NYGC Fruit Salad: Cherry Diesel x Lemon Royale #13

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NYGC Fruit Salad:🍒⛽x🍋👑 Cherry Diesel

Hello all. This will be my first grow through harvest!!! Jan 4th I started 2 seeds of Cherry Diesel x Lemon Royale #13 from City Slicker Genetics. They were freebie seeds included with some Mango Chow Mein seeds I'll be writing about in a Potluck Journal.

Cannabis Grow 20210108 103218

Both seeds were soaked overnight and put into a moist paper towel and baggie on a heating mat for 24 hours until they cracked open and tap root was out and on the hunt. They were then transferred to Root Riot starter plugs and placed inside a sterilite container with lid placed on the heating mat. The plugs were lightly moistened with water with a small amount of General Hydroponics Root Enhancer. Keeping the temperature between 75-80 degrees and humidity between 65-70 percent. Adding a little water to the bottom of the container as needed. Usually once before bed and once midday. 

Cannabis Grow 20210108 103153

Within 24 hours the seedlings had emerged from their shells and were in their search for light. I placed one 9w grow light above the seedlings as my ViparSpectra XS 1500 has not arrived yet. Within 24 more hours I've noticed they are stretching a little for the light so I added a 2nd 9w grow light and moved them closer to the seedling checking constantly for any potential light burn.

Cannabis Grow 20210109 083242

Really not worried about burn since each light is only putting out 15 ppfd. 🙁 Full light could be here as early as Monday Jan 11th. Fingers crossed!

Cannabis Grow 20210109 083034

Posted : 01/09/2021 8:58 am Cali510, ChaseG1992 and ironman300k liked

Not much to add today. Adding the 2nd light has helped stop the stretch and the first set of true leaves are starting to grow bigger. Dont need the heating mat during the day anymore but do turn it on at night when the lights go out and it keeps everything about 5 degrees cooler than with the lights on. Cant wait until the big light gets here and these girls can start reaching their true potential!

Cannabis Grow 20210110 075042

Posted : 01/10/2021 9:07 am Cali510, ChaseG1992, ironman300k and 1 people liked

Cannabis Grow 20210112 065210

Cannabis Grow 20210111 103416

Those 2 pictures are from yesterday. The babies are growing nice and steady. Did a light watering since the biggest one was looking a little droopy. She perked right back up! Pulled the plug out to check on root development and was shocked at the explosion. They are definitely ready to go into their bubble buckets based on the amount of roots. 

Fast forward to today and the tent and light finally arrived. After putting in the humidifier and the fan I'm thinking there might not be enough room for four 5 gallon buckets or even two 12 gallon HDX totes dont look like they'll work either. Really dont want to do just 2 plants as I have 4 total going over the 2 strains... looking like i might be ordering a 2nd light and a 4x2 tent here very soon.

Cannabis Grow 20210112 162405

Posted : 01/12/2021 1:51 pm Cali510, ChaseG1992 and ironman300k liked

I guess it's a good time to discuss my current build out they will be living in. 

Tent- Mars Hydro 70x70x160cm

Light- ViparSpectra XS 1500 (Adding a 2nd for flower)

Exhaust- AC Infinity Cloudline T4 w/ temp and humidity controller and carbon filter

Container- 12 Gallon HDX Tote (Holds 7 gallons with 2 inch air gap)

Nutrients- General Hydroponics Trio Series, CaliMagic, Rapid Start, Hydroguard

2x 4 inch Air Stones pushed by 210L/hr pump

Cannabis Grow 20210113 111525

Alright it is official. They are in their  deep water culture bubbles. The babies were pulled from their divider cells and place into 3 inch net pots with Mother Earth Hydroton Pellets. All the babies had substantial root growth out the bottom and sides of the Root Riot plugs and were definitely ready for their bubbles. The most mature were ready to be flipped a couple days ago based on the roots but the smaller were perfectly ready to flip today with nice hairy roots coming out the bottom.

