SAFC Black Holes (Misfits): Autos Unleashed!

What happens when an OF coco grower returns to his roots growing in soil, but this time decides to grow auto-flowering plants outside? That's what this grow will find out. I'll be growing in Fox Farm's soil-like mixtures (Ocean Forest and Happy Frog), and will probably use Roots Organics dry nutrients to supplement. That's a big change from growing in coco with high-frequency fertigation and synthetic liquid nutrients that I've been doing most recently, but I am looking forward to not having to run outside and hand-water multiple times a day!

Those who have followed my past journals know that I'm not a huge fan of auto-flower strains, but I figured I would give it one last try. And because it may be my last time growing autos, I'm growing a long list of strains:

Strain Breeder
Days from sprout
Think Different 🤔🤪 Dutch Passion 63
Double Grape x 3 Bears OG 🍇🍇🐻🐻🐻 Mephisto Genetics 65-70
Purple Thai Auto RBX1 💜🇹🇭 Ethos 70-80
Pluto Cut Auto R F3 🦹✂️ Ethos 70-90
Dragon Heart Auto Reg CBD 🐉💚 Sebring Seeds 80

I'm also growing a Chem D Auto but there's only room for 5 strains in the grow box! Thanks so much to @missmyrcene for the Chem D, Pluto Cut, and Dragon Heart, and thanks to @n-grower for the 3 Bear OG x Double Grape (which I think came originally from @PhoSoup). Grower love to all my seed-sharing growmies!

I'll be starting these indoors in my seedling/clone area. Once they are past the delicate seedling stage, I will move them outside to my small 8'x8' greenhouse to start hardening them off. As soon as nights are warm enough, I'll move them into the great outdoors.  Wish me luck!

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Welcome to the black hole, berk. I am excited to see how your early outdoor autos peeform.

Posted : 04/17/2021 10:37 am
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Day 1

Scuffed the seeds in a tube of fine sandpaper, and dropped them into individual plastic vials of distilled water to soak at 4:20 pm on 4/20. An auspicious beginning! After 3 hours, I transferred the soaked seed into moist paper towel and placed in a sealed pyrex container on the heat mat at 30°C.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0866
Cannabis Grow IMG 0867

Day 2

The first seeds popped and grew tails, so I put them into rapid rooters.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0898

Day 3

A few of the seeds in rooters have their heads aboveground. A few others grew tails, and I put them into rooters.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0904

Day 4

All of the seeds have now grown tails except the Pluto Cut Auto and some ancient bag seeds I am trying to pop for another grow. Most of the seeds in rooters are aboveground. I used the soft pointed end of a tidy tip cotton swab to carefully slide off helmets (seed coat) after moistening a few times with distilled water to soften.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0913

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Off to a good start!

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Oh Dear. My black hole journal seems to have fallen into a black hole!  So, first, a quick recap.

When last we left our intrepid plants, they were but little sprouts after 4 days. Some had note even sprouted yet. In fact, the Pluto Cut never did sprout, even after a full 2 weeks in moist paper towel on the seedling mat. And then they were six.

Day 6

Removed humidity dome and put in 100x100 tent under FC3000 light at min and way up at 130cm. Potted (500ml) Purple Thai 💜🇹🇭 and think different 🤔🤪 in ocean forest. Dg x 3bog, chem d, and dragon heart still in pellets no root showing.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0991

Day 8

Potted the Dragon Heart 🐉💚, 3 Bear OG x Double Grape 🐻🐻🐻🍇🍇 , and Chem D 🧪🐶 into 500ml party cups in Ocean Forest. The autos are the 6 plants in the front. The 4 pots in the back are photo regulars in coco that are going to stay inside when the autos venture outside. 🐻🐻🐻🍇🍇 is not looking good, with some deformity that has been there since she germinated. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 1052

Day 14

After nearly a week of the seedlings doing absolutely nothing, they finally started growing! I would blame the peat-based "soil" but the photos in coco did the exact same thing. The only thing I can think of is that I left them on the seedling mat this whole time while I was trying to get the Pluto Cut to germinate. Their roots may just have been too warm. In any case, they are off the mat now!

