NYGC Global Cuisine: First Grow - Northern Lights

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NYGC Global Cuisine: First Grow - Northern Lights

I'm tackling some Dutch cuisine for my first ever grow. 

The genetics are Northern Lights Photoperiod, Feminised by Sensi Seeds.

I chose this strain and breeder because I read that it's suitable for SCROG training, resilient (I'm a first time grower 😱) and doesn't smell much during flower.

Sensi Seeds are a Dutch powerhouse in terms of genetics (they've been going for 35 years!) and if you've ever been to Amsterdam it's likely this strain is familiar to you. My grow diary is therefore celebrating Dutch cuisine. I hope you enjoy it! 

It's my first time growing cannabis, but I've found the articles on INVALUABLE. in planning for this grow and fundamental to the design I've chosen. Hopefully this becomes more apparent as I upload entries into my Global Cuisine journal. 

I'm not precious about my grow, any feedback or suggestions are very much welcomed! 

(Im not affiliated with Sensi Seeds, just a fan) 


Posted : 01/21/2021 1:55 pm

Germination - Dec 2020 (to have seedling ready for Jan 2021 Grow Journal)

I germinated my seeds using PH balanced water which I filtered through a very basic RO filter (three stage). I used the paper towel method. And within 24 hours she had popped. When the taproot was around 3/4 inch, I planted her into coco that I'd pre-buffered and PH balanced to 6. 

Posted : 01/21/2021 2:06 pm
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