Cannabis Grow 20210113 120303

Nutrients used for 7 gallons were as follows: 

Micro 1 tsp

Gro 1/2 tsp

Bloom 1/2 tsp

CalMag 2 tsp

Hydroguard 2 1/2 tsp

Total PPM 227, pH started at 6.5, 10 drops of pH down brought it to 6.0. The light is set 14.5 inches above the canopy as suggested by the grow light guide on this website! Set at about 30% giving the canopy between 200-300 ppfd. The AC Infinity exhaust is not setup yet as the floor fan is moving enough air and creating passive air flow with the bottom and top vent open about 2 inches each. The tent is holding at a perfect 74 degrees and 58% humidity.

Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20210113 125115 Govee Home

I will install the exhaust system today when it arrives but think I'll leave it off until they start to grow bigger. 

Cannabis Grow 20210113 120313

Nothing to do not but check the ppm and ph everyday or few and watch them put on some weight and develop the root structure that will carry them to success. 


Posted : 01/13/2021 10:26 am Cali510, ChaseG1992, Alma M and 2 people liked

Cannabis Grow 20210114 055031

This is from 3 days ago in the morning. 

Cannabis Grow 20210114 213307

3 days ago before lights went out. 

Cannabis Grow 20210115 052047

2 days ago

Cannabis Grow 20210116 064523

Yesterday morning. 

Cannabis Grow 20210117 051011

This morning. Leaves are almost doubling in size everyday. 

Both the Cherry are growing a little slower in size than the Mango Chow Mein but the bigger Cherry's 2nd set of leaves already has 3 leaves each while everything else is at 2. The smaller Cherry looks like it might have some mutation as the 2nd set of true leaves are coming in a little wavy. We'll keep our eye on her and see what happens. Roots are starting to develop out the bottom of the net pots and growth will continue to accelerate everyday. 

Cannabis Grow 20210117 051044

Roots on Mango Chow Mein #2

Cannabis Grow 20210117 051110

Roots on Mango Chow Mein #1

Cannabis Grow 20210117 051126

CD x LR #1

Cannabis Grow 20210117 051138

CD X LR #2

Ppm and pH are holding steady

Turned up the light by 5%

Temps during the day are no higher than 78 and no lower than 68 at night. Relative humidity is between upper 50s to lower 60s. I keep the bottom left vent open about 2-3 inches with the intake fan 10 inches away from the vent. The humidifier sits outside the tent about 4ft in front of the tent next to my couch. RH in my house being up north is only in the upper 30s so desperately needed it for myself and my plants and it serves both! The door vent I keep open about 4-6 inches as I've noticed I can increase the temp in my tent by about 3 degrees by opening it to that 6 inch mark vs 2 inches open. The intake fan is working as an exhaust fan as well right now since the plants are so small and CO2 levels needed aren't as high. The AC Infinity exhaust is just too good at its job and drops the temps and RH too much so it's installed and have the alarms for it to turn on it the event temps jump over 85 or RH over 75. Things are progressing forward as expected and excited to flip these in 2-3 weeks to determine sex. I will flip the light to a 12-12 cycle for about 3 days until the first signs of sex start to show, at that point the light will be flipped to 24 hours on until they go back to vegging, about another 3 days and back to the 18-6 light cycle. I have friends who cross breed who will take any males but also prepared to grow all 4 in the event they're all female. 

Posted : 01/17/2021 2:52 am Cali510 and ChaseG1992 liked

Growth is amazing me everyday. Definitely want to get a time lapse camera for the next grow. Roots are also doubling in size everyday. Now that roots are in the nutrients full time the pH and ppm climbed a little meaning they are drinking more water than nutrients so I only topped off the tub with a plain water at 5.0 pH to bring the ppm and pH back down. I will do a complete flip on the nutrient solution at the 2 week mark and adjust ppm based on their uptake in the next 2 weeks. 

