decision was made to add a few milliliters of the pre-prepared water solution to enhance moisture levels.
    • Subsequent to the watering, the dome's lid was reinstated.

Current Status:

  • The seedling is exhibiting a swift growth trajectory, successfully progressing through the photosynthesis stage.

Cannabis Grow day4 photos

Next Steps:

  • Observation: Continued monitoring of the sprout's growth is essential, with particular attention to its readiness for transplantation.
  • Preparation for Transplantation:
    • The next phase involves relocating the sprout to a 5.7x5.7 inch container.
    • This container will be filled with buffered coco-perlite mix.
    • Watering Regimen: The sprout will continue to receive distilled water enhanced with the kelp, yucca, and sea mineral solution that has been utilized thus far.


  • The seedling's rapid development and successful progression to the photosynthesis stage is a positive indicator of the effectiveness of the current cultivation approach. Continued careful observation and maintenance will be crucial in supporting its ongoing growth.
Posted : 02/22/2024 6:27 am
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Garden Journal Entry: Transplanting to Second Pot

Date: 23 Feb 2024

Day: 5

Activity: Transplantation to 5.7 x 5.7 inch pot

Medium: Buffered coco-perlite (70/30 mix)


  • This process was a new and challenging experience, as it was my first attempt at such a method during my third growing cycle.
  • Challenge Encountered: During the transplant, the tap root was inadvertently damaged due to the overly moist condition of the Jiffy pellet, leading to its crumbling and the snapping of approximately one-third of the tap root.
  • pH and EC Regulation Difficulties: I faced complications in adjusting the EC and pH levels, consuming a considerable amount of distilled water in the process. A brief switch to tap water further complicated the readings, necessitating a restart of the process.

Detailed Account of Actions:

  • Previous Night: Assisted in the removal of the seed helmet.
  • Morning Check (09:00): Confirmed the emergence of the tap root from the pellet, prompting the initiation of the transplant stage.
  • Soil Preparation:
    • Conducted a slurry test on the grow medium, which initially showed a high pH of around 7.5.
    • After multiple water run-throughs, pH was adjusted to approximately 7.0 ± 0.05.
    • The EC level was noted to be lower than desired, at around 159, with the expectation that the sea minerals, kelp, and yucca solution would aid in improvement.
  • Transplantation Process:
    • Prepared the new pot with the grow medium and an appropriate hole for the seedling.
    • During the delicate process of transplanting the Jiffy pellet, its disintegration led to root damage.
    • The seedling was transplanted into the new pot and watered with the nutrient solution.
    • Positioned the transplanted seedling on a saucer and returned it to the humidity dome, maintaining the existing light cycle and heating pad settings.

Cannabis Grow day5 critical grow

Next Steps:

  • Close Monitoring: The plant will be closely observed for signs of recovery or further distress.
  • Contingency Planning: Preparedness for initiating a new grow cycle with an autoflower seed, in the event that the current seedling does not recover.


  • Despite the challenges faced during this critical step, the experience provided valuable lessons in handling and moisture management. Future transplants will benefit from these insights, reducing the likelihood of similar issues. The hope remains for the seedling's resilience and successful adaptation to its new environment.
Posted : 02/23/2024 8:54 am
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Garden Journal Entry: Observation and Maintenance

Date: 24 Feb 2024

Day: 6


  • The day was primarily dedicated to vigilant observation of the plant, post-transplant. Encouragingly, the plant appears to be adapting well, showing no evident signs of stress from the transplant ordeal.

Morning Observations (09:30):

  • Humidity Dome Assessment: The dome is functioning efficiently, maintaining high moisture levels suitable for this stage of growth. A few vents were opened to regulate the warmth and humidity balance.
  • Soil Moisture: The medium currently exhibits high moisture content. Additional watering will be considered either later in the day or the following morning.

Current Status:

  • The plant's condition remains stable with no significant changes or concerns necessitating immediate action.
  • No new developments warranting photographic documentation were observed.

Next Steps:

  • Continued Observation: Regular monitoring will persist throughout the day, with a focus on identifying any signs of stress or need for intervention.
  • Moisture Management: Based on the moisture level assessments, a decision on further watering will be made either later today or early tomorrow.
  • Nutrient Introduction: Preparing to enrich the next watering with a well-balanced mix of nutrients, to foster healthy growth and development.


