NYGC Fruit Salad: 1st Organic Grow - Limeorilla x Lime 1bx

Hello everyone, thanks for checking out my grow journal! After two harvests growing in coco coir, I am doing my very first organic run using living soil. I'm very excited to start this new challenge and to see if living soil organics really do provide that extra punch in flavor and terpene profile. This run I am most excited to be running the Lime-O-Rilla x Lime 1bx bred by the great Brandon Rust on the Cheap Home Grow podcast. Brick House and Morning Vibes 2.0 by jinxproof have shown to have some beautiful color potential and I'm really excited to see how they all turn out. 

I will be using Purple Cow's Indicanja living soil blend, Buxton Hollow Farm's nourished coco coir seed starter and compost teas, Bokashi Earthwork's bokashi/cover crop/microbe+/AgSil16, Microbe Life Hydroponics photosynthesis plus, Dynomyco, and some homemade KNF inputs like FPJs, WCA, and others. The plants will be grown in Grassroots fabric pots as well as Rainscience grow bags during their 3 gallon stage. The plants will be grown under the 240w Migro Aray 4 bar LED.

My goals will be to update this journal at least once weekly, or after any major event that may happen. I will closely document my tent environment and my daily watering practices as I feel this will be my biggest challenge. Coco coir with a good perlite ratio can be watered multiple times per day and that is obviously not the case in soil as it can easily be overwatered. Closely documenting how often and what volume of water I use will be crucial. I am still considering purchasing an irrometer and blumat system to dial in the moisture without fear of overwatering. 

With some big life events planned for late May and early June, my next grow won't be starting until the Summer so I'm dropping my seeds 10 days early to let myself have a longer veg period and really maximize those yields. Thanks for following along, I'll see you in the garden!

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Seeds are wet as of 7:00 AM this morning! I dropped 4 seeds of each strain into bottled water and am leaving them in my tent controlled at 75-78 degrees F until 7:00PM tonight when I'll transfer them to a wet papertowel until their taproots have sprouted and are ready for seedling containers. I'll then be using Delta Leaf Labs and Farmer Freeman genetic testing to root out the males leaving my garden with only female. I'll update again once they are in the seedling containers. 

Cannabis Grow 4516D9E0 8EEA 4A1E 8D71 4B35AF004245

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Temperature - 80-83F

rH - 60 in tent, 85 in bags

Lights - 20% at 10" - 18/6


The seeds sat in the water for 12 hours and were then transferred to a wet papertowel and placed into ziplock bags inside my tent with a heater maintaining 80-83F for 48 hours before being planted into their seedling bags. 

The seedling bags are filled with nourished coir from Buxton Hollow Farms as well as about 15% by weight of their worm castings. I also added 20% ricehulls by weight to promote good aeration. I added a sprinkle of dynomyco into the hole, gently agitated the media, and added the seeds taproots down. I then watered the coco with bottled water and 1mL/gal of fishshit, just enough to create some runoff and fully saturate.  Once planting the seeds taproot down, I spritzed a gallon ziplock bag with some water and placed them over the seedling containers, 2 per bag, to maintain and elevated humidity. 

Within the day most of the seedlings had pushed up beyond the soil and began opening the cotelydons. I am only watering every other day, the high heat and humidity in the bags keeps the coco moist and optimal for the seedlings to grow. 

Bringing us to day 6, 11/12 seeds have sprouted and are doing well. Unfortunately, 1 of the 4 Lime-O-Rilla x Lime-1 Bx seeds has yet to sprout and had not cracked open in the papertowel when I planted it on day 3. Hopefully one the 3 remaining seeds will be female so that I can keep my good variety through this run. I will plan to update again once the seedlings are ready to up-potting and sex testing results are in. 

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Cannabis Grow DE960FE3 E392 42F5 98F8 1138D60D9B4A
Cannabis Grow 57203151 D7C0 461D 8DC6 C97A74B5D980

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Another rocky start to my grow, but another learning experience. Growing in coco coir did me no favors when it came to learning how to water. Starting off I began watering the media to run off once daily, like I have in previous runs. While rice hulls are a good alternative to perlite, they do not aerate the media as effectively. As a result I actually over saturated the coco and my seedlings suffered as a result. Compared to my previous grows, these seedlings seemed to be stuck in time. After consulting some organic experts in the GrowCast community, I added about 1-2mLs of 3%H2O2 to my seedlings to help deliver some immediate oxygen to the root zone. I have not watered in a few days to help dry out the media and allow the interior of the container to dry out and not be over saturated. Some of the seedlings began to die off as they suffered in the overly saturated media, and I’m now left with 9 seedlings. In case I lost some females, or this batch has been stunted, I popped another batch of the same strains on January 2nd to save on time should I have to restart.

