Straightening The Curve

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Straightening The Curve

Greetings and welcome to the first documentation not initiated by a grow challenge. 
As with my PTGC, I will be using two strains from a Purple City Genetics 🧬. 
The seeds from PCG have already been popped and are currently in the latter days of their flowering stages.

White Bubba and Runtz x F1 Durban x Gushers are the current clones I will be using. I have already seen patterns from each of the 4 original mothers being grown now. 2 White Bubba are growing side by side and are growing in very similar patterns. Size of the plants as well as the flowers are very much the same from each seed. 
The 2 Runtz x F1Durban x Gushers being grown from seed at this time are showing two TOTALLY different growths patterns. One is much larger, took longer to flower, and is much lighter green than the other. The 2nd seed is squat with dark green leaves. It started to flower much earlier than its sister. Really exciting to see the different phenotypes in one line. I feel this is worth mentioning at the beginning as the clines have been pulled from each phenotype. 

The equipment Im using is a DIY recirculating derp water culture system. I have 5 plant locations in 5 gallon buckets with a 15 gallon Reservoir. Veg will be under a 400w metal hailde with flowering under the same 400w light but with a HPS bulb. 
Fox farms has been the main nutrient used in previous the grow and will be used in this one as well. The dirty dozen comes with everything I need for a complete grow. I will be using Cal-Mag and silica blast from botanicare as well. 

The clones I am using were pulled from flowering plants. I am curious and hoping to see how monster cropping works. I apparently root a flowering clone and revert it back to a vegging state. By doing this there are supposed to be more than normal branching growth. Both of these strains are a bit long in the flowering times so I had to make cuttings some time ago. 


Posted : 10/03/2020 9:01 am

Day 1

Moved rooted clones to temporary soil containers until grow area is clear. Just using a cfl on them 24 hrs to keep them from flowering any more and to help revert them back veg.

Cannabis Grow C4DC0370 AED4 4D0D 9C61 CE15887B58B0
Cannabis Grow 6CD63A15 D5BA 455D A153 43F26D0D18D8
Cannabis Grow 97889805 06D8 4622 8A5E 259CEB0575D0
Cannabis Grow CFB47DD5 B37F 4237 8842 5D2479DCED76

Posted : 10/03/2020 9:10 am

Cannabis Grow 81BBD052 4B35 4903 81DC 8BF12EE113D2

Well, looks like I may be switching lights for this grow!  I’ve blessed with the Photontek X465 Pro LED from our PTGC  here at Coco For Cannabis!! Big Ups to Dr. Coco and all the crew at CFC. You guys are awesome! Thank you!! 🙏🌿💚🌿 Big Up’s to all the Growers as well! The CFC community is amazing and just what I need in my life! 

I just received  this news Monday so it’ll be some time before delivery, set up and usage on the Photontek x465. I feel like I’m gonna have some big shoes to fill with this light! 

Really no progress at this point with all the clones. I’ve never monster cropped so I’m not sure how long it will take to see new growth. A small CF light stays on the ladies 24/0 to help with the revert back to a veg state. 

Posted : 10/07/2020 11:04 am

Photontek has already delivered the new light!! That was only like 4 days! So happy! I’ve already installed the new Photontek x465w And it looks great! I’m switching from a 400w hps to this LED for the last couple of weeks of flower

Cannabis Grow 672369E2 F8A1 4CD9 B808 7A85765DC725
Cannabis Grow 4784E392 9D60 4B42 9EA5 BA6F9517658A
Cannabis Grow D60CD267 2826 45A5 9578 01431253DBF9
Cannabis Grow ABA354E9 6001 4662 AA77 D59712430B4D

Posted : 10/12/2020 11:18 am ChaseG1992, BBudz420, Rootz369 and 1 people liked

Whew wee! How time flies and how time also changes us! 
So here I am thinking about how to best utilize the gift I’ve been given. Whoa! I mean the Photontek light but I guess we are all gifted in our own ways. So, how do I do my best in this next grow? 
i believe the thoughts of upping my game come directly from receiving this light. It is a catalyst for me. We push our plants to do their best but what pushes us to do ours? I believed I was doing my best before. But I lacked vision and knowledge. Normally I’d say knowledge comes with time but in the CFC world knowledge comes by asking. Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you will find. I feel like that should be an ancient quote meant to enable us to achieve all of our dreams... Anyhow, I felt an energy push me. It pushed me to where I already am but enabled me to see in a different way. ALL the info I need for success is here in this site. I just gotta forget that I think I know something. Lol 

I went coco. 💯 in. If I received a light from coco for cannabis then I should grow in coco. Give it a shot and try my best to follow all that has been laid out for us by the good Dr. Coco! 
So having said all that... here we go! 

