NYGC The Misfits: Cement Shoes from Cult Classic Seeds

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NYGC The Misfits: Cement Shoes from Cult Classic Seeds

  Back with the Misfits this NYGC and I am trying something I have been told not to 🙂 , attempt to use dry amendments in Coco. 
  I am growing @Cultclassicseeds #Cementshoes As per my "arrangement". CCS Contacted me about the cement shoes I was growing, to let me know that I was not growing Cement Shoes and that they would like to send me some real Cement shoes. Which they did, asap!! 6 S1 Fem seeds arrived the next wk. So here I am keeping my word. Lets hope this style of grow works out. 

Cannabis Grow 123560639 10223575829653338 5801478761494299057 o

  I started with one half brick of Canna Coco, Step 1 rehydrated with 5ml/gal calimagic. Once it was soaked over night I drained the calmag water. I set it up to drain well over the next couple days. 
Step 2 I mixed 4 cups of worm castings with 3 TBsp of Gia Green 4-4-4 (tempted to add a bit of the others I will use for tea since the coco is %100 inert). I mixed this together first to ensure an even mixture between the castings and 4-4-4.
  Step 3 I mixed the Coco and the mixed castings and 4-4-4
  Step 4 Mixed 1 gallon of perlite to the coco. 
  It is now waiting to be used and my hopes are that the castings and the 4-4-4 will be doing what they need to with each other so when I am ready to use, it is already breaking down the 4-4-4.

 This is in a way is like a Mr. Canucks Grow. The one thing Mr. Canuck doesn't state in his video's of is that the Mo-koko he starts with is a built coco and he is bolstering the mix (but if you look up the brand you will see that it is "Processed from Coco Peat, we have been using this for years with excellent results. It has all the nutrients that are needed for best plant growth. Ingredients: Kelp meal, Alfalfa Meal, Neem Meal, Worm Castings, Rock Phosphate, Diatomatious Earth, Organic Chicken Manure, Aerobically composted and Perlite."). Sooo I realized this after lol so I'm not using an enriched coco to start I am hoping the tea's will be what keep everything going and hope I have enough of everything she needs.

  The Plan
 Germinate with the water drop and then paper towel then into the Jiffy to solo cup to one gal to 5 gal finishing fab pot.  Making a Tea with Gia Green Alfalfa 3-0-3, Kelp 1-0-3, Phosphate (Guano) 0-9-0 and worm castings. The amount of Tea made will be for one "fertigation" I think it will be approx.  1 TBsp of each and 4 worm castings percolated for 24 hrs or till foam shows good microbial action. 
  After about 3-4 wks  I will top dress with 4 TBsp/Gal of 4-4-4 (about 20TBsp or one heaping cup). 

 At this point of one month in I am hoping she will have been successfully trained and nearing my flip date of about 6wk or 42-45 days from germination. Two wks after the flip I will top dress with more 4-4-4 & 2-8-4 at 50/50 so a total  20 TBsp would be 10 TBsp of each. This will bring me to 2 months/8wks from seed with 2 wks in flower. One more top dress in 4 wks but at %25/75 or 5 TBsp 4-4-4 & 15 TBsp 2-8-4. From here on out, pH'd water till harvest.

She will be grown under the Marshydro TS-1000. With only watering with pH water to 6.2 +/- . 

The Single Cola Challenge will be set up like my PTGC cup, on a auto water system using General Hydroponics. The plant will be the top cut clone of this main grow so she will be a few wks behind the main journal.

Thanks for coming over and checking out my bad decisions or are they? 😉 
Grower Love 

Posted : 12/22/2020 1:35 am Notalented, ironman300k, Brain Strap OG and 11 people liked
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I have Mixed the Coco, Castings & 4-4-4, and Perlite. I checked it the other day....

