Chef's sativa and CBD freebies

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So I'm an avid sativa user, unfortunately I grew nothing but indicas this year and have nothing for day use. So this grow is going to trump anything else I have going on right now.

I've germinated the famous CBD cream and cheese for demanding patients, I really enjoyed it as well and maybe we can do a better job this time. And the sativas I went with are hybrids but still a sativa nonetheless.

Super lemon haze is one of my favorite day time strains and I am looking forward to growing it, this strain probably would have ended up in the btbc if I didn't have other stuff going on.

Stardawg, which I've yet to try in pure flower form, I've had infused joints, but I'd like to try it without infusions. I'm really curious about the traits and chemovar of this particular strain. The more I read about it, the more I want it to be a successful grow.

Soaked in spring water, Walmart brand, on 8/17 over night. Placed in wet paper towels with no tails on 8/18. Today we have tails and we're going straight into Coco w/perlite.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190819 073914491
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190819 073909062
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190819 074044987

More details to come if and when things get rolling. Happy growing!

Posted : 08/19/2019 8:12 am Rusty, MtnDan, Nores and 2 people liked
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We have life. Time to get my stuff together 😜.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190821 043600929
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190821 043539653
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190821 043545348

Posted : 08/21/2019 4:48 am MtnDan and CannabisandBeats liked

Seedlings coming along nicely, they had a day of sun yesterday. Just calmag and maxi grow twice a day. Running ec around 650 ish atm, but slightly increasing since they've started working on second set of serrated leaves.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190826 060253615
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190826 060256913
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190826 060305521

I'm hoping to move another tent in my room so these may go into the 4x4. Should be good on my prop table until I get things situated in a couple weeks. Till next time, happy growing!

Posted : 08/26/2019 12:29 pm SpencersHerbs, Dr Coco and CannabisandBeats liked
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Girls got transplanted yesterday into 1 gallon containers, ec 850 targeted inflow, outflow 815. Stardawg could have waited a couple more days from looking at roots but she's happy in her new home. The slh and CBD c&c wanted new homes, the CBD more so than the others.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190831 180612047
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190831 180506080

Here are some pics the day of transplant.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190831 180811429
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190831 180816654
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190831 180820714
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190831 181357168

They looked shocked at first but three hours later started to perk up 18 hours later they hit stride and began running again. Here they are 20 hours later.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190902 063334415
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190902 063340212
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190902 063329051
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190902 063318585

Boom!! They exploded!

So guess I really don't have much time before these gals need a home. Instead of throwing a grow in my shop I've decided to purchase a 3x3 from the site link, I like vivosun tents 😉. This will ensure I'm not scrambling around or trying to fix several problems at once. I believe it's going to get cold fast this winter.

3x3 should be here by the 9th and I should probably just order another Mars hydro ts1000 for the 3x3. It was cheap enough from led grow light Depot, make sure to check the link in the site map, saved 10$ ordering theirs, and it helps out Cocoforcannabis. One light should be sufficient.

I'm going to be running two tents side by side and they will both be flowering at around the same time. Just weeks apart anyways. I'm going to be taking cuts from the slh and stardawg since they are the only sativa beans I really had. I really want to preserve these two strains but things are starting to get crammed. Oh well, guess I'll have to modify my prop area to harbor a couple mothers. I'll take plenty of cuts and hopefully will be able to pass them on around a collective of fellow growers so I can get it back eventually down the road. I hope lol. Happy growing!!

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190902 063431305

Posted : 09/02/2019 7:28 am D3V1L5 L377UC3 and Dr Coco liked
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So the tent came, I thought it would be a little taller but we'll make do with what we have. Ordering a new light soon, so we got these cheap LEDs in there now.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190909 190257014

Going to have to try keeping them short, so far it's going well. I've cleaned up lower growth and node spacing is looking great. We're going to have to flip them while they're still smaller, I didn't realize the height was shorter then what I'm used to running. Still have to top, I'm thinking of doing a manifold/mainline. Don't want things to get too out of control in this small space.