Cannabis Grow 20210118 163906

Cannabis Grow 20210118 163942

Mango Chow Mein #1

Cannabis Grow 20210118 164000

Mango Chow Mein #2

Cannabis Grow 20210118 164022

CR x LR #1

Cannabis Grow 20210118 164039

CR x LR #2

Cannabis Grow 20210118 164140

Things are stacking nice and tight!

Posted : 01/18/2021 3:56 pm Cali510, ChaseG1992, Alma M and 1 people liked
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Cannabis Grow 20210119 052024

January 19th

Cannabis Grow 20210120 141231

Januart 20th

Cannabis Grow 20210121 062017

January 21st. Leaves are starting to over lap and roots are trying to tangle together. 

Cannabis Grow 20210121 161022

Jan 21st still. Drilled holes further apart on a different lid. 

Cannabis Grow 20210122 061254

Upgraded to cloning collars I had because of potential light leaks and taped all around the net pots which isnt in the last picture. 

I was noticing the slightest tan spots forming on the roots where the light was leaking in. I added 1 tsp of hydroguard as I heard today the effectiveness only last a week max and might have gone a little light the first time. Also started adding in Great White today at about 3/4 tsp for the 7 gallon reservoir. I will start brewing compost tea with worm casting and the Great White following the Heinsenberg recipe and adding 1 cup of tea to my reservoir every 3 days to maintain a healthy bacteria and fungi levels. Wont need the hydroguard anymore as Great White has the one strain of bacteria Hydroguard uses plus tons more. Looking into Recharge mycorrhizae as a potential cheaper alternative to Great White that I've heard nothing but great things about. 

Cannabis Grow signal 2021 01 21 161957

Lots of roots after 1 week in DWC!

Cannabis Grow 20210122 163647

You can kinda notice the discoloration in this picture but actually looks worse in the picture than in person. 

Cannabis Grow 20210122 163434

This is the roots under the light and you can barely notice the browning. 

It's been about 6 hours since the Great White was added and think the roots are already starting to clear up. Definitely lighter discoloration than this morning!

Cannabis Grow 20210122 061329

Any insight in the possible mutation on this plant. It's been coming in like this since the beginning but still keeping up growth rates with the others. First true leaves have started to discolor further. Hoping the reservoir fixes will right the course and she'll grow out of her awkwardness!

Posted : 01/22/2021 3:28 pm ChaseG1992 liked
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NYGC Fruit Salad: Cherry Diesel x Lemon Royale #13

Good morning Growmies!

Things have been growing great. Growth rates have exceeded my expectations even with minor set backs with bad pH pens being delivered and having to wait another 3 days for the good one to show. Finally getting the tank really dialed in on what they want. Ppm has started to fall from 312 yesterday to 287 today and pH is going up from 5.8 yesterday to 6.1 today so they're finally up taking nutrients better and ppm and pH have stopped rising together. I took one cup of nutrient solution out and added 4 drops of pH down to make an acidic diluted mix and added that back to the reservoir bringing everything right back to 5.8

Cannabis Grow 20210123 052807

There's today's update and you get to see my ghetto fabulous reflective duct tape used in a pinch to cover tiny holes that were leaking light through, the potential cause of roots trying to brown, but we caught everything in time and they're all back to snow white this morning! Having the net pots taped down actually has helped a lot from anything moving when I check the reservoir. Gotta be careful when they're this young. Going to cover the lid with aluminium foil or mylar emergency blanket I have today. 

Next 3 days I'll just be pHing the reservoir and adjusting ppm slightly if needed but they're still in the great 200-300ppm range for this age and had the slightest tip burn so ok if it drops a little more before we do a full nutrient flip on Wednesday the 27th. Still dont know how many of these are even female, being grown from regular seeds, so hopefully see some signs soon and can gift any males to local Growmies!

