Rocky's Very First Grow

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Rocky's Very First Grow
11/4/2023 First grow. Day 1, week 1. Game on bitches. Assembly of the tent kit was shockingly easy. Did it by myself in 2 hours. Had to tinker with airflow and cable management is going to be tougher than I expected. Mixing the liquid food is a bit of a production. And oh yeah, there is math involved.
11/6/2023 First fuck up. At some point after midnight, I must have been fucking with the ACI iPhone app, and accidently turned off the SCHED setting on the light. It was almost noon before I checked on them and discovered the problem. The ladies were sad. I obviously jacked up lights to 10 and now they are back on track. Whew. Lesson learned. Also, increased water amount to 80ML. And also connected GoPro to capture time-lapse photos.
11/7/2023 Starting to see some minor browning of leaf tips. Will keep and eye. Not sure if it's due to the lack of light from the evening of 11/5 (issue with SCHED).
11/9/2023 Beginning of Week 2; noticing more yellow tips and curling. Going to mix up a new batch of food @ 50% of the recommended nutrient amount. Increased amount of food from 2.5 ounces to 5 ounces (150ml) And I broke the glass bulb on my brand new blue lab pH meter. Ended up spoiling two food mixes -- didn't notice it was busted until it got suck at 3.5pH. For today, I only used Cal, A/B and B-52 (no microbes yet) -- for pH I'm blind but these gals need water/food. Weight seems close to 5lbs. Still damp enough to wet a paper towel on the surface. New pH ordered; wil get a backup tomorow at Chi Roots, along with Bloom stuff and silica.
11/11/2023 Did not water last night, and put a container of hot water in the tent to raise humidity, on the advice of Chicago Roots dude. Didn't seem to help, possibly made it worse. More wilting, curling. Bought a replacement pH meter. Will mix a new batch of food today (50% of recommended amount) and go back to watering in 2.5 ounce increments. Ordered a small humidifier (came same day) and began using it tonight.
11/12/2023 Ok, so in reading more on the topic of the use of coco coir media, a critical concept involves run off -- after watering. Watering should be 5% to 10%. I've been watering for a week and there has been zero runoff. That said, I watered each plant vigorously (.20 gal pp), until there was runoff. I also used a pencil to create drains in the coco -- top to bottom. I also removed a majority of the new runoff using a syringe, as the dispelled runoff apparently has toxic levels of salt. I also ordered some pot elevators to make run-off management a little easier -- will see how this goes when they arrive. Made a new batch of food (50% of recommended amount) and will go back to smaller portions of watering once or twice a day.
11/13/2023 Pivoted 20/4 time (20 now starts at 8am vs. starting at 3pm); same with watering, starting to water at start of light sequence (e.g. now in the morning instead of evening); fed the ladies 300ml of food pp and DID see substantial run-off -- like 45%). Will ratchet down watering amount from 300ml to 200ml pp. Also, hit low temp overnight during 4 hour period with no light (1am) -- 55 degrees is too low, even for a 4-hours, may have to look at a heating pad. pH levels in food are still running a little high at 6.2pH.
11/14/2023 One of four seedlings is looking droopy AF; hesitated to water, but ended up feeding at 80ml pp. Having trouble balancing heat and humidity. A few revelations from the CDC forum (berkshire). I don't need to vent outside my "lung room" (basement room); rH for lung room should be 40rH; turned down inline to lowest setting (1); turned up humidifier to 50rH target (inside of tent).
11/15/2023 Fed the gals 80ml each today; replaced GoPro cam with two Ring cams this week
11/19/2023 Finally balanced humidity and temp; still showing signs of either over/under watering or over/under nutrition; some leaves dried up and some new ones sprouting. Will ratchet down to 71ml of water pp.
11/20/2023 Did not water today. Soil seems way too damp.
11/21/2023 Things aren't going well. I'm deferring to the advice of CFC. Just flushed and dumped (.25 gallon per plant). Input pH was 6.2, runoff pH was 6.7. Run-off was probably 20% of what I put in. Run-off is compulsory, period. Not sure I trust the advice of shopkeepers any longer. Adjusted light from 20/4 to 18/6. The plants I have aren't seedlings, but rather clones (have alternating nodes at the bottom/base when immature). Part 2 (evening). Another flush and dump with a second batch of food (50% of recommended amount). Intake pH was 5.9, run-off was 6.9-7pH -- run-off % is close to 50/50 . I elevated the pots with a little redneck ingenuity (cutting down the diameter 3' to make all four fit in my tent). Removing the run-off is a major pain in the ass. Need to come up with a better mousetrap.

