NYGC Misfits: The re-vegged no till bunch

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NYGC Misfits: The re-vegged no till bunch

Everything is grown from regular seed, put into flower asap and re-vegged.  The Purple Chemdog and Trudeau were recently harvested and re-vegged, both sexed naturally, Purp dog actually was a clone of the mother I put outdoors, and it re-vegged just the same.  The clones cups of both however would NOT re-veg and just died off... note to try backup plant re-veg in minimum 6" mediums next time. 

Lemon haze will be done in 6" fabric "pots" I made from a sweater sleeves, as it's winter and I already lost my Ever5st seedling to the cold, almost losing Cherry pie as well.  Solo cups are only good for 2 weeks unless you have a relentless strain like zkittles here I guess..  or maybe it's just the cold low RH winter air.   Intake ducting now at 5' in the air, chained into the 420w 4x4 which is vegging 12-1 in the day, into the 400w 3x3 which is flowering Zkittles alone right now in week 4 doing pretty good

Cannabis Grow 20211228 111609
Cannabis Grow 20211227 015028
Cannabis Grow 20211227 015017

Posted : 12/28/2021 8:58 pm ChaseG1992, Marcus and Twilight_Zone liked
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Forgot to mention I am germinating regular Lemon Haze from BC for a friend who wants them for Feb 5 so I better get going on that, not sure I can sex them that fast but I've done it with Zkittles so well see.

The lights in the 4x4 are 2 MF-2000 219w draw, for when in veg.  In the 3x3 are 2 MF-1000 97w and 2 P-600 94w draw.   I use home made duct housed honeywell t-900 and t-800 fans for 6" intake to the 4x4.  An EC 4" Turbo fan exhausting the 4x4 into the floor of the 3x3.  Another housed t-900 fan exhausting the 3x3.  3x3 is now 11 on 13 off at night, and the 4x4 is 12-1 in the day.  Keeps everybody warmer for the dry cold winter, and keeps the humidity levels steady at lights out for now too. 

Attention to Zkittles lights off humidity levels should be easier, as it's lights dry out the air at night when it spikes, and in the day it's usually low as well due to the veg tent lights being on which feeds the flower tent really steady. 

In summer I Imagine I will separate them again, and just try to be vegging something for july august as it's too hot to flower then, but great for veg.

Posted : 12/28/2021 9:29 pm ChaseG1992 liked

Happy guy, loves his job.  If I'm late to the farm he sure pipes up about it...

Cannabis Grow 20211229 102414

Posted : 12/29/2021 7:38 am ChaseG1992 and Marcus liked
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Update.  Had big problems with the 4x4 chained to the 3x3 kind of overheating and bad circulation, underpowered using a 4" EC and not enough duct.  The 3x3 had some light leaks in the door where they did the stitching, hard to notice the angle it was on, you had to be kneeling down.  My Zkittles plant overheated, I was ambitious with 400w on it also, seems borderline crazy now using the 4" EC dedicated to the 3x3 it was in.  280w will run at 26-28c but if I want to get really serious I will need another 6" EC, and use the 4" EC turbo fan to feed the new 6" EC turbo with twin duct intakes, one active on a temperature probe if needed for hot days. 

I must say I would avoid even the fanciest 4" duct fan, as it's presence in the tent is not much compared to a competent 6" fan.. Lesson learned, got some fluffy Zkittles full of seeds, I mean full.  Surprised it smokes sweet and grapey once the little nanner balls and seed pods are removed carefully, some buds better than others.  I will still enjoy some, but save most for my RSO or kief supply bag if ever. 

My other computer and my camera kind of glitched out, among me struggling to figure out whats wrong, but I will be back with pics and updates soon, as it's turning around fast now and I've been able to feed them, transplant, and put the 4x4 reveg guys into flower.

Cherry Pie is still sick looking, yellowed out at the bottom like lemon haze and everest did, due to the bad ventilation, which created mostly chlorosis on the lower leaves then stunting, although Trudeau also started to show phosphor def with purple on a couple fan leaves, and I freaked out and ordered the 6" !!!!  I feel the 4x4 easily running 600w now but I am just going to keep it with the 2 MF-2000 at 440w draw, one on each plant, but this time I will try not to let the plants spread out as much to the outside edges like it did last time, which probably lowered the bud size along with the high heat and diminishing humidity due to the weak ventilation presence. 

