Chernobyl S2 Seed Run

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Today I cut clones off my very mature Chernobyl S1 plant. I’m going to reverse the sex on a clone(s) to get gynoecious pollen which I will apply to an S1 female. 

The plant was grown from seed (Chernobyl Slymer Cut S1). It’s phenomenal. By making seeds and pollen I will be able to share it broadly, and with pollen backed up I can cross it into other things.

I’m rooting with root riot plugs and dry rooting hormone. This plant roots well, but I took more than 10 cuts just to be certain.

Posted : 06/14/2022 11:44 am Finesse Les, Merrily and Philly boy liked
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Yesterday I was cutting out moldy leaves and branches (a select few). Today I see healthy root tips. I opened up the vents a tiny bit to help ease the mold pressure slightly.

I’m going to wait until these cuttings are thriving before I apply the reversal spray. I’m using Hybritech EXE, which is great but can desiccate a tender plant. That’s another reason I took 12 cuttings.

Posted : 06/21/2022 2:16 pm Merrily liked

I selected three clones that were well-rooted and transplanted them into a single 1.5gal plastic pot. They’re in the vegetative tent now on the automatic watering system.

Once they seem to be thriving, I’ll can apply the reversal spray to the top half of one or two plants, and then after a week or two place them into my sealed breeding box for three-four weeks. At that point I’ll evaluate whether to keep them there or if they can return to my vegetative tent without pollinating anything else unintentionally.

Alternatively, I could reverse these three and place some of the remaining clones into my flowering tent. Once the reversed plants start making pollen in the sealed box, I could move the receptive cuts in and let nature take its course.

I like the second idea more.

Posted : 06/24/2022 12:54 pm Merrily liked

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I placed two rooted fem cuttings into a container and set them up in the flowering tent with my other plants. They’re on 12/12 lighting and 1700 microsiemens.

I’m going to apply the reversal agent to the three rooted fem cuttings that are in my vegetative tent tomorrow. Sometime in the next two weeks they’re going to 12/12. 

Posted : 06/27/2022 12:56 pm Merrily liked

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Receptive plants are bucking up post-transplant. They look a bit nitrogen-starved, but I’m going to need to check photos of the mother at a comparable stage.

Posted : 06/29/2022 8:16 am Merrily and Soil Sheppard liked

I just sprayed the 3 pollen donors with Hybridtech EXE reversal spray. I used one pump per plant at about 6” distance, which is a really light spray. I’m trying to avoid killing the plants. I’m probably going to apply reversal spray in the same amount in another week, but perhaps to a single plant.

For now the pollen donors are sitting in the dark, where they’ll stay for about 20 hours. From there it’s back to the veg tent for a few weeks before I move them to my breeding box.

The female plants are doing well in the flowering tent. The light is on the 7th out of 9 levels.

Posted : 06/30/2022 12:29 pm Philly boy liked
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I moved the reversed plants back into the vegetative tent late this morning.

I also spent time preparing my breeding box, since I have not used it in some time. 

Posted : 07/02/2022 3:33 pm

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I applied a second light dose of eXe to the reversal target, this time to the coco coir. The plant is sitting in the dark again.

Above is a picture of the vegetative tent, which I spent time cleaning up today. I hacked the canopy off all the plants, including the Chernobyl S1 mother. I prepared her to transition her to bloom; my thinking is that I’ll give her a last hurrah and stock up on the flower until I can test out these seeds.

Posted : 07/05/2022 1:55 pm Merrily liked

The reversed plants are in the breeding box under 12/12 lighting as of this afternoon. I’ll be fertigating with the same solution I’m using in my bloom tent.

Posted : 07/06/2022 11:50 am

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Pollen donor is now on automatic fertigation; 2 5-second events per day.

Posted : 07/07/2022 11:47 am Finesse Les, Soil Sheppard and J2DaG liked

Cannabis Grow 687E89B1 361C 4294 86AB 7AE21EF52F51

Receptive females

Posted : 07/09/2022 2:50 pm Finesse Les and Soil Sheppard liked

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Cannabis Grow 2789840F 2CC2 4865 9C94 720315BD7F7B

The receptive females are in bloom, and I’m still waiting on the reversed male which should start blooming around 7/20/2022.

Cannabis Grow 488C3A72 4E02 4C44 BE74 0B2646EC3B0D

I’ll call that a male flower, so I’m pretty sure the reversal took. Viability of pollen is the next question.

Posted : 07/11/2022 12:17 pm Finesse Les and Soil Sheppard liked

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I gave the mother plant a more significant pruning.

Cannabis Grow 4129D66A A9D8 4EB4 8F80 FF8709E78AC2

I needed the plant to be shorter to fit into my bloom tent.

Posted : 07/13/2022 8:38 am Finesse Les and Soil Sheppard liked

Yesterday I mixed a new batch of solution starting with 58mL pH down and 50mL Armor Si. After an hour I added 54/36/18g Jack’s 321, 60 mL H2O2, and 60mL Fulvic. Final pH was 6.0 and EC was 1500 microsiemens.

I used that solution to top off my bloom, vegetative, and breeding box reservoirs.

Posted : 07/14/2022 3:09 am sportyridr and Finesse Les liked

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The mother is recovering just fine.

Cannabis Grow BDB7AB74 6286 4485 A7BD 8CCBCE7115D7

The receptive females are setting flowers nicely.

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The reversed pollen donors are producing more female flowers than I like, and I can’t positively identify any pollen sacs. I sprayed another round of eXe, which is probably a mistake. My original sin was spraying lightly. I didn’t want to kill the plants, but today I really soaked them.

Posted : 07/17/2022 9:58 am Finesse Les liked
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