  • The plant's resilience and positive response to the transplant process is reassuring. The importance of careful observation during this critical stage cannot be overstated, as it ensures prompt response to any emerging issues. The current stability allows for a watchful, yet optimistic outlook on the plant's progress.
Posted : 02/24/2024 8:00 am
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Garden Journal Entry: Nutrient Introduction and Light Adjustment

Date: 25-26 Feb 2024

Day: 7-8

Day 7 (25 Feb 2024):

  • Health Update: Unfortunately, due to illness, I was unable to document the day's progress with photos or videos.
  • Plant Development: Observed an enlargement in the first leaves.
  • Light Intensity Adjustment: Increased the light intensity to counteract the plant's stretching.
  • Moisture Management: Re-moistened the coco using the remainder of the water combined with yucca, kelp, and sea mineral solution from the germination stage.
  • Upcoming Task: Plan to prepare a new fertilizer solution consisting of Cal-Mag, Growtek Grow, Yucca+Kelp+Sea minerals, and Humic Acid in distilled water with proper pH and EC levels.

Day 8 (26 Feb 2024):

  • Nutrient Solution Preparation:
    • Mixed a new nutrient solution in 1 gallon of distilled water, comprising 5mL Cal-Mag, 0.5mL Growtek Grow, 1mL sea mineral, 1.5mL Kelp+Yucca, and 1mL Humic Acid.
    • Achieved a pH of approximately 6.24 and an EC of around 542.
  • Watering Method: Utilized a restaurant-style salad dressing squeezer for precise and minimal watering, focusing on the outer parts of the pot.
  • Watering Quantity: Estimated a total of 200-300mL, aiming for about 10% runoff.
  • Humidity Dome Management: Removed the dome during watering.
  • Observations:
    • The plant's first leaves have slightly increased in size.
    • The coloration remains a healthy green, indicating minimal impact from the earlier root damage.
    • The humidity dome continues to perform impressively.
  • Lighting Strategy: The increase in grow light intensity aims to mitigate excessive stretching.

Next Steps:

  • Ongoing Monitoring: Will closely watch the plant's response to the increased light intensity and the new nutrient solution.
  • Preparation for Next Stage: Anticipate preparing for the plant's transition to its third container and eventual relocation to the grow tent.
  • Plant Health Focus: Hoping for a cessation in stretching and a positive reaction to the nutrient mixture.


  • These two days have been pivotal in adjusting the plant's care, particularly in terms of light management and nutrient introduction. The plant's resilience and continued growth, despite the challenges faced, are promising signs. The focus remains on ensuring a stable environment to support its healthy development.
Posted : 02/26/2024 8:13 am
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Garden Journal Entry: Leaf Development and Stress Training

Date: 27 Feb 2024

Day: 9

Time: Approximately 10:00 hours


  • Leaf Growth: Notable enlargement in the plant's second set of leaves, with the emergence of a new, third set of leaves clearly visible. The foliage exhibits a healthy, slightly dark green hue, transitioning to a lighter green towards the new growth and along the veins.
  • Plant Structure: The plant has shown a reduction in stretching, likely a positive response to the recent increase in light intensity.

Activities and Observations:

  • Inspection and Training:
    • Conducted a routine inspection by removing the humidity dome.
    • Implemented very low stress training (LST) by gently bending and twisting the stem. This technique aims to strengthen the stem, compensating for earlier stretching.
  • Watering and Nutrient Application:
    • Re-moistened the coco medium with the nutrient solution, ensuring approximately 10% runoff.
    • Excess water was promptly removed from the drainage plate.
  • Documentation: Captured a photograph of the plant for record-keeping before replacing the humidity dome lid.
  • Equipment Efficiency: Both the heating pad and the rest of the humidity dome setup are functioning optimally.

Lighting and Environment Management:

  • Light Cycle: Maintaining an 18/6 light cycle to support the plant's growth.
  • Humidity Control: Will continue to adjust the dome's vents as necessary to manage humidity levels effectively.

Plant Health Status:

  • The plant appears to be in good health, with no visible impact from the previous root damage. This observation diminishes the immediate need to prepare a new seed.

Cannabis Grow day 9 critical

Next Steps:

  • Ongoing Monitoring: Will keep a close watch on the plant's growth, particularly in response to the stress training and nutrient application.
  • Environmental Adjustments: Ready to modify the dome's ventilation to maintain optimal growth conditions.
  • Preparedness for Challenges: Although the plant is currently thriving, I remain vigilant and ready to address any potential issues that may arise.


  • Today's journal entry underscores the importance of adaptive plant care strategies, such as adjusting light conditions and introducing stress training, to promote healthy growth and resilience. The plant's positive response to these interventions is encouraging, signifying a well-managed and nurturing environment.
Posted : 02/27/2024 8:53 am
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Garden Journal Entry: Observations and Adjustments

Date: 28 Feb 2024

Day: 10

Time: Approx. 09:00 hours


  • The plant's second set of leaves continues to expand, and the newly developed third set shows slight growth. Notably, excessive stretching has ceased, aligning with the desired outcomes from previously implemented low stress training and light intensity adjustments. However, an unexpected discovery of tiny white specks on the leaves prompted an investigative response.