Beginning in coco coir has given me a false sense of security when it comes to beginning and organic run, but this is a good lesson to learn early on rather than months into a run. If the seedlings begin vertical growth and recover I will send some cuts off for sex testing. Until then I will continue to nurture the new seeds and be ready to continue the grow with those. Some of the seedlings do appear to be improving so I’ll be watching them closely. 

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Cannabis Grow DAF2C6D0 B5BA 4DA2 933C 4516581D6501
Cannabis Grow 162CAA61 8241 4592 8340 C832ABCB673F
Cannabis Grow 0659F241 76A0 4FE3 8D08 680C528A291D
Cannabis Grow 555B90A4 D5AF 40D9 A57D 1A79BA7F1C2C
Cannabis Grow BF4A8C6E 8B4F 4718 B223 2D3C63AEC683

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Temperature - 80-83F

rH - 75-80

Lights - 20% at 10" - 18/6


After a really difficult start to my seedlings, the initial round that I dropped have mostly recovered and resumed upward growth. I think providing some extra nutrients via topdressing with the purple cow seed starter, as well as allowing the media to thoroughly dry and free up oxygen in the rootzone was the right move. Even still, these plants are now starting their fourth week of life and should be much bigger. 

The seedlings that were dropped on January 2nd and only on day 9 of life are doing much better. They were planted directly into the purple cow seed starter with dynomyco amended into the medium. Since germination I have been careful not to oversaturate the medium. I spray the top layers every day with filtered water to keep a good moisture level and water with approximately 50mLs of filtered water with fishshit microbes every other day, or when the containers seem very light and dry. This saturates the media while not producing any runoff and I think the plants are happy for it. They are all showing beautiful color and growing at steady rates. The only seedling falling behind is the lone brick house plant I have (of the Jan 2 seedlings), which started off as a helmet head. If I do get a male from the older seedlings, i may elect to try and salvage the genetics and evaluate it in living soil as I was super excited for the qualities of this strain. 

I may end up editing this grow box and completely ditch the initial seedlings due to their continually slow progression. Depending on how many females I get from the new seedlings, I may either throw them all away, or up pot a select few to ensure I have females and see if they regain any vigor once in a living soil. Because I only have room for three plants I need to be very selective in terms of vigor and health. Having two plants do much better while leaving the third to be a runt in the corner is something I need to avoid. 

This week I should be receiving sex testing results on my first 6 samples that I sent off (of the 12/21 seedlings). Once the Jan 2 seedlings are able to develop a good set of triple leaves and are pushing their first set of full leaves, hopefully by the end of this week, I will send off for the remaining sex tests. My plan is to have my 6 plants selected for up-potting to one gallon living soil by the end of next week or weekend. 

Once I have 6 plants in one gallons I will be able to provide more detailed descriptions about the individual plants and their phenotype expressions as well as how their growth is progressing. 

I apologize for the pictures not being in the proper order, not really sure how to edit that. Except for the photo showing all of the seedlings and the middle photo of the top row (12/21 germ), the remaining photos are showing the seedlings germinated on 1/2.

Cannabis Grow AE1DF650 4C75 4977 8395 28FD9F8CB97F
Cannabis Grow DA3B7D86 FB47 4DCD B0C5 043674287A30
Cannabis Grow BC14DA1C 7E1F 4A73 8E5C BB904ABD0384
Cannabis Grow 34D9CA6B 70F7 450E B955 7A588461A827
Cannabis Grow 263AB7A5 A8B9 4570 B790 0E9FED736B67

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Two weeks since my last update. I delayed any updates thinking that the results of my sex tests were just around the corner and that it would be easier to do one massive update, but my second round of tests were a bit delayed due to the carrier. The biggest decision over these last few weeks was to scrap the initial round of seedlings that I popped and overwatered in the nourished coir. They were simply too stunted and not nourished enough in the media to have any sort of vigor. They were alive but in stasis as they were both small and pushing one node every week or so and will simply never catch up to the newer seeds popped on January 2nd. I have updated the grow box to reflect this change. Hopefully next run I can actually get off the ground on the first try without having to do a reset one or two weeks in!

Over the last two weeks the purple cow seed starter mix performed wonderfully. The plants have each loved the medium they inhabited and demonstrated some pretty uniform and vigorous growth, much improved over the nourished coir and undoubtedtly due to improved watering practices. I allowed the seedling pots to almost completely dry out before watering with one of the three microbe innoculants that I have (fishshit, photosynthesis plus and microbe +), about every other or every third day. After day 14 I began implementing foliar applications of my Amino nitrogen, potassium silicate, jack's bug begone and some water soluble calcium that I made at home. Early foliar applications did require me to provide some additional support to a few of the stems as the weight of the water droplets made the leaves a bit too heavy for some. Despite any support issues, the plants are loving their foliars, which are applied roughly every three days 40-45 minutes before lights out to avoid any light burn from the droplets. 

