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Medium: Canna Coco w/ Espoma Perlite

Size: Rapid Rooters > Medium seedling bag > 3 gallon final smart pot

Nutrients: General Hydroponics 
Method: CFC High Frequency Fertigation
Tent: 4x4 (Apollo)
Exhaust: AC Infinity T6 
Veg Progression (4k): HLG 40, HLG 65, 2 x HLG 100
Flower (3k): 4 x HLG 135

Breeder: Fast Buds

Blue Dream'Matic & Zkittlez Auto

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190720 181916

Posted : 07/26/2019 10:48 am Weedman420182, turtleBoy, Rosettastoned and 3 people liked

Day 1:

Seeds were placed in Tupperware with wet paper towels. Water was a mix of RO/ splash of tap water. A few drops of armor si was added. Placed above my stove exhaust for pseudo warmth. 

Day 2:

28 hours in we have popped tails on 4 out of 6. Have 2 of each already and have planted them into rapid rooters. Now into darkness. 

Day 3:

Using a spare closet currently. Removed shell of one as it was stuck and turned on lights. Using HLG 40 seedling light. 

At 76ish hours and have a set of leaves showing.

Day 5:

Had to dig out 2 from the rooters as they got balled up. Not certain they'll survive but we'll see. Moved some to small bags as the root was out bottom/sides.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190721 201528
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190723 212317
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190723 211739~2
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190725 202111

Posted : 07/26/2019 2:08 pm Weedman420182 and Dr Coco liked
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We are now down to 5. 3 Blue Dream and 2 Zkittlez. I want 2 of each so hopefully no other issues. This little girl just never rooted at all I tried various ways to get it to grow and nothing took. 

Have adjusted things a bit. Was pretty droopy as I kept it probably a little too wet and also in the dome too long. Dome is sideways a bit now as I'm still in a closet with little rh. Added some Coco to tops to fill up a bit and readjusted placement under light. Also lowered the light a few inches just now.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190727 092650
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190727 092722

Posted : 07/27/2019 6:34 am Weedman420182 and FurrySparkle liked
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Well I jinxed my grow by saying it was going well. My guess is my initial pot size here was way too big... Or something. It germed extremely fast and  has been much slower since. Outside of 1 being a pain w/ calmag issues none are looking terrible to the point to support such slow growth. Way behind my last grow already which is dissappointing especially with this being an auto. I can see a root or 2 showing on all 5 and hopefully I have rapid take off but... this is pretty sad.  

Last 4 feedings 

EC: 793 > 820 > 864 > 910

PH 6.24 > 6.33 > 6.21 > 6.14

Lux around 8500

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190731 223905

Posted : 07/31/2019 8:17 pm Weedman420182 liked
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Friday night update... Lowered light this morning and just noticed I wasn't quite centered explaining the lean to the one. Fixed that. More roots starting to poke.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190802 180937

Posted : 08/02/2019 3:16 pm Weedman420182 liked
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Morning everyone :). 

As long as Amazon shows up it should be transplant day. Buffering Coco now and hopefully I have enough. I'm definitely wasteful and not reusing my Coco/pot from last grow. I left the stalks/root in it for quite awhile and it seems pretty gross/slimy/moldy now so I just tossed the entire pot. 

Resetting my 4x4 tent finally after last grow. I'm pretty sure I only want 4 in there so I'm going to make my racks and auto water for only 4. Out of the 3 blue dreams 1 is great, 1 is leaning, and other had some calmag issues early. Not sure why the one baby is leaning, no difference from the one next to it and haven't moved anything. I don't want to get rid of one... But don't want to force 5-6 in there again. Choices will need to be made... Or maybe I can give it to someone. 

Morning fertigation

EC 1038

pH 6.25

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190804 090419
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190804 100923

Posted : 08/04/2019 7:22 am Weedman420182 liked
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There is nothing more stressful in a grow than transplanting for me. Germination is also stressful but nothing like the possibility of breaking up ur perfect babies in half. Into large tent and final pots. Got the 5th still in seedling tent .. debating what to do with it.

Enviro 79/70

Lux 12k

Morning fertigation: 6.28 / 1065 

This is about 12 hours post transplant

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190805 083358

Posted : 08/05/2019 5:37 am Weedman420182, Dr Coco and FurrySparkle liked
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48 hours post transplant and 3 of 4 appear great. Lifted up onto shelves for easy empty of saucers prior to the auto watering system being installed.  Gonna hand water for a few more days as I haven't built the new manifold yet.

pH 6.12

EC 1074

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190806 230657

Posted : 08/06/2019 8:19 pm Weedman420182, Rosettastoned and Chefomj liked
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A little late on the fertigation today as I missed pH a bit... Looking good I think I can top 2 of them tommorow and maybe a 3rd. Front right maybe Sunday. 

pH 6.14

EC 1204

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190809 222718
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190809 215138
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190809 214412
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190809 221933

Also got my shirt! It's epicly soft. Major thanks @drcoco 

Posted : 08/09/2019 7:33 pm Weedman420182, Gabarram, FurrySparkle and 1 people liked
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Debating... Still seems a node early but I'm no expert / can't tell.  I want to get 2 toppings in on this grow. Also not certain if I'm supposed to be removing anything below at this point? Def taking off tho.

Cannabis Grow 1366893422

Posted : 08/10/2019 9:00 am Weedman420182 liked

Topped the girls last night and fed with around 6.25 / 1250 water. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190810 201734



Posted : 08/11/2019 8:53 am Weedman420182 and FurrySparkle liked
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Been fighting the different strains needs lately. Started cutting my EC down for the blue dream. I'm now near max calmag and have cut back the recipe everywhere else to meet EC targets. One is really pissed lol. May have to feed with calmag only and see how it does. Making all new nutes tonight and will decide in the am fertigation. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190813 200701

Posted : 08/13/2019 5:18 pm Weedman420182, SpencersHerbs and FurrySparkle liked

After a few days 6.25+ pH and 1300 EC I've brought it down to 6.1 and 1200 EC. Increased grow and bloom amounts but brought down Cal mag. Just broke the best one in half right down the middle while trying to do a little lst... Not great growth on the other 3 all the growth seems weak / soft / slow in comparison to the one with great stretch and appearance. Will monitor. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190818 094627

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190818 094651

Posted : 08/18/2019 6:52 am Weedman420182, Rosettastoned and Nores liked
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Did some light training last night. Smells like sweet dank sugar candy in here already. Pretty powerful and amazing. Leaving the tall / pretty one alone training wise as she heals her main stalk up.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190818 235351

This is about 8 hours later when I woke up.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190819 080043

Posted : 08/19/2019 5:12 am Weedman420182, Gabarram and Chefomj liked

Just checked on the reject... It's in guerilla grow mode amongst a large barrel of natural weeds. I've done nothing to this was just curious how it would go. I threw it in a pot with whatever soil was amongst the weeds and some Perlite. Has not showed gender yet, was curious how fast an auto would flip outside with no tlc.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190820 180727

Posted : 08/20/2019 3:12 pm Weedman420182, FurrySparkle and Dr Coco liked
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