4 x 4 SCROG Grow #1

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Hour 0

Dropped Two Pina Grande from Secrect Seed Society and two Runtz (?freebies?) into water to soak for 4 hours.  Mixed 50/50 peat, perlite Amedended with 3g lime.  Peat ph= 5 Peat Ec=0.12mS.  Water ph=6 EC=0.0

Hour 4

Removed seeds from water and planted them in solo cups with run off holes burnt in with a lighter in bottom.  Covered with zip loc bag.  

Hour 6

Humidity too low in tent.  Wetted towel and placed in front of oscillating fan.  Spray water on walls of tent.  RH corrected to 89% temp 71F

Day 2

Temp down to 67f Added space heater in Lung room.  Corrected temp to 75f.  Added moisture as needed to keep Rh as high as possible.  Had light on low at top of tent.  Research suggests I should have had light off for first 3 days.  Turned off light after only 5 hours.

Day 3

Back to regular 18/6 light cycle. Pina Grande seed#1 looks to be rising out of the Peat.  It’s official I’m a proud father of a seedling!

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Day 4

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Pina Grande seed#2 is emerging from the peat. Still no signs of Germination in the 2 Runtz seeds.  Set up automated timer for 18/6 lighting. 

Day 5

Mixed first nutrient solution to feed germinated seedlings. Following c4c NER and EC suggestion.  Ph =6.1 EC = .42mS.  Watered ungerminated Runtz with distilled water.  Removed zip locks from solo cups with seedlings.  Lowered LEDs to 2ft dimmer set to 25%

temp rising to 80f and RH down to 35.  Need to stop being cheap and get a humidifier.  Lowered heater in lung room.  Seedlings didn’t seem bothered by the increased light intensity or its first meal.  

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Posted : 01/22/2024 6:17 am

Found an old humidifier.  Feed the two Pina’s after lights came on.  Still nothing from the Runtz seeds.  Thinking of replacing them with dos si dos but I’m trying to stay patient and give them a chance.

Posted : 01/23/2024 1:20 pm

Got impatient, dug in to investigate ungerminated Runtz seeds.  Runtz#1 I found a whole seed it looked unchanged.  Runtz #2 I moved some peat and a clump of perlite then saw some green.  Looks like it struggled to come up.  I have no idea seems weird it green still in the medium but I’ll leave it uncovered to monitor.  Fed it just in case it needed some extra energy.

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Posted : 01/24/2024 2:03 am

I examined the green in the Runtz #2 medium.  The seed never established a tap root.  Called an audible, ditched the Runtz and started germinating 3 Amnesia Haze.  If all goes well I'll flower tw0 and keep one as a mother.  The Runtz were freebies and from the start they looked suspect.  I was hoping to get every aspect dailed in with cheaper genetics but lets wing it. 

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Posted : 01/24/2024 4:20 pm

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Water with 60ml EC.43  PH6.8

Checked the Amnesia Haze no sprouts.  I’ll give them another 24 hours then move them in the tent.


Posted : 01/26/2024 2:24 am

Everything seems good.  Moved The AH into the tent.  Hope to see them sprout in the next day or two so I can get this grow back on track.

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Posted : 01/27/2024 1:50 pm

1st Amnesia Haze showed herself a few hours after lights on!  Going to wait another day or two to water the Pinas.  The Peat is staying pretty saturated.

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Posted : 01/28/2024 8:29 am

Pina Grande #1 continues a slow decline in health.  I’m thinking Cal Mag deficiency or I am too paranoid of overwatering and it needs feed more often.  Watered with 50ml of EC .55 PH 6.2 until small amount of runoff.  Started to prepare coco for 1 gallon transplant. Rinsed then buffered 5 gallon pot of coco with 5 gallons of water with 37.5 ml cal mag.

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Posted : 01/29/2024 8:35 am

After 36 hours rinsed cal mag solution.  Rinsed with tap water.  First rinse EC was High .8mS.  Tap water Ec was .4  rinsed two more times until runoff ec was .5mS .  Oh was 6.1 which I figured is good since tap ph is 7.8. Transplanted Pina grandes into 1 Gallon pots.  Still two Amnesia Haze not sprouting.  Guess I’ll leave them in the dark and kept moist.

Cannabis Grow 80D699BA 228C 49DD AC6A 836693DC2FE3

8 hours in the Coco and they didn’t seem to notice the switch.

Posted : 01/31/2024 12:41 pm

15 oz distilled water EC .6 PH 6.3 For each Pina Grande. added armor si to my NER ratio @ 1ml/gallon 

Amnesia Haze #1. 20ml EC . 4 pH

Amnesia Haze #2 had a tap root yesterday but hasn’t broke the soil.  Got a spray bottle bot cups to 10 spays.


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Posted : 02/03/2024 7:26 am

Pm and am feeding for the Pinas.  Will stay with 2x a day.  EC .6 PH 6 15 fl oz.  Getting too much run off now that medium is saturated.  Will reduce to 8 fl oz tonight.  Run off was EC .75 Ph 7 

I’m chalking the remaining amnesia haze as a loss.  Will be changing some variables in germination to try to increase success rate.  Going to try and sprout a few autos to make up for the loss and improve

Posted : 02/04/2024 11:35 am

Starting to notice loss of green pigment.  Mixed new nutrient solution to better match where I’m at in veg and fed 12 fl oz EC .95 PH 5.3.  Amnesia haze is struggling.  Droopy leaves all day that didn’t respond to water even though medium felt dry.  RH in tent had been down to mid 50’s.  Sprayed leaves 2x trying to see if it helped.  Thinking there is a serious problem in root zone. Seems to weak to change to coco already.  I did add some coco to help support the stem.

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Posted : 02/05/2024 12:08 pm

Am feed was EC 1.06 pH 5.9.  They seem to be having a positive reaction to the new Fert mix.  The Amensia haze was on 3rd straight day of decline.  Instead of watching it die I gambled and transplanted to a 1 gal fabric pot with Coco/Perlite.  Still too soon to tell but after a few hours it’s still standing,  maybe even improving.  

Posted : 02/06/2024 10:11 am

Feeding the Pinas steady EC 1.06 2x a day.  Run off PH still high at 7.3 after correcting for a day so I’ve been ph down to 5.5 to feed.  I did forget to ph down this last fertigation so PH was 6.3.  This mornings Ec run off was .74 girls are eating!

New growth on Amnesia Haze looks good.  This girl is a fighter.

Posted : 02/07/2024 2:40 pm

Everything seems to be going ok for now.

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