Stardawg is probably the shortest by mm they are pretty even as far as height, but that looks like it's changing. She wanted some extra light so she's had an extra cfl running on her, trying to keep them even.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190908 070425861

Super lemon haze wants to take off, she's growing super fast. Her leaves don't look sativa so I'm hoping the freebies are what they say they are. She's taking in more fertigation than the others, going to transplant soon.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190908 070433780

CBD cream and cheese looking more sativa then both plants and she's supposed to be more indica dominant. You couldn't tell by looking at it. It's kind of interesting how morphology is different from chemovar.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190908 070448413

Not sure what order these are but wanted to show the node spacing.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190908 081439563
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190908 081418044
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190908 081422339

Need to get a couple clip fans and hygrometer for this space too, and I'm probably still missing a few odds and ends but we're running with it now. Happy growing!!

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190909 190305534

Posted : 09/09/2019 8:01 pm CocoNoko, D3V1L5 L377UC3, maxovrdrive and 1 people liked

Transplanted yesterday. Trying to get my system more low profile in the tent. I couldn't use a bucket so I went with a little tote. I'm going to have to modify my drain system a little, my plan isn't working with the limit on height.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190913 191059676
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190913 191106721

The CBD and slh had some impressive root growth, the stardawg was ready but not as impressive as these two.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190913 170818471
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190913 170811862
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190913 170312803
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190913 170304455

Node structure is staying super short and it seems like secondary branching is growing just as fast as the main branching.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190913 191153860
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190913 191158966
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190913 191143533

I've been on a pretty light feed schedule, it's just been maxigrow, calmag, florablend, and diamond nectar, I'm about to add silica next res change. Like I said I'm going to modify my drain system a bit so I'll have more pics of the operating system. I'll be ordering another Mars hydro ts1000  on Monday, shipping was pretty fast so I'll probably have it before next weekend.

Training is still up in the air, I want to take some clones so I'll let that lower stuff go for a bit to see if I can take some cuts. Stay tuned for system updates. Happy growing!!!

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190913 191059676
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190913 172902972

Posted : 09/14/2019 6:29 am CocoNoko and D3V1L5 L377UC3 liked

Well my drain isn't working like I thought it would so I'm going to have to do something else. The plants aren't sitting in run off but it's not completely evacuating the sauce either. Going to see what I can find in the plumbing isles lol.

Everyone has been topped, the CBD has taken on some stretchy nodes now but the other two are super short still. I didn't try cloning the tops, instead I gave them to a friend, hopefully he gets them to root. I will use some lower branching for my cuts, which I'm about to take tomorrow. As you can see the lower branching has been growing non stop and is poking through the canopy.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190919 163049640
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190919 163035836
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190919 163042544

They are almost ready to flip, should have the new light by end of day tomorrow. Will take cuts and try to clone again, I'm not very successful with it because I don't have time to baby them. My wife won't let me get an aerocloner so I'm going to be using makeshift domes. Time to put my prop table to work. Going to use low end LEDs for rooting then switch them to CFLs and lower wattage to keep them small while things continue on. Might have to give em up due to limited space but the could sit behind my couch like house plants for the time being 😉. If they are anything like the mothers I expect them to stay squatty anyhow.

Here's a couple shots a few days after topping.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190922 064107101
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190922 064111665
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190922 064116860

Right now temps are between 65f and 75f, Rh between 55-67%. Added silica and floraliscious plus to feed. Ec inflow 1.0, ec outflow, slh with 1.2 and the other 2 are 1.1 three time daily fertigation in 5 gallon fabric pots.

I like using the 5s now because the halos work better with the appropriation, less fertigation required, and easier to hand water then the 3s. I want to limit my waste water and think I'll stick with 3x daily unless I feel the media isn't retaining enough.

