CBD heavy first grow!

I am going to post-facto journal my first grow...I was too caught up in getting it going and getting it perfect to journal my mistakes and successes at the time, but now with Coronavirus Quarantine happening there is only so much VPD Micromanagement I can do!  The Seedsman sourced seeds were put in warm water on February 17th and popped out of the Jiffy Pellet on Feb 19th! Pictures and updates to come!

Posted : 03/31/2020 9:58 am

Here is a collection of pictures of the first week.

Cannabis Grow IMG 4303
Cannabis Grow IMG 4302

Using RO water from an RO Buddie, under a dome, in my 2x4 vivosun tent under the Kingbrite 240w LED light. I followed the Dr Coco watering and nute schedule to a T and it went really well. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 4309
Cannabis Grow IMG 4344

  Light was suspended about 36" away at this time, full power, no dimming. We had the "seedling twist" start to happen early so we did the foliar spray of CaliMagic a few times a day until that got straightened out. Apparently the bagged Canna coco I bought wasn't quite buffered enough.

Cannabis Grow IMG 4369

   We then  had to visit my brother in another city on day 9 so I quickly threw together a quick auto watering system using parts that I had kicking around to get them through the weekend.

Cannabis Grow IMG 4360
Cannabis Grow IMG 4361



Sorry the pics aren't quite in order or rotated correctly...I'm trying to figure out how the system works!

Posted : 03/31/2020 10:37 am

After we got back from our trip to Central Alberta, it was time to pot up from the Solo cups!  Day 11 and we went into #1 airpots, and we went straight to auto watering because we don't know what the hell we are doing! We went straight headlong into 5x a day watering and it was wasteful, but it didn't hurt anything pumping that much nute water through!  Luckily we have TONS of houseplants to suck up the run off...and they have never been so happy!

Cannabis Grow IMG 4400
Cannabis Grow IMG 4392
Cannabis Grow IMG 4381
Cannabis Grow IMG 4379
Cannabis Grow IMG 4376

Posted : 03/31/2020 12:35 pm

So, post transplant it took a few days for the plants to crawl up and over the giant watering ring we put in the tiny #1 airpot!

Cannabis Grow D232B9C0 41F2 4216 BA64 B71367BDF99A
Cannabis Grow 5A51C670 0457 4306 A262 C7C3DE0EED15
Cannabis Grow EB02E0C3 C34F 47A0 9742 E122BFB6D7CE

Next time we will be using inline drippers so that the plants don’t have to climb over and we can actually start LST’ing things earlier. We noticed that either the autoflower genetics of all 3 of these plants were VERY stocky, or we had our 240w QB light a little lower than it needed to be so there was zero stretching.

Cannabis Grow 18BA50CD 4234 43D0 8356 7CA95FB6F872
Cannabis Grow D22EBB80 9931 4C0E 8DBB F1EC3917E791
Cannabis Grow 854DBCB9 5F89 4E92 8389 DC2F048EBC2B
Cannabis Grow 25D07788 8D40 4C70 820E D33DA6B2A5BC

So we just bit the bullet with our super stocky plants and we started bending them over to LST them! At first it looks like hell, but 4 hours later they look almost recovered, and by the next morning it was hard to tell that we had even been in there!!

Cannabis Grow ED5F5E27 B743 4336 9324 37B00FE324F8
Cannabis Grow 55A69A8D 7AC5 471E A599 C91F8B1E2124
Cannabis Grow 514B0684 8DA0 4208 A9E9 492F7517E9DF


Posted : 03/31/2020 8:43 pm