I used sex testing from Delta Leaf Labs and Farmer Freeman. Both of them have had amazing customer service and provided fast and accurate results, however delta leaf is located on the opposite coast as myself, meaning extra time in travel and a few extra days for the ID of the plants. Farmer Freeman is a few states away, so I will likely go with them in the future for speed of delivery. My very first round of sex tests from farmer freeman for my January 2 seeds left me with a female of the Lime-O-Rilla x Lime 1 BX, Original Glue x Lime 1 BX, and It's Fire. This was much improved from the sex tests I sent away for with the original seedlings from December, as I only had 2 females out of the 6 that I sent off for, both of which were in the Brick House variety. Overwatering may have been a blessing as it made me pop more seeds sooner, and I'm happy I did because I desperately wanted more variety for my next harvest.  As of today I am still waiting on some final results from Delta Leaf to identify my last few plants. 

Due to the delay in sex testing I also tried my best to delay uppotting in order to avoid wasting good soil on a male that I would eventually cull, but the plants were telling me that they couldn't wait much longer without sacrificing their health and vigor. On Wednesday, January 20th I moved the Lime-O-Rilla, OG x Lime 1, and the It's Fire females into their one gallon pots with a helping of Dynomyco and filtered water mixed with Microbe plus. Each of those three pots were sprinkled with my three blend crop cover. I also filled up two more one gallons and placed my unsexed brick house seedling and my yet to be resulted Morning Vibes seedlings into the one gallons as placement holders. I had been hoping that the final sex results would have been received before this past weekend allowing me to finalize the transplant or to at rip them out and replace them with something else, however now they have been in these containers for about 5 days and are rooting right through their little fabric pots. If they turn out to be females then they will just remain in the pot and I will not attempt to remove the fabric seedling bags. 

During my last grow I tried up-potting for the first time in coco coir with GH nutrients. With each up-potting event I never noticed any real significant "transplant shock" or, on the flip side, never experienced any increase in vigor from having a larger space. However, this time has been a much different experience. The plants showed some slight droop as they were moved into their new homes, but the next morning they showed their appreciation. The living soil has sent them into some explosive growth and has these ladies in constant worship for the sun. These plants are always happy and extremely healthy, I couldn't be more excited about how well they are doing. 

This morning the plants were all somewhere between their 5th and 7th nodes. It's fire has been the strongest and most vigorous plant in the tent, but none of the others are far behind at all. Happily settled into their new homes and loving life I figured they were ready for some training. Each of the plants in their one gallon pots were topped down to the upper limit of their fourth nodes. Since transplanting I have been watering less frequently as the plants still work to fill out their container space, but the cover crop is definitely helping to keep the top layer of soil shaded and moist. The lights have been maintained at 6-10 inches as I continue to raise them to 10 and allow them to grow into 6. Now that the plants are established I will begin increasing the light intensity by 10-20% each week until they are in flower. 

Updates should be coming a bit more frequently now that I won't be waiting on anything else in order to post. My plan for the next few weeks is to top once more, likely by the end of this week or early next and then set up a trellis to spread the canopy to about 2/3 of its max capacity before flipping and installing a second trellis layer for support and additional tucking. 

It’s fire

Cannabis Grow 028F3AFD D6FE 49DF B835 7EF41537DBE1
Cannabis Grow 69AD0ED9 25B0 445C 89FB 51E5347313CD
Cannabis Grow 2B1E2D07 69B0 4A6F AA55 1AB7C71D45EC

Original glue x Lime 1 bx

Cannabis Grow 18DD1718 E7A4 4653 8680 D83F514A9582
Cannabis Grow 507CA99B 992B 47D4 BE7B B4076DB76DDF
Cannabis Grow 2332F84E D02F 4C00 B992 6D4601369712

lime-o-rilla x lime 1 bx

Cannabis Grow 442AC487 42FF 4143 B3FB 4492A590DB91
Cannabis Grow 25EB7E2E BEF7 4F3D BBD6 FBC94F8052FA
Cannabis Grow A1752674 152B 4B41 84F2 A3DD20A04D43

Brick House

Cannabis Grow 876170D6 9466 47FC 9208 C757AB026B26
Cannabis Grow 479612FD BAA1 48B7 A9A7 18DB0B46C780

Morning Vibes

Cannabis Grow 13629E97 1966 440A B4BB A8ECB182F9DD
Cannabis Grow 4F068419 6DB6 43CC 9C61 09BC3BAE901E
Cannabis Grow 802389F2 2E11 4B66 8964 3020D88C4FC7


Cannabis Grow C3F06401 0AB4 4B0F 820A 112C91CAE17F


Cannabis Grow 109F5563 F4A9 46B5 8184 470BA5D8BC5C

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Temperature - 80-83F

rH - 55-67 (fluctuating over a five minute period)

Lights - 60% at 10" - 18/6

Airflow - Oscillator on 24/7 18" above canopy, exhaust and intake fans starting when rH exceeds 68. 

