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  J2DaG (Jay to the Gee) here. It’s been a lil while, but I’m back in business. Had to move 😵‍💫but now I’m back on the west coast ready to do another run. For this run I’m going with 6 plants.

For the strains I chose Purple Crash: purple punch X sundae driver.

                                        Sticky Icky: guerrilla glue #4 X animal cookies. 
                                           Cat Piss: super silver haze pheno.

                       Catalina Wine Mixer: Sherbet X purple punch.

This is now day 7. I’m using triple buffered coco with perlite, in a 4x4 tent with 2 vipraspectra xs2000’s hung about 20 inches away from the solo cups. I placed the seeds in purified water to soak for 24hrs. Then placed in a wet paper towel for another 24 hrs. Next they were placed directly into my triple buffered coco. Started lights at 25% power now at day 7 raised lights to 37% power. Just started Feeding with a very light modified GH regiment with daily light cal mag foliar feeds.

Glad to be back, hope everyone has been doing well.

Stay Green y’all 👻

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Posted : 06/07/2022 6:27 pm KeystoneCops liked

This pic is from yesterday.

Alright coming along slowly. Switched the light to 50%. Few more days and they should be ready to transplant to final homes (3 gal aero pots). Feeding is very light only 330+ ppm with a 5.9-6.0 target ph. I have good success when I start slow and work my way up. Still doing a daily light dose of cal mag via foliar feed, will continue foliar until transplant, Will be increasing nutes next feeding.🤞

Stay green y’all 

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Posted : 06/16/2022 6:15 pm fargonaz liked

Transplant time…👻

So their finalspot will be 3 gallon aero pots. Feeding up to 450-500, will be increasing with every feeding. I hate smoking the same strain over and over no matter how fire 🔥. Hence why I grow so many strains instead of sticking to just one.
Decided to start some outdoor. That’s what is in the box in the middle. I know it’s a lil late for starting, but at least I should yield some different strains to mix it up.
The strains are: purple alien, purple canyon, Fruity pebbles, Fruit punch, purple banana cookies, Catalina wine mixer, midnight snack and holy smoke.

Like I said I have a lot of strains it would take years for me to properly try each one out. So if anyone is needing any seeds get at me, I don’t mind sharing the love, got strains for days. 😶‍🌫️

Stay green y’all 

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Posted : 06/20/2022 10:03 pm fargonaz and Soil Sheppard liked

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Posted : 06/20/2022 10:13 pm Richiebcookin and TheInsideDope liked

Ok coming along pretty good since last post. They all got topped. And feeding is now pushed up to 650. So far so good.🤞

Lights switched to 75% at a height of about 20inches or so above canopy. 

Plan to install automatic feeder aswell as an automated drainage system.

I’m tired of hand feeding and vacuuming the run off out.😮‍💨

Cant wait to just fill up the resivor and dump out runoff when catch basin is filled.

Stay green y’all 👻

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Posted : 06/26/2022 11:29 pm Soil Sheppard and Richiebcookin liked

🎊Happy day🎊 the automated drainage system is installed and working.🥳

I was sick of having to vacuum the runoff out. I decided to try the floraflex pro platform drainage system. I wasn’t sure it would work with my aero pots, but I took a chance and rolled the dice and sure enough my aero pots fit nicely on the floraflex pro platform. The system is connected to a lil giant ac condensate pump. Once the pump fills up, it turns on and pumps the runoff into the waste bucket. I love it…😻

Decided to upgrade my lights from 2 vipraspectra xs2000’s to 1 mars hydro F-EC4800 based off Dr. Coco’s rave review. I will install the automatic feeders(halos), when the new light arrives in the next day or so. Looking pretty forward to having the system fully automated as well as seeing how the upgraded light preforms.

Stay green y’all 👻

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Posted : 06/29/2022 1:47 am Richiebcookin and Soil Sheppard liked

Alright alright alright😶‍🌫️… Got that mars hydro F-EC4800 installed as well as my halos. The floraflex pro platform is working like a charm. The only snag I’ve had is with the lil giant ac condensate pump. The outlet port is susceptible to clogs from the coco. I had it stop working only after the second day and almost flooded my room. After trouble shooting the problem and figuring out it was a clog. I decided to put a mess screen on the part which connects the floraflex to the ac condensate pump. And so far so good 🤞. No more clogs for now. Other then that I’m pretty happy with the setup and the control I have on the environment. Had to rearrange some of the plants and move shit around to make room for my dehumidifier.

