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  Light cycle.

200 w led veg. first stays on 18hrs

#1-1200w led full spectrum (left side) on at 4-8 again 10-12 again 15-18

#2-1200w led (right side) on at 2-3 again 4-6 again 10-11 again 16-18


12 inches from seedling...

18 inches from clones and 3 sets of leaf or more.

Room temp. 71f

Reservoir temp. 68-70f

Ph. 5.5-6.0 when ideal check daily

Soil -water only when needed(meter)..allow tap water to sit 24hrs add nutes mix and water till run out..


Remo nutrient for both soil and hydro.. using calander by Remo.

Diy Old school gro op.

Grow your own stone..leave mine alone..😎



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Lights out kids to bed.. tommorrow transpot to clear cups limit of 7 seedling. 

Check sex after 5 sets of leaf..

Hydro is good just check ph. Top up as required ( watch levels pumps and drains always).

Posted : 01/07/2020 11:21 pm
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Transplanting and clone

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Move seedling into temporary clear plastic beer cup..(so as to see roots clearly)

Seperate 3 in 1 pot to single cups 

Clone the clone 1 clipping to start rotation cycle

All work is done during first 4 hrs. Veg light is easier to work under.

No watering required on pods as they will leach into soil.cuos will show moisture in and around roots.( is y i use see threw cups).as well as root condition during sextest later in stage.

Clone is sitting into veg formula,week 1, on flood table. Cover with clear cup for humidity as required.

All seedling 16 inches from light.(see light cycle) under light #2.

Should be set for another week....tweek tweek tweek.

Reservoir ph checked and seems daily dose of ph down is needed. 1tbs brings it to 5.5 goes up to 6.8 in 24 hrs i bet..


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Water all transpotting 

Used water from reservoir 100ml each approx.

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As expected...

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Filled res. 2 liters to top.

Ph. Down 5.5 was 6.5

Added 70ml of remo veg ferts. As per week 2 chart.

Approx. 200ml from res. To each seedling..

Approx. 400ml from res. To clones.

Seems 2 of the seeds didn't like being fertilized.i never give up and they will recover.

Room seems self contained for 1 week at a time.( my goal).

The hydro has definitely showed its easy side..tho these plants are very delicate compared to the tuff resistant soil,they dont move much so they're fine.

All in all little growth as homes are established and roots take hold.

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Posted : 01/15/2020 7:57 am


Cannabis Grow Nutrients 001

use the link.

Posted : 01/15/2020 8:13 am

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seems i lost 2 seedling so i planted 4 more. 

Topped up res.

Added week 3 ferts.

Temp. 69f ph 5.7

Room temp 71f

Will move plants down on hydro side as they are very delicate to light intensity.


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Moved hydro away 20 inches from light.

Found a nice indica in the mix..hopefully genetics are all diffrent 

Need to top 2 of the soil but need some streatch..will wait 4 days.

Should be set for another week.. tweek tweek tweek.


Posted : 01/21/2020 1:43 pm