Soo many seeds popped —40 seed try fr mephisto

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Cannabis Grow B4FB013D 08D1 4500 8C96 0210CC042170

So I ordered 18 northern Cheeze haze  auto from Mephisto genetics and they gave me 15 free seeds


5    deep blue c x3 bears og

5   Auto blues x something 

5 strawberry x something  



Of these strains I would say 20 to 25 seeds of breach the surface and 15 of them are already transplanted becauseOf the strains I would say 20 to 25  hace breach the surface and to 15 of them are already transplanted becaus of the fact that roots stuck thru the pellets



Posted : 11/30/2019 5:07 pm

I’m Gonna need someone to take some of these from me or I’ll have to toss many 

Posted : 11/30/2019 5:08 pm

Multiple seeds popped and became viable 


I have 12 of the 20 that I kept because I have been selectively eliminating certain rejects 

Cannabis Grow 556C94FB 5144 49CE 9D76 F05EE1F61897
Cannabis Grow CA7CD3EE 4E66 4A33 ABF1 7684FE1BBEFB


if u look I’m about ready to transplant. 


Posted : 12/06/2019 3:47 am
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Her are the final kept candidates 


4  plants were kept for one 3x3 tent and then another 4 were saved for another 3x3 Both with auto water and 3 gallon air pots. 

toppes at 3rd or 4th node


Cannabis Grow 51811C85 F8E3 4B1C 97F3 847BE3ED78D3
Cannabis Grow FCD464E0 2DBB 4FB8 8827 5C02241A1C8B
Cannabis Grow CB1005DA AD46 4828 867D D52A69F130C7

Posted : 12/21/2019 4:21 pm
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Cannabis Grow F75E78B3 A2B7 4014 8E4E 606FDD7FA884

I’m seeing pistils on 6out of 8 plants 

I’m also running 300 w in one tent and 600 in the other 



onectebt is under ground abs the other in my guest bedroom 


Posted : 12/27/2019 5:21 am
Forgot to check flowering days in the log 
Posted : 12/27/2019 5:23 am

Cannabis Grow 451975D9 A875 4709 8BDF D049071EDDB6
Cannabis Grow E084AD20 57EE 45B2 AF84 B36C83EDA0F6


4 inch trellis grid installed to spread canopy and cover the middle gap 


Posted : 12/29/2019 1:11 am

I’m at mid bloom nutes and shits blowing up lolol. 
will be posting pics and then lights on but for now take my word it’s wall to wall in a 3x3

Posted : 01/12/2020 1:20 am valleymicro liked
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So here’s the first real picture Update

Cannabis Grow 6171F786 01AE 4BFA 9E65 3387DD7BB5E6
Cannabis Grow 287EE041 C3C7 4946 A0BE 177C365F864B
Cannabis Grow F27ECDA1 D098 4CCD 9871 AFE0AAB71191
Cannabis Grow 9C01C4A0 8D9A 46A9 9139 5604A671A5ED


So I believe all of these plants have a 60-75 day clock so probs around mid-late bloom but not near ripen 

im on the first column of late bloom and will soon move to the second column of late bloom then onto ripen. I stay at each for a week because of the short flower period. 

if I sit at ripen for longer than a week and the plants don’t show defecencies I just roll with it 


bith tents are setup the same way just different lighting 

the upstairs 3x3 is running 600w of led quantum boards from hlg


and the  one in the basement is mars hydro ts1000 x2

also in a 3x3


both have 4 inch intake and exhaust and a heater on controller in front of intake to directly heat the intake air . I got that idea from working on diesels and knowing about heated intake used to avoid pre  heating.