No grow would be complete without a little adversity. I first noticed a some burn spots forming in the margins of two of my original glue leaves, which progressed over another day or two and have been unchanged since then. I hypothesized that this was likely the result of applying foliar applications too early before lights out. One application was close to an hour before lights out, but most were within 30 minutes or so. From now on I will be applying foliars as soon as lights go out. 

However, that hasn't been the only issue it seems. The plants just don't have their same vigor and some seemed to have been drooping over the last few days. One Mary-Beth Sanchez over at the GrowCast community suggested a possible phosphorus deficiency, but any deficiency would be surprising to me being that the plant is only a few weeks old in a living soil that has been shown to be successful by countless other gardeners. She also suggested that perhaps some of the spots I was seeing on the plants were indicative of early mite damage instead of burns from the foliar applications. I have been pretty diligent with IPM and I scoured the undersides of the leaves of all plants with a microscope for any evidence of bugs or eggs, none of which I found. There is also no evidence of any flyers on my sticky traps. 

I think the drooping is also unlikely to be from overwatering only because they showed some of this droop prior to my last watering when the pots were pretty light weight and recovered from their extra slight droop that they displayed after watering. I also have a 12 point swing in my rH, which I'm not sure if that can be causing any stress. The low humidity has been difficult for many of us during the winter. My humidifer runs continuously in my tent, slowly bringing the rH up to 68 before my inkbird monitor kicks on my exhaust and intake fan and brings it down to what is supposed to be 62rH, however the residual air flow after they shut off brings it down to ~57, leading to a 10-12 point rH swing every few minutes. Does a wide range like that stress the plants?

Do any of the experienced growers in the chat have any suggestions? @rosettastoned , i remember you saying you grow in living soil, I would appreciate any thoughts on how this could be more efficient or what might be slowing me down? @cannanation @chefomj @dr-coco

Today the plants are looking better and were also topped for one last time today, I'm planning to let them gain some height before installing a trellis for training and spreading the canopy, but I expect to flip closer to the end of February to make sure this tent is filled. For the time being I will be stopping my foliar applications (except IPM) until these plants have regained their vigor. I have previously applied 3 applications of amino based nitrogen and potassium silicate (both by bokashi earthworks) as well as my IPM. I think I am simply over complicating the process by adding in potentially unnecessary nutrients via foliars when I could just let the soil and microbes do their work. Hopefully things will turn around here shortly. A few pictures to go along. 

Original Glue x Lime 1BX (note that the leaves seems darker and shinier due to direct lighting, they are not as dramatic in person) 

Cannabis Grow 86CF8EF2 C57E 4E00 97B0 ED4FB86C2AEA
Cannabis Grow B1BF8821 ACCC 49DD 85AD F4B5C0CEDB0B
Cannabis Grow 2FA2E38C 3700 4CA5 B21B BD6F7D1F80BB
Cannabis Grow 05786F98 04C0 414A B0CC 178D564EC148

It’s Fire

Cannabis Grow 10E915F2 9B2C 4379 9124 00D1B358CDB4
Cannabis Grow CC21A2E8 27AC 45AE B155 39708B7E6174
Cannabis Grow 4DBCCB03 DE8E 40BB 96F5 9BE410D05C85
Cannabis Grow D8187AD1 F9B7 48F3 99E7 385F2F37E089
Cannabis Grow 7297CC90 C4E3 4747 8871 62A621B2C2B2

Lime-O-Rilla x Lime 1BX

Cannabis Grow 5F0180A9 8C7F 480F 8C91 B8D34581F73D
Cannabis Grow 10A065A4 BBCC 4D4A 8B6C F638269BB301
Cannabis Grow 492F9168 A4E1 47AD A81C 27018DE657C7

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Temperature - 80-83F

rH - 55-67 (fluctuating over a five minute period)

Lights - 60% at 10" - 18/6

Airflow - Oscillator on 24/7 18" above canopy, exhaust and intake fans starting when rH exceeds 68. 


These last few days have been quite a roller coaster for the garden. Last update I gave the plants were showing some stress and the there was some suspected mite damage as well as the possibility of some early phosphorus deficiency indicated by a very subtle purpling that could be noticed on some of the darker leaves. The mites were a horrible diagnosis but even phosphorus deficiency seemed surprising because of how little the plants typically need in veg when compared to flower. Furthermore these plants are being grown in a living soil designed to take me through the whole grow with water only. How could I be showing ANY deficiency, let a lone a macro nutrient deficiency so early after up-potting. It didn't make sense, maybe there was a pest damaging my garden. 

