Testing for fgi

Thanks to @dr-coco I'll be running a light from fgi to see if I can come close to the harvest potential of this light.

I'll be running it with the new dimmer module in my 5x5. I have 3 Mama Mia from seedsman seeds, 3 gg4 bagseeds, 2 Afghan cherries from Predicativebreeding, and 1 autoflower mix up from expert seeds blue cheese. All plants will be grown in roots organics original with top dressings and terptea.

Plants are all different ages, I germinated some on April 5th some on the 12th and some on the 18th. All plants sprouted roughly 4 days after germination.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200420 051649237

2gg4 are stunted and will likely be thrown outside, the Mama Mia are super vigorous and have been topped and trimmed for clones. The Afghan cherries will be transplanted soon, and the autoflower is hoping back and forth from inside to the outside for a could days now.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200506 180544761

This journal is more for the plants than the light, but you can find my reviews and excerpts on Instagram. I'll still review it a bit here, I have a lot going on and will try to keep up.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200502 103657144

Anyways the light is really nice and I'm only running it at 59% power. Be sure to check my Instagram for the details I don't mention.

Programmable sunrise and sunset, the light ramps up from 0-59% when lights come on, mimicking sunrise. And ramps down before lights off to mimic sunset. System protection automatically dims the light to a set temp if it gets too hot. Touch screen interface on the module, the module is the bread and butter for this light. The module can also be connected to other LEDs that have a compatible driver.

So I'll be vegging these for a while, I'm stocking up on clones and won't be flowering till I get a good stock. Meaning the autoflower will have this space available for an 18/6 light period if need be. Stay tuned,sub, and happy growing!!

Posted : 05/08/2020 6:14 am

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200504 063945751
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200506 180544761
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200508 050907557
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200508 053254497
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200508 053251620
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200508 053301772
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200508 053258156
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200504 063844238
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200504 064135009
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200504 063926084

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So I ran into an issue with one of the Mama Mia and may have to remove her from the tent.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200518 160647331
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200518 160641950

I believe it to be black spot or leaf septoria, likely from recycling my soil crop after crop. I've cut back all the heavily infected leaves which resulted in significant defoliation and may slow her down a bit.

Not sure why it's the only plant showing problems and I'm hoping it doesn't jump to other plants. I've used some baking soda spray as a treatment and will probably hit them all with some neem oil soon.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200517 181651345

pictured above is before defoliating and before even noticing the present issue.

Other than that, I'm super stoked with how this grow is going. The dimmer module on this light has made my grow go much smoother and the light itself has made quite an impression on me. I'm thinking of getting a few of these for my shop when I seal it up.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200517 181750368
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200518 104024035
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200518 094717867

A couple of these plants will be moved outside along with the autoflower for SAFC. I probably won't have room for all these plants in this tent, the infected Mama Mia has made selection a little easier.

I'm almost ready to flip, just waiting on the Afghan cherries to catch up a bit. They still need to be topped, but one is showing great vigor at the moment and I may just move the other one outside instead of waiting for it.

As it sits now, we have 2 Mama Mia, 1 cherries, and one gg4 bagseed that is showing great promise to be deemed worthy of staying. There are a couple stunted gg4 bagseed that will go outside as well instead of culling.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200518 161817963 HDR

So the vigorous cherries got new shoes and pruned to promote upper growth, I'm hesitant to top it though. I want growth to be fairly even with the other plants before making the light period switch.

I need to make sure I leave a little room so I can raise the light if needed. Right now I'm only running it at 69% power and the plants are loving it. I'll turn the power up on it here soon and see where we stand. I can't wait to see the flowers this light can grow.

Happy growing!!!

Posted : 05/19/2020 5:25 am

Well we're well into flower for the Mama Mia. I think the Mama Mia decided to start flowering when they were on 14/10 because flowers started unfurling the first day of 12/12.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200604 105812 796
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200601 084053 895
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200528 210213 016

Afghan cherries are taking their time to even show pistils. We've been on 12/12 for about 8 days now and we should start seeing flowers soon. I decided to just throw them into flower sooner than I would've liked. I need space and time for other things.

Just going to roll with what I've got, I didn't really plan this out. I had the beans going but didn't know I was going to be using this light. I have to return it so I wanted to make sure I got good use of it with the limited time I'm allotted to use it.

I might have to lower the light now that we're in flower. The Mama Mia doesn't look like it will stretch much more and there's no way the cherries will have a problem with it.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200608 032924651

We're at 100% on power and temps are easily managed. We've had some cold nights here but plants have been comfortable, I could increase it slightly but I think they are happy with the 78-80f. The dimmer hasn't had to adjust power in a couple weeks so think I got that dialed in now.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200605 070536 391

Sorry for the lack of updates but I've been busy and trying to manage different grows other than my own. I've got some recent pics to share and now that they're flowering you'll probably see a lot more posts 😜. Hit that subscribe button and follow along.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200608 032941811
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200608 032955483
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200608 032945822
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200608 033001245
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200608 024439154
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200608 033012916
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200608 024434796
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200608 033004804
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200608 024451453
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200608 024445401
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200608 024455629

Happy growing!!

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Sorry for not keeping this journal up.

We missed our benchmark harvest from the grow light calculator by 143 grams.

Mama Mia came out to 540 grams, and the cherries came out to 202 making a grand total of 742. The light wasn't running full power throughout the grow because we had a small heatwave. I definitely wasn't making the most efficient use of this light.

My grow was just thrown together, a couple small medium yielding plants I threw in there hoping for the best. So I guess it's a decent outcome. You can check out most of the grow in my bio on IG, well the highlights anyways.

In that regard this journal was just slapped together as well. But I couldn't be happier with this light. I'm not sure I'll have the space to grow along with some of these challenges now, as this light definitely stepped up my productivity. I decreased my monthly power usage by almost $1000 this year.

I averaged about 1.2333 grams per watt, but the full load wasn't being drawn, and I have no way to compensate the numbers, as I wasn't keeping track of the daily power draw.

Can't wait to run some other genetics and utilize the full power of this light. I have nothing but high expectations for future grows.

Sorry I didn't post catch up pics, I've been so wrapped up with life. I neglected to keep an interesting and updated journal, but I'll make up for it soon. I'll leave you with some harvest pics and some dried cannabis pictures.

Afghan cherries

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200808 182839358
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200808 201219397
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200808 200226569
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200808 185614313 BURST000 COVER TOP

Mama Mia

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200803 060246044
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200803 060259358
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200802 102350111
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200730 111200374
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200803 060048901
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200808 162531914

More cherries. @predicativebreeding.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200805 090514599
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200805 090520320
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200805 094400300
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200805 094408640
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200805 094443961 HDR
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200805 090355584

Happy growing! 

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