Morning Observations:

  • Plant Status: The plant displayed healthy growth, with no further excessive stretching observed, which was encouraging. The color and size of the new leaves appeared to be improving.
  • Humidity Dome Inspection: Upon removing the dome to moisturize the coco, tiny, shiny white specks scattered evenly across the leaves were noticed.
  • Investigation:
    • Initial concerns about potential pests or mold were addressed through online research and close examination using a jeweler's loupe.
    • The specks did not exhibit mobility or flight when disturbed, nor did they resemble mold characteristics, leading to the conclusion that they were not indicative of spider mites, flies, or mold.
    • The hypothesis formed was that these specks represented excess mineral buildup, possibly a secretion due to an overly concentrated nutrient solution.

Cannabis Grow Copy of day 9 critical

Actions Taken:

  • Solution Adjustment: To address the suspected issue of mineral buildup, the nutrient solution was diluted with an equal part of pure distilled water.
  • Watering: The plant was watered with this new diluted nutrient solution, aiming to mitigate the potential for further mineral secretion.
  • Dome Management: After watering, the humidity dome was replaced, maintaining the controlled environment.

Next Steps:

  • Observation: Close monitoring will continue, with particular attention to the plant's response to the diluted nutrient solution and the presence of the white specks.
  • Adjustments: Ready to make further modifications to the nutrient concentration if necessary, based on the plant's reaction and health indicators.


  • This day brought unexpected findings that underscored the importance of vigilance and adaptability in gardening. The proactive steps taken to identify and address the white specks not only averted potential issues but also provided a valuable learning opportunity. As this grow progresses, each challenge encountered enriches the understanding and skills necessary for successful gardening.
Posted : 02/28/2024 7:43 am
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Garden Journal Entry: Continued Observation and Care

Date: 29 Feb 2024

Day: 11

Time: 09:00 hours


  • The day was primarily focused on monitoring the plant for any reactions following the recent adjustment to the nutrient solution's concentration. The plant's environment, maintained by the humidity dome and light timer, remains stable and conducive to growth.


  • Leaf Development: The leaves have slightly increased in size, maintaining a healthy appearance. Their perky and vibrant condition is a positive sign of the plant's well-being.
  • Growth Pattern: Notably, the issue of excessive stretching has significantly diminished, suggesting that the adjustments made are yielding the desired effects.

Actions Taken:

  • Moisture Management: The coco medium was re-moistened using the diluted nutrient solution, ensuring the plant continues to receive optimal hydration and nutrition.
  • Environmental Control: Adjustments were made to the vents on the humidity dome as necessary to maintain ideal humidity levels for the plant's development.

Next Steps:

  • Ongoing Vigilance: Continue to closely monitor the plant's health and growth, paying particular attention to the effectiveness of the diluted nutrient solution.
  • Adjustment Readiness: Be prepared to make further modifications to the plant's care regimen based on observed needs and responses.


  • Today's activities underscore the importance of consistent observation and the willingness to adjust care strategies as needed. The plant's positive response to recent interventions is encouraging, highlighting the benefits of attentive and responsive gardening practices. Moving forward, the focus will remain on providing a stable and supportive environment for the plant's continued growth.
Posted : 02/29/2024 7:40 am
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Garden Journal Entry: Steady Growth and Reflection

Date: 01 March 2024

Day: 12

Time: 08:00 hours


  • The plant's care routine remains consistent, with adjustments to the humidity dome vents and regular moistening of the coco with the nutrient solution. The plant continues to display healthy growth characteristics, such as larger leaves and good color, without any signs of excessive stretching. The light cycle and overall dome environment are functioning well, supporting the plant's development in its early stages.


  • Leaf Development: Notable for their increased size and vibrant color, the leaves indicate the plant's robust health.
  • Growth Stability: The absence of excessive stretching signifies the effectiveness of the current light and nutrient regimen.
  • Ease of Care: Reflecting on the initial stages of growth, the process has become significantly more manageable and less time-consuming than initially anticipated.

Cannabis Grow day12 critical grow

Actions Taken:

  • Environmental Management: Continued adjustments to the humidity dome vents to maintain optimal conditions.
  • Nutrition: The coco medium was replenished with the nutrient solution to support ongoing growth.