Anyways I've rambled enough here, time to update the other journal lol. Try to keep up, I know it's getting harder for me to do so 😜. Happy growing!!

Posted : 09/22/2019 7:16 am CocoNoko and CannabisandBeats liked

Finally beginning transition, they had 14 hours of light yesterday, and now they're on 12/12. Temps got kind of low so I had to bring in my furnace heater.

I've decided to take some clones from flowering instead of now, this will give us more time to relinquish some space. I still had to prune to create better airflow. Here they are before.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190927 165236904

Since the tent is so short in height I've decided to flip, I might run out of room still. I couldn't bare to cut the lower growth off, stems are super thick and they've managed to reach the canopy, however I did do a little cleaning out so we can focus a little more on canopy structure. I didn't want to promote more top growth so they aren't technically lollipopped. I did some supercropping to the tops and branching, they folded over with ease, I was surprised. Here they are after pruning and training.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190929 152005159
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190929 152002121
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190929 151952595 HDR
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190929 151958710 HDR

They bounced back during their dark cycle and have begun the first day of transition. These pics are roughly 10 hours later.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190930 043838960
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190930 043820464
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190930 043825953
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190930 043815405

I took the halos off because I'm going to be hand watering. With temps and humidity I don't feel they will need more than 3x daily. But we'll see, I believe my logic is sound and I can manage the grow around that, lol.

I'm more worried about managing my dew point and getting my humidity in check. I have to remove the window AC so we'll see if that helps a bit, the window wasn't really sealed all that well around it. I might end up venting into the room to try and establish a friendlier environment for flowering. New LEDs are much different to work with as far as environmental management.

Winter grows are usually smooth sailing but with new lights we have to work on it a little. Bonus for winter grows are you can drop the temps easily and get some nice colors. Vent the heat in the same room, and not have to worry about foxtailing like spring and summer. NYGC is going to be interesting this year but I should have a tent ready to go. Hope to see a lot more journals 😉. Happy growing!!

Posted : 09/30/2019 5:42 am CocoNoko, Burnsachris and CannabisandBeats liked

I have no idea what's going on here. I must have a light leak. My timer is working correctly. Been wanting to update with pistil pics, unfortunately we don't have any yet.

I will give it a couple more days but I'm going to have to remove them from the shorty tent. We're going to have to do a switcheroo for sure, these plants are rapidly out growing the space.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191006 063719677 HDR
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191006 063734554 HDR

I will get some better photos when I do the switcheroo, I want to see if they start flowering soon before I remove them and check the tent for light leaks again. May just end up putting the 2 dgth and the auto in this tent, they aren't quite done stretching yet but I think they will be fine with our compromised height. I'll have more horizontal space to work with in the 5x5 so I'll be able to adjust as needed. 

I'll keep Mama Mia in with these 3 and the Colorado cookies auto might get done before it gets shaded out. Pistils are starting to show signs of ripening but that's for another journal.

Hopefully they start showing pistils, I've had some girls take as long as 13 days on 12/12 before they started doing their thing. Hopefully that's the case and I don't have light leaks, I can fix that but it just puts these girls in an awkward position, forcing me to move them into a bigger area. Maybe I should have flipped them on day 21, this is a new tent and height, I have yet to "dial in". Stay tuned for the switcheroo, I may just spontaneously move them before pistils. Happy growing.

Posted : 10/07/2019 8:06 am CocoNoko, Rusty, D3V1L5 L377UC3 and 1 people liked

Things are moving a little slowly, not that I'm complaining. Work has me overwhelmed and time is limited. But we're trying to keep things rolling.

I've trained and pruned my super lemon haze.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191016 162405102

I kept a few cuts hopefully I'll have time to care for them.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191016 162803242

The other two will have to wait for another light period since we're flowering now.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191016 162455897

Going to do start Stardawg next (back right) and CBD cream and cheese, over the next two days. Unfortunately it's the only time I have to give.

