PTGC Architects: Ethos endgame manifold

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ethos endgame that I cloned. I took three clones off of one long stem this was the middle clone so it started out split from the beginning and I have typed each side three times. 

Posted : 08/07/2022 8:18 pm HappyCultivator, Heyron420 and KeystoneCops liked

It is good to be back on the grow journal again. Hi everyone it’s my 3rd grow and I’m pumped to try manifolding with this ethos end game/grandpa stash clone. It was my first time trying cloning this plant has almost died twice thanks to unplanned family trips and as long as my Dosie punch turns around from my last trip I will be trying my hand at a second manifold plant.

Cannabis Grow 5BDFA635 4678 4227 AA9A 8CCB06348DAA
Cannabis Grow 7881D7CB DAA3 4063 9B5F ACA1AD638F90

Posted : 08/07/2022 8:22 pm OldWoman, HappyCultivator, Heyron420 and 3 people liked
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I know it’s early for solo cup time but I have some extra clones I wanted to see what would happen in 8-10 weeks. I started them a few days ago.

Cannabis Grow 38DD9320 04E7 47F4 AB7E 37E4746A7DA5
Cannabis Grow B05E2B3F 00C1 476E 9CB7 3177736B4A2F
Cannabis Grow 6BC809A1 C167 4028 8DB2 D3F13C5E4DA3
Cannabis Grow BAB41422 654A 40BF 977E F2364A9A1F86

the 6 week flower plant is an ethos grampa’s stash x punchline rbx 

the tray of solos is 

🦨 hero x ethos cookies(EC16) (2 cups)

grape 💎 x EC16

punchline x grampa’s stash 

🍑 crescendo x grampa’s stash 

crescendo X grampa’s stash 

Last the outdoor is just starting to flower and are about 6+ feet with the exception of the GMO on the right 4+ feet

Posted : 08/11/2022 7:25 pm OldWoman, HappyCultivator, Soil Sheppard and 3 people liked
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New clones I’m re-vegging might even use them in the second half of the challenge as I’m trying to to two harvests. I have some m/f I’m about to flip also I’m pretty sure I will have some Fem’s I can clone off of to keep the mandarin temp and kush  make a second run of them.

Cannabis Grow 3F860828 E6E0 4BE0 9E81 90E1E6C5C3F3


Posted : 08/14/2022 7:52 am Soil Sheppard, Heyron420, HappyCultivator and 1 people liked
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I had  been waiting patiently and finally it arrived. The sun has now moved into my closet! Mars hydro TS 3000. Let’s hope🤞I have the same results as when I grow outside. I can’t hurt, I was under by half the wattage I should’ve been at. Let’s see how the new sun treats the ladies.🤞🌱🌳. 

Cannabis Grow 9FC82236 FCED 42A3 B39C 5BE7C73F5741

Posted : 08/24/2022 4:22 pm Soil Sheppard, Heyron420 and HappyCultivator liked
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Cannabis Grow 419F5850 29DB 4D03 B8EE ABB62A6A279E
Cannabis Grow 04EB02CC 9B56 41AD A9FF 62C4719AF63E

Next set of plants that will be dropping soon in the flower tent. 
the group in the back right are 7 peach 🍑 crescendo x grandpa stash I’m calling the the 🍑pit and I will be keeping them in the solo cups for fun sake. I might take the bigger and put it in a 5-10 gal fabric pot. 
I also have 4!other solo’s with a mix of other strains still all ethos.  NO clue One where I’m gonna put all of these solo cups but I know what I’ll do when they’re finished💨.

the one gal’s are m/f  

2 kush and 1 mandarin temple 

The middle one gallon on the left is a Dosie punch feminized  I’m training for manifold to finish at the end of the grow challenge🤞

Posted : 08/27/2022 6:36 pm Soil Sheppard, HappyCultivator and Heyron420 liked
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Update on the flower room everyone is in full swing with flower. My modified manifold is filling my cage nicely.

so look up sir sorry I just fell in as well I’ll probably need to get a second tray to give everyone some more light evenly. 

The one sketchy looking plant on the right struggles with transplant but is slowly coming back. It’ll probably be another week or two before she starts to go into flour. It will definitely be a lollipop that’s for sure. The plant on the left in the 5 gallon I’m not sure what it is I believe it’s a feminize but she’s starting to thicken up and show first signs of flower.

Cannabis Grow ABE07DD8 6690 4D63 946E 26DCB9F9B143
Cannabis Grow 1D927725 153B 4FAD A632 84C20E9B5AEF
Cannabis Grow BC7C6991 B320 4D4D 94A8 2F8FD8693DC8

✌️everyone and best of luck with your grows. Hope everyone gets a little better and go home with some 🔥🔥🔥. 

Posted : 08/27/2022 6:48 pm Soil Sheppard, OldWoman, Aotearoa N.Z. N and 3 people liked
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Today is first round of solo cups update. 
the tall ladies look great flower is going great 

Cannabis Grow 64C4128A 3525 4396 99C2 8D2928555628
Cannabis Grow CA508CCB FF54 4089 8560 057222528354
Cannabis Grow 2C4BD8A8 DB4D 4A39 9474 4583486A4581

short ladies look good to  the little bitty

 🍇 💎 I’m sure will be a delicious bong hit 

Cannabis Grow 2DE450CD A359 4B51 93DE 93025ECE7481
Cannabis Grow 716234AF 170E 44C6 A223 72BCFA67D064

and lastly my plant I’m training is starting to get frosty and fill out the trellis 

Cannabis Grow B3071747 27BA 4567 8FDA 0B7A4BACB98D
Cannabis Grow 09C9E1F6 B28D 45C8 A79E 3CFA747E999B

still just using some recharge and Lite fertilizer called coup poop 💩 I got it at my local farm and garden store. 
till next time!✌️🔥🌳💨🤤

Posted : 09/05/2022 5:55 pm Heyron420, Soil Sheppard, HappyCultivator and 1 people liked
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Ladies are looking good and I’m starting to wonder how I’m going to get the cups to stay up as the buds get heavier.

