Our third grow together

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This is our third grow, first grow journal.

Growing in 70/30 coco perlite mix.

lighting is 2 GL4000 LED. 1000w rating 400W from wall. Running 18/6. 30" away from plants.

Will be hand watering GH 3 part, CalMag, Armor Si, KoolBloom, Diamond Nectar. Following the CCFC feed schedule as closely as possible.

Growing White Runtz, Banana Kush & Durban Poison.

Soaked 6 White Runtz, 4 Banana Kush & 4 Durban Poison on May 15th.

All but one Durban Poison sprouted tails on the 17th and were planted in Solo cups under the light. Planted the one seed that didn't sprout a tail, still not ready to give up on it.

Posted : 05/17/2022 2:58 pm Soil Sheppard liked

All but one of our seeds (one of the Durban Poison) has it's cotyledons if not the beginnings of the first true leaves.


Posted : 05/21/2022 2:16 pm

Cannabis Grow IMG 3233
Cannabis Grow IMG 3234
Cannabis Grow IMG 3232
Cannabis Grow IMG 3235

Posted : 05/21/2022 6:33 pm
So as it turns out the 
hardest thing about
growing cannabis is keeping
up with the grow journal.  
Ran into a cal mag problem
right as we started in the
seedling stage. Foliar fed
with cal mag and eventually
overcame that issue.
Plants have been transplanted
twice first into #1 then #3
nursery pots. Most plants
have been topped twice.
Been doing some low
stress training and now
have a nice even canopy.
Getting ready to flip to
flower in the next day or
two. Will post some photos
later and hopefully will
keep up with the journal
from here on out. 

Posted : 07/17/2022 8:26 am
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After not posting for the entire veg cycle😐
Cannabis Grow image

Posted : 07/17/2022 10:12 am

Cannabis Grow image

flipping to a 12/12 light schedule today

Posted : 07/18/2022 11:21 am

Cannabis Grow 1C5A2B13 C957 4EEB BCAC 2A3FD342099E
Cannabis Grow CEA8AC40 8EF4 43C5 9770 C3EEA9930F19
Cannabis Grow E627BFC4 9ADE 46A7 9DA3 F8DDDA5B85F2

Pistils showing on all plants.

switching to early veg feeding 
Average height of plants 22”. 
Very hot and humid here rn room 

temps 82 - 89 rh 60 - 80%
running dehumidifier keeps it at around 60%. 
Trimmed any shaded leaves and side shoots that won’t yield much. 

Posted : 07/24/2022 3:04 pm

Plants are stretching like crazy. 
Small buds showing nicely on all plants. 
Average height around 34”. 
Temp range 75 - 85

RH between 50% - 70%

Looks like we might have a K deficiency. Been feeding koolbloom on the lighter side of range on feeding schedule. Going to up it to 1 ml/gal for the remainder of the early bloom schedule.

Cannabis Grow ED1F19EC F037 42FC 9155 701F2EC9ECF9
Cannabis Grow FDF0E3A1 2E3A 42BA 96F5 8B901F781A65
Cannabis Grow DADAE8C6 DBB4 457E AC2B BE1AC54785DA
Cannabis Grow 0A2144D1 82ED 4A69 9772 BF5DB7343AFB
Cannabis Grow E530796E BA47 4020 AF8E 9B98695A316C
Cannabis Grow 93E6E328 6AE1 47E2 893B FAFE241762D6

Posted : 08/03/2022 1:44 pm

Everything going well. Buds are starting to stack up. Still losing a few leaves here and there but nothing discolored or withered like in previous post. 
EC range 1100 - 1200

pH range 5.8-6.2

RH 50%-71%
Temps 74-88

Avg canopy height 36”

Lights about 18” above canopy

Cannabis Grow A6F3D331 D168 4F18 A703 1257FA3449E9
Cannabis Grow 06A3443A 10F8 4CFB AE61 38466EE7A931
Cannabis Grow 241EAC94 C8B2 4F01 B1EC BD3CB99BBCDE
Cannabis Grow 3322336E DBCD 4E27 BF35 0ED0B41B64E5
Cannabis Grow EB037192 B489 4407 B680 713A4EF7F592
Cannabis Grow 224866AD 951C 4212 A19C 0CCBFD139941
Cannabis Grow C9CA1996 A10D 4BC4 84B2 29733759EB45
Cannabis Grow FEE60C0B 0B5E 4E4B 91C2 FB33154FE35B

