coco grow 4 strains under new led light

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coco grow 4 strains under new led light

hi everyone im from australia i found this site and have got a lot of good info here so i thought i would do a grow journal. i i bought my first led light the mars hydro fc 6500 after using hps for ever and im hoping to get a huge yield with the led. im growing in a 4x4 tent this is  day16. i think i over watered so not looking the best and might need to feed higher nutrient strength.

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Posted : 11/16/2023 6:38 pm anythingrows and CoCoFoRcHrOnIc liked

hi everyone the girls have grown a bit in the last week still not perfect but moving along. i checked run off   ec was 0  with plain water. im gonna transplant to bigger pots tomorrow. i have my light hanging at 24in running at 50%. im looking around for a light meter what do you guys use.  i will do an update each week.

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Posted : 11/23/2023 10:27 pm

hi everyone repoted plants today and they needed it. i just found out about mainlining so gonna try a modified version of that normally i just lst.  i wanna get some cuttings of these so will be couple weeks before i a light meter app so all good there.

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Posted : 11/25/2023 7:01 pm

hi everyone everything is going good. gave the girls a trim but still need to get some cuts of them. i think i will like mainlining i hate the popcorn bud at the bottom i did fuckup a bit but still will be good this is first time trying something like this i aiming for 8 tops on each plant. i checked out one of your seed banks fast buds and they ship to australia and the seed bank i use in the uk also stock there seeds so wanna try some genetics from the us maybe og kush or cherry cola.

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Posted : 12/01/2023 11:31 pm

hey everyone everything going ok skunk and banana dance pics. blue venom & lmt at the back

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Posted : 12/25/2023 6:45 pm

hi everyone girls are putin on some weight still have about 4 weeks to go. gonna try a scorg on the next run 🙂

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ec 1.6

ph 5.8/5.9

Posted : 01/08/2024 5:08 pm

hi everyone 5 weeks into flower and this is turning out to be my best grow in coco after getting some tips from this site.

lowered my ec to 1.4.  run off is 0.5 ec. gonna lower down to 1.2 ec and keep it there for now the skunk is getting a lot off burn now but other plants are doin ok.

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Posted : 01/14/2024 3:48 pm CoCoFoRcHrOnIc liked

hi everyone week6 and ive made a few changes over the past week. ec is 1.2  now and turned light down was 1300 umols now about 980 umols. also been using uv light for 2 hours a day not sure if its actuly doin anything i got it free from mars hydro when i bought my led. and i use the ir light 15mins before lights on and 15mins after lights out. had to support the skunk with a stake cause of the weight i dont want them to break now. these were all free seeds with my last order except for the skunk

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Posted : 01/20/2024 4:16 pm

hi everyone week7 and the banana dance is getting pulled in about 10 days breeder says 50 days flower which is sunday but letting it go a bit longer lots of cloudy trichomes no amber and still some clear as best as i can see. the blue venom i dont think it is blue venom it was a freebie i think they gave me blueberry gum #2 instead it looks just like the breeders pic and thats cool cause its blueberry x black domina and its gonna be the biggest cola i have grown.

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Posted : 01/26/2024 3:44 pm

had to harvest the banana dance today due to bud rot/mold. saved about 2oz lost about 4oz its a pleasant smoke. hope the rest are rot free. thinking about harvesting a bit early.

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Harvested: 02/03/2024
Total Days: 94
Flip Days: 2

hi everyone all plants have been pulled now and got some really nice smoke. the skunk has turned out really good and the london mint cake is so frosty cant wait to try it. no bud rot in either of those plants. the blue berry gum #2 had rot in one cola but the rest is ok. they were so big and heavy.

i learned a lot on this grow using led first time mainlining and some good info from this site.

until my next journal much grower love to everyone 😎

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this journal is now complete 

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