5 strain Auto grow!

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Cannabis Grow IMG 20190907 212808733
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190907 213541526
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190907 211604657
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190907 203601373
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190907 201121425
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190907 201007419

I have switched to Dr Coco's exact nute lineup for this, but I only got a 1oz of rapidstart. That shit was expensive so I got a free trial bottle . 

Here we are buffering the Coco. It's soaking in calimag now. 

Our strains are all from are autoflowers-

1-grandddaddy purple

2- purple Haze


4-silver Haze

5- OG Autoflower



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Cannabis Grow IMG 20190912 162338503
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190912 162342357
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190908 102956422
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190908 103144230


We finished getting Coco mixed with perlite, we soaked the seeds and 4of the 5 already have come up, I had to assist them with helmet heads. Those are under lights now and got first dose of seedlings nutes per Dr Coco's instructions. Yinz have a great day and thanks for looking. Time to blaze n eat pork n kraut!!! 

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Cannabis Grow IMG 20190912 175935272
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190912 175902982
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190912 175953352


T5s are running.. 80degrees and 58% rh.. 

Some of those cups are empty n just filler so the good ones can't fall over. 1 humidity dome left , silver Haze is slowly shedding her capsule lol

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Cannabis Grow IMG 20190917 183022021
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190917 183016071


4 of 5 hatched and lived. Purple Haze tapped but never opened up. I have a headbanger and another PH soaking. 

These 4 are starting on the armor si and rapid start directly. They are doubling every day.  Thanks for looking

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Cannabis Grow IMG 20190919 172317061
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190919 172312536
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190919 172401537
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190919 172352140
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190919 172406463

Can't believe the amount of growth in the last two days, since I have started them on the second week strength of doctor Coco feed chart, it seems as though the armor SI and that rapidstart are killer. I have been working a lot and I'm not going to get to transplant until tomorrow evening. Really happy with everything so far. Any advice or constructive criticism is much appreciated. ... Inflow ppm is 611, runoff is 619, I have next extra nudes today so we can saturate the pots prior to transplanting therefore they will go into a cosy, known environment!! Love this website!

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Cannabis Grow IMG 20190920 175233090
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190920 164125002
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190920 163502074
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190920 170204869
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190920 172038463
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190920 171926973 01
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190920 170755314
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190920 170755314 01
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190920 170750691

9 pictures of tonight's transplant. I went from solo to final pot which isn't recommended. 

Ppm is still around 550 , I water them till run off and then tested it so I could water the pots before transplant there for ensuring that they go from one like environment to another. 

The Roots seems very strong and long and I'm assuming that's from the addition of rapid start and armor si , the explosion of growth is probably from that as well they have been doubling , or more , every day. 

I still have them under the t5 high output such as you can see I am assuming I would like to see a little growth and then I can switch them over to metal halide, didn't want to give them a new light and a transplant all at once and stress them. 

Thanks for looking and we appreciate any advice -especially on when I should switch over to the bigger 1000watt metal halide bulb. Have a great weekend...

Posted : 09/20/2019 4:51 pm

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190924 162437897
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190924 162443227
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190924 162431304

Contrary to the number at the corner these girls are two weeks old I believe. Give or take a day I started this post when I was buffering Coco and it counted from then.

I believe they are doing well for their age I just fertigated with 550 PPM and a pH of 6.1. 

the silver haze has what I believe are a few dots of Cal mag deficiency on the first two set of leaves. I am keeping a close eye on it. 


AC is working overtime fighting 70% relative humidity, all in all the environment is pretty well I believe. 

I noticed my rapidstart has turned to sludge at the bottom and it's a brand new bottle I just got. Now to clarify it was a free 30ml bottle that came with the flora trio purchased. But nonetheless. Should I even be using it?I shook it up real well and got the big chunk out that was sunk in it.... nasty.

thanks for reading this and I hope it finds you in the best of health and spirits

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Been 4 days since I last posted pictures. Noticeable growth has occurred. All four plants have been topped. I cut them from six and seven nodes back to 5 nodes. ( One was growing a little faster) 

I also switched the light from t5 to the metal halide. I'm running about 35,000 lux , I had switch the light for a few days before I topped them yesterday. I believe I'll wait another 3 days or so before I start LST the lower branches.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190928 084726002
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190928 084733992
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190928 084730280
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190928 084740099


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Cannabis Grow IMG 20191003 141544378
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191003 160250431
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191003 160254417
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191003 160303101
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191003 160322739

22 days old. The topping went well. 

EC and pH have been on point. 

Gh nutes are working well.

Cruising into flower on these here autos. I love those genetics from , stalks are in beastmode. 


Pics aren't the greatest I was trying to block the light instead of turning it off. 

I did do some tweaking with Doctor Coco's feeding schedule because I grow autos I want to cut back on the nitrogen a little sooner and add in some Bloom buster a little sooner. 

Thanks yinz guys for looking

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Day 24 ...goin well, lots of growth and budsites from topping. Who said don't top autos????

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191005 185639754
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191005 185626070
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191005 185650170
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191005 185630664
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191005 185645732

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Cannabis Grow IMG 20191012 125546150
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191012 125633562
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191012 125617402
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191012 125647297
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191012 125641519

day 31 from seed. They are doing well. I switched from mh to hps today during the 4hrs darkness they get daily. 


They are 2 to 2.5ft tall and thick stalks. Many budsites from topping, they didn't stunt at all. 

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They are really bustin , I had to bend em over , trying to maintain an even canopy. I did take a few leaves out because they were stacking up and not really able to breathe. But you really can't tell.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191014 200325141
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191014 200406256
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191014 200411814
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191014 200345260
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191014 200400313

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Cannabis Grow IMG 20191018 200630485
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191018 200624102
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191018 200641835
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191018 200611904

buds are forming all over, stretch continues, running at 80k lux, 600-650 ppm, 5.8-6.1 pH, 

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43 days old and about 4ft tall or so from the level of Coco. Starting to bud nicely. Running smoothly at 650 ppm in , and 600-700 runoff. Trying to keep em at 80,000 lux but stretching crazy long. I'd say we're halfway folks, thanks for looking in on us.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191024 161415254
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191024 161421494
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191024 161409556
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191024 161435410
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191024 161337999
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191024 161331762

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50 days old , 4ft and over on all of em.

Budding nicely, esp the gdp.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191031 235437860
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191031 235931679
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191031 235544004
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191031 235927163
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191031 235452411

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