NYGC Desserts: Chocolato /alien Tech cross

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NYGC Desserts: Chocolato /alien Tech cross

Howday from down yonder! 

This will be my first  journal here and I am hoping for feedback along the way. 

Strain; Amsterdam Chocolato/ Alien Tech cross




I will be growing in deep culture using combination of 200 watt LED and 400 watt Metal Halide.  


Chocolato:  has earthy notes with lingering vanilla and chocolate.

Alien Tech is a short and robust strain with tight nodes and a beautiful hue in later stages of flower.

A.T. Has hash like spice profile with a lingering vanilla and the occasional hint of black cherry.


Stay tuned and Happy Growing.



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Day 1. Get um good and wet before insemination.


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Placed soaked seeds in 1” rock wool cube. 48 hours later and we have babies 

Posted : 01/05/2021 6:13 pm ironman300k liked

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2 weeks in: 

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Cannabis Grow 63ABA770 D11D 4C42 A047 4C6B8EB340B2

Posted : 01/17/2021 2:40 am