PTGC Misfit: Testers, clones, and cups oh my

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PTGC Misfit: Testers, clones, and cups oh my

I couldn't wait but I haven't started my training.

This challenge I'll be using my own little soil mixes using roots organics and dry amendments.

I have reveg clones I've been running outside along with some testers I got from a local seed source. The testers are regulars seeds so we'll be weeding out the males. I had sex tests sent out but they got lost in the mail, were going old school with 5 plants.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200810 114529973
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200810 114535314
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200810 114541986

These will be grown outside until nature shows sex, females will be moved into a 5x5 with the reveg plants.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200810 114547947

The 5x5 houses a fgi uniformity pro 640 with a dimmer module.

I'll be getting my 3x3 cleared out in a few weeks, I run two Mars hydro ts1000 in there. I have plants finishing up flowering cycle so the seedlings will be sexed and moved in there at an appropriate time. They may just sit in the 5x5 until I complete my training, but man plans and God laughs, so you know how that is.

My training will be a combination of topping, hst, and lst, I may even mainline a plant or two. I also have some cuts off an outdoor plant I didn't want to lose the genetics. This may be a long journal but let's roll with it.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200810 120538278

Not sure if we're going to have another area to record our solo cup challenge but I'll be using a combination of straight coco coir and coco perlite with a few cups. I'll be using feminized seed but I haven't decided which strains I'll be planting. The goal is to grow the healthiest plant I can in the cups that may share a tent at random. I'll be deciding on seeds shortly as I thought the challenge wasn't until the 15th.

I'm trying to space things out a bit to fill both tents. But I honestly don't know what to expect from the testers, how many females I actually have, and will need time to root the outdoor cuts to fill my empty spaces.

I'll add more details as things progress, it's going to be quite a journey.

Cannabis Grow You Son of a B I’m In 09082020193306

Happy growing!


Posted : 08/10/2020 12:23 pm FurrySparkle, siscoweb, Drew and 9 people liked
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just joined last night..WOOF..this where i start a journal for a misfit trainer...i do all.....will be Autoflowers im running. Maybe some Mephisto unreleased if shipping goes i have to show a germ pic with a code or something. Im used to battle formats over at AFN....cant wait to start.....buffering and charging up my coco.

Posted : 08/10/2020 5:34 pm Drew and Crispywannabe liked
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Sex tests should be coming in the next few days. Seems my wife ignored the tracking number and 3 day ground. They eventually got there, now I just wait for results.

This will determine how we move forward. Going to see if I can get some clones rolling so I don't have any empty spaces. The second round of testers aren't doing that great and we only have three viable plants. I still have credits to get these tested for gender.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200813 072403424

I may run some clones of any female testers  for the solo cup challenge. Though I really want something vigorous and solid. We might do a couple CBD cream and cheese from seedsman. The final decisions will be made by my next update.

Cannabis Grow Kombucha Girl 09082020193633

Posted : 08/13/2020 7:36 am FurrySparkle, siscoweb, Dr Coco and 3 people liked
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Welcome chef  glad to have you with us  misfits.  I think im gonna be running a couple autos as well.  One for the solo and one  in a big pot   not sure how im gonna train yet. It will be cool when you get your tests back that makes life a lot easier for sure.   Anyways happy growing and cant wait to see this one through

Posted : 08/15/2020 5:23 pm siscoweb and Chefomj liked
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PTGC Misfit: Testers, clones, and cups oh my

Testing came back, 2 of the 5 testers will be joining this grow as females. Got three more samples to send in for the smaller tent and I'm hoping they are all females. The males smelled really good when I pulled them up but I was requested to dispose of them.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200815 180836901
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200815 180840904

I went to get a clone dome yesterday but the grow store was closed due to covid. I'll have to wait till Monday to get my supplies for a big clone session. I have another plant I think I've identified as Afghan cherries by the stem rub. I planted a dead clone next to my azalea and it came back. She just exploded and is super healthy, but she'll be a back up plant for cuts.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200816 074111201
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200816 074117596

I think four plants will be enough for my 5x5 but I want a couple more just incase they don't fill my space. I'll be starting clones after I get some more supplies.