Posted : 08/07/2022 11:13 am

Cannabis Grow BA30278C 8E71 4A1B 8B7A 2EF21496B43D
Cannabis Grow 6CF3EC00 F8E9 4623 AE5D ADBEFA9F41A0
Cannabis Grow C95E8EDA 9271 441A 9CA2 E89995C1766F
Cannabis Grow 6F7EAE4C 2BAC 4835 90ED C7AF8C1DADDF
Cannabis Grow 2708C1C0 FB7C 4AAD 891C 4EC1D8F4E17F
Cannabis Grow 46EB8C42 B872 4424 9210 FB547D07756C

Everything going well with the grow😃. 
Did some thinning and staking of some branches. Looks like the stretch is coming to an end. 
Feeding mid bloom schedule. 
Been keeping EC between 1100-1200. 
Temps for the week 70-90F

RH between 53%-66%

Avg canopy height 36”

Lights about 18” above canopy

Posted : 08/14/2022 2:06 pm

Cannabis Grow 30421EA3 FCE8 4597 A405 07FF097A0B15
Cannabis Grow 38631389 F87F 4F22 8BDA 97C226AFF8C8
Cannabis Grow 95A2D52A 1EA9 4AC1 AD24 7FC6A30A5D40
Cannabis Grow 7D1080D8 101F 4480 9B63 E5E0443E0FC1
Cannabis Grow EE352BD0 9789 4832 85F8 DCF67996AC27
Cannabis Grow E14E7004 C4E5 4711 8C87 50887F74A482
Cannabis Grow D4FF2CEA 2565 43B4 84AF A2AD2188EBEB

Things still going good. Looks like stretch is over plants haven’t gotten any taller this week. Buds are really putting on weight. Banana Kush look like they will be real heavy yielders White Runtz have the least and smallest buds but they are at the edges of the garden with the least light. Sill feeding mid bloom formula. EC in ranging between 1150-1250 EC out has been around 400 higher than what’s been going in. 
Lights about 16” above canopy. 
Temp range for the week 69-90F

RH range 52-66

Posted : 08/21/2022 12:47 pm JordanJ liked
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Posted : 08/30/2022 3:47 pm TheInsideDope liked

Buds have gotten way too heavy for the branches. Made “cages” out of bamboo stakes and string. First and worst one was a total disaster but got better at it as we did all eleven plants. Hated to hear the bamboo tear roots on the way in. Next year we need to remember to put stakes in at final transplant time. Other than that hiccup everything going fine. 
Feeding late bloom schedule. 
EC in between 1200-1300. 
53%-67% RH. 
73-85 F. 
Lights still 18” above canopy

Cannabis Grow 4AC4B765 6E24 45BB 9B1E 6E1B2C637FBA
Cannabis Grow 5489D233 11DC 4B7A B705 4D3B3A85F408
Cannabis Grow A72B9B9B 86BA 445D 8746 1236D9DFE974
Cannabis Grow DFBBB239 C330 4117 BD44 787DF9988C7F
Cannabis Grow 517CAE17 D42D 4A05 938D 88F441C1C4F5
Cannabis Grow 702D5537 E7AD 4DAE 9891 3AB961ACD040

Posted : 08/30/2022 3:54 pm TheInsideDope liked

Not much new to say about the grow. Looks like everything has made a nice recovery from having to be staked up last week. Will be switching to second week of late bloom feeding g schedule today. 
RH 50-60% for the last week. 
Temps 66-87. 
EC in between 1200-1300. 
pH in ranging between 5.9-6.2

Cannabis Grow ACE3E09F DB64 4EA1 87ED 6F53D2F64907
Cannabis Grow 33F8DCFB 82E0 4252 A54D 780B4E9B8863
Cannabis Grow F0D83A41 5A67 4B21 AF7A 566B2470DFDC
Cannabis Grow B900E29C 4DF7 443B 8FED 5B90A2C2D756
Cannabis Grow 13894576 69B6 4D8D A9DA 32A3F48C54AC
Cannabis Grow 9CDAE405 D385 4DB0 B581 0B95FA94EDBA

Posted : 09/05/2022 5:40 am TheInsideDope liked

Cannabis Grow 92D7D699 0FE7 4B0D B927 F59BA1B530A7
Cannabis Grow E083C638 8CCC 4D4B A56D 2F5A1D37CE37
Cannabis Grow 51919AA1 7913 467F B9E5 63CB14B5094E
Cannabis Grow A89B01AF E87F 460A AF36 6695A17AABC8

Just chugging along here.
Buds look to be fattening up, lots of brown pistils about 70% less so on the Durban poison.  Tricomes a mix of cloudy 60% and clear. 
Plan on starting ripen feed schedule tomorrow. We will play it by ear to decide after that to decide when we start a final flush. 
EC in 1250-1350. 
EC out spiking to 1900-2100+. 

Posted : 09/11/2022 3:43 pm TheInsideDope liked
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