Black Cherry Punch, Sour Bubba & Bad Girl

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Black Cherry Punch, Sour Bubba & Bad Girl

Hello everyone, 

I was fortunate enough to win the Mars Hydro grow package thanks to CCFC! Well since I have the additional grow space I am going to start germinating three more feminized seeds. Two will go into my current flower tent and one will go into my new setup. In the current flower tent I have a 2x4 living soil bed and in my new setup I will have a 20 gallon living soil pot for this grow.

The three seeds I started germinating were: 

Black Cherry Punch – In House Genetics 

Sour Bubba – Katsu Genetics

Bad Girl – Twenty20 Mendocino Genetics

Which one would you like to see be grown in the 20 gallon pot in the new Mars Hydro setup? Comment Below!

Thanks for checking out my grow!


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For germination I went with damp paper towels in between two plates on a heating mat set to 80 degrees. 

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Posted : 09/06/2020 9:30 pm

In under 24 hours Sour Bubba has popped open and is showing its tail. My soil was handmade by myself for the final containers. During seedling and early veg I will be using SoHum living soil. I have had it sitting in a bag for some time so I am activating the soil with some bokashi from SD Microbes. 

Sour Bubba is a cross of East Coast Sour Diesel and Pre 98 Bubba Kush

Black Cherry Punch is a cross of Black Cherry Pie and Purple Punch

Bad Girl is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies and The Whip! Bx4 

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Alright so after Sour Bubba, BlackCherry Punch popped open in under 48 hours and Bad Girl just a little after 48. 

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Posted : 09/08/2020 6:01 pm

From a previous post you will see where I wrote about activating the soil with bokashi. In the picture included with that post you will see behinds the plates (for germinating seeds) I used two baking pans on top of the heating mat as well to assist in this process. 

I put soil in the pan, topped it with bokashi and then lightly and evenly misted water all over it. Once done I used the same exact pan to cover it and held them together with some binder clips. 

This picture is from after I had already taken soil out yesterday for BlackCherry Punch and Sour Bubba. 

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Posted : 09/08/2020 6:12 pm

I then pour the soil into a bowl and hand mix it all together. I will be using clear solo cup to start the seedlings so I can track and watch the process of the roots developing. For protection I will then place those clear cups into red cups. 

Once the cups were filled I sprinkled in a little mycorrhizae and gently dropped the seeds in using tweezers. Gently cover and mist the surface with some water and these ladies are on their way! 

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Posted : 09/08/2020 6:19 pm

I also started prepping the 20 gallon pot for the final home of one of these ladies that’s going to go under my new Mars Hydro light. 

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Posted : 09/08/2020 6:28 pm

Well Bad Girl didn’t make it. Not exactly sure what happened but it seems like it was possibly getting to much light as a seedling. Either that or maybe the soil was hot or just a bad seed? Who knows but all the others made it so maybe it wasn’t the soil. Anyways Black Cherry Punch and Sour Bubba have made it through the seedling stage and are entering the veg cycle!!

Posted : 10/20/2020 1:07 pm

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Posted : 10/20/2020 1:09 pm

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Posted : 10/20/2020 1:10 pm

First topping!!

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Posted : 10/20/2020 1:13 pm