Fertigation is sitting around 1.1- 1.2 and outflow is 1.3 for Stardawg and slh and CBD is sitting at 1.4. I've been fertigating once per day by hand with more than adequate run off. Going to bump them up to twice per day since things have gone on the dry side since the switcheroo. When I did the switch the pots started dripping water. I don't want these plants to get out of control so my fertigation has been minimal to say the least.

Getting them under control I hope. We've just begun flowering though Stardawg seems really behind. This will mark day 2 of flower for CBD day 3 for slh, but Stardawg isn't unfurling quite yet. We'll see how things pan out in the next couple days when I can actually provide them with some attention.

Going to save some cuts from Stardawg as well and try to work them into my new rotation. Hopefully I can get on track with a more perpetual grow. I'm lacking a little space and want things to be easier than what I'm able to manage. Happy growing everyone!! May your buds be big and tasty!!

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191015 111556824
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191015 111531286

Posted : 10/16/2019 5:29 pm CocoNoko, D3V1L5 L377UC3 and Dr Coco liked
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Training done, new pics.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191017 153642009
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191017 153627899
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191017 153634919

supercropping ftw! Happy growing!

Posted : 10/18/2019 6:45 am CocoNoko and Rusty liked

Heading into week 2 and the girls have recovered from supercropping. CBD and Stardawg are stretching significantly, I had to raise the light in the back.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191025 063512993

Superlemonhaze isn't really stretching as much as I thought it would, instead nodes are stacking tightly and buds are plumping up. She has the biggest flowers in the room atm.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191025 063455864
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191025 063451406

Added some stakes for support and training purposes, going to have to get to the back and train them a bit. 

I forgot the breeder specs for flowering days, thinking I have quite a ways to go for these specific cultivars, I believe this tent will be tied up for NYGC. Still thinking about those plans and refraining from popping new beans 😉. Happy growing!!

Cannabis Grow SocialMeme 1 300x300


Posted : 10/26/2019 8:34 am CocoNoko liked

Starting into week 3 of flower and things are stacking nice and tight.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191104 070448687

The CBD cream and cheese has a little more spacing but I know she'll fill in nicely.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191104 070433019

The super lemon haze is the shortest gal in the room but still has more plumpness to them than the others. Some pistils have a touch of color to them and I sometimes just stare at the lemon haze in particular lol.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191104 070509432

She's quite the looker and the others are catching my attention now as well but I'm really excited to be growing one of my favorite day time strains. The Stardawg interests me more and more I read about it, she's putting out some heavy trichome production right now and I personally think she'll have the frostiest nugs.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191104 070454710

The smell is intense with hints of cheese, lemon zest, and diesel fuel. The lemon zest is most noticeable since she's in the front and probably why I'm admiring slh over the others.

Looks like I might have this tent clear for NYGC, I could always start in one tent and move to the other, then I'll get some other things going so both tents will be full again. Kind of just waiting for it because I know I can plant more after I get it started, otherwise I'd probably be popping beans next week.

These are 9-10 week strains and that puts me on the cusp of NYGC germination so I'll likely be using both tents.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191104 070525741

I'm happy to be growing with everyone here. #growerslove. Happy growing! And stay hazed!!

Posted : 11/04/2019 8:43 am CocoNoko, D3V1L5 L377UC3 and FurrySparkle liked
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Cruising along, though my ec got away from me a bit. Nothing to fret over really, I've increased the amount of solution at each fertigation event, we'll check it again next fertigation. Plants still seem happy as we reach mid-bloom.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191111 043152999 HDR

Rolling into week 4 with a long ways to go still. Though the super lemon haze, if that's what it is, seems to be ripening faster than anticipated. Remember these are all freebies so I trust London seed centre labeled them correctly. Slh has super tight and dense buds. She stayed short most her life and after supercropping kept that stature. I don't think she'll need support but we've got stakes in place just incase.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191108 060650524 HDR
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191108 060702215~2
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191111 042941714