I will upload the pics of the burnt zkittles, and the reveg bunch though the bends and all.  Hope nobody will try to underdog their tent without a 6" duct after reading this.  however the 4" EC did handle 440w at 26c in the 4x4 veg without the charcoal filter, but a large hepa filter duct taped to a large thin fan box, to keep the fan from dusting up and slowing it down.  I will eventually get ANOTHER 6" EC duct fan for the 3x3 also, and feed the 4x4 like I said with the 4" as an extra boost.  All I use now is a Honeywell T900 sure taped to a 6" plastic planter with the bottom cut out, and 6" duct taped to that.  Keeps the light out that way too.  Learned to pull outwards on your zipper door while closing to make the flaps seal properly too, and use black tape and glue gun to seal up all pinholes or anything.  I keep the intake ducts raised above 4' mostly in the winter, and the exhaust duct just blowing out of the room with the draft direction and things work well, especially without two tents in the same room taking up all the external air space as well, creating another heat problem.  Give your tent walls space and away from any elements, or heat pipes, ducts under the floor.

The ventilation thing only happened once winter came and humidity drops too, but dead air spikes at night of course, but I thought it was the winter air, or higher humidity.. I tried feeding fish to get rid of those lower yellow leaves and it only worsened everything, letting me think my microbes and humic may now have me over feeding, or my south magnetic "softer" carrier water was over doing it.   But yeah, get a 6", or 8 if your in a 5x5.   And I don't know how everyone seems to pull off using the flaps as air intakes, as even my duct leaks light into the tent if it's not over 8' long, with 2 bends.  It's black pvc but aluminum inside sure carries the light, even with black tape 8" into the ends!!   I think that about covers it.  Ventilation is a subject I found hard to get the specifics.

300w = min 270 cfm in a 3x3 after factoring in the lighting.  oops.  I originally had a number of 190cfm required for my 4x4, but I think that was with 400w.  And that barely does the job.  Always try and at least double your intake vent size or more even, as I was feeding a 4" with a long but positive 6" duct and it was still restrictive, until I added the 2 6" ducts.  Then changing out the 4" to the 6" fan and exhaust ducting allowed me to not need the positive intake, as well as lowering temperatures from 26.5c to 24.5c with the speed control only on 2/3 vs mostly full with the 4".

Photon for Andriod is actually working really well on my samsung, which I thought was why I burnt my plants also... It actually works great, if calibrated to a light you know where such height = this max par, I believe it works just as good as a lumens meter in that respect.  Although it does read 780 ppfd at 16" on the MF-2000, where I understand that is usually your 1000 max ppfd level, and it concurs with my MF-1000 light as well at 10"  so that is great because all I think I need is my max par warning, and it can give you some eyes in the tent to max out your spread better and get to learn the spread characteristics.  especially the cross par levels which are much lower than I thought, unless you get within 3 inches of the other lamps throwing side.  Line them up and you don't get as much as a hot spot as you would if you had a single panel either somehow, which I thought was maybe a deception of the photon and samsung light sensor.  But other growers will concur this as well.


Thanks for the grower love and I hope my efforts help someone learn something they didn't see, like all the problems your plants can come up with just from bad temps or lack of air, which seems to also point to ph, low nitrogen, or too much nutrients, due to the plant uptaking too much with the extra water it needs to keep up with my damaging vent system lol, all the while the poor guys were just choking.  Pics soon as I just flipped the Purple Chemdog and Trudeau reveg to flower after feeding and cloning about 2 weeks ago, made a miraculous recovery actually.  Time to let the Cherry pie and lemon Haze recover some more in their new pots.  My first 7 gallon pot goes to the rooting machine cherry pie, to keep it happy for once, as it smells like skunk in my most favorite ways when training.