Cannabis Grow IMG 1110

Day 17

Okay. THAT's much better. Second sets of leaves are grown and the 3rd are just appearing. 3 Bears OG x Double Grape 🐻🐻🐻🍇🍇 is still looking a bit twisty and wonky, but is improving.

Cannabis Grow IMG 1136

Day 21

Roots are out the bottom, and it is time to pot up to #1 nursery pots (2.8L)! As you can see, 🐻🐻🐻🍇🍇is looking much better!

Cannabis Grow IMG 1171

Cannabis Grow IMG 1172

Cannabis Grow IMG 1173

Here are the root on one of the other plants.

Cannabis Grow IMG 1175

The autos are still sharing the 100x100-cm tent (3.3x3.3 feet) with the photos (in the party cups still) and a few clones that I am training for friends. As soon as the nights warm up a bit more, I'll be moving the auto to the greenhouse!

Cannabis Grow IMG 1176

Day 24

I am starting to get nervous that these autos might decide to start making pistils soon, so I am topping them now, even though the 4th node has just grown. I top them just above the 3rd node, and remove the branches on the 1st node (leaving the little leaves at the node). If I have time to top a second time, I'll probably manifold these at the 3rd node But if they flip too soon, then I will cross-train them and grow out both the 2nd and 3rd nodes.

First haircut to the Dragon Hearts 🐉💚. These are regular seeds, so I hope at least one is a female!

Cannabis Grow IMG 1209
Cannabis Grow IMG 1208

Not sure who this is, but it' a good view of the topped plant. Normally, I would leave a larger peg,  to help keep the stem from splitting, but that's all there was below the 4th node!

Cannabis Grow IMG 1212

Day 26

Which, if I am counting right, bring us up to the present. I completely forgot to mention that I gradually lowered the light down to 43-cm above the plants, then gradually increased the power to about 60% (200 watts). With this light, that's about 700µmol/m2/s PPFD.

Cannabis Grow IMG 1229

They are growing well, and the nights are almost warm enough to move them to the greenhouse without having to burn electrons to heat it. So, I setup the shelves in the greenhouse, and brought out a ventilation fan.

Cannabis Grow IMG 1235

I will try hard to update at least a bit more frequently than once a month!



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Now,  don't get used to two posts in a weekend, but I just had to update. Moved the autos (and the reveg monster and the clones) out to the greenhouse! With luck it will keep the heat long enough into the night that they won't need heat. Out door air temperature is supposed to go down to 7°C (45°F) overnight. That's a bit cold for cannabis, but the greenhouse usually holds the heat reasonably well. I'll plug the heater in with the thermostat around 15°C just in case.

Cannabis Grow IMG 1246
Cannabis Grow IMG 1247

I guess I need to wash the tree pollen off the outside of the greenhouse after looking at that second picture!

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Just working to close out some old journals. Sorry I dropped this one! I'll post the final results shortly.

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In the interest of cleaning up some old journals, here's the end of the story.

After abusing the poor autos during training (broken branches, high temperatures, 6 weeks of rain, etc.), I harvested the poor things.

The Purple Thai was lost entirely to Botrytis mold (bud rot), and much of the Think Different, Chem D, and 3 Bears OG x Double Grape. The Dragon Heart CBD expressed her ruderalis genes and grew long larfy buds. Total usable buds after drying:

3 Bears OG x Double Grape 28g
Chem D 26g
Think Different 25g
Purple Thai 0g

and the Dragonheart CBD produced 26g of larf, that I will use for ethanol extracts.

Cannabis Grow IMG 2017

Definitely my least successful grow. Fortunately, I have another grow in progress in the tent, and I have plenty in my stash. This was a trial of many new things at once:

  1. First time running in Fox Farm peat mix. 
  2. First time using Roots Organics terp tea.
  3. First time growing Autos in the greenhouse.

The biggest problem was the inclement weather. The plants rarely got enough light, and temps and humidity did not cooperate.

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