Next Steps:

  • Ongoing Monitoring: The plant will be closely observed for its readiness to transition to a larger growing environment.
  • Preparation for Transplant: Plans are in place for the eventual transplantation into a bigger pot and relocation to the grow tent, once the plant outgrows its current setup.


  • The journey from the initial stages of growth to the current day has been a learning experience, highlighting the importance of patience and adaptability in gardening. The initial overwhelm has given way to a routine that is both manageable and rewarding. As the plant progresses, the anticipation of its continued growth and development remains high, with each day bringing new insights and affirmations of the chosen cultivation methods.
Posted : 03/01/2024 7:26 am
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Garden Journal Entry: Environmental Challenges and Adjustments

Dates: 02 Mar 2024 - 04 Mar 2024

Days: 13-15

Summary: Throughout the weekend, the routine of monitoring and watering the plant was maintained. However, observations indicated that the plant began to show signs of slight wilting at various times throughout the day. This condition has raised concerns about the possible impacts of fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels within the indoor environment, reflective of the transitional weather from winter to early spring in the northern United States. Additionally, there is speculation that the nutrient concentration, despite being diluted, might still be too high for the plant's current requirements.

Environmental Observations:

  • Temperature and Humidity Fluctuations: The indoor environment, particularly the area within the bedroom where the humidity dome is located, has experienced significant shifts in temperature and humidity, correlating with external weather changes.
  • Plant Condition: While the plant exhibits good color and continues to grow, its vibrancy and perkiness have somewhat diminished, suggesting possible distress.

Cannabis Grow day13 15 critical grow

Actions Taken:

  • Nutrient Management: Decided to implement a flushing strategy using pH-neutral distilled water for several days to alleviate potential nutrient overload.
  • Environmental Stability: To mitigate the effects of external temperature fluctuations, the opening of windows will be avoided until a more stable temperature can be achieved indoors.
  • Continuous Observation: The plant will be closely monitored for any further signs of wilting or other adverse conditions, enabling timely adjustments to its care.

Next Steps:

  • Assessment Post-Flush: After the flushing period, the plant's response will be evaluated to determine if the intervention has improved its condition.
  • Reevaluation of Nutrient Solution: Depending on the plant's recovery, the nutrient solution concentration may be adjusted further to better suit the plant's needs.
  • Environmental Control: Efforts will continue to maintain as consistent an indoor environment as possible, acknowledging the challenges posed by seasonal transitions.

Reflection: The recent days have highlighted the importance of environmental control and nutrient management in indoor gardening. The observed wilting serves as a reminder of the delicate balance required to support plant health, particularly during seasonal transitions that impact indoor conditions. These experiences contribute valuable insights into the nuances of plant care, emphasizing the need for adaptability and attentive observation. The planned adjustments and ongoing monitoring reflect a proactive approach to addressing the plant's needs, with the hope of restoring its vigor and ensuring continued growth.



Cannabis Grow day 15 critical update

Posted : 03/04/2024 6:45 am
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Garden Journal Entry: Recovery and Growth Progress

Date: 05 Mar 2024

Day: 16

Time: Approx. 08:00

Summary: The plant has shown signs of recovery from the slight wilting observed over the weekend. The measures taken to stabilize the indoor environment and further dilute the nutrient solution appear to be effective. The plant has not only ceased wilting but has also begun to perk up, showing resilience and adaptability.


  • Plant Vitality: The plant is noticeably perkier, with a vibrant green coloration. The leaves are enlarging, and the plant is gradually increasing in height, indicating healthy growth.
  • New Growth: A third set of leaves is emerging from the third node, underscoring the plant's rapid developmental pace.
  • Resilience: The plant's ability to recover from stressors and continue thriving is remarkable, showcasing its robust nature.

Actions Taken:

  • Moisture Management: Re-moistened the coco using a heavily diluted nutrient solution, ensuring to stop at the first sign of runoff to avoid over-feeding the still small plant.
  • Environmental Control: Kept the windows closed to maintain a stable indoor climate, minimizing the risk of temperature-induced stress.

Current Status:

  • The plant is in a stable and healthy state, showing no signs of stress. It's growing steadily and responding well to the adjusted care regimen.

Next Steps:

  • Continuous Monitoring: Will keep an eye on the plant for any signs of stress or adverse reactions to the environmental conditions or nutrient solution.
  • Preparation for Transition: Plans are in place to transplant the plant into a larger pot and move it to the main grow tent in about a week, contingent on the plant not outgrowing the humidity dome before then.

Reflection: This period has highlighted the importance of flexibility and responsiveness in gardening. The plant's positive response to adjustments in care practices reinforces the value of attentive observation and prompt action. As the plant progresses toward the next stage of growth, the anticipation of its potential continues to grow. The journey thus far has been both challenging and rewarding, offering valuable lessons in plant care and resilience.