Cannabis Grow 133866474 10223967043353436 152832257185177215 o

From what I can gather the white fuzzy mold, this is a good thing, means the life in the casting (I believe) is working. I actually mixed it up. We'll see 🙂 
I am so ready for the drop (both tents about to be free, well veg tent will have the harvest and I will have to use the flower tent to do this grow start to finish) and I will be at Work for it lol  Bringing seeds to work with a vile to hold them in, body heat might assist in germination lol 

Did you catch that, Seed'S'. Yup I have chosen (ad will change and add to my grow Box) to germinate a BCN Power Plant (@Moobear) AutoFem for the Single Cola challenge! 🤑

Cannabis Grow 134451073 10223982303174922 6748784813037412631 o
Cannabis Grow 134365431 10223982302974917 6140701520326091712 o
Cannabis Grow 133923195 10223982302774912 2841674149827064412 o

 I will do as I said before, the auto water and GH nutrients BUT I have used the Coco-castings-4-4-4 perlite. 
 How's this sound, once I see her start to flower. Put her on the transition nutrients but just pH water till then[?] The only thing I'm not to stoked on is the light schedule for the cup, being an Auto Flower. Maybe, depending on how things go I could grow it in the veg tent, if she's under 2 feet tall bottom of the pot to top lol Also the idea of Single Cola 🤔 😬 Do I take the side nodes as she grows, Leaving #leavetheleaves the leaves OR allow her to grow and once I see pre flower, strip her but leaning the leave OR (yes 3 ideas is a charm) Wait till the veg/flower stretch is over and clean her right up[?]. All Work I guess will be the same but it is the timing of when it i done that will be the most impactual on the yield.

If you came by and read everything up to here, Let me know what you think! lol Happy New Yr and #Happynewgear to some lucky CfC member!!

Grower Love

Posted : 12/29/2020 12:12 am Notalented, DrGreenDad, ironman300k and 7 people liked
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NYGC The Misfits: Cement Shoes from Cult Classic Seeds


Hope you all got your beans wet to start off this new yrs with a bang!!

Cannabis Grow 4 Jan 1st

Cannabis Grow 5 Jan 1st 2

I'm at work but brought these little things to hold the seeds till the need the paper towel. I had pre shook them for the scuffing. Now we wait....

Once they are ready Cementshoes will go into the swelling Jiffy and the Power Plant will go into the hard solid shape Jiffy (you'll see if I don't describe it right)

Grower Love

Posted : 12/31/2020 11:12 pm Notalented, DrGreenDad, ironman300k and 7 people liked

We had sinkers hrs after they got wet

Cannabis Grow 5 Jan 1st 2
Cannabis Grow 6 Jan 1st 3

and #Cement Shoes was cracked open hrs after putting her in paper towel BUT I left it on the kitchen counter all day while I slept 🙁 Shouldn't be a big problem but the seed looked the same and maybe if she was in the tent on the heat mat I might have woken up to a tap root. Le Sigh. I am sure though that after 12hr (My shift) I will see at lest the Cement tap showing.

Cannabis Grow 6 Jan 1st 2

Jiffy's are soaked and waiting with a tiny bit of DYNOMYCO C mycorrhizal inoculant and will add some at each pot up. 

Grower Love

Posted : 01/01/2021 10:22 pm Notalented, DrGreenDad, ironman300k and 2 people liked

Cement Shoe's had a nice Tap Root, Power Plant Has a Pug Tail lol > So I added DYNOMYCO mycorrhizal to the to of each Jiffy that where already hydrated.
This morning

Cannabis Grow 135618799 10224015975376706 6194361712965620074 o
Cannabis Grow 135182461 10224015986176976 7040871000147442065 o

9pm Jan 2nd

Cannabis Grow 134464392 10224020567291501 3406154821207598691 o
Cannabis Grow 135300014 10224020569611559 6168304746430353013 o

Glass and soft Jiffy is Cement Shoes

Cannabis Grow 135082398 10224020568131522 1079701193980161422 o

Cube Power Plant

Cannabis Grow 135639270 10224020569891566 3402626710852873456 o

In a veg tent [30x18x36 in] in a germination tray sitting at 24.7`c and %67 rH and adjusting to be a bit higher.
Heat pad on and will add standing water to the germ, Jiffy's won't be touching.
One 100CFM Fan pushing IN to tent. Exhaust not needed yet. And a mini tower oscillating fan for movement.