From the time of my last update all the way until last night, as I waited for the pots to dry, the only thing I was able to do was spray the plants with foliar applications of jacks bug b gone to try and mitigate any potential mite infestation until I could add in a soil drench. As of yesterday the plants were looking like this (take special note of the significant droop of the top middle picture (lime-o-rilla x lime 1bx)  -

Cannabis Grow 766B2761 297A 4CC3 BAD7 587B58B21B0B
Cannabis Grow FFF50FDE 6D03 40DC 9B14 FA8E43C60FE5
Cannabis Grow 4E79F84B 38A0 45CD 9995 F2E052EF71AA
Cannabis Grow 6D8ECE13 CAD0 4AF4 97C5 DB2E316A3630
Cannabis Grow 2B3AEDD0 0365 4DBB 81FC 9A4B4500D65A
Cannabis Grow B526FBEB 4EF8 4F6D BE53 5EA2B606F09E
Cannabis Grow D4226BE8 6F60 411C B2F2 5BB4C2627ED7

Not great and I was growing increasingly concerned. I had checked for mites once before, but now I began conducting a more thorough review. I pulled a few leaves off the lower and newer growth from various plants and began inspecting every square millimeter of those damn leaves. Finally after some time I found this: 

Cannabis Grow 2B745B0A 9781 423F 8F98 DC603A8E31B9

Devestated by the confirmation of mites I started doing a little more research and found a lot of literature on the "two-spotted spider mite", which didn't quite resemble this clear colored mite. I reached out to the amazing Matthew Gates (Zenthanol on YouTube and SynchAngel on IG) IPM specialist well known by this community for IPM and his place on the Cheap Home Grow. Matthew was quick to let me know that this was a harmless soil mite and that I had nothing to worry about. He also suggested that the damage I was seeing on my plants was not likely due to any pest issue. 

Last ditch effort I reached out to Brandon Rust who suggested pH was the issue. This did make sense because the few times that I have pH'ed the filtered water that I have been using it has been high at around 7.5. Why I haven't been more disciplined in pHing my water is a mystery that not even I can solve, especially coming from a hydroponic coco grow. I guess I "learned" at some point that organic set ups don't need to worry as much about a wide pH input because of the microbiology. This is false. 

Yesterday after waiting for days to have the pots dry up to accept a healthy watering, I mixed up some filtered water with Mammoth P (microbes that specifically help to unlock Phosphorus from soil) and Microbe Life Hydro's "Nourish-L" (seabed derived humic acid). So excited about the potential of these new inputs I quickly shook the mixture, added it to my watering bucket and poured away, about 3/4 gallon across the 5 pots. I tucked the pots back into the tent and closed it up with serious hopes that next time I checked things would be looking up. But After watering I quickly realized something. I FORGOT TO PH THE WATER AGAIN. 

For a few hours I was so disappointed in forgetting and even more worried that I would have prolonged this pH issue another 2-3 days, which is how long I'd need until the pots could dry out enough to accept another watering. But a few hours later it dawned on me that the solution to my problem was in the name of my exciting new input. Humic acids, which I could only have presumed were a collection of weak acids, might have naturally lowered the pH of the water that I fed. I quickly made another mix of what I had just given the plants to check the pH and it was down to 5.9! I couldn't have felt more relieved that the pH had fallen exactly to where I would have tried to bring it down to anyway. I couldn't have been more lucky. 

This morning I woke up like a kid on Christmas anxious to unzip the tent. And when I did - 

Cannabis Grow 77885664 577E 4B70 A015 92F967F01E6B
Cannabis Grow 57640142 3E97 4532 B0E5 00143AAEFEFB
Cannabis Grow E903F271 2551 40AF A12F E41A24460BF0
Cannabis Grow 8D3E51B3 E6C5 4F7C 97CE DC68250614DA

Most notably the Lime-O-Rilla x Lime 1 BX (bottom right photo), which was drooping harder than any other plant, was finally looking turgid and pointing towards the lights for the first time in over a week. This really goes to demonstrate the importants of dialing your pH and keeping it within an adequate range. I am so happy to see how much these girls have rebounded. The original glue x lime 1 still has some improvement that can be made, but with these other four plants looking much improved, and knowing that I have no pest issues, I am thrilled for where these plants are. Long winded story, but I'm stoney and stoked about this rebound. Onwards and upwards. Cheers everyone. 

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Temperature - 80-83F

rH - 55-67 (fluctuating over a five minute period)

Lights - 60% at 10" - 18/6

pH - 6.0-6.5 filtered water +/- microbes 


After a single watering with humic acids from the nourish-L pHed to 6.1 the plants perked right up and all has been right in the world. Each time I check on them they seem to be healthier and happier. Even more, their vigor seems to be returning.