Posted : 03/05/2024 6:39 am
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Garden Journal Entry: Vigorous Growth and Environmental Adaptation

Date: 06 Mar 2024

Day: 17

Time: Observed at 07:00, one hour post light activation

Summary: The morning's observation revealed the plant in a notably perky state, eagerly reaching towards the light—a marked improvement from its previously wilted demeanor. The leaves are burgeoning at an unexpectedly swift pace, indicating robust health and vigor. The ongoing transition from winter to early spring presents a fluctuating climate, yet the plant has shown remarkable resilience, adapting well to the diluted nutrient solution and the stabilized indoor conditions.


  • Plant Condition: Exhibiting a healthy posture with rapid leaf growth, indicating a positive response to the current care regimen.
  • Environmental Challenges: Recent weather inconsistencies may have initially stressed the plant, but it has demonstrated a strong recovery and now displays no notable signs of distress.
  • Leaf Development: The third set of leaves has significantly expanded since the previous day, with optimal node spacing that suggests the plant is growing under ideal conditions.
  • Medium Surface Changes: The appearance of a slight green tint on the perlite's surface, likely algae, attributed to the kelp content in the nutrient solution. Preliminary assessment does not indicate any harm to the plant.

Cannabis Grow Copy of Copy of day 9 critical

Actions Taken:

  • Feeding and Documentation: The plant was watered, and photos were taken for the journal. The humidity dome was briefly removed for this purpose and promptly replaced.
  • Environmental Control: The heating mat has remained consistently on a medium setting, contributing to the stable growing conditions.

Next Steps:

  • Research: Investigate the green tint observed on the perlite to ensure it poses no risk to the plant's health.
  • Alternative Preparations: In light of the plant's rapid growth, plans for an alternative setup may be necessary if it outgrows the humidity dome before the main grow tent becomes available.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: Continue vigilant observation for any signs of stress or deviation from healthy growth patterns.

Reflection: The resilience and rapid growth of the plant amidst fluctuating seasonal conditions underscore the remarkable adaptability of nature. This growth phase not only highlights the plant's strength but also enriches the gardening experience with valuable lessons in care and environmental management. The excitement for the plant's potential grows with each passing day, driving a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of plant cultivation.

Posted : 03/06/2024 8:14 am
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Garden Journal Entry: Addressing Environmental Factors

Date: 07 Mar 2024

Day: 18

Time: Morning Observation

Summary: Following an online investigation regarding the green substance on the coco's surface, it was identified as moss or algae, potentially indicative of high humidity levels, insufficient airflow, or overly moist conditions. Adjustments to these factors were considered to mitigate any impact. Additionally, a brief concern arose due to a yellow tint on the leaf tips, suspected to be light damage, which appeared to resolve after reducing light intensity.

Environmental Insights:

  • Moss/Algae Presence: Recognized as not harmful to the plant's nutrition or growth but signaling the need for environmental adjustments concerning humidity and watering practices.
  • Light Intensity Adjustment: The observation of yellowing leaf tips led to a reduction in light intensity, resulting in an apparent improvement, suggesting potential light stress.

Actions Taken:

  • Ventilation Adjustment: Plans to increase airflow through the humidity dome by opening more vents.
  • Watering Regulation: Slight reduction in watering frequency to prevent excess moisture conducive to moss/algae growth.
  • Light Management: Reduced the light intensity to alleviate stress on the leaves, monitoring for any changes in leaf coloration.

Plant Status:

  • The plant continues to exhibit vigorous growth, with significantly larger leaves than the previous day.
  • Early signs of overstretching have been managed, and while the plant is tall, the node spacing remains acceptable.
  • The rapid growth trajectory necessitates preparation for an imminent early transition from the humidity dome to the grow tent.

Cannabis Grow day 18 critical

Next Steps:

  • Environmental Control: Implement adjustments to improve airflow and manage humidity within the dome environment.
  • Transplant Preparation: Begin arrangements for transitioning the plant to a larger pot and the grow tent, anticipating the need may arise sooner than initially planned.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: Continue vigilant observation of the plant's response to environmental adjustments, particularly regarding light intensity and watering practices.

Reflection: This period of the plant's development underscores the importance of adaptive management in response to observed conditions and the plant's feedback. The resilience of the plant, coupled with proactive adjustments to care, highlights the dynamic nature of gardening. The upcoming transition to the grow tent represents a significant milestone in the plant's journey, reflecting both the plant's growth and my evolving expertise.

Posted : 03/07/2024 5:48 am
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