Grower love from me and the orange cat


Posted : 02/12/2022 11:22 pm

10 fans in use by the way, 5 needed for each tent.  1 main exhaust EC.  1 oscillating 12" table fan (full time pointed across floor and soil for gnat prevention**).  2 honeywell t-900 hanging opposite each other or in a circular generating a turbine, blowing half above the light on the drivers, and half below across the leds.  Finally the t-900 again attached to the 6" duct with the 6" flower pot.

** Also using diatomaceous earth and black fly frass now with full time fan for at least two weeks after top dressing or transplanting.  You keep the main planters like that and the little ones wont need to be worried about.  Although I blamed my def and chlorosis on them too..

Pics soon for sure, this weekend hopefully fix my thinkpad and phone

Posted : 02/12/2022 11:38 pm

sorry it would be an 8" round plastic flower pot that tapers to a 6" bottom, dollar store special, using the red sure tape to seal it on, and black duct tape to seal the light.  lines right up with both the honeywell T900 fan ( pretty kick ass 195 cfm 8" fan blade ) and a 6" duct, works good as a booster or overheat duct, having its face mounted right in the tent port, held up with a can of spaghetti sauce.  These are more quiet, adjustable, and reliable, affordable, then the 6" inline booster duct fans, that only reach a low static 150-200 cfm.  Use a larger box with a surface big enough to cut out for filters, use nylon or buy air filter sheets for that, instead of using a carbon filter for intake which is a waste I would think. 

My humidity problems were actually dealt pretty well with calcium chloride I rigged up in a fabric wrapping, mounted on an old vinegar jug, and hung in the top of tent... It dries back off releasing humidity during lights on, and vice versa.. And on the low humid days a wet towel on a stick in a bucket in front of the intake fan worked wonders too.  But the 6" fan took care of those problems now and its like always 45-60 in here now and I'm fine with that.  sometimes I add a wet cloth in the 3x3 when plants aren't watered, until I get the 6"..... Honestly the 4" fan has been a nightmare, saving up for the next 6" now... traumatic times..  why worry, get the biggest duct fan you can get.  trust me.  EC too, not the standard power robbing bearing grinders most are trying to sell you.  An EC fan is a variable speed DC powered motor... The standard fan motor is AC and needs to be on high setting when activated or capacitor damage ensues, or motor burns out, if it don't rattle itself and your sanity apart first.  Honeywell is the only fan I would take the time to tape up and risk putting in a duct housing, and getting results.  They last years and years, I have horrible tinnitus and sleep with them on, never bother turning them off, decades go by sometimes....

Posted : 02/13/2022 12:00 am

Huge thing I learned also about DLI and 12-1 GLT lighting.   DLI dictates the amount in a day of light.  using 18-6 your entire industry recommends using the "vegative" hanging height or dimming to 50%.  So when you switch from an 18 hour day to 12 now you can use the full power of the light as your DLI will now even up.

But using 12-1 you can stay with full flower power... man.  Even seedlings and clones do well on it in full light on the floor. I've gotten roots in 3 days with aloe vera, no dome, spraying... blew me away I thought I was some kind of clone master.

So if anyone's tried 12-1, but used the 18hr day par levels of 500 instead of 800 to 1000 even, that would most likely have been your performance issue.  Also with 12-1, you reduce the day down to 8hrs in flower, reducing the DLI like in nature.  So methods open up there as you could try raising intensity a bit more, also to promote resin. But then there's some growers who insist on reducing the intensity like nature, and even mimic sunrise sunset to dwindle down the 12hr day.  The plant and resins grow and collect at night for uv defence, and I hear an intense day can increase that as well.  I'm learning to dim now when I water, for my eyes and also that plants get a shady day in nature quite often also, so sometimes implement that when I see them drinking too fast.  Cold mornings also decrease node spacing so if you dim down low at night, have a cool dim morning, you may see good results, especially if you give them some high par afternoons at 27-28c instead of all day.  I did that when my plants were sick from lack of ventilation and it really helped them.  I'm sure newer bluetooth rack systems will be doing something like that soon, with ir and uv sunsets, max par afternoons, possibly cloud over the leds.   12-1 keeps them pretty well trained, tight nodes and even stretching.  Sometimes too quick for me, If things were perfect a month plus seedling time is usually the results I had when not burning or choking my plants lol..