Works well and stays steady at 78 with lights off and at 82-83 with lights on upstairs and downstairs it stays at 78 all day and night  


rh is maintained with dehumidifier in the room outside the tent and downstairs the dehumidifier pumps eater directly out the window  




I’m trying to build my stash before major spinal surgery. Either a fusion or an artificial disk replacement 


would be cool to have a prosthetic disk in my spine 😎 


bionic spine/6million dollar man stuff 

Posted : 01/14/2020 1:03 am

Here’s an update I have lost track of day count but I’m on late bloom column 2

Cannabis Grow AA5AC91E AC80 403B 822B B7EAF1B14007
Cannabis Grow D69C2884 D1F2 4324 8E3F 5DD746B05B57
Cannabis Grow 5625A36F 52A2 4A7E 8D77 D2EC8CBE569A
Cannabis Grow 245D50FD C96A 4401 A3ED 22303EC0CE39

Posted : 01/23/2020 3:01 pm

gonna start scoping the plants soon because they are said to be 65-75 day autos 


Posted : 01/23/2020 3:02 pm
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I’m in the final stretch

So I am around day 65-70 

my automatics are bithe 60-75 days or 60 days however all of them are seemingly missing amber trichomes and some of the expected  frost 


Cannabis Grow 6ECA5689 6FD5 4034 9A7F 55214C140EDF
Cannabis Grow 6D8EFDD4 4D6C 48D0 8CE0 2EED686B11E8
Cannabis Grow A90571D9 C00F 45E6 896F 89F39A1DD690
Cannabis Grow 1DE17814 6377 43AC 8DDC BF5309838AB1
Cannabis Grow 9A16EBFF 94F7 456D B03F 788A510FB368
Cannabis Grow BC83F3D3 0270 4E85 AB18 B5678FC7B279
Cannabis Grow 31F89EAA 9A87 4373 A10C 9831302A44E9
Cannabis Grow E126F528 7075 4304 AF94 5412C0BC55C7
Cannabis Grow 564D7C5E B717 44DC 98EF 799270DABAD9
Cannabis Grow 7324BF36 0063 4565 BA9F D748D31838F2
Cannabis Grow 0A92E331 3D18 4C1E 9944 AED37C5EAE83
Cannabis Grow 7EE4C8CD 5F66 4015 B0E1 B05A9A6C11BE
Cannabis Grow 49A4AAD6 C238 4716 9D33 1824CDA7E49E
Cannabis Grow 61C2A3C8 5863 465E BFCB A872494DA7B4



hoping to harvest before mid feb so that my weed is done curing by March 17 for my surgery 


Posted : 01/29/2020 9:41 pm

try combs are showing mostly frosty with some brown and some amber so definitely starting to turn more Amber and starting to decay


Michael Angelo growers is coming over to my house to help me trim and manicure 8 Plants worth of weed

Cannabis Grow B63FC11B A268 42D2 88AD 17F7886DA6CF
Cannabis Grow F665935E 6F92 4D78 8BB3 D3BDCF8D0DCE
Cannabis Grow 84E1BE7C D2C4 422F B337 39C00BD173E8
Cannabis Grow C31FE228 7BF6 4F01 82CD D9990B40A4C8
Cannabis Grow 1D57D26E 23AE 46F8 BEB1 E41BB5ABAEE4
Cannabis Grow B45FCE16 22CD 4CC1 A788 9ED36362027D
Cannabis Grow 99F2EE13 BECC 47E9 B5F2 8DF95302EA47
Cannabis Grow A37D7AA3 5D97 4244 8B35 D9F330006B4A
Cannabis Grow 460F2548 87D7 47BC B03C 6E7EC57BCDF0
Cannabis Grow 548987E7 E516 4329 946E B90BEB11DF45

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Cannabis Grow 568D4898 A89B 4E06 8856 1E38E56826B2
Cannabis Grow 57EF718B B7B7 4CB0 BA63 4DC3A584316A
Cannabis Grow 1495F825 0102 44F0 9657 953545D52B0A


I have flushed and prepared for harvest for 2 days now I started flush first by hand then filled each reseviloir with flora kleen and h202 at 5ml of flora clean and 2.5 ml of h202 per gallon. 

here’s the trichomes before harvest 

Posted : 02/07/2020 6:36 pm Cannavore liked
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Harvest done
Harvested: 02/08/2020
Total Days: 79
Flower Days: 2

So I have my weed drying and have found one or two plants worth jarring that are dry enigmatic and stabilize at 58-62 rh 

I got 9 jars of 28-30 g so far and have another 3/4 of my harvest left. 


looks like it will be 900 g at least probs even 1000 


I used 900 total watts so I got more than 1g/w

Posted : 02/13/2020 2:51 am smotpoker, Mcass86 and Dr Coco liked
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