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Welcome to my New Year Grow Challenge journal! This year I will be growing Hindu Kush, Sharpei(friends from Virginia, and Alpen Gleaux(high alpine genetics) in a 4x4 tent. More info to come soon just wanted to get the journal up and running. Seeds dropping into water at midnight, then into coco solo cups then local soil mix 

Posted : 12/31/2020 5:55 pm ironman300k, CrackBabies, HempWithGg and 1 people liked
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Growing with a gorilla grow tent 4x4

veg under a cheap shop light

flower under 600w Gm4h+v2 (light won in a give away, will be here before flip)

currently no exhaust set up, have a couple fans blowing out and circulating the air. 
Two days ago I started buffering some coco for the seedlings. My plan is to use coco in the solo cups, then once they are rooted we’ll move them into a local soil mix

Cannabis Grow 5316A19D 235F 457F 8FA7 E5C9641E128C

will go solo cup -> 1gal soil -> 5gal soil 

using Earth Juice nutrients

side note tent is in garage so won’t need to worry about light leak however I’m hoping Mother Nature will be good to me and not get too cold for the babies. 

Posted : 01/01/2021 4:20 am ironman300k and CrackBabies liked

Dropped the seeds into water at midnight est,

woke up 7 hours later only one(of the Sharpei) hasn’t sank so went ahead and transfer them to paper in baggie

Posted : 01/01/2021 4:22 am BBudz420, Chefomj and CrackBabies liked

Doesn’t look like much has happened yet, the coco is buffered and ready for my seedling, will check up in 24 hours

Cannabis Grow 5F1B2F9A 28DE 4D0D 9862 D0DD795D80A7

Posted : 01/01/2021 4:38 pm ironman300k, HempWithGg and Chefomj liked
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By 1/2 10pm cst both of my Sharpei’s popped
Currently, 1/3 8pm I put the Alpen Gleaux 1 and Sharpei 1 & 2 into solo cups with buffered coco. Ambient temps are 75.
the Alpen Gleaux 2 and Hindu Kush have yet to popped.
Only coming issue is in my tent, temps drop to high 50’s(f) at night. Considering moving hps in early for some heat or perhaps vegging inside then flowering outside, in a month or so I assume temps will be warmer.
havent tracked rh so far.
Fed with 30ml after planting
2ml/gal calmag

Cannabis Grow B941E839 D902 4D45 AF32 BE05E2700699
Cannabis Grow FD6DD6CA 5B6B 4DD5 ABA2 6F025A7743E3
Cannabis Grow 3FAE5016 D5CC 4401 B7DB BD0786CAE846

Posted : 01/03/2021 6:04 pm ironman300k, Peter and Chefomj liked
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1/4 8am Hindu Kush pops

by 9pm into solo cup

all were watered 40 ml so I got a little runoff

1/5 8am fertigate till runoff

9pm fertigate, at this point all seeds above ground

(Alpen Gleaux 2 never popped)

today 1/6 8pm

Alpen Gleaux 1 was left without my veg light a little too long and stretched quite a bit

Moved all the babies to the tent, 6-8 inches below the light. 
temps swing from 55-65 this time of year as the tent is in the garage

fed them all 40 ml till run off, upped the calmag today to 3ml/gal

Cannabis Grow 5E266C33 07B3 4FE7 9CF4 6ED40B38AB58
Cannabis Grow 68F9F9DF B449 4422 AB3E 1B4D74F96E30
Cannabis Grow 98DCD70A 5538 461E A926 FB3559DA9EAA

Posted : 01/06/2021 9:23 pm ironman300k and Chefomj liked
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  1. Cannabis Grow BDE0DA4D E557 4405 A412 1AF5EBA43515
    Cannabis Grow 14D163CC 2E04 498E A3AD 36DEB7DA2999
    Cannabis Grow C4ADB6D2 774F 4366 9AEA 9CD433992085

1/7 10am 30ml fert

8pm 30 ml Sharpei cotyledons opened temps 59f

1/8 8am 56f 30 ml

1/9 9pm 55f 20 ml got runoff

blackberry kush I put in place of Alpen Gleaux 2 popped with nice tap root. 
1/10 10am blackberry kush went into coco and got 20ml 

everything else also 20 ml snowing outside this day 50f

8pm 50f 20ml

1/11 today... 9am 50f 20 ml

9pm 55f 20ml went up to 4ml/gal with the calmag. 
lights have been on this whole time 24/0 

Hindu Kush is still small l, it got stuck opening but I do see first set of true leaves and I have faith!