Grower Love 

Posted : 01/02/2021 11:37 pm Notalented, DrGreenDad, ironman300k and 4 people liked

Temps holding at 26`c and %70 rH. Been putting drops of water now and again, you know that need to be doing something lol 

Jan 4th 15:00 and 3 hrs later; CCS CS

Cannabis Grow 135570874 10224035921635350 4880686672716460844 o
Cannabis Grow 135854470 10224036792337117 6270152769132742183 o

Jan 5th 07:46

Cannabis Grow 136194078 10224043752191109 1458288954494895379 o
Cannabis Grow 136089874 10224043752391114 3590164606928424928 o
Cannabis Grow 136213576 10224043752711122 8927809184414817940 o

Jan 4th 15:00 and 3 hrs later; Power [plant, single] Cola

Cannabis Grow 135619829 10224035932715627 7261657502700457917 o
Cannabis Grow 135920087 10224036793537147 4671303258521978728 o

Jan 5th 07:46 

Cannabis Grow 136404545 10224043799592294 6476653546399184614 o
Cannabis Grow 136464641 10224043799832300 2788066556866857222 o
Cannabis Grow 136135751 10224043800072306 718894611762399608 o

Not slow and not fast but growing just like this new year 😉 
All the Misfits look great! 

Grower Love

Oh and the Light meter is reading 348u/mols. I know it's early, I do have something to shade them if need be.

Posted : 01/05/2021 9:04 am Notalented, DrGreenDad, Ziesifer and 6 people liked
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Well at 19:35 I have to check. Power is progressing but Cement wasn't since the photo shoot.

Cannabis Grow 136665927 10224047459723795 8561350882513256782 o

Some how in the photo shoot or I can't really say, the tap root on Cement was damaged 🙁 
New seed down. No long tap root this time! sigh

Grower Love

Posted : 01/05/2021 6:46 pm Notalented, DrGreenDad, ironman300k and 1 people liked

I didn't scuff this new Cement Shoes seed and it was in the paper towel over night and no action. I put it back under water till I get home in the morning. It had sunk before and again but not sure why no action or crack of the seem yet. I need not stress over this I need not stress over this.... is repeating in my head lol 

Power [plant, single] Cola is doing well.

Cannabis Grow 7 Jan 4th
Cannabis Grow 8 Jan 4th
Cannabis Grow 9 Jan 5th
Cannabis Grow 10 Jan 5th
Cannabis Grow 11 Jan 5th

last photo Jan 5th but no tap root showing out the bottom but I may pot up to a solo tomorrow or the next day after dusting the hole with DYNOMYCO Mycorrhizae. 

Come ooon Cement Shoes!! 

Grower Love

Posted : 01/06/2021 9:29 pm Notalented, DrGreenDad, ironman300k and 3 people liked

I have a Teeny Tiny Tap on the 'Replacement' Cement Shoe's 😀 

Cannabis Grow 137271605 10224057277489233 4663983796211646467 o

I put her straight into the Jiffy and the next time I touch her will be to place her in the 1 gal soft pot

Power Cola is rock'n' it with a root out the side .

Cannabis Grow 136389812 10224057289489533 8972521485462094979 o

Cannabis Grow 137218211 10224057289729539 8469954398895136273 o
Cannabis Grow 137011322 10224057367571485 6733721985588931816 o

I guess we will see in about 2-3 wks how she likes the the mix... maybe sooner? 
Can't see the coffee filter from sitting it in the coco while I filled it.

Cannabis Grow 137201968 10224057291729589 263103706206044612 o

Time to think about the [very little] compost tea I will make. I think once made I can refrigerate but maybe a wk(?) Oh the pains of only growing one full sized plant at a time. Has me thinking I should pop one more Auto and see how small and short I can keep her in my veg tent being 36" tall -4 inch from light, -6 in for the soft 1 gal or -11 in 3 gal fab pot. lol

Posted : 01/07/2021 8:33 am Notalented, DrGreenDad, ironman300k and 5 people liked
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Hope you all updated your journals for the draw!! Good luck Growmies!
Well Power Cola is doing well. My over protecting husbandry feels like I have been over watering (not much but I gave her some each day since in the Part-Eh cup. Or Maybe it's pH. But the yellow around the vanes concerns me a little. Temps is around 25c and tonight I shut off the heat mat because of those turned up edges. Ambient maybe 25 but that heat mat maybe warming the base to much. But I also only have the cycling fan on. When I get home I'll turn on the small intake. If temps drop from that, I'll put the heat mat back on. 
But I think I need to let her get established before any action to be taken IF any will be needed. New method to growing has me cautiously watching her. What do you think?