Someone check it out, veg par and heights not needed and will leave your plants hungry for light.  DLI + 12-1 = pretty good.

Share the wealth, power bills suck, 12-1 is better for node spacing and less stretching, even in final stretch I only get about 6-12" on a 3ft plant... And all the colas keep a suprisingly even canopy, early veg training ( keep the main top pulled down below the rest until they all catch up) is all you need, and from there the bush grows really flush and tight, ready for a scrog if you dare to spread all that out too.  I found bud weight opened it up just enough to prevent scrogging also, as all the shoots were strong due to the main cola being constantly on a pressure from the tie down.  Use a strong knot as it will undo a bowtie.  Ties really strengthen your plants as well as scrog nets.  You can get a roll of string, and actually quickly tie your own scrog as you go, and as needed.  I found it easier than trying to do it all at once too.  

Anyways been learning a lot indoor growing.  Thanks again for Dr. Coco especially his light game.  I will be back around again for a bit unless I really screwed up my grow again or end up with more slum lord problems here in crackton.   Stay safe and grow gooder, grower love, thanks for the cool place to come and share the exciting garden stuff while everyone else is out protesting with the truckers.  Ex trucker myself but health problems along with our crappy Prime Minister Trudeau have me treading water all the time here in someones ex trap house crack den because of housing crisis they probably caused.  I thought the leaky roof with black mould that grew into my bedroom walls was causing the ill plants also... Taped that room off and moved into the den... oh well I got my garden and my growmies, my cat and I couldn't be happier actually.  Thanks guys, Dr. Coco, grower love dudes.  Honk for freedom will ya!!  And let the guy with the signal on in the lane if you can man.  It makes you feel good, unless your late, but then fuck it your late anyways dude no need to make it all worse.  Is your job really that important anyways, or your happiness, character, well being, and the days your going to remember.  Stay free guys, things will get better again soon, ying yang and shit.

Posted : 02/13/2022 12:54 am

here is the demise of my Zkittles.  High temps, too much light at times, and a humidity problem due to my original makeshift venting.  As well as pinhole leaks all over the door window stitching.  A bedroom soaked through here due to a hole in the roof, growing black mould just before the shift of health.  I top dressed at flip, these pics are at 4 and 6 weeks.  Seaweed was given as potassium boost for flowering. 

It totally yellowed out just after I noticed some light bleaching.  Then I noticed tons of seed pods but no male or nanner parts visible.

Just ran into trouble loading pictures, as all my pics are just above 10mb...  I

that sucks... well the last update of zkittles looked great I was thrilled with the progress.. and then within two weeks, after a bit of yellow started in the middle, I did a last foliar of seaweed and a bit of aloe, may have been stronger than usual.  Seems two days later the entire top canopy faded to yellow, on top of some bleaching from trying some higher intensity.  bad move with the vent system I had, and heat spikes, humidity up and down never regular, due to a chained 4" vent system restriction. 

Posted : 02/13/2022 7:31 pm

Cannabis Grow 20220213 090718
Cannabis Grow 20220213 204511

Well these pics uploaded, my current progress of the revegged Trudeau and Purple Chemdog.  The healing Lemon Haze seedling (unsexed still) and Cherry pie are now vegging in the hotter 3x3 with its own dedicated 4" EC duct fan, with 6" intake.  Both just transplanted and put in there with 4 100w panels at 70w each, 12" away reading 6-700 ppfd max, running at 27c.  Even with another passive intake I don't see any improvement.  Running at 400w quickly brings it up to 29c and my humidity drops badly for some reason (caused zkittles to drink too much nutes?), so 280 it is for now.   6" duct fan coming for that in future if i would like to flower in there again with control. 

Cherry pie is going to be a keeper strain along with Trudeau, as they are the only seeds I had and they are favorites of mine.  Cherry pie was topped and just gets the offending stretchers twist bent back down to widen the canopy, gently as she's been sick twice now....