Posted : 01/11/2021 7:35 pm ironman300k, CrackBabies and Chefomj liked
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1/12 8am 48 f 20ml

11pm 54 f 20ml

1/13 10am 56 f 20ml

10pm 58f 20ml

Got the soil for my grow today

Hindu Kush growing and looking much better

Bbk still has helmet

1/14 7pm 60 f 20ml

Cracked off bbk seed hoping it pulls through

Cannabis Grow 517BF5E5 EEDC 4C8E 9CBF 9F03716D7B36
Cannabis Grow A3AFAB22 9B29 4273 86D1 74328220E7B7
Cannabis Grow 14E25CCE 98D4 4DFA 9A02 5A55E4B55BE5
Cannabis Grow 827DAA0F 7A6A 45D3 BC15 9836A91912A3
Cannabis Grow 573E2C4B E96C 402C 9407 D50865C02875

Posted : 01/14/2021 7:24 pm CrackBabies and ironman300k liked
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1/15  8pm 20ml 56f scratched skin off of bbk so she can open

1/16 8pm 20ml 56f

bbk opened up

sharpei 1&2, Alpen Gleaux are all working on second node 

1/17 7pm 62f

had to go up to 30ml each to get a runoff

sharpei 1&2 have a root showing out the bottom

hindu Kush and bbk working on 1st node 

cleaned out 12 gal shoe box with bleach and water, got a niiiice rinse then dried

2 bags of my super soil went into the box,  used 1 gal of tap water to hydrate and start the microbe process. I took hand watering to the next lever by literally using my hand to disperse trickles of water for a nice even distribution. 
closed up the bin and put in a low light area

1/18 8pm 65f 30ml

alpen Gleaux has a couple roots popping out the bottom

i will probably wait until 3rd node is starting to come out for the transplant, giving the soil enough time to really activate. 

Cannabis Grow 29233569 1D17 46D2 8D06 84FA64809160
Cannabis Grow 5B5B2EBE 72B7 45C8 9135 0C0095FA3AEB
Cannabis Grow 83ECC472 037D 4FC2 A487 29EA6785C25F
Cannabis Grow D5769BB5 0C6D 41B0 9A84 5E487CCEA54B
Cannabis Grow 64CAA6FB 2831 409F 95B0 0AA4B9244A53

Posted : 01/18/2021 9:08 pm Knut and Chefomj liked
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1/19 9am 59f new water mix, keeping 4ml/gal calmag

Hindu Kush is getting a little yellow at the tips on the first true leaves

30ml each

9pm 61f 20-25 ml

1/20 9pm 58f 30-40ml

fluffed then hand watered with 1 gal of tap water for the soil bin

1/21 11 pm 60f 20ml for the bbk and hk, 40ml for ag and Sharpei

1/22 10pm 61f 20-30ml

1/23 transplant day

Into the 1gallon fabric pots for Sharpei 1&2 and Alpen Gleaux. I added white widow powder before transplanting

Watered with tap water, didn’t measure exactly how much water. Was half a solo cup so around 200ml

Accidentally dropped Sharpei 2 a little... hope that doesn’t slow her down at all.

