Amber Dragon, Candy Jam, and a Blue Cookie!

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Amber Dragon, Candy Jam, and a Blue Cookie!

Day 1 Veg

Well, it's starting again guys. Dropped (6) Amber Dragon by Dragons Flame Genetics, (4) Candy Jam by Jam n' Jet Genetics, and (1) bagseed acquired from a fire ounce of Blue Cookies.

I plan to start these plants in my kitchen, under an HLG 65w 4000k. Once my current run ends they should be eager to fill my vacated tent and cabinet. 

I did run Amber Dragon in my second grow. The one female I got that run ended up producing some crazy ginger ale terps! Ginger Ale terps are what we are after, so keep your eyes open folks! Here is what Amber Dragon looks like...

Cannabis Grow 20200118 114730

Seeds have been paper toweled, bagged, and set upon the germination device (water heater).

Cannabis Grow 20200322 162924 HDR

Cannabis Grow 20200322 162233 HDR

Blue Cookie seed

Cannabis Grow 20200322 154349 HDR

Cannabis Grow 20200322 163508 HDR


Posted : 03/22/2020 5:21 pm jtwo, Knut and Growasaurusrex liked


All seeds germinated and were in a solo cup of 80%/20% of OF Happy Frog perlite mix by Day 3. Plants were placed in a small cardboard box under my HLG 65w on my kitchen counter after sitting in my window for a couple days. No fan currently. 

I have been watering as needed on a once or twice daily basis using Distilled. Tonight I split 1 cup of Distilled w/ .2g Recharge between all plants and misted them w/ a bit of plain Distilled. I have also used skewers and some wire to give support to them on an as needed basis.

Cannabis Grow 1585543809078440177321626751888

AD2 is twins! Pretty dope, didn't know that could happen.

Cannabis Grow 15855438993421650463981582063554



Posted : 03/29/2020 9:54 pm Growasaurusrex liked
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Split about 1.25 cups of Distilled between plants. Everyone looks good! The Blue Cookies bagseed doesn't seem to be as vigorous as the other gear, can't wait to see what's going to happen this run.

Cannabis Grow 20200330 230352 HDR~2


Posted : 03/30/2020 9:31 pm

DAY 16 Veg

Plants are still getting water on an as needed basis. They really need to be transplanted and moved into tent, and I suspect a couple droopy Candy Jams are do to the small solo cups, perhaps slight overwatering or need for feed. I think up-potting into some Ocean Forest w some Great White would do them all some good. Perhaps ill try and make that happen early this week before I harvest my other run.

Cannabis Grow 20200405 204012

Posted : 04/06/2020 12:05 am Growasaurusrex and valleymicro liked

DAY 18 Veg

Plant are still being watered w/ Spring as needed. Watered everyone to saturation w/ dispenser bottle w/ .25ml Cal-Mag per bottle on DAY 17. Sprayed all plants w/ Neem. Also, watered a few tonight w/ plain Spring.

Plants are just waiting for transplant. Last run this uppot happened on DAY 18. They are in the open on my kitchen counter with a box fan a few feet away. The light is still a bit close and a few plants have shown signs of light toxicity, nothing too severe.

I did have to clip some dried leaf ends on Candy Jam 3.

Cannabis Grow 15864067605105175611317858784565

Cannabis Grow 15864068105347746779120161398047

This is a fun one when they were in the sink about to get Neemed.

Cannabis Grow 20200407 232507


Posted : 04/08/2020 9:36 pm jtwo and Absinth liked

DAY 22 Veg

Transplanted all to 1 gals in 40% FF Ocean Forest/ 40% FF Happy Frog/ 20% Perlite and Great White application. Split a little less than 1 gal. Spring w/ 5ml Cal-Mag (per gal) and 1ml Em Goddess (per gal). Moved all plants to the tent finally after cleaning floor w/ 91% ISO.

Plants have needed micros and H2O for a bit now so they looked a bit crispy and limp. We will see if they can revive.

Cannabis Grow 20200412 131330

Cannabis Grow 20200412 131230

Cannabis Grow 20200412 140831

Cannabis Grow 20200412 140856

Posted : 04/12/2020 4:33 pm

DAY 23 Veg

Split 3/4 gal. Spring w/ 1.2 tsp BT Grow (per gal) and 3ml Cal-Mag (per gal) between all plants. Feed measured at .9EC.  Everything is still very light green in color w/ damage to some lower leave.

Cannabis Grow 20200414 002803

The internodal spacing on this blue cookies is awful lol

Cannabis Grow 20200414 002822

Posted : 04/14/2020 5:52 am Growasaurusrex liked

DAY 25 Veg

Decided plants won't need water until tomorrow. Lowered light to 18" above canopy. Clipped some lower fans that seemed beyond repair. Everyone still looks a bit pale, so decided to foliar.

Mixed Spring w/ 5ml Cal-Mag (per gal) and ph'd to 6.6. Turned off light and misted all plants fully. Left light off for an hour so all could dry.