Posted : 02/13/2022 7:40 pm

Forgot to officially flip them on the calendar here.  It's official..  They were just harvested on Nov 20th, 2 weeks to reveg and 2 months of not so optimal vegging due to the bad venting I just fixed

Posted : 02/13/2022 7:43 pm

The purple chemdog is on the left again, trudeau on right..   Trudeau hasn't had any bending or training at all, and it's looking great to me... purp dog is a real stretcher, and some had to be bent over a couple times before it settled down from its revegg monster crop spazz.  I think 12-1 keeps them in that state longer and maybe after revegg next time I will go with 16 on 8 off for a few weeks.

I only had some stringy growth at the bottoms I had to cut off, as they just put out shoots like they were being tied down, yet I basically did nothing... Stems are thick and strong from the fan fighting the gnats full time for 2 weeks after top dressings.  They look like they are liking their lasagna layers. 

Next grow I will put them into 7g fabrics, or maybe these 3'x2' foot roughly, black folding crates, kind of like a mini raised bed, and perforated everywhere.  They are probably 10 or more gallon I imagine.  Lots of people recommend low and wide beds for cannabis no til beds vs minimum 7g pots.  I think 7g will be perfect as 5 seems to be just a bit lacking sometimes but does the job.  I have a feeling Zkittles would of done better at that size in a 7g but wow it was looking big before I burnt it lol

Happy growing!

pics of the revegged purp dog, tied down and twisted stem, and Trudeaus revegged stem that was actually broken right in half at 3 weeks old, taped back together, and had to forgo training... lucky she really trains herself anyways that one... has the liqourice terps mixed with a sweet orange.  purp dog is really purple dominant but the earthy diesel of chemdog pops out behind it making it dank too.  both super smooth with organic feed, compared to the growers i originally got them from.  Stronger terps and smoother smoke, and stronger strength too.  I was really impressed with them so their keepers.  I may send big purp dog out to my friends outdoor spot if I can reveg it by end of may, which should be perfect timing!! 

Last summer the mother I grew of this purp dog clone im using now, grew pop can size buds out in the sun and stretched out tall and wide in record time.  mind you the guy feeding it uses chemical liquid nutes and is a senior grower, so this year Ill reveg this monster for him in time and hopefully have an impressive tree out of the third harvest of this purp dog clone..  Trudeau is now cloned so I can ensure this one stays as it is quite the strain all around, usually 24% or more THC content, hits like a vape pen almost, never lets me down.

Cannabis Grow 20220213 090744
Cannabis Grow 20220213 091541
Cannabis Grow 20220213 091554
Cannabis Grow 20220213 090718

Posted : 02/13/2022 8:10 pm

Cannabis Grow 20220213 204511

Forgot to mention, thought I rid cherry pie of the lower yellowing twice now, but three times!  I germinated it back in december now, recovered it, put it into flower with zkittles and she took her time showing pistills on the top node first, also yellowing out the lowers again.... So back into the 12-1 4x4 (better air) for recovery and really slow and hairy reveg I tell you...  and another yellow out... One thing I noticed is it root bound itself even with the air pruning holes, no wrapping just root ends EVERYWHERE, and solid as a rock...

I topped a growth spurt hoping to duplicate a back up in case, but it's not looking so hot, also another lower healthier cutting today... quite a few healthy sprouts coming off the top now I gently bent down hoping not to shock it even more, and shes responding well now after 3 days in there and the 7g well amended fabric pot.  Hoping the vent upgrades have me back to smooth sailing again so I can dial these guys in and tune em up. 

Grower love, Ill be back to look around soon now that things aren't as crazy around here, see what I can learn from this great bunch.

Posted : 02/13/2022 8:26 pm
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Eh hey there growmies from the south.  Back today in really good spirits now that my exhaust fans are up to par. literally.  I was choking them out.  Now even with winter drafts the tents seem better, especially with the intake raised to 4' avoiding the most deadly.

The photon app and I have gotten along, and I found it's quite accurate now, possibly due to the migro updates.  DLI for me and using 12-1 is much clearer now, although tapering down to 8 hour days needs 1250 par to equal your DLI which I didn't do last time, and tapered much too early..  Plants are stretched out now I think, purple chemdog on the left is topped out my light height today...  Looking healthy!!