Posted : 10/31/2020 10:53 am ChaseG1992 and Rootz369 liked

10/25/20- After reading and listening to the Doc on growcast I decided to go with seeds as well as clones for this grow. The vigor of seedlings vs. the clones I cut from flowering plants led me to think that the seeds may beat out the clones in time. 
As with my last grow , I am using seeds and clones from Purple City Genetics. The White x Pre ‘98 Bubba Kush will be both seed and clone. I will also use a Runtz x F1 Durban x Gushers. 
Im going to go ahead and drop 3 marlon rando’s from bag. Just to see  


•1 White Bubba 

•1 Runtz x F1Durban x Gushers 

•3 Marlon Rando



• 5 gal fabric pots

•Botanicare Pro Blend grow and bloom 


•Botanicare Silica Blast 

•Botanicare Cal-Mag 

•General Hydro Diamond Nectar 

•Fox Farms Microbe Brew 

Grow area-

Outdoor closet 36x40 attached to house  4”fan pulling fresh air from inside house. Exaust through 6” charcoal filter to attic 


Phontontek X465w Pro 





Posted : 10/31/2020 11:15 am ChaseG1992 and Rootz369 liked

Cannabis Grow D59052A1 B650 4362 B0A6 F333B12A08D0
Cannabis Grow 27429A60 2C7D 4727 BCB2 8EF645F6DA7E


Im going to be posting a lot so I can get on real time  (10/31/20)

I lost my coco buffering virginity today. It was long over due. It was a bit awkward at first. You know cause it’s so sloppy and and all. I guess it was sloppy cause I don’t know what I’m doing. Yet!  
Since I will be using four 5 gal fabric pots I went ahead and dehydrated, rinsed, strained and buffered a whole block of Roots Organics coco. I’m using Botanicare Cal-Mag. 7.5 ml per gal for buffering solution. 
After using 5 gallon buckets to buffer in solution for 8+ Hrs, I did it again. 
Onced buffered I added a bag a perilite to the coco at the recommended ratio of a bag to a brick. I don’t know if that wording has been used but I dig it. A bag to a brick, yo! 

As of the 25th all seeds are in paper towels. 

Posted : 10/31/2020 12:30 pm ChaseG1992 liked


White Bubba has popped ! I’m going to let the tsp root get a bit longer before placing into jiffy pellet. 
I had already prepped my jiffy cubes last night in hopes of seeing root today! 

Posted : 10/31/2020 12:36 pm ChaseG1992 liked


White Bubba seed has long enough root to put into jiffy. Runtz hybrid is aldi ready to place in jiffy. One placed in jiffy plugs I will put both in a humidity dome.

Cannabis Grow 0A02FBFE 6E2D 47A7 A6D8 AD72BFC6C1E2
Cannabis Grow A9C21D89 7DC2 4A22 A918 AB22722228B9
Cannabis Grow F898FFB9 6078 4920 90F0 BE3109CC239E
Cannabis Grow 3AAB181F 0083 4C44 B0FD 3EB16C666386

Posted : 10/31/2020 12:38 pm ChaseG1992 liked

Cannabis Grow D632D1CD 33B3 4F4E B341 7078BFF2317F
Cannabis Grow 4E1ECFBE F916 43E9 AE69 3ED45BA6D03D
Cannabis Grow E5447832 EBDE 4797 AB55 73CDA77B8E76


Its funny how sometimes we put stuff off only until forced to do it! I mean I MEANT to do it before hand!! Lol 

I had to get solo cups ready for seedlings. I filled each cup with coco mix and rinsed with pure water to lower buffeted coco EC of 730 down to an EC of @100. The coco in the cups needs to be fertigated prior to transfer so I mixed a target 1000 EC seedling blend gallon and diluted down. Outflow on cups ended up at around 338 for transfer. Ph of seedling blend was 6.5

All of this was to be done prior to having tap root emerging from the bottom of the jiffy plug. Surprise!!! Do it NOW!

