NYGC Fruit Salad: Shiskaberry (Barney's) & HulkBerry (RQS)

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NYGC Fruit Salad: Shiskaberry (Barney's) & HulkBerry (RQS)

Hello everyone,

It was hard to decide which strains to use for my NYGC, but I decided on these two worthies to kick off my 2021.

Shiskaberry by Barney's farm is a straight Indica variety. It's said to be easy to grow, heavy yielding, and strongly sedative and stoney, and to take 7-8 weeks to flower. Definitely more of a nighttime strain.

Royal Queen Seeds' HulkBerry (aka Bruce Banner #3) , OTOH, is a 65% sativa that's supposed to be more upbeat and creative, more suited to the workday, and to take around 70 days, with good yields and a distinct strawberry scent.

Hulkberry (Bruce Banner #3)

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Hi everyone. Sorry it's a late start.

I did start the seeds on the evening of 1 Jan. New Year's Day-Eve. I first scuffed them in a tube of sandpaper, briefly soaked in warm water, then put between paper towel, per @dr-coco. Originally I only started 2 seeds of each, for space reasons. They all popped quick. The Hulkberries were open with radicles unfurled within 12 hours, and I planted them into Root Riot (knockoff GH peat plugs, which I like more than the Jiffy Pellets thus far. Yes, they come moist and can dry out, but they can be easily rehydrated. Since the RR packaging says to do so I think it's okay.

The Shiskaberries were cracked open but not extending radicles so I decided to put it back until morning. Unfortunately I used the "two plate" method for the Shiskaberries (rather than an old yoghurt container with a sealing lid for the Hulks) and the paper towel dried out considerably overnight. I still planted them both and one survived, the other hasn't come up yet. So I started the third one (I only bought 3 seeds of each of these strains), but instead of going from scuff to shot glass to paper towel to seedling plug, I cut out the paper towel step, soaking the seed for 3 hours and then planting it directly into the root riot cube. TBH all these seeds of both strains popped within 12 hours of getting them wet, so I figured it would be okay to put the soaked seed right into the plug. I was right, it seemed to pop up as fast as the Hulkberries (who were NOT dried out and have shown no sign of problems so far). I might start skipping the paper towel step. I don't like having to manipulate them into the hole when the tender little radicle is right there getting pushed makes me nervous about breaking it. Or maybe I'll use the paper towel only until they start to crack open at all, then plant immediately so I don't waste plugs/space on duds.

I then started the third Hulkberry seed for the hell of it today. I figure that way I'll have at least 2 "normal" plants for each, plus an odd plant out for the One Cola Challenge. 😀

Cannabis Grow PXL 20210106 212017497   Copy
Cannabis Grow PXL 20210106 210919279   Copy
Cannabis Grow PXL 20210106 210855486   Copy
Cannabis Grow PXL 20210103 002918003   Copy
Cannabis Grow PXL 20210103 002549105   Copy

The seedlings are a bit stretchy and lanky, as a consequence of having grown so fast that this morning, you could just see their necks below the surface about to unfold, and so left the humidity dome up. I've removed it and put the seedlings as close to the light as I can safely and while meeting the needs of the other small plants in the nursery tent.

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