Solo cups were prepped yesterday and coco was buffered.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200815 092853029
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200815 092858682

I'm playing around with a perlite ratio for the cups. One cup no perlite, one cup 30% perlite, one cup 45% perlite.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200816 073253230

I popped 3 CBD cream and cheese yesterday to go into these cups. The idea is to compare growth, viability, and overall health in association with their respected cups.

I'm almost ready to start training, just waiting for my electrician to come by and fix some plugs. Hopefully I can get him to run a direct circuit for the tents too. I can't run ac in my grow area because of damaged plugs and energy demands. I would have had the tent up and running by now, but we have a heat wave coming through and I have no way to deal with it. So we're just going to wait things out a bit longer.

For now, we're just going to let the reveg plants do what they want. These plants will get a hard core training session when the time comes.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200810 114547947
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200815 180848139

Going to see if my beans popped now.

Cannabis Grow Girl Putting Tuba On Girls Head 15082020094511

Happy growing everyone!

Posted : 08/16/2020 8:00 am siscoweb, Drew, MtnDan and 1 people liked

Well only two beans popped, I'll give the other one a little longer.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200817 042928188

The two with tails were planted straight into the solo cups. One no perlite, and one with 35% perlite, let's see how they compare.

Still have to root some clones, I've been procrastinating a bit due to a heat wave. I got my plugs fixed but I could really use a sub panel. Let's see what our electrician can come up with. If I can't run the AC and lights at the same time, I'll have to figure out what I'm going to do.

Luckily I'm not running a whole lot of watts, so I may be able to get by with rotating light schedules around. Still got some things to think through but I'll be cloning this week and solidifying what goes where.

Happy growing!!

Posted : 08/17/2020 7:25 am Dr Coco and MtnDan liked
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Moving along now. Samples taken for the rest of the testers, sex tests going out soon.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200820 150553841
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200821 072259377

I hope I marked the first batch correctly, my stoned ass may have mixed them up, but I doubt it. Anyways, the original testers have been topped.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200821 072306301
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200820 150535999
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200820 150538750
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200821 072303166

Don't mind the spots, they were outside and leafhoppers have been a nuisance this year.

We have the tops in the clone dome, along with a few Afghan Cherries, and around 20 of my gg4 bagseed from outdoors. We'll be picking through these clones for the 5x5 grow.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200820 113359411
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200820 114548809

I've eliminated the reveg plants from the 5x5 grow, they've been giving me trouble with white powdery mildew and I can't risk contamination. Not sure what fate has in store for them just yet.

So we're pretty much on track with the schedule of this challenge now. The 3x3 will likely house the two testers and we're going to fill up the 5x5 with fresh clones and maybe a couple of the 2nd round of testers. Hopefully all 3 are female this time 🤞. If not guess we're doing a straight clone run in the 5x5 with the solo cups.

Cbd cream and cheese, in solo cups.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200821 072254876

I had a little hiccup with one of the seedlings, it got turned around for a spell and wouldn't emerge from the coco. The tap root continued to grow above the coco, while the cotyledons were stuck underneath the coco.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200818 100740440
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200818 100828243

I did s little excavating last night and she poked her head out this morning with a nice set of first true leaves already. These are likely going to be the most vigorous plants in this challenge. Seedsmanbreeders genetics have always been super vigorous for me, pair that with high frequency fertigation, and it's on and poppin lol.

Can't wait to get this tent full again. My flower tent is almost done and we're a little behind for a perpetual run. We're still going to be stocked up, so not really worried about it. Still have plants at the ready and jars on the shelf, a little hold up won't hurt.

Waiting on the electrician is still setting me back. I'm sure I could do the job myself but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Happy growing!!

Posted : 08/21/2020 8:03 am ChaseG1992, siscoweb, Dr Coco and 3 people liked
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Day 6 for cuts and a couple don't look so hot, but that's why we took so many. A couple of the cuts were taken while the plant was starting to flower so they may take a little longer.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200826 112300576

Opened up the vents and humidity is still fairly high, the rooters were still wet. They're pretty packed in there so we're hoping for a decent success rate to fill the 5x5.

I can't print up another form for sex testing just yet, hopefully I can get the tests sent in very soon. They really could be transplanted now.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200826 112307739

They've been in the 5x5 with the clones on 24 hour light at 20%, they could use more light but aren't getting stretchy. They look fairly happy.

