NYGC Water: NG's DWC (6-Strain run)

Still dishing out details, but I should be starting up RIGHT after New Years!

I'll be running alongside by water growmies, following strains thus far:

-Galactic Runtz

-Buckin Runtz

-Blueberry Cookies

-GMO Cookies Runtz S1

-Grandpa's Cookies  Cookies R3

-Cotton Candy Cookies


Stay tuned to see if the selection changes! 😉

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So my final pick (and there's quite a few strains to choose from, so this was so so so so hard) is the following:

- Buckin Runtz

- Galactic Runtz

- Runtz S1

- Cookies R3

- Blueberry Cookies

- Cotton Candy Cookies


Ended up revising on the fly... figured i'd do a 50/50 Runtz & Cookies run!


Ended up also revising my aeration system... Bought a 2nd air pump, along with a couple air stones for dead center aeration.. and i realized last run i didn't get enough aeration @ the roots, so I bought three 50-ft soaker hose rolls, to give more surface area for aeration! Hopefully this works out!! *Check IG link*


Cannabis Grow 20220104 151941 1641328850545

Posted : 01/04/2022 12:45 pm Soil Sheppard and Marcus liked

So moving forward... I had the unfortunate event of 2/6 seeds not fully propogating... So Buckin Runtz or Galactic Runtz needed a replacement, and Runtz S1 from Ethos needed a replacement.... The buckin or galactic was repolaced with same seed, while runtz s1 I only had 1 seed.... i shared the other so instead, i dropped crushed velvet for the wifey :). She said ti sounded like red velvet and she was totally down for that strain!


Unfortunately with my time constraints lately, i've only had a few minutes to make my journal entries a week.


I PROMISE I'll drop photos in here soon!

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Im sorry chase 😅😅😅


Small photo update of the grow! 🔥🔥🔥


After a month of figuring out my ph pen was boofed (i havent calibrated in 1.5 years).

Cannabis Grow 1644465296995 1

Posted : 02/09/2022 8:13 pm Spacementgrown, Soil Sheppard and Marcus liked

Got around to do:

a) Topping

b) Top off @ 1.2ec across the board

c) LST/SCROG the entire tent


Satisfied 80% with the results 😉 20% is because i hate SCROGGing lol


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Posted : 02/21/2022 4:19 pm Spacementgrown, Soil Sheppard and Tropa liked

So coming back with a few update photos, I believe it's been a week, and as i've stated in other chats... It's FLIP time! >:)

I actually flipped a day ago.  So looking forward to finishing these very unique girls off, so I can clean up and stuff the rest of the rig in the closet until NYGC!

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Posted : 03/07/2022 3:34 pm Spacementgrown, CrackBabies, Oimjr and 1 people liked

So it's been a while, but i promise the update is worth it. Idk how many weeks into flower, but i hope they dont shoot up too far, trying to keep everything leveled at the 2nd trellis net. Ill update more as time goes... for now the boring part is over and it is flower prime time baby! 😍


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NYGC Water: NG's DWC (6-Strain run)

Aww man... my long awaited flowet has FINALLY COME!! Now things get a little more exciting! 😉

Cannabis Grow 20220411 195756
Cannabis Grow 20220414 202302
Cannabis Grow 20220414 202324
Cannabis Grow 20220414 202418
Cannabis Grow 20220415 194954
Cannabis Grow 20220415 195001
Cannabis Grow 20220415 195006
Cannabis Grow 20220415 195011
Cannabis Grow 20220415 195019
Cannabis Grow 20220415 195118

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NYGC Water: NG's DWC (6-Strain run)

Long awaited budporn! I'm not done yet though... still got another week or two 😉

Cannabis Grow 20220503 201620
Cannabis Grow 20220503 201618
Cannabis Grow 20220503 201626
Cannabis Grow 20220503 201630
Cannabis Grow 20220503 201638
Cannabis Grow 20220503 201641
Cannabis Grow 20220503 201649
Cannabis Grow 20220503 201643
Cannabis Grow 20220503 201655
Cannabis Grow 20220503 201706
Cannabis Grow 20220503 201710
Cannabis Grow 20220503 201709
Cannabis Grow 20220506 193345
Cannabis Grow 20220506 193406
Cannabis Grow 20220506 193807
Cannabis Grow 20220506 194047
Cannabis Grow 20220508 213552
Cannabis Grow 20220508 213606
Cannabis Grow 20220509 194159

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Harvested: 05/14/2022
Total Days: 134
Flip Days: 2

Aaaand this concludes the end of harvest.. good while it lasted!

Cannabis Grow 20220513 201113
Cannabis Grow 20220513 201124
Cannabis Grow 20220513 201131
Cannabis Grow 20220514 090820
Cannabis Grow 20220513 201138
Cannabis Grow 20220514 090855
Cannabis Grow 20220514 090924
Cannabis Grow 20220514 090930
Cannabis Grow 20220514 093341
Cannabis Grow 20220514 101412
Cannabis Grow 20220514 101417
Cannabis Grow 20220515 124613
Cannabis Grow 20220515 124739
Cannabis Grow 20220515 124741
Cannabis Grow 20220515 124743
Cannabis Grow 20220515 125013
Cannabis Grow 20220515 125014
Cannabis Grow 20220515 125016
Cannabis Grow 20220517 211932 thumbnail

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