Love that I found a community to share with and all because I like saving a dollar when shopping online and search for discount codes brought me to this website! Saved 15% on AC Infinity T4 and Carbon filter that I cant speak highly enough about. It almost works too good!

Posted : 01/23/2021 4:05 am AustinRon and ChaseG1992 liked

Wanted to post this quick Happy Birthday to myself at 4:20am and smoke it up! Actually 7:20 my time now but I'll still be smoking with whoever else is up and making moves!


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Things are moving forward so good! Ph has slowly gone from 5.8 to 6.1 over the past few days and the ppm has dropped slightly. I pHed back down today by taking 1 scoop out of the reservoir, adding 4 drops of pH down and adding it back to the res. Brought everything back down to 5.8 The temps in the tank have not gone over 66.5 as the ambient temp in the room is about 68 and tent temps never going over 71. 

I am noticing the slightest deficiency on the lower leaves which I believe is lack of calmag as I read the instructions wrong and only put 1ml per gallon instead of 1tsp per gallon. I'm doing a full res flip tomorrow and bumping up to 50% strength on the base 3 nutrients and putting the correct amount of calmag and hydroguard and will list the exact amounts added tomorrow and resulting ppm. 

Cannabis Grow 20210124 081522

They are growing so fast and my west coast soil grow buddies are just stunned at the growth rates using DWC. I've grown lots of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers in DWC but first time with cannabis and loving it so far. 

My apartment Relative Humidity is only in the 30s so I'm running a humidifier 24/7 outside the tent by the passive intake. The RH is staying between 45 and 60 depending on the time of day and temps. The AC Infinity exhaust is moving air so well and definitely keeps the temps in check and the RH perfect. Love the ease of use of the controller but would definitely upgrade to the 67 controller with programmable timers and bluetooth not out of necessity but because I just love the techy stuff. 

The Viparspectra XS1500 light is perfect for this 2.3x2.3 tent space and been turning it up about 10% a week to just under 75% now. The 2 plants that are a little further away from the center had the slightest lean in towards the the center and after turning it up that 10% they straightened right back up. 

I also did the first fim at the 4th node clipping into the new growth of the 5th coming in. I clipped and took pics and was a little high in my fim and only clipped leave tips on the 4th node and never reached any new growth. My buddy and experienced grower in Cali suggested I spread open the new leaves and fim the newest growth which I went back and did. 

Cannabis Grow 20210124 151019

Before fim

Cannabis Grow 20210124 151558

After 1st attempt

Cannabis Grow signal 2021 01 24 155240

Spread open the new leaves I cut to see the new growth he spoke of. 

Cannabis Grow signal 2021 01 24 155646

After 2nd attempt and they said it looks perfect. 

The plants have not missed a beat in growth and have not slowed down a bit. The new secondary growth at the nodes is growing so fast and will really start to bush these plants out. 1 more week in this 12 gallon tote and they will be going into their forever homes in a bigger tent and more lights. 

Cannabis Grow 20210125 082822

January 25th

Cannabis Grow 20210126 145803

Today January 26th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210126 145947

New growth at nodes is looking great. 

Looking forward to bumping up nutrients tomorrow and seeing the next week of growth before the big move. Exciting times and loving the experience so far!

Posted : 01/26/2021 3:50 pm ChaseG1992 liked


Cannabis Grow 20210127 055142

January 27th

Waiting until the bigger tent and bigger light to get here is going to be tough. They are growing so fast and afraid 1 more week in this situation and they'll be overflowing. Definitely underestimated growth rates this first grow and been about 4 days behind when I should be ordering new products but wont have that problem next grow because I'll have it all already. 

The fimmed tops are responding great and has not stressed them enough to slow anything down. 

Cannabis Grow 20210127 055330

If they were in their forever homes I would be starting LST (low stress training) to shape them the way I'd like but may do a simple tie down to start exposing under growth to more light. 

