150 gallon no till: 1st run

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150 gallon no till: 1st run

Roots Organics original for base, then I added some standard amendments. I got bokashi from bokashiearthworks, which has been a major advancement in my soil game.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191003 155107 640

My grow bed is from Grassroots fabric pots. High quality bed, well crafted.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191003 211022 886

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191003 211022 892

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191015 205848 485

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191015 205848 486

Once I added my soil, I sprinkled 12 seed cover crop and bokashi. Then a layer of barley straw.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191015 205848 491

Not sure how well you can see, the picture is the mycelial growth under/around the straw.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191016 043333 738

The cover crop getting established.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191022 053855 842


Posted : 10/28/2019 2:16 pm Farmer_.Johnnie, Kushman and valleymicro liked

@Dr-Coco loving the new format 👍

Posted : 10/28/2019 2:19 pm
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4 out of 4 are above ground.

Cannabis Grow 20191028 062935
Cannabis Grow 20191028 062951

Cannabis Grow 20191028 062914

Cannabis Grow 20191028 062909

Cannabis Grow 20191028 062901

this is funny

Cannabis Grow 20191028 062900


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Cannabis Grow 20191025 231659

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For @chefomj @rosettastoned a lights out picture...

Cannabis Grow 20191029 150456

Posted : 10/29/2019 6:18 pm Rosettastoned and Chefomj liked


Cannabis Grow 20191114 051945

Northern Lights on the left, C-4 on the right

Cannabis Grow 20191114 051935


Sorry for the crappy "lights on" pictures. The show is starting to get moving 👍🌱💚

Posted : 11/14/2019 5:28 am
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I have the intention to make good, regular journal entries, then life laughs at my plan.

So I'm going to attempt to make up for the last month.


Cannabis Grow 20191115 051418

This is C4. Looks funky, at this point cull crosses my kind. But I think that I may need all 4 plants for enough of a harvest based on my previous 5-7gal grows. But I wait to see if she will pull out of it.



Cannabis Grow 20191118 173358

topped LSD-25

Cannabis Grow 20191118 173501


Such weird distortion that isn't on the cover crop or any of the 3 other plants.

Cannabis Grow 20191118 173600

killer mycelial growth



Posted : 12/21/2019 6:54 am


Cannabis Grow 20191124 200031

Cannabis Grow 20191127 101348

At this point I haven't added any predators to the soil. Hahaha but I have green mulch and a ton of living soil. So I assume fungus gnats or root aphids are hurting my plants and drench with mammuth p and sm90 (oh I love sm90).


Cannabis Grow 20191128 235357

another drench and foliar


Cannabis Grow 20191130 174142

This bone head is starting to figure out the roots are drowning. And it's too cold.

I put my exhaust fan on a timer. Warms up but now super humid. I stop watering completely and remove most of the mulch(until I can buy predatory nematodes).

Posted : 12/21/2019 7:29 am


Cannabis Grow 20191205 161131

Cannabis Grow 20191205 161144


Good dose of the amazing drzymes  eliminator foliar spray and soil drench.

Left them alone for a week and let things straighten out.



Posted : 12/21/2019 7:35 am Kushman liked

To be honest my record keeping of my recovery process was lacking. I was a bit discouraged seeing my plants so upset. But despite being discouraged I continued on and they pulled through. Thanks to drzymes eliminator. It's organic, very safe right to harvest. Some even wash their outdoor with it before drying to prevent budrot or PM.


Cannabis Grow 20191207 112607

the cheap led is more of a heater than a light lol. The plants are pulling out of the water log. 

My battery is about to die, to be continued...

Posted : 12/21/2019 7:51 am


Cannabis Grow 20191210 173123

C4 is making buds.

Cannabis Grow 20191210 203114

note the short bush in the back. Its Northern lights.

Cannabis Grow 20191210 212603

Cannabis Grow 20191210 212847

I was doing lst when it turned into hst. Wrong tape on hand, but used what I had. Taped a skewer on for a splint. Seemed ok until I checked 5 hours later and it fell. Thought, oh well if it dries out I'll remove it. As you can see these are resilient plants.

Posted : 12/21/2019 9:31 pm

Cannabis Grow 20191210 212758

Cannabis Grow 20191210 212911

Cannabis Grow 20191210 212927

Cannabis Grow 20191210 212948
Cannabis Grow 20191210 212937

Posted : 12/21/2019 9:44 pm


Cannabis Grow 20191211 184901


Cannabis Grow 20191212 164814

Cannabis Grow 20191212 165005
Cannabis Grow 20191212 164945


Cannabis Grow 20191213 213207
Cannabis Grow 20191213 213237

Cannabis Grow 20191213 224820

Posted : 12/21/2019 9:55 pm


Cannabis Grow 20191214 134252

finally got a thermostat for my exhaust fan (after years without)

Cannabis Grow 20191214 151450

lights out shot from the doorway. LSD-25 is in the front taking over.

Cannabis Grow 20191214 151557
Cannabis Grow 20191214 151533

C4 building buds with purple

Cannabis Grow 20191214 151627

not the best quality photograph, but a cool picture.

Posted : 12/22/2019 12:38 pm Kushman and Chefomj liked


Cannabis Grow 20191215 205440

Cannabis Grow 20191215 211541

NL in full stretch

Posted : 12/22/2019 9:16 pm
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