The Snaggletooth have been in the same 5x5, these plants have been topped and really need more light, like 6 days ago lol. As soon as the 3x3 finishes up, soon, they will be moved into a permanent home, granted I marked the samples correctly.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200826 112314079

I'm not sure but, I believe I'll just keep the 3x3 for the Snaggletooth testers. Hoping the tops root, if they're correctly labeled lol.

The reveg plants need transplanted, I've been doing some lst by just bending them in half, still training shoots. I might keep these going until spring and throw them outside. They are Mama Mia and this pheno likes to finish fast,8 weeks, and can start flowering on 14/10 light schedule. I'll have to put them out late May early June.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200826 112650842

Still haven't made a final decision what to do with them. But we'll transplant them, trim up some lower growth, and attempt to keep them from promises.

Waiting on the clones may set me behind with flip date, but we'll certainly hope for a better outcome. I'm certain once they get rooted we'll see some vigorous growth under the fgi uniformity pro 640.

I'll be getting some soil going soon and share my ingredients, as well as recording time and list of top dressings. Regardless of the clones, we'll probably have the 3x3 ready for flip by October 1st.

Cannabis Grow Daisy Ridley Pointing 24082020091824

Happy growing!!!



Posted : 08/26/2020 12:03 pm FurrySparkle, siscoweb, Dr Coco and 2 people liked

Mixing up some soil.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200829 080710309

Recipe includes

  • 5lb. Roots organics original
  • 5lb. Roots organics greenfields
  • 12lb. Roots organics big worm
  • 10lb. Black gold soils Just Coir (coco coir)
  • 3lb. Pennington epsom salt
  • 1/4 cup Pennington fast acting lime with ast.
  • 1/2 cup langbienite
  • 1 cup insect frass
  • 1 cup neem seed meal
  • 1 cup seabird guano
  • 1 cup azomite
  • 1 cup bio live
  • 3 cups alfalfa meal
  • 1 cup feather meal

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200829 080716903
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200829 080735060

Wet and mixed thoroughly then applied roughly 8 tablespoons of mykos wp as a dusting on top. The mykos will activate with the nutrients and we should see a nice mycelium mat on the top within hours.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200829 083621621

Incase you're wondering what ast is in the lime. Advanced soil technology.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200829 084145162

And the bio live is a great product that can produce more biodiversity of fungi and bacteria in your soil.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200829 085849510

We'll let this set in our tote, covered for a few hours, then we'll stir it up and reapply half the amount of mykos to the top again. Let set the rest of the day outside, covered.

Then we'll prepare some pots for the one gallon Snaggletooth testers, they're ready for new shoes, and more light. The 3x3 is getting harvested and cleaned today to make room for some plants.

Hopefully we'll have some clones rooted in a couple days and the test results back from the other Snaggletooth testers in a week or so. If we can't get any clones to root we're kinda screwed on filling the 5x5. I'll either have to pop some new beans or just move the Mama Mia reveg in there and hope for a miracle with two plants.

It would leave a lot more room for the party cups, but I'm not sure what to expect from the reveg plants. Seems the wpm was mostly caused by leafhoppers, and now they're under control, I haven't seen any white powdery mildew. So we'll put the reveg plants in this soil mix and see how they do in some bigger shoes. They may stay short still, but I might be able to train them to fill the space horizontally.

I'm just worried about clones not taking and having the ability to correlate with flip date. Just thought I'd be transparent here. Giving you an idea of what really goes on around here, and the options we have to take. It's a growers life, I have to work these challenges in to what is already a part time job for me. I just keep on growing lol.

That being said, I hope to flip with all of you by October 1st with atleast my 3x3 testers, if the clones work, I'll be happy.

Cannabis Grow Pointing Rick Dalton 24082020092352

Happy growing!!

Posted : 08/29/2020 9:22 am siscoweb, Knut, MtnDan and 1 people liked
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Snaggletooth tent is moving along now. Transplanted the topped ones into 7 and 10 gallon springpots. These pots feel much different than a standard smart pot and I can't wait to try the 3 gallons for coco. I'm just seeing which I would prefer using in my set up.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200830 093720325

I threw the one gallons in there as well, but I'm going old school with sex testing and might remove these plants, I wanted to keep a one gallon for a temporary mother.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200831 190208342

We still haven't decided what to do with unsexed Snaggletooth, I don't think they will fit in this tent after awhile.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200831 190227136

A couple days later I started training, supercropping, pruned lower growth tips on lowest node, and everything below that. Thinking of using lower nodes for cuts on one...