Water filter is delayed in the mail as well so one more day until a nutrient flip. 🙁 Ph this morning was 6.3 so I added 1/2 gallon of of 4.0 water with 0 ppm and brought it down to 6.0 It's looking like Nitrogen levels in the res are getting a little high as they're turning darker green and have the early signs if tip burn. Water filter cant get here soon enough. Until then Growmies!

Posted : 01/27/2021 11:38 am ChaseG1992 liked

Cannabis Grow 20210128 091855

Picture is Jan 28th

So water filter still isnt here. They aren't looking unhappy so keeping up with checking ppm and only adjusting pH down as needed, usually every 2 days. It says its out for delivery and will be doing a full nutrient flip today finally. 

They are recovering great from the fimming and decided to do a little supercropping to expose the bottom nodes to more light and slow them down a little. Lol

Cannabis Grow 20210128 142413

Pinched the main stem and rolled it between my fingers until the interior cell wall started to break and they slowly started to droop over. 

Cannabis Grow 20210129 052110

This morning. Jan 29th.  They're perking back up already.

Cannabis Grow 20210129 081600

Fimmed tops are coming back strong and excited to see how many new tops we get!

Cannabis Grow 20210129 081456

The size of the fan leaves is blowing my mind. Once they're in their forever homes I will tie them down and might start taking one or 2 of the bigger ones off to open light to the under nodes. 

Just started 4 mystery seeds that have been in the back of my drawer for way too long. The small tent will be open soon and they will go in there for a super short veg and flip to flower just to determine what we have. Should be either Skywalker OG or Alaskan Thunder Fuck based on what I remember but never grown one soo... Lol! Be easy to determine which since the strains are so different. 

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Morning Growmies!

Filter finally came in and was able to flip the nutrients in the reservoir. Moved the strength up to about 50% of recommended dosage. 

Micro 1/2 tsp/gal

Grow 1/2 tsp/gal

Bloom 1/3 tsp/gal

Cal-Mag 1 tsp/gal

Hydroguard 1/2 tsp/gal 

Dash of Great White but think I'll save that for clones and seedlings and use up the hydroguard for this grow. 

Starting ppm of the filtered water was about 72. Ending ppm was 617. Ph before adding nutrients was about 8.5 pH after adding nutrients was 6.8 I used enough pH down to bring the final pH to 5.78 and wont pH back down until it reaches 6.5 as there were early signs of CalMag deficiencies before the last reservoir change and Cal is more mobile between 6.2 and 6.5

Cannabis Grow 20210129 173529

January 29th. Evening. 

Cannabis Grow 20210130 075043

January 30th

Cannabis Grow 20210130 075049

Fimmed tops are coming back strong

Cannabis Grow 20210131 063726

This morning. January 31st

They are running out of room in this single reservoir and have already purchased the next 2 bigger res they will be moving into once the bigger tent gets here Tuesday Feb 02. 

Did another light supercropping if you want to call it that rolling stems that are big enough now between my fingers and pinching lightly until the cell membrane brakes slightly. Never hurting the exterior of the stem or breaking anything in half just squeezing until it goes soft. 

In a good place right now and only 3 more days until their new home! Daily ppm and pH checks but things have only moved very slightly to 597ppm and 6.08 ph in 2 days. 

Posted : 01/31/2021 4:19 am ChaseG1992 liked

This is the last picture you'll see like this!

Cannabis Grow 20210201 055851

They were getting a little too unruly for their space and roots were starting to tangle up so I made a big move today. 

Cannabis Grow 20210201 105728

Coco for Cannabis here we come! Lol. 2 Cherry are on the right hand side of the tent and the Mango are on the left. It's not that I disliked deep water culture because I absolutely love it and the growth rates so far speak for themselves. There were just too many positives moving forward with coco over dwc mainly they needed the space now and it will transition easy into the flower tent. Still have everything and look forward to doing a 3 way comparison of soil vs coco vs dwc all in the same tent using clones from the same mother and see which method I really prefer most. 

