NYGC Desserts: MAC attack

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I really admire the breeders of these strains. Such solid plants. There is a golden hue present on the leaves. It’s the trichomes coming in and frosting everything like dust left behind from  a cannafairy fly by. 
The RDG had stretched to 3 1/2 feet and had to be super cropped to even out canopy space. The photontek 465 stays around  in-24 inches above the canopy. 
I still consider raising it to even out light distribution. 
Ive installed a floraflex bubbler in hopes of providing consistent fertigation.
I’m trying something new with this system. I’ve timed the events for 15sec every hour. 
I start feeding 2 hours after lights on and stop feeding 2 hrs before lights off. 
Runoff starts at the end cycle. 
No feeding happens during lights off. 

Cannabis Grow CCFE28D3 8B0B 4BD6 A898 82E54787AD47
Cannabis Grow 1AECB4DE 6876 42FD A956 4FEF3F2CB52B


Cannabis Grow 013C761E 6126 4FD5 B413 83D942671E57

MAC v2

Cannabis Grow C8DE94C3 AE58 439C 9928 7DE657E0A5F6


Posted : 04/05/2021 8:16 am

Missed the Big Chillz pic

Cannabis Grow 1A117823 B5FB 47A7 B66D B9CC310D392E

Posted : 04/05/2021 8:20 am
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All is well

Cannabis Grow DF708E14 4975 40BD B886 401CD75B2771
Cannabis Grow 70B97575 4120 4113 A099 B863D7303842
Cannabis Grow C3AB945B DFA7 483A A741 7F840F0AD1C3
Cannabis Grow EA85C7A8 3242 4770 893F AF0C007140E1
Cannabis Grow 14A099F4 D99F 4871 A25D 394F49E590B8

Posted : 04/12/2021 11:03 am


Cannabis Grow 54D9EE10 6F02 4826 95E1 1B55244B0894
Cannabis Grow B9500D0C 5D34 4B2A B798 0CFB06944D28
Cannabis Grow B6620415 452A 44D2 A60B B5C685B349BC
Cannabis Grow CDB5F867 D2EE 4419 87C1 B2483ACF26F5
Cannabis Grow E452D3B1 4561 48F9 951C B9F4028E9AF7
Cannabis Grow 30E0EDCC F07A 4725 B684 67E92B2BB521

Posted : 04/18/2021 11:13 am
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