Feeding gals at 100ml gets 10-20% runoff, at least once per day (bright spot, as medium is now close to 80-90% saturated); EC meter arrived today; the bad news is that the run off was way too high 2700 and the inflow was 1800, as a bonus, filtered starting water EC is 365, which apparently is not usable for food nutrients. yikes. struggling with super high EC numbers. starting water EC is 345, post nute 1296 (in), and run-off a whopping 2586. for early veg this seems WAY over of the recommended max (1400) and WAY over the +300 rule (in/runoff). So now I have two problems. #1 start water EC is +45 too high for usable food. #2 my coco is not healthy -- need to flush until the EC starts coming down. Evening update: made a new batch of food with only base ingredients (Calmag, A, B and B52 / 200ml instead of 380ml) - pH58/EC750 -- fed 125ml per plant. Run-off was marginally lower at 2400EC. Still way out of whack. Starting water is 333EC after I left to oxigenate for several hours. Will continue this regimen in hopes that runoff EC comes down with the lower nute mix and elimination of microbio (fishshit and king crab). Flushing agent ordered.

I may have to start over, which is not all that surprising given where I started.

Posted : 11/22/2023 6:17 pm

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Posted : 11/22/2023 6:20 pm
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Sooo.....   my clones are in bad shape given the myriad of mistakes I've made already -- in just 18 short days.    May have to chalk this up as a lost battle -- but I'm in it to win the war.  

Too many lessons learned to chronic, but the lowlights are:

- Following the advice of way too many unreliable resources.

- Buying equipment before finding the RIGHT, RELIABLE resources (here at CFC).

- Starting off as a noob with coco noir media and a small grow tent (2x2) is tough.   EC meter didn't come until it was too late (EC of 2700 runoff).  

- Making too many radical changes, too quickly, by too many degrees.   

This forum has taught me more in 3 weeks than I've learned in my entire journey.   Shout out to all of those who have helped me learn, and get through my first evolution.  You know who you are. 



Posted : 11/22/2023 6:25 pm

Happy Thannksgiving! Still in early veg phase; welp, 1 of 4 of the girls was laid to rest this morning (tall skinny w/ underdeveloped nodes); then there were 3; to reduce EC on run-off, I will continue feeding twice per day (after lights on and ~10 hours afterwards on 18/6 cycle); fed each plant 125ml of "diluted" nut mix (at 25% strength), run-off darn close to 20%; inflow = 5.8ph & 748EC -- run-off EC came down to 1273 for one plant and closer to 2000 for the others; progress -- and I feel better knowing that a high-volume flush process is in fact lowering EC to target ranges; may not yield much of anything but that's not the point for Grow #1 -- failing fast, and making adjustments (learning) is the goal. Still plan to start new, but I want to take this journey to the very end before starting my re-boot -- better to learn more before jumping right in with both feet again. CFC is making all the difference. Thanks to berk, JoJo, BillyBud, Rt and everyone who has helped me out -- thankful for you.

Posted : 11/23/2023 8:58 am

Morning feed was 125ml PP --- in flow 733 EC, run-off in the 1333 to 2100 ECrange (slowly coming down); 3 remaining plants look better (no more 'new' curling/clawing/discoloring). Run-off still in the 10-20% range. Will continue high frequency flush (2x per day) at 25% nute strength until all 3 plants have normal EC readings for early/mid veg phase.  Seeing a little tiny bit of daylight. [attach]115401,115403,115402

Posted : 11/24/2023 9:05 am Yeti liked

Cannabis Grow IMG 5431
Cannabis Grow IMG 5432
Cannabis Grow IMG 5430

Posted : 11/24/2023 9:06 am Yeti liked

Morning feed was 150ml PP -- no material change to inflow/run-off numbers; EC reduction stalled out at 2400 (double what it should be) -- locked out; Florakleen coming in tomorrow's Amazon deliveries. Will continue watering twice daily (25% of recommended nutes).