This evening I gave them another watering, ~3/4 gallon of filtered water pHed to 6.3 spread across the 6 pots. Following that I tied down the plants mains to start spreading out that canopy. Brick house wasn’t quite ready for a tie down so I left that one go.

I plan to veg them in these one gallons for another two weeks before I up-pot them to their final 7 gallons. I’ll hit them with some compost tea from buxton hollow farms and let them veg for one last week as I transition them to flower. Let’s hope I can get this tent filled out by then! 

it’s fire 

Cannabis Grow 97965ED5 31C6 4CD9 94D8 7295D70F281C
Cannabis Grow B80C49D3 9DCF 4CB2 A792 E4F238E90478

lime-I-rilla x lime 1 bx

Cannabis Grow D67DC57C 8980 492A A0B8 550A50503660
Cannabis Grow 8C332C6B 823B 43C0 8DDD BA54E5BB8FB3
Cannabis Grow 31975DA3 98AF 4378 97A6 61CD012CA72C

Original glue x lime 1 bx 

Cannabis Grow 6FFAEF7F 727E 4455 A7E6 5F7007C6CE49
Cannabis Grow 70E8353A 3EE4 4BCB 8B82 682588FBC859

morning vibes 

Cannabis Grow 76861874 6D6A 4BF3 848A FE50D2743DDB
Cannabis Grow C282E8D7 066E 460A BC06 9A9630B54716
Cannabis Grow AEF0E3DA 170E 46D7 8A4F 94B61A272C30

brick house

Cannabis Grow 9C10193C 7D62 4D01 B18B FC97D09BE21C

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Temperature - 70-75 F

rH - 55-67 (fluctuating over a five minute period)

Lights - 60% at 10" - 18/6

pH - 6.0-6.5 filtered water +/- microbes 


Tough veg period for this first run with organics. After a really strong start, these plants began drooping and only had a few periods of momentary improvement before drooping back down. Today all of these plants were up-potted into five gallon pots. I found that I do have room to fit a fifth five gallon pot in the tent, and this brick house is the healthiest plant in the tent despite all of these struggles. I'm taking a risk hoping that it is a female, as I didn't have enough sex tests left over to send a sample. Worst case i'll just pull it from the tent and flower out the remaining four. My other motivation for keeping the fifth plant is to boost those final yields. With some upcoming life events in late spring/early summer, I need to have this grow wrapped up by mid may and I don't have time to extend the veg period. Hopefully this fifth plant will be female and help fill out the canopy despite the slow veg period. Plan will be to veg them throughout the weekend in hopes that up-potting will allow the plants to balance their nutrient issues so that I can begin the transition to flower next week. 

Cannabis Grow 6EBA1CAD CF27 4076 A87A ECF2DAF9CB6D
Cannabis Grow CFBA5E0F F41C 4CBB B253 2C9A9800BA8F
Cannabis Grow A5E6538D D785 40AC B334 D8C78DC6F657
Cannabis Grow 808FE67E 504F 4371 98EF C8E0B6275D47
Cannabis Grow 9F408D4E D6E7 46B0 ACDC B8C8A6EF2699
Cannabis Grow 4B103305 E662 41CE A958 0FCA2788A9A2

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Temperature - 70-75 F

rH - 55-67 (fluctuating over a five minute period)

Lights - 60% at 10" - 18/6

pH - 6.0-6.5 filtered water +/- microbes 


Finally these girls look like they're back to enjoying life! Up-potting made a MAJOR improvement to the turgor, color, vigor, and just about every aspect of the plant that you could think of. Yesterday I gave these ladies a light selective defoliation to help open up some of the more dense canopies and improve airflow. I also topped them one last time and bent some stems down via supercropping to help widen the canopy. 

This morning the plants looked immensely happy. I think they have enjoyed the environment shift down to some cooler temps and dryer air. I also added in a small evaporator/airconditioner to help drop the temp a couple of degrees and push around some of the air immediately above the canopy, as the fan sits a good 3 ft from the tops of the plants. 

Since up-potting I have only watered the plants twice, three days apart. I split about 1 gallon of water across the five pots, which does not produce any runoff. Brewing up a compost tea today and tomorrow to feed the plants as I flip them to 12/12. Today is the last day of 18/6 as they go to 16/8, 14/10, and finally 12/12 on Friday. Hoping they stretch big time!