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200902 043214730

and this one will be trained to fill the lower canopy a bit more.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200902 043145920

The party cups have been on a light gruel, just started feeding 1.0 ec once a day , and under a minimum amount of light, which will change soon. We have a couple roots protruding on both cups, so we'll have to keep an eye on that.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200902 041444962
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200902 041509491
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200902 041421092
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200902 041427470

Now that we have a few clones rooted we can start working on the 5x5. I have one Afghan Cherries and 5 gg4 s1 clones, so 6 of 20 is great for me.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200902 042758778
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200902 042750034
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200902 042717451
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200902 042728111
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200902 042734479
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200902 042741762

They don't look so hot, but we're going to leave the dome on for a bit and see if we get any others to root.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200902 041552201

Hopefully we can nurse them back to health quickly. I'm not reliant on flipping the 5x5 for October 1st, though if we get a few more cuts to root, I might be able to do a small sea of green. I've been wanting to try that grow style and it would give me the perfect opportunity to do so. Let's see how things work out.

We'll be training the 3x3 along the way and possibly transplanting the one gallons soon. I may just set the one gallons in the dark for 24 hours and see if they show preflowers or not, maybe put them on 12/12 after to confirm with pistils.

My reveg Mama Mia are starting to flower 🤦‍♂️. I knew it would happen if I kept them outside long enough, they got 14/10 for a few days and boom. I don't have any current pics but since they won't be included in the flip date, they will be removed from the line up.

Cannabis Grow Disloyal Man 02092020052700

Happy growing!!!

Posted : 09/02/2020 6:13 am FurrySparkle, ChaseG1992, siscoweb and 1 people liked

Clones have been moved from dome to soil, but they don't look so hot.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200904 101237948
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200904 101230390
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200904 101226111
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200904 101220260
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200904 101215097
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200904 101209780
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200904 101204252
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200904 101255939

We'll see if we can get them back to health. Light still at 20%, humidity isn't great but no signs of wilting. We salvaged 2 more from the dome, another gg4 s1 and a Snaggletooth top. It looks like the Snaggletooth wanted to start flowering for some reason... It's okay we popped 4 beans all singles not sure who the guava and Jack herer are by, but the peyote critical is Barney's Farm, and @predicativebreeding New England rock candy.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200903 090126665

I doubt I'll be ready to flip by October 1st, but let's see what happens in the next few weeks.

The solo cups are doing well despite not getting enough light they haven't gotten stretchy, I feel like I'm repeating myself lol. But it is what it is right now, atleast until we get some beans to pop. I think I'll be able to gradually increase intensity within the next few days.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200904 101243872

As you can see the one with perlite seems to be growing a little more vigorously, and the one without perlite is beginning to fall over. Time to get them off the gruel and onto a more sufficient diet. I haven't bothered to check ec, they are doing well.

We have two suspected males in the Snaggletooth tent.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200904 100939389
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200904 101003067

A little too early to tell for sure. We've seem to run into a calmag issue with the larger pots, I believe pH is off and I'll try to correct the issue as quickly as possible. I'll give them a foliar to help them along, epsom salt should do the trick, but we do have calmag on hand, just incase. The well water is 7, and I'm sure if I can lower it a bit I'll get things back on track.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200904 100928961
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200904 100834841
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200904 100830735
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200904 101056989

Humidity is a bit low this time of year, but still manageable. The crinkles of the leaves are a little concerning, maybe I should have buffered the coco before adding it to my soil, or atleast have added some extra source of calmag.

No tying down, just bend them as I go. Pruning is complete for now, and we're just hoping not to burn them with the Mars hydro ts1000, I feel they are too strong if hung too low. So I have them roughly 36 inches from tops.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200904 101104841

The one gallon testers don't show any signs of calmag problems, I'll just transfer to plain old greenfields once suspected males are confirmed.

They are showing some interesting purple petioles and some internodes higher on the plants. With the one gallons not presenting symptoms and considering temperature, we chalk it up to genetics. I really love the color though.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200903 094022314
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200903 173033839
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200903 173023758
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200904 101026474

I am saving some bottom branches on one plant for a couple cuts, I really would like to get the most out of the few females I have, the seeds weren't cheap imho. I'll run the rest of Olympia genetics gear once we clear some space.

