NYGC Fruit Salad: Cherry Diesel x Lemon Royale #13

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Good day Growmies!

They are settled into their Coco homes perfectly. On my end user error I forgot to up my calmag when switching and they started letting me know with iron deficiency and line green new growth. It's been a few days since upping the calmag and the leaves are starting to turn more green. These strains are very light feeders and have not been able to push nutrients to far. The whole line of General Hydroponics is highly concentrated and has been less than ideal when dialing in exactly what these plants need. I found Golden Tree by Humboldt's Secret and was about to buy it but because of the sale and 10% off coupon for the Starter Kit #2 I bought their entire lineup and will be switching to that next week. 

Cannabis Grow 20210207 060147

February 7th Once things started to recover from the LST. 

Cannabis Grow 20210208 093918

February 8th. Filling back out and up. 

Cannabis Grow 20210208 094817

Cannabis Grow 20210208 094922

Did some more LST to further extended outward growth and even the canopy. 

Cannabis Grow 20210208 103001

February 8th. After the LST

Cannabis Grow 20210209 073413

February 9th. Turned down for what. These are turning up!

Cannabis Grow 20210210 121955

February 10th. Never understood how people would break branches while in the tent. Well figured it out today. Be careful of your vacuum hose hitting your tops when sucking up runoff! Live and learn. 

Cannabis Grow 20210211 061935

Finally February 11th. They are filling out so well. All reaching the edges of the pots or more. 

Keeping my nutes at about 600ppm right now until Humboldt's Secret line comes in and transition to that. 

For those interested in have been using 

CalMag 5ml per Gal

Micro 2.5ml per Gal

Gro 2.5ml per Gal

Bloom 2ml per gallon

Hydroguard 2ml per gallon every 3rd watering. I know it's mainly made for DWC but I have it and it's only good for 6 months once opened so why not help add that little extra good bacteria to my roots. All the GH nutes will be gifted or put aside for future experimental runs. 

Happy happy so far and so excited to flip into flower soon! Gotta get my Scrog net ready. 


Posted : 02/11/2021 5:26 am

Hiddy Ho Growmies! 

Cannabis Grow 20210212 064121

Yesterday February 12th. Did some light supercropping on almost every branch and started some defoliation of bud sights under the canopy to focus energy on my main tops. Kinda mainlining but started a little late for that so more manifolding and focusing on 8 main branches from 4 different nodes. Definitely want to try a true mainlining with hard tops every couple nodes to create that March Madness bracket style looking structure. I'm starting to think its best for space to only move 3 to the 4x2 tent and leave the biggest in the 2.5x2.5 tent by herself. 

Cannabis Grow 20210213 084142

Today February 13th. The last LST before flower of tieing down branches has served its purpose well. The entire canopy is very nice and even and very full. Finally watering is getting easier and easier every day as they start to put on some height. Amazingly with all the training I've been able to keep them all at about 8 inches in height with about 14-16 inch wing spans. 

Without Dr. Coco reviewing the Viparspectra XS 2000 only the 1500 I'm having to adjust my light a little higher than the 1500 and cant run it at even 75% yet. Hoping he does a full review soon with PAR readings so I know the perfect height for this amazing light. 2nd XS2000 is being delivered today for the flower tent and will put the 1500 back into the 2.5ft tent for the solo lady!

Tested my runoff for shiggles to see if we were in range. The ppm was only 10 points higher than input ppm and pH was up to 6.1 with input pH being between 5.5-5.8 but still very safe numbers. 

Looking to build some Scrog netting out of 1 inch PVC and nylon string. I'll post the details of my build out when I make them. Hopefully Sunday if time permits. 

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Good day Growmies!

Not quite ready to flip yet. Haha. New nutrients get here tomorrow and should finally have room in my house to get the flower tent setup. Once I put them in the bigger tent I will start the new nutrients on a transition to flower recipe and flip the light schedule to 12/12. The new nutrients have everything I need to pack on the buds to so worth the couple extra days. The breeder said all his testers finished in 63 days si that puts me right on schedule to harvest for 4/20 right as we start our autoflower grows!

Cannabis Grow 20210214 064632

Done a lot of training to keep them low and canopies even. I hope it pays off in the flip because I'm definitely worried about the amount if stretch I'll get. The tents are only 6 feet tall and the lights need 16 inches of clearance! Only time will tell and it will be a great learning experience. 

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Monday kinda day!!!

This past week has been crazy getting rooms remodeled in my house and trying to get everything done in time for life. Haha. 

I guess we'll start with the sad news first and work our way up... we had our first Male... the better of the 2 Cherry's 😭

Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20210222 044849 Gallery

Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20210222 045013 Gallery
Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20210222 044949 Gallery

You can see the stem forming under the spade shaped top. They were flush at the base 2 days ago and could've been female but they started producing that stem with the ball on it and it's time to call it. 

