1st auto grow. Strawberry Pie 420FastBuds

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1st auto grow. Strawberry Pie 420FastBuds

I usually grow photoperiod plants but im hearing so much hype around autoflowers these days I decided to give it a try. I won a giveaway of quite a few beans from 420 FastBuds so I figured why not give it go!? The chosen winner is Strawberry Pie im gonna run two of them. Both fem seeds.

Posted : 05/26/2022 4:54 pm

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Posted : 05/26/2022 4:56 pm

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transfered the bigger one of the two into a 5 gal fabric pot. Thinkin I might put the other in a 2 gal to preserve valuable real estate in my tent 🤔 

Posted : 05/27/2022 2:28 am E&E818 liked
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