 White Bubba has tap root 3 days later! That’s Sunday morning 10 ish to Wednesday afternoon 4ish.  50 sumfin hrs later??!! Yeah buddy! 
So I had to transfer into solo. ✊

Posted : 10/31/2020 12:59 pm ChaseG1992 and Rootz369 liked

Cannabis Grow 1794633F 2E58 40D2 9810 7649AF60780C
Cannabis Grow FA4D87B8 E5F7 47C8 94C9 E24E7DF81417
Cannabis Grow DE56FB30 2B70 458D BE96 D7FABA7A0F3F
Cannabis Grow 4CCBAEC5 4068 48DE AC0C 254610BFFAA3
Cannabis Grow 899A9894 959B 4C76 9EF9 695CD7751D61

I use to run DWC before but there is a certain Jen ne sais quoi to crowing in coco. Is it the intimate handling of seedlings swiftly growing in solo cups? Is it the thrill of building a nectar fit for gods and goddesses? Is it that gentle application of this nectar to each baby girl that builds the the relationship only written about in poems and plays? In any case... I LOVE IT! 

Started fertigating seedlings and clones in their temporary solo cup homes. 
•Seedling/clone feed - Target mix EC 1000

Each seedling was fed 25ml of diluted target mix. runoff was 5ml 
EC 400 Ph 6.0 



Posted : 11/04/2020 4:41 pm ChaseG1992 liked

Cannabis Grow D391E267 DEA8 4A00 B662 4D266C9E56F0
Cannabis Grow 6FB0B9BE AC42 4323 8A06 E021DB5F3AC4
Cannabis Grow 8BBB5C7A 870E 4F6F 94F1 41627C0D888A
Cannabis Grow E5AAE325 5A58 42C5 BBF0 F075E7D29D6C
Cannabis Grow 20B3D2E0 CB15 49C4 B4A7 A8AB77178C20
Cannabis Grow AB530324 741F 47A3 99E5 D24B1FF20B6B

Alright. Fast forward. Nov 7th. Everything has been going as Mother Nature intends. The cannabis is growing in coco at an alarming rate. It’s almost like that Venus fly trap play/movie/meme. I walk in the grow room and there is this green goddess hovering in between the lights and the floor. Her gaze is mesmerizing. It’s as if I’ve peaked on my mushroom ride and the eyes I’m staring into are those of the ancients. But it’s an ancient me along with everything and everyone that has ever been. The feeling begins to lift me up. A deep ripple vibrates and tears down the scene around me. Im left with the fierce yet gentle eyes of a being that has nurtured and coddled not only me but the entire existence of this conscious organism we ate all a part of. The difference in existence for us and others is that we have all starred into these green eyes and felt the power, the desire, the peace, the oneness... the indescribable. 
Each time I open the garden I’m reminded that the sight I see is the same as you see. We have different methods but we all view and share the same beauty. Thank all of you  for sharing your time and passion. I B appreciate it. 
Im not the best at journaling. I’ve skipped days. I’ve gotten lost in the moments. The wonderful moments! I’m following Dr. Coco’s ways and I’m seeing amazing results! As stated previously, I get lost! Lost and living in the green! This is my up time date post. I’ve missed a few days and steps but I’d rather be on real time instead of living in the past. Lol. 💚✊ 

Posted : 11/07/2020 12:37 pm ChaseG1992 and Rootz369 liked

Woo hoo!! The grow room was upgraded with a new to me ac unit! I’ve been struggling with temps and humidity since I started using this outdoor closet. The ladies are loving the consistency. I’ve gotten all of the seedlings and clones on 1050 EC feed at 6.0 ph.

Cannabis Grow B1442B6F 50E0 4AEF B350 6DD9D37EE6D2
Cannabis Grow 2DE12857 945A 4C9D A207 B05E6BF19FC3
Cannabis Grow 0849EA7B 08AC 4A88 A273 1F17374C545B
Cannabis Grow F5A792BD 8562 4A61 9D2F 618FCDE7FD5B
Cannabis Grow CF386F86 9828 4235 8AFF 0821CF4FF8B6
Cannabis Grow BB4034FF DFE4 427B 9F52 6CDFB80D72BC
Cannabis Grow 1E93A6E8 855A 4E7C B58F B77BA1FEB2B0
Cannabis Grow 8DEEAF55 1D31 451F AF01 4CBCA3B60A32

Posted : 11/08/2020 6:56 pm ChaseG1992 liked

Consistent temps. Humidity is a bit low. I will be making some moves to get it it up to 65%. It stays in the 40-50% range but it’s not ideal. I up potted the two monster crop trials to their final 5 gallon fabric pots. The seedlings still need to reach 6 nodes before I up pot but they are going strong. 15 days from breaking surface and I’m happy. Clones are really bushing out. I’ll wait a few days to start pruning in them. I’ll root the cuttings and maybe shove a bunch of party cups in there. Lol 

Lesson for the day... even if calibrated, check pens to ensure accuracy. I calibrated my ph pen last week. It was off 2 points this morning! There is no way I was using it that far off but I should have double  checked it when I saw strange leaf spots. Check, check, and check again... 

