NYGC Fruit Salad: Blueberry from Seedsman

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I am getting a late start this year as I had some medical reasons for the delay but I was listening to Dr Coco on one of the podcasts and he said that blueberry was one of his favorite strains so I thought I would give it a try. I decided I would give the CCFC germination system a try so I have got everything up to temperature 82*F I am using bottled water with the ec at 160. and the ph 6.8

I scuffed the seeds with 320 grit wet dry sandpaper 6 shakes with a 3” tube I put in small jar with water for soak all seeds were floating I checked on them after a hour and all are still floating hopefully they will have sunk by the 3 hour mark then they will go into the paper towels. I am nervous about the towels as I have had them dry out before and the seeds died but I have them in a glass baking dish covered with plastic wrap 

Posted : 01/21/2021 10:43 am Drew, ChaseG1992, CrackBabies and 1 people liked

At 3hrs all 6 seeds were floating so I got onto the chat room and asked and was told that 1 sometimes you have to poke them to get them to sink so I did and it helped but not on the bottom so the second thing I was told was that a lot of times it takes 24 hrs to get them wet so I left them in the water 💦 I had seeds dry out in the paper towels and I am concerned 😟 the way I figure longer in the water less time in the towels 

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Posted : 01/21/2021 2:11 pm Drew, ChaseG1992 and CrackBabies liked

Ok I couldn’t wait I checked them this morning and after 20 hours of soaking I think all but one was cracked open with a tail I was able to put them in the paper towels which are super wet and I’m not exactly sure but no water will drain from them if I hold the container up so I’m hoping that’s what needs to happen. Hopefully I can get them in the seedling pots later today if not tomorrow for sure.


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The two times I have planted seeds before I have used the rapid router plugs I just put the seeds in them keep it wet and they work.  I was reading the CCFC growing guides it says you can sometimes save 3 to 5 days on your grow by soaking your seeds and manipulating them put them in a grow Pete pot or whatever so I thought I would give it a try and it’s really exciting to see the little tales come out of the seeds these seeds seem small and immature but they’re working and that’s really all that matters I’m excited🌱💚🦨🫐😊🤗🥳 

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Ok I should have used my reading glasses when I first checked them the 3 Blueberry 🫐 had cracked open and the tales were emerging but the skunk seeds were not open. I have such anxiety that the paper towels are going to dry out that I moved them to the seedling pots I watered them in and put humidity domes over them. I will keep them wet as the trays have a water reservoir in them I have a peat pot seed starting tray with a water reservoir I am thinking I should use it with paper towels 🤷🌱💚

Posted : 01/23/2021 4:11 am ChaseG1992 and CrackBabies liked
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It has been 6 days since I dropped my seeds and I have 1 seedling and 5 sprouts it’s a Blueberry auto. The other 5 have roots one is starting to poke out the side about 3/4 of a inch down the planter bag the seeds are getting a long tap root to anchor itself then lift its head. I am wondering if the timeline is as it should be I am re-reading the growing articles on CCFC and so far I found that it takes about 48 hours to get into the Peat Pots. I have been adjusting my heating system and I have been running around 80*F    Dr-Coco sets his thermostat at 85° This should increase metabolism of the plants and they will grow faster so I have turned mine up to 85° I am going to have to watch that I don’t get dampening off so I removed the small humidity dome on the seedling and that should lower the humidity quite a bit.

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I got them transplanted 1 Blueberry and one skunk the skunk is a photo so I can clone it. it’s feminized so this one will be a girl 🤞 I did learn something last grow I have a lot of lights in my propagation tent and the blueberry had a leaf that was twisting so I moved it away from the lights and it straightened out so I’ve got too much light going on. I have 6 2’ fluorescent lights in a 2x2 tent I will remove one 🌱💚

Posted : 02/02/2021 4:35 am CrackBabies and ChaseG1992 liked

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Today Miss B  (blueberry) is tolerating the light maybe it was just too young and had to harden off some. They got their first newts today some rapid start mixed at the lower level chart Miss B is at the 3rd node and Miss Skunk 🦨 is at node 2 I am in soil but I didn’t check the ph after adding nutes I guess I should go do that before I find the girls expired 😖🌱💚

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Ok well the PH was 4.4 that rapid start really tanks the PH. This was only a half a liter and it was putting 1 to 3 drops and I had to pour it out once and start over but I finally got it to 6.2 or 6.3 and I think that will be good if I don’t overwater it now trying to flush it.

Posted : 02/02/2021 10:35 am CrackBabies and ChaseG1992 liked
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Not much to report Miss B is starting 3rd node she’s an auto I haven’t decided yet if I should Manifold her I told myself I would but now I don’t want to mess her up or slow her down. 
 Miss skunk 🦨 is going to have a mainline 🌱💚

Posted : 02/03/2021 8:20 pm CrackBabies liked

I have reread the growing article and I think it’s time for the girls to enter the vegetative growth phase. They are starting the third node and I have the temperature set to 80*F and I am keeping the RH in the 80’s as well. The lower shelf of my nursery tent is running about 78*F and the RH will drop if I don’t flood the tray. I have placed the girls in a small saucer in the tray with a dome so that the water only adds to the RH and not the plants. This way I can start more seeds and start the girls on the veggie stage in the same tent 🏕 I am working on another tent for the plant training with the TS1000 in a 2x2. 

Posted : 02/05/2021 3:12 am CrackBabies liked

Here’s a picture of the girls in the seedling tray. I am thinking they are ready 🤗🫐🦨🌱💚

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It won’t let me upload the screen shot but the average temperature and RH for a 24 hr  time frame is 81*F and 71%RH it takes a lot of attention I can’t leave it for a weekend. Something I need to work on I see a new humidifier in my future 👀🌱💚

Posted : 02/06/2021 4:07 am ChaseG1992 and CrackBabies liked

I broke down and added a humidifier to the tent and moved the girls to the lower shelf where it runs cooler 70-75*F and the RH is 61% I have a heat mat set at 80*F I will have to keep my eye on the soil temperature  it has been running around 80* but I think 75* would be better does anyone know what the best soil temperature is?

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Posted : 02/06/2021 8:06 am Drew, CrackBabies and ChaseG1992 liked

The Ladies got moved to the big girls tent this is the second repurposed tent. In that I built it with material I already have. But what cost is the equipment and electrical controls and that’s why I have bought a new 2x4 flower tent and I am going to buy a A/C infinity T4 that’s cheaper than buying the controls and fan. 
 The girls are 19 days since drop. B3 is starting the 5th node and SK1 is one behind her,  the RH is running 68-70 % and the temp is about 74* on average. The light is the a TS-1000 and I have it turned all the way down which is about 35% or 50 watts it’s 50” from the “can a pee” Ozarks humor🤷 And on a 20/4 schedule.  Tomorrow I will move it to half way. The tips of the leaves are burned a bit the humidifier ran out of water around 4am and the RH was 25% this am.  Also the power bar tripped on the main heater so the shed was 40*F and 25% Rh this next tent (Veg-1) has a RH controller and a small humidifier the controller will turn off when not needed so hopefully it won’t run out of water tonight and temp control for cooling is a small muffin fan exhaust and a space heater also a clip fan moving air I don’t have a heat mat for bottom heat.  in a few days I am going to transplant into final pots once acclimated I will top them manifold for B3 and a mainline for SK1. So a timeline is to be ready for flower with the auto B3 at around 30+ days the photo SK1 will take about 45-60 days beforeflip. Wish me luck I make it through the night tonight 🌱💚

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