Made new calmag water for the little ones, went down to 2ml/gal as they are looking kinda sad. 30ml each

Cannabis Grow E09476CE 943E 4A46 89C1 6741A92FCCBA
Cannabis Grow 4A60B021 19EA 49B9 8496 84E73324CB55
Cannabis Grow 51D13A72 60BC 45DE BFC8 D53D1DCFF0DA
Cannabis Grow 1B1BD9BF C523 48E9 9259 F3671D5D1521
Cannabis Grow 7455D063 2446 432B 8F0A DD7E18291388
Cannabis Grow FAEE6A54 23F9 4A42 BAF9 E61FA3171D81
Cannabis Grow E35B77BF AF06 4D24 A826 03E2784AE1CF
Cannabis Grow FC3FC967 EBC0 420B 872D E466F482B624

Posted : 01/23/2021 9:41 pm Chefomj liked
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1/25 watered solo cups 30 ml

1/26 My light from Green Machine CA came in today! I set that bad boy up, very happy to join team LED

Hung 3-4 feet above plants

Watered the soil with half a solo cup tap water, still seemed pretty light in weight so gave them another half

Watered solo cups 30 ml

1/27 8pm temps 70f

Solo cups looking much better since I lowered calmag, starting to recover with new growth

Fertigatewith 30ml

1/28 droopy girls 70f

60ml into the solo cups

Soil got 2 solo cups each

1/29 77f 30ml to solo cups

1/30 Did a quick water test today

Tap water

Ec 210

pH 7

Aquarium water

Ec 300

pH 7.5

Fed the soil 1 solo cup fish water 1 cup tap

40ml to coco

Alpen Gleaux still a little droopy

Cannabis Grow 211D6FE0 D20B 496E 8F98 AEFEC337462B
Cannabis Grow 991ECEE6 080B 4CA3 BEFA 779EA85D033F
Cannabis Grow 7F1FB274 4D9F 49D3 8797 B638A1125B12
Cannabis Grow 80B2F241 4CBB 4559 9078 C3B540528B2D
Cannabis Grow 877E1F9B 249D 4EDB 9557 92C24B1B714C
Cannabis Grow CA805AC5 8433 4909 B941 F23EA212B41E
Cannabis Grow A39C8EBE 9553 4E36 B7CF 2434B80A74D8

Posted : 01/31/2021 8:00 am CrackBabies and Chefomj liked
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Quick update today

1/31 watered the solo cups 40ml

2/1 77f rh20%

Made some fresh water mixed today

For the solo cups, went up to 3ml/gal calmag

For the girls in soil added 2ml/gal calmag for this watering

The new growth on all of my plants look much different. Noticeably healthier on every single one

The solo cups are almost ready for some soil themselves, probably after another node or two

Coco solo cups got 40ml each

Soils got 2 solo cups of their water


9am 77f 35%rh

4pm gave a gal of water to soil bin

9pm watered solo cups 40ml

Posted : 02/03/2021 7:33 am CrackBabies and Chefomj liked
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2/3 9pm 30 rh

Coco plants got 40ml each.

Soil plants for two solo cup of water each

Noticed they are having a slight calmag deficiency


9pm 80f 30rh

Cleaned my spray bottle with soap and water for a calmag foliar spray

Sprayed all plants at a strength of 7.5ml/gal

1.4ml per spray bottle 24oz

2/5 9pm 77f 30rh

Coco plants got 40ml each

Soil plants got two solo cups of water mix

50/50 fish water , tap water

Plants are starting to branch, need to clip soon

2/6 9pm 76f 30rh

Sprayed all the plants

40ml to coco plants

Kush plants still seem stunted

Will baby them

Soil plants starting to get big. Ready to mainline soon may pot up first

Gave the soil bin a gallon of tap

2/7 10pm 77f 30rh

Filling three of the five gallon fabric pots with soil. I’ve seen two to three roots coming out the bottom of the one gallons

It may still be a little too soon to transplant but they are close to their first topping and o have time to get it out of the way

Added white widow root hormone again

Saturated everything well

Put last bag of soil into the tote

Transplanting out of fabric pots blows!

Alpen Gleaux bottom 1/3 of soil got stuck and didn’t come out, root got ripped a bit

Sharpei 2 ripped a little bit too

40ml to coco pots

2/8 9pm 75f 50rh

40ml to coco

2/9 40ml to coco

2/10 cold front starting this week

9pm 64f 40% rh

Fresh water mix 2ml/gal calmag

Coco got 50ml each

Bbk leaves turning purple, worrisome

Watered soil plants 1/3 gallon each

Sprayed them all down, added a little b12 to help stress

Sharpei 1 (best looking plant) clipped the growth tips off of the first and second nodes.

