SAFC-Dr Coco's Four-Pack Grow

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OK, this has been a busy week for me and the Girls!

Day 44 Fourpack

Let me say, these girls are blowing me away. They have kept up a 3 inches PLUS pace this whole week! I am actually now a little concerned about vertical space within the tent! This Time Lapse is exactly 3 weeks... It starts on May 12 just after I did the live demo on the Cheap Home Grow Live show, which you can see in a post above. So, three weeks - and they were topped (for the second time) early in this sequence.

Think Different is still different! She is the most curious of the plants though - and I am happy that she is there. But if the other's don't stop their vertical sprint, she is not going to receive her full share of the light! I had to open the side door to remove grafting tape from an earlier supercrop...

Day 44 side

They were such little plants such a short time ago! This is a more impressive stretch than Photo-period plants I have grown - at least so far... TD is obviously deep into her attempt at flowering - but the other three are just now starting to "head up" as @drphoton would say 🙂

Here is a close up of a Glueberry OG Top

Day 44 GB

Colorado Cookies is still looking like my champion. She is back left and really on a tear! It has been a lot of fun to see this sprint, but I will be very fine if they go ahead and slow down now - I got like 3 more days at this pace before I will not be able to raise the light! #CfCproblems

So much Grower Love! I hope your plants are bringing you all beautiful flowers!

Let's Grow Together
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Where do I even start.

I suppose an apology – to myself and all of you for not keeping this updated. I have to learn better time management with website stuff. I have updated just about everything on the entire website – except my own journal! ☹

In my defense, I have tried to keep everyone posted on my progress in chat. But, chat is a temporary fleeting thing and now there is not a great record of this grow. I wish there was – so I am sad I let it go so long. Let that be a lesson to me 😉

Day 71 Four vert

The grow has been nuts! Three of the four are among the largest plants I have had under these lights. Night Queen is absolutely the largest – and actually hit the roof of the tent last night. I’m not Kidding! It’s an 80” tall tent – and this is a Manifolded AutoFlower.

Day 71 NQ cola

So how is it that I got myself into the situation where a cola literally hit the roof of the tent? Well, here is a Time Lapse to help see what I have been dealing with

Night Queen in particular has just been an unbelievable plant. She is much more than I expected. In addition to hitting the ceiling, she also has completely smothered Think Different.

Day 71 NQ top
Day 71 NQ stem

Think Different is my little runt. She just couldn’t keep up with the rest. She would have been a somewhat decent plant if the others had not buried her. A couple weeks ago I added a little CFL light fir her. Since then, NQ has continued her assault and grown right over the top of the CFL. TD is maturing down there in her cave and will actually be the first to finish – as early as next week!

Day 71 TD 1
Day 71 TD 2

Glueberry OG is a big solid plant with no problems. She is as tall as Colorado Cookies, but I don’t think she is quite as big. She is next to TD in the front of the tent and is also enjoying the air space above TD. GB has been fattening up lately and she has my most photogenic – and photographable colas

Day 71 GB 1
Day 71 GB2

Colorado Cookies has both the most impressive colas and the most disturbing leaves. She had a bad reaction to the bloom booster when I first gave it to her several weeks ago and boy do some of her leaves look rough. But I flushed her pretty quick and she never missed a beat fattening up. She is parked only like 10” under the light, which is really far to close, so that stress is not helping her leaves look any better. Despite the outward appearance I am confident in her health and the time lapse confirms that she is stacking on the weight.

Day 71 CC1
Day 71 CC2

I hope all your plants are growing well and if they are SAFC then I hope they are fattening up 😊

Grower Love!

Let's Grow Together
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Alright, well the first signs of light damage are apparent on Night Queen. Pure while spots on one of the leaves that was probably a mere inch or two from the lights. I am also thinking that light must be part of the issue that Colorado Cookies is having. It is unusual for light damage, but I'll be damned if it isn't concentrated right under the lights! Her lower leaves and her canopy that is not at dangerous umol levels are fine and healthy.

Overall all the plants are healthy really

Day 73 4pack

Day 73 NQ
Day 73 CC

I pulled NQ out of the way as best as I could again. Her branches are really woody at this point and the plant is just dense and growing everywhere, so it is really not an easy task. But I gotta try and save the colas!

I think CC is going to be just fine - she has looked like that for a while really and it has not stopped her from plumping up long hard colas. 

But we'll have to see what damage the lights may do.

Grower Love

Let's Grow Together
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