Cannabis Grow 15 Jan 9th
Cannabis Grow 16 Jan 9th

As for Cement Shoes (I need a good name lol) 
Should be out of the jiffy in the next day or so. 

Cannabis Grow 11 Jan 9th

Need to get some things sorted. Like the Tea, the next pot up for CS (fab germ bag or the soft shell 1 gal?) probably the 1 gal since I will finish her in a 5 gal BUT since this is not HFF do I want a bigger final pot (Bigger then 5, more roots more fruits, borrow one from the landlord) which will space out watering a lot and maybe harder to know when to top dress or the 3 gal and water more often and top dress sooner but maybe risk it being to soon... it can be to soon right lol 

I just harvested, well jarred my last harvest with almost 6 oz. 5.87 and 22 grams of larf/trim 😀

Cannabis Grow Jan 9th 1
Cannabis Grow Jan 9th 2

One of my better dries to. Little fast but no less then 7 days at a pretty steady 17`c @%50 rH for 3 days then 4 at %60 BUT I was to trim on day 3 but stoned an a little tipsy as I was taking of the big fan leaves, I sorta half trimmed lol Still had to manicure it when I jarred. 
Also I am making this burping pail on a schedule tomorrow.

Cannabis Grow Jan 9th 3

Now to set out said schedule. 🤔 
10 minutes twice a day for a wk then the same but once?
Do I cut a hole and insert a hygrometer? It won't track the ups and downs of rH unless I use the home hold ones, not those we put in our Jars and either one, will it be accurate or just tell you the rH at the top of pail? 

Need to get it made then test how long it take to pressurize the pail and trigger the check valve. That will tell me how long I should run it, sort of. lol I mean once it pops I need to guesstimate from that point to fully gassing off what was in the pail and have the pump shut off. This I need to be diligent with. I also got this, if it shows ( a 3 teir stainless steel steamer rack lol) to put in the pail and keep levels of air between. The idea is simply better air flow.

Grower Love

Posted : 01/09/2021 11:34 pm Notalented, DrGreenDad, ironman300k and 2 people liked
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SO you want to good news or the weird news first? 
Power Cola is well but still with the up curl.
Temps 24-25 (75-77) with %68-71 rH

Cannabis Grow 138017760 10224078649303515 5980243980558174830 o
Cannabis Grow 137620037 10224078648423493 4896497111037789203 o
Cannabis Grow 137521780 10224083700669796 2383135264976080576 o

I'm fighting myself from watering lol 


Cannabis Grow 138057112 10224078640383292 6460978442826628116 o
Cannabis Grow 138045729 10224078640583297 6935914507180043768 o
Cannabis Grow 137625802 10224078640943306 2357484377981732407 o
Cannabis Grow 137616372 10224078641143311 6456351434821261778 n
Cannabis Grow 138042266 10224078641543321 5298752749339964077 o
Cannabis Grow 138054700 10224082966051431 4245053138102381665 o

Quadra Cotyledon!! 
What Can We Expect from this glorious Mutation!??
3-4 leaves to start
Two tops? 
WHAT? I do not know, I can Wait to see!! Makes the lose of the first seed hurt a little less, the universe wanting to give me something to look forward to this yr after the last one. We won't mention last wk in the world 🤫 

Posted : 01/10/2021 8:47 pm Notalented, DrGreenDad, iain and 6 people liked
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Opening up 😀 This is great 😀

Cannabis Grow 138061558 10224084945540917 5861285426063816668 o

Posted : 01/11/2021 6:45 pm Notalented, DrGreenDad, ironman300k and 3 people liked
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So this is what went on over the last 3-4 days

Jan 12th I mixed a compost tea that did Not do what it was meant to do, foam of froth up. Only tonight I realized what I did wrong. My math was off. I had to scale down from 5 gal (19 liters) to one liter. I weighed each ingredient. 

Guano (0-9-0) is 16.5 g/tbsp and we need two for 5 g. So that's 33 g/19lt. So that's 1.73 g/lt
Guano might not be appropriate to use yet. 
Alfalfa (3-0-3) is 9.5 g/tbsp so that's 19g/2lt. So 1 g/lt
Kelp (1-0-3) is  23.5 g/2tbsp/19lt. So 1.32 g/lt
Molasses is 1-2 tbsp/5g but some call for even more so it's not like you can add to much... within reason of course lol 
And for the worm castings its 2 cups/5 gal. So I will go 1/8 to 1/4 cup. With the total weight of the dry is 4.02 gram I will add double equivalent of worm castings[?]. So 8-9 or maybe go 10 grams to be even.  