Thats it for now,
Stay green y’all 👻 

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Posted : 07/01/2022 10:27 pm TheInsideDope liked
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Did a lil LST’in. No matter how damn careful Iam, I always snap at least one branch.🤬

Floraflex platform working like a charm.👌 

Halos doing there thing. 😇

Nute regiment: Armor si, Calmagic, micro, bloom, florablend, diamond nectar. Pretty much do equal parts throughout veg, with a lil more calmagic and diamond nectar. Will start adding floranectar and fading out the florablend this week.

Mars hydro FC-E4800 so good so far, running at 75%, 18-20inches above canopy.

Anyways they seemed to have bounced back pretty good from being tied down. Feed up to 600ppm, doing 2 fertigations  a day. I’d normally top them again, but im not trying to veg them out for very much longer, plus I ran out of room last time.
So The plan is to flip them next week.🤞

Stay green y’all 👻

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Posted : 07/06/2022 12:06 am Richiebcookin, KeystoneCops, Soil Sheppard and 1 people liked

Alright chugging along nicely.
Installed a net to help spread out and level the canopy. 
I’ve personally never used a Scrog net before, so I’m curious to see how it turns out compared to my usual style. Plan was to switch to bloom in two days but might push it back a few more days to let them fill in a tad more. I figure they will fill out the canopy more during the stretch aswell.
So we shall see how she goes.🤞

Stay green y’all 👻

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Posted : 07/10/2022 11:52 pm Richiebcookin, TheInsideDope, Soil Sheppard and 1 people liked

Bloom Time!!! Yay yay 🎊💵🍺

Actual flip day was yesterday. 
Canopy is not looking to bad. Raised the lights to about 20inches above. Still at about 75% on the mars hydro dimmer, plan to krank it all the way up tomorrow or the next day. Last few days they been getting fed a transitional feeding prepping up to todays first bloom feeding. Currently feeding 3x a day. A lot going on right now, I hope I have the time to dedicate to the attention they need. Only time will tell.

Stay green y’all 👻

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Posted : 07/16/2022 6:23 pm fargonaz, bloom, TheInsideDope and 1 people liked

Alright now we starting to get in the best part. I usually start making videos during bloom. This is day one of week 2 bloom.  Chugging along nicely filling out the net and going into the stretch. Full bloom feed regiment. Feeding 3 times a day, 560 ppm 5.9ph. Mars hydro dimmer at 100% about 20 inches above canopy. Let’s rockin roll.

Stay green y’all 👻

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Posted : 07/23/2022 12:19 am KeystoneCops, Richiebcookin and TheInsideDope liked

What’s goin on y’all. This is the start of week 3 bloom. Ppm at 599, ph 5.9.

The nets about 28inch above the ground.
Everything below the net has been completely removed.

Starting to slowly phase out armor si and flora blend.

Not looking to shabby.

Stay green y’all.

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Posted : 07/30/2022 12:06 am Soil Sheppard, Richiebcookin, bloom and 1 people liked

Week 4…

Chugging along. 590ppm, 5.9-6.0 ph. Backing off armor si, completely stopped the florablend, started adding some terpinator. Never used it before, it’s mainly potassium and molasses, but I got it pretty cheap figured I’d added with the floranectar for some extra stickiness. We shall see.

That damn Catalina Wine Mixer, super fucking stretchy. Looks like this one is definitely more on the sativa side. Oh well, I’m not catering to it, so it’s gonna be pretty close to the light.

All these seeds except the Cat piss are from green point seeds. I highly recommend. All the plants except for the cat piss are already getting frosty. I know that being a super silver haze pheno, cat piss will be a late finisher, but the genetics from green point are far superior.

I did another defoliation. Chopped those bitches right above the net. So good so far.👻

Stay green y’all.

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Posted : 08/08/2022 4:20 pm Richiebcookin and TheInsideDope liked

Already week 5 👻

No real changes, coming along nicely. Will start to post some close ups soon. 

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Posted : 08/14/2022 6:38 pm Richiebcookin liked

Posted : 08/14/2022 6:42 pm
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