🌿 Clone Test AJSD, Chimera #3, CBD Skunk Haze

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🌿 Clone Test AJSD, Chimera #3, CBD Skunk Haze

¿Qué Pasa, Growmigos? We meet again! I have decided to intake a couple of known cultivars, test them out, and get some 1:1 oil made as well. I'm well into the grow, so lets get up to speed. First, the cultivars.

Sour Diesel AJ's Cut

Cannabis Grow JJ Top Dawg Sour D Comment

Future Cannabis Project Sour Diesel Episode
The Adam Dunn Show Of Weasel and Diesel 6-10-2015
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Chimera #3 - Beleaf Cut
Beleaf Livestream with nug shots.

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CBD Skunk Haze 1:1 Dutch Passion (11/06 seed start)

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Thanks to @dr-coco for the Medic Grow Mini Sun 2!

Posted : 01/18/2023 10:56 pm

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A little clean up and spread out 8 Days prior to flip. 1-3-2023.

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5 Days Prior to Flip. Variegation on the AJSD.

Cannabis Grow Z50 4962 01sm
Cannabis Grow Z50 4967sm sm

Nutrients - Jack's without the "clone" or "finish". Clones and Seedling started at 1.5EC for a node, then right to 2.3EC. Additives - PowerSi Original and Bloom (0.25-0.5mL/4L orig veg, then go hard @ flip), Earth Juice Microblast (1-2mL/4L), CaliMagic (1mL/4L veg), Grow More Jump Start (0.5mL/4L), Superthrive (0.5mL/4L), Floralicious Plus (0.5-1mL/4L), Impello Continuum (0.5-1mL/4L), SLF-100 (2-4mL/4L), Yucca Powder (1/8tsp per 5gal), and considering something fun towards the end of stretch - MKP? Impello Tundra? Yank Nitrogen as much as possible post stretch, considering Masterblend 0-12-24 for greater Nitrogen control.

Environment - Roundabout 80°F 26.7°C/60%RH for Veg. Now 80°F 26.7°C/50-55% RH for stretch.

Fertigations - Once per day, minimize runoff closer to flip. Allow substrate EC to stack to ridiculous levels until end of stretch or [too much] detriment to leaves. Then, add more and more fertigations reaching runoff more frequently. Rack, stack, and pack buds for 4-5 weeks, reduce EC, give as few fertigations as possible, and provide about 45 RH% in the final week or two. Chop, hang whole, buck slightly early, Grove Bags, wine fridge.

Substrate - Mixed new & reused, bleached, rinsed, and buffered coco. Though I do have some perlite from the older coco, I am finding both smaller substrate volume and less perlite suit me well. 2.6gal air pots, packed tight for the final up-pot. Root Riot > Solo Cup > 1 Gal > 2.6 Gal.

Posted : 01/19/2023 12:35 am

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Day 15
Jack's 10-30-20 Bloom for one reservoir, then to 4:2:0.5 (A:B:MgSO4). 1mL/gal CaliMagic continued as well as additional trace elements. I started Impello Tundra @ 10mL/gal as well pushing EC to 3.1. Lots of defoliation, trellis in place. I have 2 lights, one for the left 2 plants (CBDSH, AJSD) and one for the Chimera on the right. From the look of the amount of variegation on the AJ, I'm not expecting a great representation of what I remember to be Sour Diesel, nevertheless it is putting out the bud sites. Time will tell.

Posted : 01/25/2023 11:46 pm

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Day 27-28

Increased fertigations to twice daily, Input EC 3.0, runoff EC 7.0 that's the first and last time I'll check runoff EC unless something takes a crap. Time to decrease media EC by pushing more runoff, more frequently. In other words, time to fatten'em up by providing a more consistent substrate (EC, pH, temp, oxygenation, water content) with less osmotic pressure.

Posted : 02/07/2023 9:55 pm

Cannabis Grow Z50 5147s
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Cannabis Grow Z50 5076cs

Posted : 02/25/2023 1:03 am

Cannabis Grow Z50 5180cr
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Cannabis Grow Z50 5200s

Days 40-45
Reduced EC to 2.3 removed CaNO3 and MgSO4, increased CaliMagic to ~2mL/gal.
10gal RO
20mL PowerSi Bloom
40g Jacks A 5-12-24
60mL Tundra 0-7-9 (auto corrected my pH to 6.0)
22mL CaliMagic
10mL Continuum
20mL SLF-100
1/4 tsp Yucca

Both the Chimera and the CBD Skunk Haze have been fine through all the osmotic stress, but the AJ was not. I will monocrop her and dial her in at a later date; just observing for now. I am thinking 10-30-20 bloom the whole way through, except for at the end using 0-12-24 to pull nitrogen - old school meets new school. The 10-30-20 bloom doesn't have micronutrients or calcium, so I'll be dialing those separately. For her I'll pay attention to intake and outflow EC and pH and really get in tune with her root expression. The leaf cannibalization seems to be exacerbated any time she's not happy, is a trait shared by more than one sour cut, and seems to be similarly expressed in Chem D. For now, I'll get a better assessment on her when I chop Chimera, the faster finisher. I'll take off all the nasty leaves and see if she has cannibalized any bud material. If what we're seeing here is truly a massive stress load, we'll have a good chance of herms and greater susceptibility to mold/pests. I suspect the leaf self destruct mode is either viral or chromosomal damage and I'll treat it like an autoimmune disease trying to identify any interventions that would cause exacerbation or remission. I think it's safe to say, aggressive EC is not appropriate for AJSD. I knew it going in, but the Chimera takes focus and priority (not mixing separate res 🤓 ).

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On the CBD Skunk Haze, the smell is incredible, exactly like the name, but in reverse, Haze Skunk. I'll likely be replacing this cultivar with a more modern higher total cannabinoid and better-structured one, pending effect. Been looking at gush mintz 1:1 from PCG, maybe Megawellness OG, or Veterans OG... Know any banger 1:1's?

Cannabis Grow Z50 5153s
Cannabis Grow Z50 5193

Posted : 02/25/2023 1:09 am

Cannabis Grow Chimera3 Day 46 comp half size

Posted : 02/25/2023 7:32 pm
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Harvested: 03/06/2023
Total Days: 121
Flip Days: 2

Flushed the Chimera with 1.3EC of 0-12-24 for a couple days and chopped on day 60, wet trimmed, and put it directly into the new Cannatrol as I don't really have a dry space with the others finishing, which has to change. The 1-2 day hang is quite mandatory to fill it up and not be in danger of mold.

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Posted : 03/08/2023 5:24 pm