I'm hoping for atleast one more female from the one gallons, which will probably fill the tent to max capacity. Might even add a third ts1000 to the 3x3.

Cannabis Grow Swear Jar 24082020093055

Happy growing!!

Posted : 09/04/2020 11:20 am FurrySparkle, siscoweb, MtnDan and 1 people liked
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PTGC Misfit: Testers, clones, and cups oh my

Snaggletooth testers are doing better now, calmag issues have seemed to have been resolved. A couple days of less than 12 hours of light have expressed some signs of preflowers and initial thoughts have changed.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200909 073119817

Appears that I may have two females, rather than two males, but it's still a little early. The shape of the preflowers points to female. Two plants show preflowers shaped as spades, while one appears to be round.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200909 073241988
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200909 073207101
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200909 073158394
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200909 073148717

I'm going to transplant the one gallons when lights come back on, but I can't squeeze them all in the tent. Hopefully I can fit the two suspected females and see what happens with the suspected male when light hours are reduced again. I'll keep the suspected females in the tent unless signs show they need to be removed, and possibly replaced with said suspected male, if it isn't actually male.

I broke a main off of the plant I was trying to grow lowers out for clones on. I didn't have time to soak root riots and the broken pieces don't look so great. Maybe time to invest in an aerocloner, I don't really have patience for clones, but it's fun to try.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200909 090847774

I'll be thinking of pruning again soon, possibly topping the other plants when they recover from transplanting.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200909 090936964
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200909 090921652
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200909 090914808
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200909 090906564
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200909 073259716

We'll see what happens, but this tent will be ready to flip by the 1st.

The 5x5 is now at 45% power and we've eliminated the worst clones and kept four. Two Snaggletooth tops, one Afghan cherries, one gg4.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200909 072840440 HDR
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200909 072837877 HDR
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200909 091021533

The solo cups want some more light as you can see, bumped frequency of fertigation to twice daily. Still at 1.0 ec and roots are trying to curl under the cups from the drainage holes. Don't know what I'm going to do with these cups now though. Seedlings aren't very vigorous and the clones need more time to recover, I can't flip them by the 1st but the cups will need to be flipped. I'm screwed lol, I need to give my tent more time and the cups have nowhere else to go.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200909 072708641 HDR

If you didn't notice from that picture, I have a trileaf seedling.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200909 072713506 HDR

Guava is the strain. All seedlings appear to be growing uniformly despite them bring different strains and breeders. Going to crank up the light pretty soon, now that the summer heat has subsided and it's cooling off fast when lights come on. I doubt 3 weeks is going to be sufficient time to get these plants to flourish. Running 8 plants in bigger pots would probably make for a good sea of green rather than trying to grow large plants. We'll have a better understanding of what to do in the weeks to come. I can't wait to start my sealed room and stick with one grow plan. I've become a new grower all over again with my inconsistent grow habits.

Anyways think I'll leave you with a couple pictures of the outdoor that the clones came off of. The gg4 is getting frosty in week 3 and swelling nicely.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200907 110310028
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200907 194327647

The Afghan cherries just started flowering and is finally starting to head up.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200910 085250462
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200910 085234749
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200910 085222000

Happing growing everyone!!

Posted : 09/10/2020 10:03 am Simplefarmer, TurningLeaf4, ChaseG1992 and 3 people liked

Solo cups shots, forgot to include.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200910 100915312

Posted : 09/10/2020 10:10 am MtnDan, Knut and berkshirebud liked

The one gallons were definitely ready to transplant. I thought I had watered them good the day before, but when I opened up the tent, they were all very droopy. I lifted the pots and they were dry as a bone. Now they're in new shoes and this picture is the day after transplanting.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200912 090447708

I'm happy they recovered fast, the suspected male was moved into the 5x5. I'm not sure how long I'll keep it in there, hopefully it will show sex before I start transplanting clones.

