5 strains 1 2x4 v2

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Tryin this again, got quite a few males last time, so starting 10 seeds this time hoping to end up with 5-8 female plants in the 2x4 rather than only 4. I’ll mainline them to 4 colas each, and leave - couple lowers just in case I get a bunch of males again

standard start - scuffed with sandpaper, dipped in an aloe frond, and tossed in a jar (filtered tap water with a touch of humid/fulvic to offset any leftover cholorine/chloramine)

I’m gonna have to veg outside since both my tents are flowering for another 40+ days.


from SpartanGrown

2- Vortex F2 Regs - got 2 males last time,  so hoping for at least 1 female.

4 - Orange Dream Haze x Vortex Regs - first time running these but stoked cause I love the SpartanPuke (Donny burger x vortex)

from Monkey Do of High on Home Grown and Percy’s Grow Room:

2 - Strawberry Cough S1 fems

1 - Jack Herer x Strawberry Cough fem

1 - Nakatomi Plaza x Strawberry Cough fem (stoked for some chad westport work in there!)

Still growin under my 2 little ViparSpectra XS1000s I think technically 120W per light

Cannabis Grow B407B18A 6228 48B3 A226 4861FF2CA916
Cannabis Grow 0C7FE395 8764 4123 BBC7 FC8348CD81FD
Cannabis Grow 29180496 DA81 47AB AB79 F63C437E61A1



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Put all the seeds in on ocean forest, tossed a bit Orem castings on top, pre watered/bottoms watered first and then covered. Gonna go put em out in the sun and take off the plastic once they’re touching it.

Cannabis Grow image

Posted : 05/05/2023 9:33 am DEEBOOF liked

So…. Left the covered seeds in 90+ degree sun one day, and cooked them all except one ODH.V


re seeded for full germ. The vortex F2 that is covered was a late bloomer (big ol mulch chunk blockin it) so I have it covered for extra humidity 


Cannabis Grow image

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Cannabis Grow image

vortex f2s on the right

odh x vortex next row, (the closest one is a about a week older but the rest have caught up)

straw cough s1 in the middle

straw cough  nakatomi plaza

straw cough jack herer on the left

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Forgot to post this picture yesterday, but all 10 got up-potted and lookin fine. Saw transparent patch on a couple leaves - saw the same thing on some trees lbs run at the park the transparent patch turned brown… through a couple drops of WCA in the water, probably not enough to do much, but wanted to start getting em some calcium. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 0228
Cannabis Grow BEEA0047 2B89 4028 9615 08864F7F3E6E

the picture with 2 plants are the vortex f2s

the orange dream haze x vortex are the 4 on the bottom of the picture, the straw cough s1s are the top left in the picture, and the other two crosses are top right 


grower love y’all

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Forgot to post these yesterday

Cannabis Grow IMG 0293
Cannabis Grow IMG 0295
Cannabis Grow IMG 0294

Posted : 06/07/2023 9:13 pm DEEBOOF liked

Cannabis Grow image
Cannabis Grow image


Cloned tops seem okay 

Posted : 06/10/2023 6:35 am DEEBOOF liked

figured I’d post a pre topping update. Left the crew in the tent over the weekend while I was gone. Had a couple plants that were showing some drought stress. Hoping they bounce back for topping this afternoon 


Cannabis Grow IMG 0411

Posted : 06/19/2023 11:18 am

Cannabis Grow IMG 0422

Posted : 06/19/2023 5:11 pm

Harvested the last round and moved these ladies to the 2x4. My exhaust fan had stopped working, and i saw some potential PM, so i watered down some WCA and whey and sprayed away

Posted : 06/21/2023 3:15 pm

Put all the fems on the left, regs on the right, biggest in the middle in case they turn out male

Cannabis Grow IMG 0512


ill flip them to flower once the tops grow a few nodes, and eat or compost any dudes before that 


Posted : 06/27/2023 8:58 pm

Flipped to flower, foliared some fermented plant juice, labs, bomashi earthworks complex humate, wca, and aloe today

ripped out a male (odh x v) and bent over 2 other plants to fill the space


chopped up the male and mixed with equal parts brown sugar - planning on foliaring it back on its friends right before its too late to spray 

Cannabis Grow IMG 0607
Cannabis Grow IMG 0605
Cannabis Grow IMG 0604
Cannabis Grow IMG 0603

Posted : 07/11/2023 8:25 pm

Stretchin crazy ha. Theyll be up in the lights if they don’t slow down. Cloned a few and have them going too

Cannabis Grow image

Posted : 07/19/2023 5:34 am

Boltin into the lights pretty quickly but i still have some room to work with


Cannabis Grow IMG 0657

Posted : 07/25/2023 8:22 pm

The ladies survived pretty well without me! Definitely droopy and a little yellow, but totally fine with me that it pulled nutrients from low fans since I’d need to defol those anyway


hit em with a touch of fpj, wca, epsom salt, and dry seaweed stuff (barely any just wanted to make sure they had some extra k, mg, and s if needed) 


Cannabis Grow IMG 0810
Cannabis Grow IMG 0809
Cannabis Grow IMG 0808
Cannabis Grow IMG 0807
Cannabis Grow IMG 0805
Cannabis Grow IMG 0806
Cannabis Grow IMG 0804
Cannabis Grow IMG 0803
Cannabis Grow IMG 0802
Cannabis Grow IMG 0800
Cannabis Grow IMG 0801
Cannabis Grow IMG 0799
Cannabis Grow IMG 0798
Cannabis Grow IMG 0797

Posted : 08/05/2023 10:52 am
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