8 Strain Auto in Roots Lush & Pittmoss No Till

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8 Strain Auto in Roots Lush & Pittmoss No Till

It's Friday the 13th and time to start a grow. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200313 222034

Trying out Roots Organic Lush Super Soil in new pots, while also running some no till pots I have going that are made with pittmoss and no coco or peat. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200313 231217


Purple Kush CBD - Seedsman
Blue Dream - Fast Buds
Blue Cheese - Nirvana
Zkittlez - Fast Buds 
Northern Cheese Haze - Mephisto
GG #4 - Expert Seeds
NCH x 3BOG - Mephisto
Auto Blues x Sour Bubbly - Mephisto

Starting the seed soak tonight in coconut & aloe water and will plop them into soil in solo cups tomorrow. The soil in the cups are from my NYGC plants I just chopped and amended a bit... Hopefully not too hot. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200310 232621

I may get crazy and try something new  with this run but that's tbd. Hopefully don't have any bad luck with germination... But I don't trust Nirvana seeds so we'll see. Additionally my Zkittlez seed sunk like 1 minute into the water. 

Posted : 03/13/2020 8:16 pm Rosettastoned liked

This morning I pulled the seeds out of their soak at about 12 hours and plopped them into solos. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200314 111943

I've now made my Roots Lush pots. Using 10s I filled it up with Lush. Topped with Roots Big Worm, Kashi blend, myco, and cover crop seeds. Then covered with a bark mulch. Now realizing I don't have enough proper sized saucers. So I'll need to get creative. 

I'll then water the pots with an aloe and comfrey extract watering and let cook till transplant time. 

Posted : 03/14/2020 4:32 pm

Got 1 Pittmoss LOS pot ready to go and 2 others just topped and fresh cover planted since we just harvested those 2. 

Also watered in the Roots Lush pots. Overall was extremely pleased with the quality and texture of the soil. Excited to use this. Heck of a lot easier than mixing in a tarp from scratch. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200314 202306
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200314 221724

Posted : 03/14/2020 7:21 pm

This is now a 10 strain grow in celebration of the world burning down. I'm sitting at home... So why not grow max plants. Goal is to get to 12 total. 


Blue Cheese didn't pop as expected. Never have great germination success with them. All 7 others popped.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200319 091847

The new seeds being popped now are :

Blue Cheese - Nirvana 

Zkittlez - Fast Buds

Critical 2.0 - Dinafem

Sour Stomper - Mephisto (x2)



Posted : 03/19/2020 6:30 am

The blue cheese from Nirvana didn't pop again. 0/2. I think we'll settle at 10 plants for now. 

Still haven't watered them yet, maybe in a couple days I'll throw some thrive N at them and start foliar. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200324 114040

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Been working on getting my pittmoss pots refreshed from last grow that I just chopped. I chopped back the extra cover crop and chopped it back in and cleaned up the pots a bit. Added some dry amendments as well as fresh EWC. Watered in with aloe and comfrey. All 4 now will be ready to go. I'll keep these pots as simple as possible with plain watering and teas etc. and all single ingredient amendments vs pre mixed. 


The Roots Lush pots I'll be using almost all roots products thru the entire grow... somehow not using their pots however. Will be using their teas as well as the uprising amendments. I just topped them with Uprising Foundations, Essential Earth, and a little bit more Big Worm. (absolutely amazing EWC btw). Then I watered them in with bio force.  Will add Grow just prior to transplant. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200325 135325

Posted : 03/25/2020 11:10 am

Checking in on the original batch. Got one that is probably not gonna make it. Was a freebie interestingly enough. The 2nd group I started is not doing well and that's my fault as I didn't treat the seedling soil the same or amend as well as I was rushing to get more down. Will start transplanting the first group here soon. Finally cleared out other tents and ready for a deep cleanse. Purple Kush has the early lead. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200329 132521


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Not much to report. Roots pots are doing pretty well. Been extremely low rh for a lot of the grow due to late cold season. Haven't done much for these ladies... As I've been extremely busy due to the circumstances. The Meph freebie auto blue cross popped 3 sacs that I found. Nothing since. Fav plant is the auto blue cross actually. Just epic sweet smells and a massive plant overall taking over a tent. 

Cannabis Grow 00100lPORTRAIT 00100 BURST20200522212944743 COVER~2
Cannabis Grow 00100lPORTRAIT 00100 BURST20200522212357008 COVER~2
Cannabis Grow 00100lPORTRAIT 00100 BURST20200522212730935 COVER~2
Cannabis Grow 00100lPORTRAIT 00100 BURST20200522213017975 COVER~2

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