Bruce banger, gg/zkittlez, zkittlez o.g auto

This lot will be all soil. I sprouted them on the 5th october in paper towels and i DID NOT soak seeds for 12 hrs in plain water before hand. Seeds were hard to sprout with the seed casing wanting be a helmet due to them not being softened in water prior to the towels. Not to self.. soak the fuckers!

Paper towels to jiffy and 7 days in that then transplants to 1st pots. I transplanted the auto into the 1gal for strange unkown reason.

These girls are also getting 1hr of sunlight in the morning.

Posted : 11/02/2020 1:19 am

They get a EM1 and seaweed foliar every couple days, dunno if im over doing it but they seem to love it and gain more colour from it.

Cannabis Grow 20201031 120450
Cannabis Grow 20201031 120504

Light 600mm above canopy aprox

Now we running at 6000lux

Posted : 11/02/2020 1:23 am

Bruce and ggz got transplanted into 1 gal fabs and currently under 7000-8000lux of led

Cannabis Grow 20201107 101904

Posted : 11/07/2020 10:11 pm

These guys are looking a lil yellow id like to see some darker green come thru. Perhaps the light is a little to close so i raised it. Also zkittlez o.g auto will now enjoi the summer weather for it is growing way taller than the other 2 photoperiods.

Cannabis Grow 20201112 065243


Posted : 11/12/2020 1:52 am

They had been yellow for that week or so but i figured they needed more light because they were only getting about 8000 lux which isnt too much more than a T5.

I have been slowing increasing the light and currently on 16000 lux will keep here for a day or 2 then raise it some more.

Banger is in its 6th node

Ggz is on her 5th node

The Auto is now enjoying the summer weather.

Cannabis Grow 20201118 091731

Posted : 11/17/2020 5:47 pm Knut liked

Topped em both yesterday

Cannabis Grow 20201123 064424

I opened my clone/seedling tent to find this wolf spider,  believe it or not but thats a small one!

Cannabis Grow 20201123 164135


Posted : 11/23/2020 12:45 am

Fuck no i pressed the flip button thinking it was the other grow woops.


Posted : 11/23/2020 12:47 am

I have not flipped yet! I added a fan for some more air circulation, both girls are topped above 5th node and receiving 20000 Lux

Cannabis Grow 20201124 001244

Posted : 11/23/2020 1:53 pm

These guys are all outdoors now and hsve been for some weeks.

Ill provide some photos as they grow on.


Cannabis Grow 20201205 082422

Posted : 12/04/2020 9:36 pm

Zkittlez O.G Auto

Cannabis Grow 20201206 065016

she has been flowering for a few weeks since being moved outdoors

Bruce Banger

Cannabis Grow 20201206 065405

nothing special here. Topped and still in veg.

Posted : 12/05/2020 5:13 pm

Zkittlez og auto

Cannabis Grow 20201218 071507
Cannabis Grow 20201218 071541
Cannabis Grow 20201218 071519
Cannabis Grow 20201218 071530


Cannabis Grow 20201218 072739
Cannabis Grow 20201218 072729

Bruce banger

Cannabis Grow 20201218 080355
Cannabis Grow 20201218 070749
Cannabis Grow 20201218 070723

Posted : 12/17/2020 11:50 pm

This zkit OG auto is a week or so off from harvest. Getting that zkit classic smell

Cannabis Grow 20210102 081240
Cannabis Grow 20210102 081300
Cannabis Grow 20210102 081433

Gg4xzkit   showing pistols

Cannabis Grow 20210102 083122
Cannabis Grow 20210102 083106
Cannabis Grow 20210102 083133
Cannabis Grow 20210102 083728

Bruce also showing pistols

Cannabis Grow 20210101 162557
Cannabis Grow 20210101 162605
Cannabis Grow 20210101 162626

Posted : 01/01/2021 10:03 pm

Zkittlez O.G Auto. Harvested a few days ago. I had just seen a few amber trichomes and had planned to harvest in a few days. I came back a day or 2 later to find some animal had chewed the lower branches off and nibbled on the stem. No flower was eaten so this tells me it wasnt a kangaroo and most likely a rat or something using the hemp to sharpen/clean teeth. So i harvested that day. All good no loss there. She didnt yield much, perhaps an ounce of beautiful smelling (similar to my gelat.og). This by far was the quickest auto iv had.

Cannabis Grow 20210111 062130
Cannabis Grow 20210110 160036
Cannabis Grow 20210110 160010
Cannabis Grow 20210110 155944
Cannabis Grow 20210111 062116


Posted : 01/15/2021 4:30 am CrackBabies liked

GG4 X zkit

Cannabis Grow 20210127 183513
Cannabis Grow 20210127 183854
Cannabis Grow 20210127 183931
Cannabis Grow 20210126 072006


Cannabis Grow 20210127 071435
Cannabis Grow 20210127 071450

And heres Gold leaf in the peat bogg

Cannabis Grow 20210127 183703
Cannabis Grow 20210127 183709

Posted : 01/27/2021 4:24 am CrackBabies and turtleBoy liked
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Bruce Banger

Cannabis Grow 20210215 185355
Cannabis Grow 20210215 185412


Cannabis Grow 20210216 181730
Cannabis Grow 20210216 181514
Cannabis Grow 20210216 182050

Gold leaf

Cannabis Grow 20210216 181255
Cannabis Grow 20210216 181928

Posted : 02/17/2021 2:37 pm