Cannabis Grow IMG 5444
Cannabis Grow IMG 5445
Cannabis Grow IMG 5446

Posted : 11/25/2023 8:27 am Yeti liked

I did dilute my filtered start water with distilled to get EC below 300 with new batch of food/nutes, worked like a champ. RO machine comes tomorrow.  Morning feed was 175ml PP - still no material change in run-off numbers -- average run-off is still 2400EC. Locked for sure. "Pre-buffered" my ass -- already purchased recommended coco coir and perlite (exactly as recommended on CFC) --for the avoidance of doubt. Awaiting Florakleen to do a proper flush w/ this existing, shitty grow (again, just to learn).. 

Posted : 11/26/2023 8:42 am

Same game this morning. 150ml pp of food - 25% strength (diluted w/ distilled water). EC is still 2X higher than it should be. Waiting on Florakleen still - delayed shipping. Will keep up with 2x per day watering/feeding.

Cannabis Grow IMG 5489
Cannabis Grow IMG 5490
Cannabis Grow IMG 5491

Posted : 11/27/2023 8:35 am

Traveled for work for the last 3 days; my son watered twice daily with same volume and strength; delivery folks brought my new RO machine, FloraKleen and other nutes from the same maker; starting water EC is now 50; I diluted the starting point at 2:1 RO /filtered tap -- diluted starting EC is 120; will let it sit 24 hours and check EC/pH before starting a new batch; new batch will follow CFC's recommended guidelines (like exactly) for mid-veg; pH on undiluted RO water is super high (9pH); tomorrow I'll resume normal 2x per day regime but with a new line of nutrients that I now have (with what I'm hoping is now unlocked coco media); I did an unlock flush with Ro water and 5ml of FloraKleen.

Posted : 11/30/2023 9:02 pm

Week 4.   Not even sure what to do with these clones (that I nearly killed with unfit starting water and hot nutes). Just flushed with Florakleen in hopes of unlocking the coco media.  Any advice is greatly appreciated.   I realize the real answer is "start over" (lessons learned), BUT I'd like to see if I can get at least one to flower before throwing the towel all the way in.

Cannabis Grow IMG 5511
Cannabis Grow IMG 5512
Cannabis Grow IMG 5513

Posted : 11/30/2023 9:06 pm

Fed 150ml each today with "new" food mix using RO water (diluted 2:1) and General Hydroponics Flora Series - run off is 700EC this morning.  Mixed up a new batch food -- starting was 135EC (diluted w/ tap), inflow EC is 1650 (seems high, might not dilute next batch with tap water).  Plants look MUCH better.  Coco was definitely locked out -- seemingly "unlocked" after flush, using RO water to start (65EC) and GH Flora Series nutes.

Posted : 12/03/2023 9:36 am

Looking better!

Cannabis Grow IMG 5563 (1)
Cannabis Grow IMG 5561
Cannabis Grow IMG 5566

Posted : 12/03/2023 9:39 am

Fed 3X today -- 2 feedings using diluted food mix, and the final feed using 100% RO water; I had to add ~1000mL of untreated RO water to bring down inflow EC to 1100-1200 range. Final feeding was 200ml pp, others were 150ml pp. Run-off at (900) or below target range (550). Noticed some new discoloring (1 leaf noticeably) since moving to General Hydro formula -- will monitor.

Cannabis Grow IMG 5608
Cannabis Grow IMG 5610
Cannabis Grow IMG 5613
Cannabis Grow IMG 5617

Posted : 12/04/2023 6:24 pm

NOTE: As of 12/3, I put to rest 2 of 4 clones purchased.  

Posted : 12/04/2023 6:52 pm
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