Cannabis Grow AFB895E2 59C8 42CB B1C7 BD4E03904F34
Cannabis Grow C12BCAAF FC94 41BD 91A4 C5A9DB3FA78D
Cannabis Grow 0CC24CE1 493E 47E3 9010 031407133387
Cannabis Grow 6CE2AB41 F8FE 4493 B76B 628726C459ED
Cannabis Grow 97CFBE39 CB25 42EA 8894 B202B075D395


Cannabis Grow E2B21585 2051 4B59 B130 27A0A16968E6
Cannabis Grow 87B8D46D DF89 46D2 A337 CCFBFF9E0FF2
Cannabis Grow D3AC4CA5 C500 4C80 911D 5B16438D4A65
Cannabis Grow 240F50CA 8403 41EB 8D15 5D579D825202
Cannabis Grow 89F323CA B89C 4F5C A5B8 48B171095A6B

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Temperature - 70-75 F

rH - 55-67 (fluctuating over a five minute period)

Lights - 60% at 10" - 18/6

pH - 6.0-6.5 filtered water +/- microbes

These girls are finally in flower! They are looking healthier than they ever have and I couldn't be more stoked after such a difficult veg period. Next time I will be leaving the plants in one gallons for a much lesser period of time and up potting much sooner to avoid any of these deficiency issues in the future. 

This week I plucked a handful of tops off of a few of the plants that looked like they could use it and hit them with a compost tea from Buxton Hollow Farms, which they aboslutely loved. These plants are in total prayer mode right now after their first day of 12/12.

Lime-O-Rilla X Lime 1 Bx is already showing some pistils after one night of 12/12, I think part of that is due to my slow transition to 12/12 as I adjust the light scheule from 18/6-16/8-14/10 and finally 12/12. I'm still praying that this brick house turns out to be female, but I should have confirmation at some point this week, hopefully sooner than later. Even still the original glue x lime 1, its fire, and lime-o-rilla are good sized plants to begin flower. Morning vibes is slightly smaller but I'm confident that she will put on some size during the stretch. 

A week or two into flower I will probably install the trellis net, lollipop each plant and weave them in. I can tell a few of these plants are going to need some support, especially the original glue which has some more fragile branches. Tomorrow I'll top dress with some bokashi and water again with some compost tea. 

Cannabis Grow BA1CFFEA 09F6 4435 9019 F75E7CD64705
Cannabis Grow F8EBCD72 A376 4DA8 8332 71B1947DF4FE
Cannabis Grow D7C1F9D6 1F09 4CB9 872E F27040EDFB96
Cannabis Grow A3280248 6CC4 4DAA 811E 1E1C984BB976
Cannabis Grow DB4CABB0 B1E4 4BD7 9C0E 8F9080AD0A19
Cannabis Grow 748D9282 BFA0 4537 9E50 960A7531E40D

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Temperature - 70-75 F (day) / 65-70 F (night)

rH - 45-55

Lights - 80% at 10" - 12/12

pH - 6.0-6.5 tap water +/- inputs and microbes

Cannabis Grow 24EC80EF B7C3 4C8C 952D BF9D82EA54E6

A long while since my last update, I apologize! School has been crazy but I've managed to save time for the garden, just not so much journaling. Thanks for the recent comments by everyone. Anyways, back to the growing.

Flower has been much smoother than veg. The plants have been happy almost nonstop and have required minimal attention. I think the lesson here is to up pot from the 1 gallon into 3 or 5 gallons much earlier than I did as this was likely the main cause of why they looked so sad for so long. Watching other growers in organics I thought that the plants would grow much larger before exhausting the medium, but as soon as they up potted everything turned around. 

My unsexed Brick House strain by Jinxproof turned out to be a female! She was stubborn to throw pistils and took to day 12 from flip to show, and even then I needed to bust out a microscope to look at the top bud sites. These are the smallest plants I've ever flowered, so having this fifth plant was crucial. But as long as I can get a 6 ounces or so, I'll be happy. 

It's fire and Brick House are my two smaller plants in the tent, followed by it's fire, which is considerably larger. These three plants have been absolute studs throughout my significant learning curve here in organics. They are almost always been praying, had great color, and shown minimal signs of stress despite my shortcomings. They are packing on their buds and I'm real excited to see how their flowers start to develop. 

On to my favorite plants in the tent. Lime-O-Rilla x Lime 1 BX and Original Glue x Lime 1 BX - both bred by the great brandon rust. They are packing on some awesome frost and have some amazing terps. A good stem rub of the lime-o-rilla brings out straight up lime rinds and the original glue x lime 1 is more of a sweet gas with a hint of lime. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it. These two plants are also the largest of any of the others. I'm not sure how high the yield will be with the original glue cross as the lower buds seem pretty small and i'm not sure how much they will swell, but the lime-o-rilla definitely shows promise. Either way, these two plants have triple the frost of the other three strains and I cannot wait to see them finish. 