Cannabis Grow 20200415 230246

Cannabis Grow 20200415 230206

Cannabis Grow 20200415 230226

Hopefully these pups like

Posted : 04/15/2020 9:35 pm jtwo liked

DAY 26 Veg

Mixed 3/4 gal. Spring w/ Recharge at 1/2 tsp. (per gal). Split between all plants. Things are starting to look much better! I still have some Cal-Mag foliar mixed up from DAY 25, so I may try that again tonight if its still good.

I guess I didn't take pictures. 

Posted : 04/17/2020 7:23 am

DAY 29 Veg

Mixed 3/4 gal. Spring w/ BT Grow at 10ml (per gal) and Cal-Mag at 5ml (per gal) and split between plants.

Plants are looking green and I'm happy to see how they've recovered from under feeding. Topped all plants above 5th node and removed growth tip from 1st and 2nd nodes. I plan to top the 4th and 5th nodes again before flip. Removed damaged lower growth on a few of em.

Sprayed all plants w/ Maggie's Farm just after lights out.

Cannabis Grow 20200419 130915

Cannabis Grow 20200419 130944

Posted : 04/19/2020 1:15 pm

DAY 30 Veg

Added HLG 65w to my tent 

DAY 31 Veg

Combined 1 gal. Spring w/ 4ml Cal-Mag and 1.5 tsp BT Grow and split between all plants. Plants are starting to show sort of deficiency or toxicity.

Cannabis Grow 20200421 213633

Cannabis Grow 20200421 213645

DAY 34 Veg

Combined 1 gal. Spring w/ 5ml Cal-Mag, 2 tsp BT Grow, and ph'd up to 6.3 ph at 1.5 e.c. Feed split between all plants. Not sure why I ph'd, I suppose b/c plants are showing brown spots and burning.

Cleaned floors w/ 91% ISO. Saw some living things on bottoms of pots! Probably my springtails but I haven't scoped them yet. 

Need to top again, let these pups recover and flip!

Cannabis Grow 20200423 232340

Cannabis Grow 20200423 232353

Cannabis Grow 20200423 232411

Posted : 04/25/2020 2:18 am

DAY 35 Veg

Combined 1 gal. Spring w/ 2 tsp. BT Grow, and 6ml Cal-Mag then ph'd up.

Input: 1.9 E.C., 6.4 ph

Runoff: 2.5 E.C., low ph

This is likely the reason my plants are showing brown spots. I suspect that by not watering to enough runoff is allowing micros to build in the soil. Will add an extra 1/4 gal. Spring going forward. 

Topped nodes 4 and 5 on all plants giving me 10 growth tips. Removed foliage that was too burned. Am going to attempt to flip as soon as possible.  Cleaned w/ 91% ISO and got Cab reset, so I moved 4 plants to the Cab under the SK 140 cc.

Cannabis Grow 20200425 233142

Cannabis Grow 20200425 233149

Cannabis Grow 20200425 233254

Posted : 04/27/2020 11:26 am

DAY 37 Veg

Watered all plants to 10%+ runoff with plain Distilled or Spring. Runoff tested 1.9 E.C.

Plants look bad lol

Cannabis Grow 20200427 224812

Cannabis Grow 20200427 225445

Posted : 04/27/2020 9:28 pm

DAY 39 Veg

Was decided in chat that plants have low nitrogen and I need to be feeding, not just watering, so I will follow this advice. Was also told to feed-water-feed-water. Anyway

Combined 1 1/3 gal. Distilled w/ 5ml Cal-Mag (per gal) and 2 1/2 tsp BT Grow and ph'd up. Split between plants

Input: 1.9 E.C., 6.4ph

Might have had 5% runoff on some and less on others, will use 1.5 gal. next time.

Temps and Humidity have been good. Raised lights a bit.

Cannabis Grow 20200429 231428

Cannabis Grow 20200429 190922

Cannabis Grow 20200429 191657

Posted : 04/29/2020 9:47 pm

DAY 42 Veg

Combined 1 1/2 gal. Spring w 5ml Cal-Mag (per gal), 2.5 tsp BT Grow (per gal), and PH'd to 6.4.

Removed a fair bit of dying growth from plants.

Cannabis Grow 20200502 230216

DAY 44 Veg

Combined 1 1/2 gal. Spring w 5ml Cal-Mag (per gal), 3 tsp BT Grow (per gal), and PH'd to 6.4.

Input: 1.9 E.C., 6.4ph

Plants are looking slightly better each day. Been so focused on the nutrient situation that I hadn't been scouting close at all for males, really hadn't even thought about it. Have found and disposed of 5 males as of DAY 45. I got to one too late and it dropped pollen in my Cab. Not sure if it will cause seeding since my females are not showing pistils yet. Plan to uppot tonight (DAY 46), give a few days to recover, then I'll be healthy enough to flip, just don't want to go into flip chasing a Nitrogen deficiency. I'll update who's left in the next post b/c I havn't been keeping track.

Cleaned floors w/ 70% ISO. Found some live Springtails, but not a huge amount. 

Cannabis Grow 20200504 220612

Cannabis Grow 20200504 220916

Cannabis Grow 20200504 221928

Cannabis Grow 20200504 223635

Cannabis Grow 20200504 224036

Posted : 05/06/2020 8:42 am
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