It's not easy trying to do this for one plant. All the scaling down. I hope the next tea works out better. I might drop the Guano (since I have worm castings) or drop it by half. Phosphorus is good but not so much right now, right. 

Even thought the tea didn't "work" I used some. Didn't check pH. When I did, it was over 7.3-7.6. I have the tea still bubbling, not sure I can or should still use it. I know the anaerobic tea is to be used right away and not let to sit and go rancid but can aeration prevent that but also not making it aerobic? 

The germination tray I have the ladies sitting in receives the water off the humidifier. A couple time the water was high enough to be leached or wicked up but they coco castings. Not a bad thing but may not be good if the water brought anything up into the roots! Also changes the watering times, not that they are set. 

 On Jan 12th I gave the Mutant a pot up. 

Cannabis Grow 20 Jan 12th
Cannabis Grow 21 Jan 12th

Jan 13th

Cannabis Grow 24 Jan 13th
Cannabis Grow 23 Jan 13th

She's opening up and I am anticipating anxiously to see how she starts. 

Power Cola is dong great. I actually took her out of the cup, removed abut an inch of coco castings and put her back in the cup, lower down and added the removed coco castings to the top. The coffee filter was none existent lol 

Cannabis Grow 20 Jan 12th
Cannabis Grow 21 Jan 12th
Cannabis Grow 22 Jan 12th
Cannabis Grow 23 Jan 12th
Cannabis Grow 24 Jan 13th
Cannabis Grow 25 Jan 13th

As you can see the roots are already at the bottom but I did it anyways and she didn't seems to be affected. 

 I am thinking that I will do this again once I see pre-flower. Take her out of the cup, cut off a inch of roots and cutting the side roots as well and then starting on the GH transitioning nutrients.... 
OR do I keep with the organics but not top dressing but making the two types of tea and fertigate with those? But that risks clogging the make shift halo... also might not supply the right amount of nutrients she would wants that way. Wouldn't be to %10-20 runoff either, just minimal drips. To no wash out what the cup holds.... Sort of talking myself out if it lol HFF DTW it is unless you the reader has other ideas 😉 

But as Power Cola grows, I need to make my plan on how I will manage the single cola. But I think what I will do is remove all but the fans as she grows (shit will a preflower still show u at a node with out a branch?). Stopping once she does move into the veg/flower stretch. I will then and only then remove more (after some consultation) lateral branches that will not be part of the main cola. I think by doing this, all the energy will be directed to the main all along the time line. I just hope I have the height she might need lol 

I took off the main dome and put a deli cup over the Mutant. The tent at plant level is sitting at %60-62 rH and 24-26`c. The hydrometer in with the Mutant is %78-80 rH and 26-27`c. 

So as of this moment, everything is going well 😀  Thanks for the interest 
Grower Love

Posted : 01/14/2021 11:36 pm Notalented, DrGreenDad, zepherino and 3 people liked

Remember to always keep your Garden Guardian Happy!

Cannabis Grow 138707844 10224097526495433 8595157881653716160 o
Cannabis Grow Gnome

Posted : 01/15/2021 12:06 am Notalented, DrGreenDad, Alma M and 6 people liked
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Just a daily photo drop. 
The Mutants Coty's seem to be where the abnormality starts and ends but until the new nodes grow out I won't know for sure but as of now, she looks like a normal Plant with 2 cotys that are split

Cannabis Grow 26 Jan 15th
Cannabis Grow 25 Jan 15th

 Power Cola is doing really well. 
The plant is still to move to salts once pre-flower starts. Maybe sooner if it looks like the castings and 4-4-4 is used up. I wonder how long a Party cup of coco perlite castings an 444 will last lol 
A potted plant is said 3wks to a month... If you have an idea, drop a comment 🙂 

Cannabis Grow 26 Jan 15th

Grower Love

Posted : 01/15/2021 9:55 pm Notalented, DrGreenDad, iain and 4 people liked
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