I found out that my Hannah growline pH pen was broken after trouble shooting with their company. It was a few months over warranty, but i've had it less than a year. I purchased a Nute Meter by Nute Tools to replace it, they are a great company with great tools for the industry and veteran run so go check them out. I also got a free sample of FOOP, a fully organic line with a veg, bloom, and sweetener. Being fully organic I decided I try and add some into a watering and the plants were fiercely praying for days. This will be a very useful tool in my bag, especially growing in 5 gallon pots, this will help me supplement any nutrient deficiencies that may occur during flower. 

The other day I top dressed with about 2 cups each of purple cow, just for a slight boost almost half way into flower. Another lesson in watering having a better understanding of what a dry pot really looks like and how your plants respond. I had felt like the pots were still a little heavy and not quiet needing water, but the plants had a decent droop going, so I gave them a heavy dosing of water, not to induce any runoff, and they perked right up. Keeping the balance is tough, but I'm getting the hang of it. Next run I will probably incorporate a blumat system for automatic watering, which will keep the soil moist and inhibit any hydrophobic areas from developing. I am starting to water lesser amounts but more often as that also helps with keeping the top layers from drying out too much. 

Looking forward to seeing how these strains all develop. I'll try to post a few more updates before the end of flower, which will probably be the end of April or early May, but there isn't too much going on between now and then other than bud swelling. Other than that, i'll continue to add water with some microbes and my homemade banana squash ffj (recipe by growcast's rhizo rich). Cheers everyone and happy growing. 

Lime-O-Rilla x Lime 1 BX

Cannabis Grow DDAE126C 5318 480F 8D39 AF7A7D76A39F
Cannabis Grow B84EC8B2 977C 4099 B8B5 3F59E748360C

Original Glue x Lime 1 BX

Cannabis Grow 471C3EB8 410C 482C B715 1A4F608923A3
Cannabis Grow 7FF5D1E0 7A07 4C3C 8B77 AD7EE4727B22

Morning Vibes 

Cannabis Grow BC6AF7FA 80FF 4B74 BB8D 98A25C100E27
Cannabis Grow 69E3F5EB 1D0F 4928 9842 A692F05FF485

It’s Fire

Cannabis Grow 68202E36 28FA 481D BF29 4AAC2E3A23FF
Cannabis Grow FA95BA6A 5C17 4DE9 9EC8 ACB3ED7322B5

Brick House 

Cannabis Grow 968B160B 8E66 4256 994D 7ED8BD8C55C0
Cannabis Grow 5AD371F5 5999 4ACC B506 8E8C5EA1A88E

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Sorta fell off at the end of this grow journal, but PA school has been a bear!

I harvested the limeorilla x lime 1 bx a few days earlier than the rest of the plants based on the plants fade and trichome color. Deciding on when to harvest all the different plants and then making a separate dry space for them has been challenging but I made it happen. 

My first organic grow put me on a large learning curve. Growing hydroponically with all necessary nutrients provided to the plant was much easier to learn and be successful with. I didn't even bother weighing this harvest because the smokeable buds were probably only up to about an ounce and a half for the entire grow, which is astounding. I did get a bunch of seed production in the tent, an issue I was hoping I would have fixed with my black fabric that I covered the tent with. I certainly wouldn't blame these great breeders for having bad gear, but really more of a bunch of stressed out plants from an inexperienced organic grower. 

I'm giving one more try with organics. I will be using dechlorinated tap water; I believe that using filtered water at 0 ppm caused much of my growth stunting that I observed in the veg period. I'm also going to be going from 1 gallons to 3 gallons for veg and up to 7 gallons for flower. I will also be supplementing with FOOP organics once per week to help with any potential deficiencies that i may encounter. 

Thanks for those who commented and supported me along the way! 

Cannabis Grow 9B217D0C 313C 43EE 9179 D6AF6380A7C1
Cannabis Grow 344F605D 8F1D 46EE A98D 11A83311B534
Cannabis Grow 20E38071 113D 4F01 97A9 C09C053064FC
Cannabis Grow 030E3FAB 8600 4647 A836 878BC786BC50
Cannabis Grow 651B6CC9 6CEC 4BBA 99BA 147E286A8B92
Cannabis Grow BFE3C4EE F432 46DF BADE ACBDCEB3AE7B
Cannabis Grow D1D1A11F 7821 49B9 A900 634B1977ED2B
Cannabis Grow 14B0A254 0595 476D B7C4 D19AB1EDB04E
Cannabis Grow 51A0C3D4 D6A4 4819 B9E3 9CAE13FD7BF6
Cannabis Grow E34106D0 CD4F 4EDE A182 FE735AFBFF33
Cannabis Grow 8CB6F91E D852 44FE A74A 272E7AF477D6
Cannabis Grow F26E54D3 6597 45BB 84C8 D7D6FBD45267
Cannabis Grow 037B223D F2D1 4203 A4A3 47D59B25202D

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