Cannabis Grow 20210216 065232

February 16th. The last day all 4 were together. 

Cannabis Grow 20210217 092039

February 17th. And then there was 3. 

Cannabis Grow 20210218 115303

February 18th. Moved them into some new digs. 4x2 tent with 2x Viparspectra XS 2000

Cannabis Grow 20210219 095008

February 19th. Started getting new Humboldts Secret Nutrients. 

Cannabis Grow 20210219 095129

February 19th. Good structure and fat stems. Base stems are fatter than my thumbs and they just started getting silicate in the new lineup so I'm ready to see some tree trunks. 

Cannabis Grow 20210222 045537

February 20th. Wanted to give them more space as they continue to Bush out and for the flower stretch so I moved the solo Cherry into the 2.3x2.3 tent by herself with 1x Viparspectra XS1500

Cannabis Grow 20210222 051531
Cannabis Grow 20210221 064413

February 21st. Cherry Diesel. Did some light defoliation removing fan leaves growing into the center of the plant and removed some lower bud sites that will become out of reach if the light as they stretch and it goes higher. 

Cannabis Grow 20210222 051937
Cannabis Grow 20210222 051839

Feburary 21st. Both Mango Chow Mein get the same defoliation of inner leaves and lower bud sites. 

Saturday the 20th at 630pm the lights went out for the first time on a 12/12 cycle and the countdown is officially on. I would have loved to train another 2 weeks and and continue to stretch out and utilize a scrog net but time constraints and life require I flip now to keep things progressing in all sectors. 

I will slowly be increasing nutrients to the flower recipe and have all kinds of goodies in the Humbodlts Secret that will surely make for some tasty buds. 

Breeder of these strains says everyone of his continually finish at 63 days so I'll be checking heavily the week of 4/20 for my trichomes changing. 

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Wassup Growmies!

Start by saying the Humboldt's Secret lineup has been great. Both the Cherry and Mango #1 have fixed their nitrogen toxicity from the General Hydroponics line and Mango #2 is slowly lightening up as well. Think it has more with my pH pen not being calibrated often enough and it was about .3 off so my feeds were going in a little too acidic. 

Cannabis Grow 20210226 111840

February 22nd. Cherry Diesel 

Cannabis Grow 20210226 111922

February 22nd. Mangoes

Cannabis Grow 20210226 112000

February 23rd. Scrogg net arrived. About to lower it. 

Cannabis Grow 20210226 112021

February 23rd. Scrogg net arrived. About to lower it. 

Cannabis Grow 20210226 112056

February 23rd. Cherry. 

Cannabis Grow 20210226 112120

February 23. Mangoes. 

Cannabis Grow 20210226 112153

February 24th. Lights just came on. 

Cannabis Grow 20210226 112231

February 24th. 12 hours later. 

Cannabis Grow 20210226 112211

February 24th. Lights just came on. 

Cannabis Grow 20210226 112245

February 24th. 12 hours later. 

Some how spaced on pics on the 25th. Weird day I guess. Lol. Just been tucking fan leaves that pop up and block bud site. Usually readjusting right before watering in the morning and again before the lights go out. The Cherry probably only need one more day of attention and can let her go wild until harvest. The Mango on the left is also about perfect with coverage and even height on the canopy and may only need one more day. The bigger mango needs a little more attention and manipulation time tucking branches and leaves. 

The scrogg technique brought the canopies down about 4.5 inches on avg which is great because I was worried about final height in the tents. The cherry and smaller mango have adjusted perfectly to the flower week 1 nutes and love every few days when they get golden tree and more benes from Orca and King Krab. So excited for the white hairs to show themselves and really start to get the true smell of these strains in the next few weeks. This has been a great first grow and stoked to be at the 50% mark. Soon I'll have a few under my belt and my own flower to press and smoke. This experience has been everything I thought it could be and more! Love you Growmies!!!

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Death to Cherry's. Rise of the Mangoes.

Yo Growmies!

Been a great first week of flower. Havent seen too much stretch using the Scrog netting. Kept the ppm the same this week since they're looking healthy and start the flower stacker next week. Still waiting on those white pistols to show themselves and the funk to really kick up. Moved the tents into my spare bedroom which is officially my grow room now. Dehumidifier coming today for at night when it spikes and new intake and exhaust, most likely going with the AC Infinity Raxial since it's such a simple intake to my hallway and exhaust into my attic. 6" for the intake and 8" for the exhaust creating a slight negative pressure in the room. Light proofing the door has been interesting and seen some different options but definitely open to suggestions. Ps I dont have an actual door just frame and blackout curtain stapled and velcro!