Photon really came into play in my 3x3, now running 2 MF-1000 with 2 P600 joined to each MF, like two rectangles in an array.  It boosted the size and throw of the hotspots into one per side, which allowed me to run them around 11" at 220w, giving me a good spread of 500 to 650 par max on the plants, outer edges dim out to 450, corners to 350.  Pretty happy. 

And WOW did they all ever bounce back quick time with a better ventilation and acceptable vpd now, which is what caused my chlorosis bender I think.  And my amendment strengths were a bit strong after castings and microbes that included fish bone, langbrienite, and other substancial balancers.  And then I go and add a bit of fish or seaweed thinking the top dressing didn't cook in yet.. and boom yellow town again...

Happy with them and they seem super happy now thankfully, grower love and all that good stuff.  I'm thrilled... I have two pics of the results of my stressed out hermie zkittles bud, showing the little nanners or seeds trying to grow still, and the consequences to the flower bud....

Cannabis Grow 20220216 111601
Cannabis Grow 20220217 072852
Cannabis Grow 20220218 201758
Cannabis Grow 20220218 202059
Cannabis Grow 20220218 202105
Cannabis Grow 20220218 202114
Cannabis Grow 20220218 202134
Cannabis Grow 20220221 200306
Cannabis Grow 20220222 203505
Cannabis Grow 20220223 001248
Cannabis Grow 20220223 001319
Cannabis Grow 20220223 082612
Cannabis Grow 20220223 082620
Cannabis Grow 20220224 205156
Cannabis Grow 20220224 205203

One thing that blows me away is this Trudeau strain, the shorter indica flowering on the right.  It basically trains itself, and is like groot, or gumby always easy to bend, but never needing training almost.  And dense durban poison type buds no matter what you feed it, it puts up with the most grief.  It has a dank liqourice and sweet orange smell to it.  No seeds last harvest so maybe I will leave some angry fluff below and hope for a couple at least, as well as creating another backup clone now.

Posted : 02/24/2022 9:09 pm

Oh and on the right of happy cherry pie in the 3x3 is the happier lemon haze, almost back to full force, and a stretched out purple chemdog clone that survived the first try during signs of yellowing.  I gave it some not so LST and bent it down reluctantly into a round 180 after transplant.  Purple chemdog in monstercrop mode is a hungry relentless camper, and as resilient as Trudeau, but it absolutely hates being trained and bent after 6 weeks old.

Posted : 02/24/2022 9:18 pm CaptG320 liked
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Cherry Pie really bounced back, showing some brownish spots on a few leaves, not sure if a nutrient problem or sepetoritis.  I just gave it a good feeding into the 7 gallon from a 1 gallon, so I was raising up a liter starting at 2.5 L now up to 7 yesterday to get it to run off.  Now that its thriving I took off the scruffy looking base growth of mutated reveg parts, pieces of bud matter and fat stipules or pistils bunched up around the dense stringy stem production and tons of single leaf reveg leaves making for a wooly mammoth looking underbelly of horror to defoliate and trim.  It took a long time to show pistils and a long time to reveg due to bad conditions.

Cannabis Grow 20220226 195205
Cannabis Grow 20220226 195534
Cannabis Grow 20220226 203615
Cannabis Grow 20220227 204016
Cannabis Grow 20220227 204032
Cannabis Grow 20220227 215749
Cannabis Grow 20220227 215753

Lemon haze recovered now, bottom yellowed leaves almost green again too.  My flowering plants finished stretching again around 12 days.  Purple Chemdog has my light up as far as it can go!!!  Lucky as that saved me a lot of hassles with a scrog, dimming or trying to hang it higher.  Thinking of flowering Cherry pie soon.  Getting rid of the other plants to friends except for a Trudeau clone, so I only have 4 in flower which is law here too.  Not sure about veg counts of unknown sex will bother them or not..  The 3x3 runs really cool now and handles the humidity well at lights on and off. 

Going to sneak the plants in flower a light feed of seaweed for growth hormones and extra potassium for hardener, but first a bit of Aloe for all the enzymes, aminos, micros and pest control, fungal control.  Small amount with the alonin removed does wonders sometimes. 

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