CBD cream and cheese is a beast compared to the others and I believe she will out produce her company. These are great genetics and I'll be doing a strain review on her after cure. This is my second time growing this cultivar and she always impresses. I'm happy with seedsman genetics, and will recommend this strain for new growers looking for a 1:1. I know some of you might not like ordering from seedsman, but I believe they take pride in their breeding programme and their strains are some of the most vigorous plants I've seen around. Anyways she's got a couple pistils starting to turn, I had to move the light over because the tops are really too close to the light. I know she'll need support, long huge colas predicted.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191111 043224669
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191111 043056917 HDR
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191111 042951835
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191111 043137737
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191104 070441878

Now on to one of the most intriguing plants I've grown, Stardawg. This plant didn't want anything to do with side branching and I may have been a little too aggressive with training and pruning. She did stretch a little more than slh but she stayed tight and dense just the same. My prediction of frostiest girl in the room is more of a reality now. The end of week three she really started pumping out trichs, living up to her name. There's a galaxy of rich trichs all over. She smells so strong and funky, though some people I know don't care for the aroma. Some describe it as smells like a truck stop, smells like b.o., smells like diesel. I do get notes of all of those things now that they've been mentioned. Psychosomatic I guess? Anyways her bud structure is like her name as well with star shaped flowers. Like the calyxes just grow in that formation, I'll have to get a good pic and enter it in potw, until then you'll just have to trust me 😆.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191108 060718146~2
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191108 060727976~2
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191108 060732371~2
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191111 043128497
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191111 043118096 HDR
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191111 043235714

Looking forward to growing with everyone in the NYGC, I'll have this tent ready before it's time to flower and hope to fill it in a little better this time around.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191111 042911700 HDR

Happy growing everyone!!

Posted : 11/11/2019 6:00 am CocoNoko and Rusty liked

Ec inflow 1.2; CBD outflow 1.3 Stardawg and super lemon haze 1.4. Rh 45-48% temps swing between 70-75f. Though it got a little hot directly under the led for the CBD cream and cheese, she started to foxtail a little on one cola. I moved the light to accommodate Stardawg a little more.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191119 062928262 HDR

Seems like I'm a little off track with super lemon haze, I'm not sure she's got 4 weeks left in her. It was suggested in chat I might have a slight p deficiency. It hasn't been cold in the tent and the purple on some leaves could be an indicator. But I think the buds are looking really ripe for this stage of growth and thought it to be senescence. I gave her a little extra pk with some dry koolbloom at the same ec. Any thoughts are welcome, tell me what you see in these pics.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191118 115003045
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191118 115012821
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191118 114957093
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191118 114954004

I believe I'm right on track with counting my weeks but these buds don't look like week 5 and I feel they might be ready in a couple weeks from the look of trichomes. What say you?

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191119 062915251
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191119 062909419 HDR
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191118 114939124
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191119 062919280

CBD cream and cheese and the Stardawg are supposedly the same time line, they aren't exhibiting any signs of a deficiency and seem to be right on track. The CBD just started showing some color in her pistils, she fattening and frosting up nicely. I'm impressed yet again with this cultivar.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191119 062854701
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191118 115120801
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191119 062851210
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191118 115258483
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191118 115022048

Stardawg looks to be a little ahead of the CBD with the way pistils are changing. She's one of the frostiest and aesthetically pleasing plants I've grown. Her trichome production is off the charts and she's starting to thicken up now. I just keep thinking, I'm going to dry trim and get piles of kief.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191118 115155431~2
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191118 115213818~3
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191119 062811499
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191119 062844496
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191118 115213818
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191118 115155431
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191118 115223050

Thoughts and comments always appreciated. I had some other things to say but the picture function was down yesterday and I've forgotten.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191119 062945489 HDR

Happy growing!!

Posted : 11/20/2019 6:19 am CocoNoko liked
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