Alpen Gleaux and Sharpei 2 looking very droopy and sad. They clearly need some time to heal from the bad transplant.


Posted : 02/10/2021 8:50 pm Chefomj liked
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2/11 9pm 62f 40rh

Sharpei 2 and Alpen Gleaux are defiantly shocked, but still alive

Coco got 35ml

2/12 8pm 60f 30%rh

Coco plants got 30ml

Soil got 2/3 gal of tap water

Alpen is getting a little purple from the cold

Still clearly shocked

Sprayed all really good

2/14 11am 56f 40%rh

All plants are pretty sad LOL should not have transplanted them

Made an aloe mix with water, will use with next feedings and foliar for stress

I chopped up a couple pieces of aloe and soaked in about a cup of water. Used a protein shake cup and the little metal ball mixer thing to smash the aloe up good. It sat for about a day and a half before I used it

2/15 We got hit by a huge blizzard, worst we’ve had in decades down here

Jesus.... power went out at 1am

Didn’t come back on until 11ish am

I got home around 4 not sure exactly when power came back tbh

4:30pm temps 53f 35%rh

Was most definitely colder in the morning

All plants are VERY sad

9:30 Aloe foliar spray

Tap water mixed with 10ml of my aloe mix

10pm 50f 40%rh

50ml to the coco plants

Sad plants are showing crazy colors all showing purple and Alpen Gleaux showing orange as well

Kushes are turning mostly purple

Sharpeis have purple edges

2/16 9am 33f 40%rh

Sprayed all

Lost power again last night around 1am

1pm still no power

3pm power!

6pm lost it and by 7 back on

2/17 8am lights still on had power for the night thankfully

55f 35%rh sprayed all

Coco fed to run off was about 40 ml estimated on this one

Soil each got 1/3 gal of aloe water mixed at a rate of 60ml/gal

9pm 60f 45%rh

All plants still wilted and sad

Hopefully the worst is behind us

One positive note - on both Sharpei girls I noticed the branches and new growth was looking alright

Much better than the fan leaves

2/18 9pm 60f 45%rh

Sprayed all

Coco got 30ml each branches and new growth still looking alright will probably cut nodes and top in a week or two. These ladies need a little time to recover haha

Cannabis Grow 9086C762 80D9 45D0 ACC6 F6BA31A0BAF0
Cannabis Grow 03CDA393 6CC5 43BF B924 091615D67A5F
Cannabis Grow 6F6033ED 898A 4AD5 A9E4 94E44CCFC1A6
Cannabis Grow 05CAE1CD A9ED 45EE 95EB FD9F96892CB4
Cannabis Grow 0C1B2E6A 6440 4B03 8B6D 86D774BF818B
Cannabis Grow 6AB18347 7C14 4EEF A20B 914F2AF5DA13

Posted : 02/18/2021 8:14 pm
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2/19 9am 61f 35%rh

alpen Gleaux is way less droopy! Top is praying a little bit

sprayed all aloe is working

10pm 66 f 40rh

sprayed all

had to use boiled water for the plants. Added 60ml aloe and gave each 1/3 gal

2/20 70f 40rh

making fresh water for the coco 2ml calmag a gal 

know the sharpeis are joining the Alpen and starting to look better

30ml to the coco plants

2/21 8pm 77f 40rh

all plants noticeably better! 1/3 gal tap to soil plants

30ml to coco

clip other sharpeis branches

alpen Gleaux showing sex. Worried it’ll be a little plant

2/23 9pm 85f 35rh

mixed 1 gal tap and 60ml aloe

1/3 gal to soil plants. 
topped both the Sharpei girls

i put the branches and tops into a small soil container just to see if maybe one will root. Not going to try hard with em

50ml to the coco plants

hindu kush grew a node out hopefully both the kushes start growing soon

Posted : 02/23/2021 6:48 pm Chefomj liked
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