Still running 5 full bars in the Photontek fixture at 50%. Ladies seem to be happy about it.

Cannabis Grow 579EE10F 694A 4D15 95B1 51E94337177F
Cannabis Grow 5D96FF6C E773 4251 93F8 E39258E571C7
Cannabis Grow C334999B 4E86 408A A2BA 4BCFA467A920
Cannabis Grow 8F9B7479 0ADD 4CB7 98CF E1BA3371783C
Cannabis Grow C9B16A6A FF89 4848 AAF0 16B962C2F795
Cannabis Grow 4F248357 3BF6 4D12 B38F AAB042E7A770
Cannabis Grow EE1BD834 2B9B 4D57 B404 AF07709AE5ED

Posted : 11/12/2020 11:30 am

Cannabis Grow 456688F6 9B4B 452B 9835 C83F5C71769C
Cannabis Grow 7A222274 95EE 4CC1 AA41 4DCE2AE8D21B
Cannabis Grow CF5D4E9E CB2D 412A 9367 921EE527A0FC
Cannabis Grow F499FE6D 01DE 47F8 8F3E 635D9799B590
Cannabis Grow B07379A4 D478 46BB 8001 E6CD7EB39030
Cannabis Grow 59D9D231 EFFF 442B 8156 53C6D5209937
Cannabis Grow E310E525 FE7C 4DDE B2CB 08F986A69657
Cannabis Grow D2806A3E 92A3 4892 A3E7 AD79D02920A4
Cannabis Grow 49F6B9FA 103E 4737 B505 3155229816BE
Cannabis Grow 1B5B45E8 2E2A 430A 8192 4FA0E70BE70F
Cannabis Grow 122A7825 698C 4B09 8398 A08CB668CBCC
Cannabis Grow 71ECBEFA 640E 45BC B5F0 9EDE931D0BA9
Cannabis Grow 25F317DF 4E9C 4D8B B937 4F9B3576402D
Cannabis Grow 69ABDE6E A9BD 4BEB BA17 C54FA9746888
Cannabis Grow 7FAE3D7F F1FE 48E2 A2B1 7471383A11AE
Cannabis Grow BCD73076 6ECB 4F7A 89BB A77CCDBBDCC8
Cannabis Grow 8D47D5E5 5470 421A BC6D EE2F0C6AF9FA
Cannabis Grow 01A9A75A 98D3 4180 AB93 77DCEDB189BD
Cannabis Grow 57F4BF5A 4BBD 45B3 9328 0A2CA4D22921
Cannabis Grow EA5D4CCC D044 4F37 BAA0 0913D739CFDC
Cannabis Grow 4E0E5869 2E59 4C0D 8F08 5C954A2F95F9
Cannabis Grow 69F01D11 B5DE 49AE A11D 799AADDA71E2
Cannabis Grow 279FD868 226B 4F7F A7C5 EC4E3BA4F6A8
Cannabis Grow D5BD7CCE 5509 462D 8006 9AED3ACFF368
Cannabis Grow B6ACCCE1 227A 4047 801A 6B659243FAA0
Cannabis Grow 1FC55EA1 5548 4751 81D6 9D51C45AC5B7
Cannabis Grow 76011B51 1CC4 48A6 A267 5C62C8492525
Cannabis Grow 4A38A746 400C 49BE 84C6 14654A827D64

Is everybody in? Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin! It’s been a bit since my last entry. Funny how much time I spend in the grow room and chat but never here...🤔

... So let’s see..... I had two in fabric pots last post ..  I’ll post pics from that point. 

Im not gonna get into majors details about EC and what not at this time. I follow CFC guidelines for feeding, testing and monitoring. I have to bump this or lower that but I think we all have a sweet spot we have to find. 
Let the show begin..

Posted : 11/25/2020 11:21 am ChaseG1992 and BBudz420 liked
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