The four I kept are doing pretty well now, a couple have started new vegetative growth after being reverted from flower. All but one showed signs of flowering when they were cut, so I expect to see some odd growth for a couple weeks.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200913 110821330
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200913 110817523
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200913 110814223
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200913 110809336

The seedlings are doing good, but the new England rock candy has some variegation, and almost looks sickly. Not the first time I've seen this strain do peculiar things, and not just in my grow either.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200914 071426446

It's amazing how much they started growing when I turned up the power to 58%, here's a couple shots that show 24 hours of progress, you can see how much larger the leaves have gotten in this time period.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200913 110824722

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200914 070940604

Jack herer is showing classic calmag problems with a little twisting of the leaf, but I'm not overly concerned. Humidity has been 65-70% temps 72-83f for both tents, time to crank up the power again.

Hopefully we'll be close to flip date, however, I think I'll have to postpone a week or two. Unfortunately the solo cups will have to wait until we flip the 5x5, they will certainly be ready by the first but I don't have another choice. Roots are starting to pour out of the bottom of the one with perlite, I actually cut a couple long stragglers.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200912 090137107
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200912 090120767

I may have a problem with pH, they're presenting some light green spotting and slight yellowing on lower leaves. I left my nutrient mix open to the air for a few days and it may have altered pH, I'll increase frequency of fertigation and keep an eye on it from now on. Bumped ec to 1.1 and outflow has been the exact same as inflow the past couple days.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200914 073147430
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200914 073205825
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200914 073200729
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200914 073157031

Going to take some more cuts off the Snaggletooths, even the ones I'm not sure of sex, I'll separate them accordingly in the propagation tray. I don't know where I'm going to put them or what I'll do with them, maybe break out my 4x4 and the old hps lol. My wife won't let me put it in the front of the house, maybe I'll order the armoire from green goddess supply and she won't have a choice. I could probably build something similar, but I really need something for propagation in order to keep the perpetual on track.

Can't wait to see everyone's spaces filled with flowers. Happy growing everyone!

Cannabis Grow 6a783706f0689b5fa8834e49fd543d2c.0

Posted : 09/14/2020 7:50 am SuperLyme, siscoweb, MtnDan and 4 people liked
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Snaggletooth tent is doing great, going to have to get in there and do some more pruning shortly. Eleven days doesn't seem very long but plants are growing quickly and the tent is only six feet tall. I may run into height issues with the lights and I still need to add the third ts1000.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200917 093809989

Took some more Snaggletooth cuts and set them in my bathroom with just limited light, I'm not sure they'll root. It's been cloudy and really humid so I've been moving them outside for a spell.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200916 112223390

The 5x5 is moving along, clones and seedlings have all been moved into one gallon pots. The guava and new England rock candy had the least volume of roots. Jack herer and peyote critical are in the lead and had more root volume than I anticipated. All clones except one Snaggletooth had filled the 350 ml pots nicely.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200920 091112350
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200920 090240794
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200920 090147892
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200920 090039193

The gg4 and Snaggletooth clones are in the reveg process and I had to clean up the gg4 a bit, she was getting pretty wild.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200919 194151854

Here's some mediocre pictures of the other clones.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200919 071921619
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200919 194143404
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200919 194139700
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200919 194134922

The Afghan cherries seems to be the strongest and healthiest of the four, but the gg4 should show some nice progress after being pruned.

Seedlings are rocking, though the new England rock candy still has some slight variegation and the guava is still presenting the trileaf growth.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200919 194215530
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200919 194207644
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200919 194203795
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200919 194159684
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200920 090045607

The suspected male is starting to show preflowers in the shape of spades, it might end up being a mother plant since I don't have room to flower her out. All plants in the 5x5 have tight node spacing so I raised the light about 16 inches and cranked up the power of the uniformity pro 640 to one hundred percent.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200920 092454857

Solo cups were droopy today, slightly underwatered, still fertigation remains twice daily. Ec bumped to 1.3 and 1.4 coming out. I trimmed the bottom growth up a bit and might top in a bit. I still think in going to wait till the second week of October to flip, I foresaw things differently in the beginning. After consideration, I realized I needed to keep them in the 5x5 and hoped for a better outcome from the clones, and the seedlings were a last ditch effort to fill my space accordingly. I got behind on my perpetual because of power issues, so we'll see what happens. I think I'll be able to transplant again in 11 days to final 5 gallon pots and we'll see where we are from there. It certainly is a challenge to fit the grow challenges into what I'm already doing and I'm trying not to stagger my grows. It is what it is, but I'll continue to update this journal with everything going on, except for what's in flower.  I'll probably be one of the last to complete this challenge.

Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20200917 073130~2

Happy growing!!

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