The last and final Cherry Diesel has proven to be Male too! I know it's a 50/50 chance when using regular seeds but both! Man what a sad day. The worst part is my journal is named after the cultivars that ended up being Male. I still have 2 Mango Chow Mein going that I've been following in this thread as well and luckily they both have shown their white pistols overnight and are gonna be making it through.

Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20210303 070319 Gallery

See his pair of balls!

Cannabis Grow 20210303 065644

White pistols on the Mango. 

Cannabis Grow 20210303 081313

Last picture of the Cherry before it gets sent to a buddies for breeding or chopped up and thrown in the trash 🙁 

Cannabis Grow 20210303 081221

Latest pic of the Mangoes. 

Cannabis Grow 20210303 081449

Little profile shot. They grown over the net about 4-5 inches and actually stretching the net up in some places so I did my best to untuck some branches and let them go. 

Cannabis Grow 20210303 081402

Other upside, my Mars Hydro SP-3000 came in the mail based off of Dr.Coco's astounding review of it in a 2x4 area. My 2 ViparSpectra XS2000 now go into my 3x4 grow closet that I'm finishing this week and moving my AC Infinity T4 Cloudline for intake and exhaust. I will be growing 6 autos in there so I'm not too worried about light leaks and have a door to close the 4 hours or so I do give them rest. I started the 6 autos yesterday and will chronicle those adventures in a seperate Journal as my first autoflower grow. 

Ps. If anyone knows how to change the name of the entire Journal since I no longer have anymore Cherry Diesel to write about and change it to Mango Chow Mein that would be very helpful! Thank Growmies!


Posted : 03/03/2021 5:37 am ChaseG1992 and Alma M liked

Good day Growmies!

The weeks are just flying by now. No training and just feeding daily and the 12 hours with the room closed it feels like I never see them any more. Dropped my nitrogen levels and upped my phosphorus and potassium. Thet are responding very nicely to the change. I'd say they've put on 6 inches east this week. First week didnt see much stretch but it's happening now. Bud sites are starting to fill in and getting the first signs of real bud development. 1 more week and I will add a PK Booster to increase phosphorus and potassium further. They're drinking a little heavier and watering is staying steady at about 3 quarts each per day to get the desired runoff. Thinking about switching to 2 lighter waterings daily instead the one heavy. 

Cannabis Grow 20210308 092356

March 4th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210308 092310

March 4th. Right needed a little more training on main stems to keep height even. 

Cannabis Grow 20210308 092420

March 5th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210308 092441

March 5th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210308 092520

March 6th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210308 092507

March 6th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210308 092550

March 7th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210307 094623

March 7th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210308 083712

Buds are starting to grow!!!

The anticipation is killin me!

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Yo yo yo Growmies!

This week is just blowing my mind. The stretch is real. I've been having to raise the light 1/2" per day to keep the 19.5 inches of space required for perfect 1000ppm in the center. I've read the article on here about high frequency fertigation and learned a lot in the beginning and it helped me understand the need for 20% runoff in coco and understood the calculations of about 1 quart for a 5 gallon pot to achieve that runoff. I've never been able achieve that runoff from 1 quart because no one ever said if you're not getting 20% runoff from the 1 quart then you should water more often I always heard people just say water heavier. Since increasing to 3 waterings a day I can achieve my 20% runoff with only 1 quart and still using the same amount of water and nutrients I have been using on one heavy feeding per day. They are responding to changes in nutrients faster and looking so much happier overall. I feel I could've saved so many troubles and worries had I known to water even more often! Today March 11th I started seeing the first frost starting to form on tiny leaves coming out of the bud sites. I can only imagine the how much the funk is going to kick up over the next week now that trichomes are starting to pop. 

Cannabis Grow 20210308 111303

March 8th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210311 192316

March 8th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210309 061027

March 9th. Lights off for more true color. 

Cannabis Grow 20210311 192629

March 9th. 

Cannabis Grow 34767

March 9th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210310 062743

March 10th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210311 192950

March 10th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210311 152806

March 11th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210311 193150

March 11th. 

Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20210311 175500 Gallery

March 11th. First day of frost!!!

Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20210311 175523 Gallery

March 11th. First day of frost!!!

Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20210310 114253 Gallery

Anyone ever see anything like this?! Leaf growing out of a leaf?!

Based on breeders harvest times I'm looking at about 43 days left in flower! So excited for pk booster and see the changes. Until next time!

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What up Growmies!