Cannabis Grow F4752756 B254 445E 80B6 0366160AF1CD
Cannabis Grow F5896660 EE43 4B60 8965 8A7F72EACAF5
Cannabis Grow A1701385 2622 4D36 886D B8DC151B8E59
Cannabis Grow 09321260 A7E7 4CB5 90EF 48F1E7B03D0D
Cannabis Grow 1C4CF865 3BBC 41E9 AF64 6D8DE94A0752
Cannabis Grow 8DF6B596 059D 4E21 8D35 27C14E7E6751

the young ones are getting ready for flip day. 

Posted : 09/10/2022 6:02 pm Heyron420 liked

Same strain 🍑 crescendo x grandpa stash

Cannabis Grow 6D8ECC12 8C85 416B 80C8 8882AC9DE167

not sure what this is other than ethos something 

Cannabis Grow C7DFBDAA 8936 4B2F 902A 297FF0E22269

fresh trim job ✂️🌳 on my endgame x grandpa stash 

Cannabis Grow 52BB66B9 C13D 487C 8045 ED7678AE981F
Cannabis Grow AF85E0EF A724 497D 836F F05D0DDB9EB9
Cannabis Grow 5AF649F9 59A8 42E7 8F0C 8AD411F61BC8


Posted : 09/10/2022 7:38 pm HappyCultivator and Heyron420 liked
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Ok anyone seen this I just noticed my 🦨hero x ethos cookies (ec16) krux mix solo cups are both starting to do this. Has anyone seen this?

Cannabis Grow E765E4EB 7D00 4654 B217 9976705ABCFC
Cannabis Grow B3C44C97 7AFB 4DD4 B14B FBEAF6E99D18

Posted : 09/14/2022 7:52 pm Heyron420 and HappyCultivator liked
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So I am not sure what I’m going to do????

To flip early or not to flip?? I just noticed I as some friends say am”out kicking my coverage with these sexy ladies!

Cannabis Grow CD76A931 05F6 400B AD4F ED59DC8790A7

the one on my right is my manifold I am working with. The other 2 tall girls are m/f I haven’t seen male signs yet🤞.

Cannabis Grow 73D688D1 F062 40B5 8757 8D1837EC0F74
Cannabis Grow B2A15CDB E43F 4FFB 9310 EA225EE52634


I can wait with the solo cups since they are small enough. Heck I can even up plant a few one more time. 

Posted : 09/18/2022 11:55 am Heyron420 liked
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Sooo you know when they say don’t play with it to much or you’ll break it. 🤯🤬😖

Cannabis Grow 89EA0E72 4229 44C0 9F15 37C0FC0057EF
Cannabis Grow 9DB3C379 8F5B 4AA2 8CE3 FCD43A6C6933
Cannabis Grow B90B1222 AA88 454F B718 AB0EB73D7C31

Cannabis Grow 650EC259 6D94 4764 AE82 E71BC500B68E

moved 3 ladies into the room because they were out growing my small tent. There are two in the 5 gal’s. One is a kush bx5 and the other is a mandarin temple f1 both M/F still waiting on final sex signs. And the 20gal with wire fence lattice is a dosi punch female. I will be using this as my plant I’m training. Not a true manifold but getting a lot closer. I will flip the rest over on the 1st since they all fit in the tent. 
All plants are ethos! 
Grower 💚


Posted : 09/20/2022 7:59 pm Heyron420, Richiebcookin and HappyCultivator liked
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I know everything will be ok but it’s like one of your kids, you just want it to be happy and healthy. 

I think I’m going to start to take down a few ladies in the room starting this week.

Cannabis Grow D3AC65C6 05B8 4BB5 806E F71E7CB1931D
Cannabis Grow 58348274 224D 4EFD 9CE0 8463D339B352

Cannabis Grow DEE3DBA9 B397 4740 A29B 815EF53AE7F4
Cannabis Grow A542F031 515F 49F2 88E1 23A474693378
Cannabis Grow 22232842 63B9 4026 8D0D 99E558BE3A93

i am working on getting the manifold plant to open up and see how I want my branches to flow.

Cannabis Grow 03D1C4D4 40C6 41BE B3AD DE9AC641CA11
Cannabis Grow 6B3DEDB8 7E80 4713 A646 64EA3E7A3CF5

Posted : 09/25/2022 6:26 am Heyron420, Richiebcookin and HappyCultivator liked
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I was going to take my endgame x grampa’s stash #12 pseudo manifold trained plant then I saw some color change so I said what’s a few days to see how this plays out.

Cannabis Grow 6FE6C9D2 435C 43D9 BD6E 4087AFC59EF0
Cannabis Grow 8EB14577 3B12 47C5 B632 BF6D4C73A9C8

Last pic is an ethos mandarin temple I think. I believe the tag is under the top dress someplace. 

Cannabis Grow 1DF48FA7 DCD4 481D BF08 E6EBB8E358B6

Posted : 09/28/2022 7:31 pm Richiebcookin, Heyron420 and HappyCultivator liked
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