Going to get a 2 gallon sprayer bottle to make feeding easier and more even. Need a mini 2.5 gallon shop vac for vacuuming up the runoff water. I have them sitting in square saucers with built in risers so they never sit in the runoff and never absorb it back up. The standing water is actually good for my tent right now because humidity levels in my house are in the 30% range and it helps keep humidity about 50% in the tent while its evaporating. The problem arises when I go to feed again in the morning and yesterday's runoff has not fully evaporated and that's where mini shop vac comes in handy. 

Nutrient Solution this week will be:

CaliMagic 1 tsp/gal

FloraMicro 1/2 tsp/gal

FloraGro 1/2 tsp/gal

FloraBloom 1/4 tsp/gal

Looking at adding ArmorSi to the mix as I cant stop reading enough good things about adding Silica to your plants for fatter stems. 

They are in 5 gallon Spring Pots and looking to feed 2 days with 1 quart each of nutrient solution and get 10-20% runoff or just over 1/2 cup of runoff then 1 day with 1 quart of plain pHed water with one cup being compost tea each with the same 1/2 cup runoff. Compost tea will be made with 1/2 cup earth work casting, 1 tsp unsulfered blackstrap molasses, 1/2 tsp Recharge Mycorrhizae all per gallon of water. Put the mixture in a 5 gallon bucket or appropriate size container allowing for foamy head to develop and aerate using an air stone for 24-48 hours. Strain out the earth work castings using cheesecloth or fine mesh strainer. Some say use within 24 hours others say if you refrigerate leftovers they are good for up to 10 days. 

The 2 Cherry strains are showing the earliest signs of pre flower. Still too early to tell sex but hoping in the next few days to definitively call it. 

I'm so nervous going away from what I know with DWC for years and diving into coco but excited to finally fit in! Lmao. That will never happen, I'll never fit in, it's my specialty!

Love you Growmies!

Posted : 02/01/2021 1:12 pm realredhairs and ChaseG1992 liked
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What up what up?!

Coco has been great. Only one Mango of the 4 plants showed any signs of stress in the transplant and just sagged and dropped for about 2 days. Once they started perking back up I took off 2 fan leaves on each plant to open up light and airflow to the new undergrowth and see how they reacted to the light trimming. None of then even flinched and loved it. 2 days later 2 more fan leaves each. All this is in prep for some low stress training. 

Cannabis Grow 20210205 131241

The biggest leave from the bigger Mango. 

-- attachment is not available --

When I fimmed the plants both Cherries produced 2 new branches but they came out all the way at the bottom of the plant and the tops continued to grow as normal. So this time I did a hard top and took off 3 nodes each plant back to the 4th node where I attempted to fim. Lol. I took the 4 tops and cleaned the cuts, rolled them in Great White and planted then in Root Riot plugs and inside a humidity dome and hoping to produce my first clones. 

Cannabis Grow 20210206 053501

They are a little small for clones and the stems weren't very big but they were just so healthy it seems as though they're adapting to their new homes quickly and should see some roots coming through the plugs in the next week or 2. After the top I gave them another 2 days to recover before starting my low stress training. 

Cannabis Grow 20210207 032123

There are 8 main branches coming out of the 4 nodes left and will likely train those 8 to full maturity. I used pipe cleaners to tie everything down and they are very easy to work with and secure onto the fabric pots. 

Cannabis Grow 20210206 052028

24 hours later and they are turning back up and loving all the extra light and air flow. I'll do another training session in a couple days to reinforce the outward growth before I finally start letting them grow upwards as they reach the edges of the pots. 

These genetics have not liked the increase in Nitrogen so I had to cut back on the Micro slightly and the Mangoes are heavy CalMag users so I went back to a full tsp per gallon. I'm hoping to start running some teas and additional benes through soon. Maybe today!

Posted : 02/07/2021 12:30 am realredhairs liked
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