Man what a difference a couple days can make. Been steadily lowering my nitrogen and upping my phosphorus and potassium and think we might be hitting that sweet spot finally. Did a last heavy defoliation on day 21 or end of week 3 of flower. Removed everything below the scrog net. Removed all big fan leaves that had long stems that would only block out light and never get frosty for trim. Also added my pk booster to my last 2 waterings yesterday and I dont know if it was the pruning directing energy up or the booster but there was explosive growth on the pistols and trichomes last night. Seen some pictures from day 30 of flower from the breeder and they were looking right and heavy trichomes. I have not been able to follow any sort of recommended guidelines for feeding based on the bottle and listening to my plants. They say always go 1:1 ratio with Base A and B nutrients but the ratios are too far off and my plants were showing nitrogen toxicity and phosphorus deficiency both at the same time. I love the Golden Tree product fron Humboldts Secret but there new base nutrients have not been very user friendly at least with this strain. I may try it on a different strain but as of now I'm not impressed and will likely be switching to something else after this grow if I make it until the end with the nutrients I even have. Lol. Mills pays the Bill's and Heavy 16 are both high contenders in my next test and another new player to the field Shogun is specifically made for coco and may give it a try! Blah blah blah, onto the pictures!

Cannabis Grow signal 2021 03 12 074911

March 12th. Before defoliation. 

Cannabis Grow signal 2021 03 12 074911

March 12th. Before defoliation. 

Cannabis Grow signal 2021 03 12 074935

March 12th. After defoliation. 

Cannabis Grow signal 2021 03 12 074935

March 12th. After defoliation. 

Cannabis Grow 20210313 073243

March 13th. Tops are whiter with all the new hairs. 

Cannabis Grow 20210313 073338

March 13th. Lights off shot. You can see the right is still a little darker and recovering slower and wanting more phosphorus!

Cannabis Grow 20210313 073308

March 13th. Raised the net to better support big fat buds! Think they may have stopped stretching. I didnt have to raise the light this morning but we will see later. 

Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20210313 070549 Gallery

March 13th. Money shot. This one has more trichomes. 

Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20210313 070631 Gallery

March 13th. Money shot. This one has more pistols. 

Definitely getting the whiff from the grow room when I walk past it at night. Makes me smile every time. Be back in a couple days with more updates and pictures for sure. Stay classy Growmies!

Posted : 03/13/2021 4:40 am ChaseG1992 liked

What's happening Growmies?!

Feels like I'm on autopilot now! Did a 4 day flush with just pHed water because of the nitrogen toxicity and to flush out old nutrients before starting the Heavy 16 line. The plants loved the flush and the ppm from runoff was still high for 3 days and finally started to drop. That alone led me to start alternating feeding and watering days instead of fertigation daily. I'm sure there are some strains that could handle that but these have been very finicky. I also started only using my calmag on watering days to cut down on the amount of nitrogen on feeding days. The right plant has already started to show the need for less nutrients and have decided to start mixing the nutrients for each plant instead of feeding them the same amount. Luckily the 3 clones I took are from the left which is much more forgiving and producing much bigger buds because of it. The Heavy 16 lineup is beautiful. You can tell the water is really alive with the amount of bubbles produced when mixing. Everything is 8 bottles and you only use 5 of them in Veg and 6 of them in Bud. No need to pH your water or worry about ppms just follow the feeding schedule on the back of the bottles or if the plants can handle it use their Heavy Feed chart. My pH is always between 5.7 and 6.2!!! Based on pictures online I feel like the left is on pace to be a healthy producer, the right I'm more concerned about, but they are super frosty and covered in trichomes and know either way I'll get really good hash and rosin press from both! The trichomes when bumped are the sweetest smelling buds I've ever smelt and can only imagine how they will taste and smell once fully cured! 

Cannabis Grow 20210325 100847

March 14th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210325 100903

March 14th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210314 135825

March 14th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210325 101145

March 15th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210325 101153

March 15th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210325 101405

March 16th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210325 101517

March 17th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210325 101539

March 17th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210317 173003

March 17th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210325 101800

March 18th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210325 101816

March 18th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210318 074953
Cannabis Grow 20210318 075023

March 18th. 

Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20210318 094511 Gallery

March 18th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210325 102216

March 19th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210325 102233

March 19th. 

Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20210319 133652 Gallery

March 19th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210325 102435

March 23rd. 

Cannabis Grow 20210325 102449

March 23rd. 

Cannabis Grow 20210323 133615

March 23rd. 

Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20210323 134001 Gallery

March 23rd. This leaf tip kept rubbing against the trichomes until it made it's own hash and now its stuck like that!!!

Cannabis Grow 20210325 102932

March 25th. This profile clearly shows the effects the excess nitrogen has had on the production of the right plant. Luckily all 3 clones are from the left!

Cannabis Grow 20210325 102949

March 25th. 

Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20210325 094312 Gallery

March 25th. Oh yeah they're gonna be just fine!

Missed a few days there with family in town. About 1 month left until harvest and cant wait to see them keep getting fatter and fatter!!!

Stay safe and keep growing! Later Growmies!

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