NYGC Coco: Dr Coco's Four Plants in Coco 2022

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NYGC Coco: Dr Coco's Four Plants in Coco 2022

I started my journal!

Sorry for the late start growmies! I dropped my seeds with many of you live on NYE (Thanks for hosting us @smot-poker) But I was very absorbed in my recent video project so I did not have a chance to start my journal – until now!

I am growing 4 different strains: Northern Soul (Seedsman Freebie), Caramel Kush (00 Seeds), New England Rock Candy (Pure Breeding – Kyle), Dark Ghost Train Haze (She better not herm – Rare Dankness).

As I am sure some can attest to a couple of these strains have some Challenge history. DGTH was a pick for our first ever grow challenge – it hermed on 6 of 7 of us. Although not all the plants hermed – and those that didn’t were pretty awesome. These seeds have been deep in my vault. I had cursed them and forgotten about them. When I came across it again, I decided to give one a go to keep things interesting.

The New England Rock Candy was another Challenge strain. 2 years ago, we teamed with Kyle from Pure Breeding – and the weekly live show I do on Sundays - to grow some of his seeds. NERC was my favorite.

I grew Caramel Kush once before and she was sparkly – I am looking to her to bling up the place during flowering. I have not grown Northern soul which came to me years ago as a freebie.

It is kind of a misfit grow – but I am in Coco! Of Course.

Seeds all germed. 3 have been doing well from day one. The NERC is a bit odd and slow, still wondering about her, but alive and growing. Here they are on January 3rd:

Cannabis Grow IMG 1615

When I first put them in Jiffy I hit them all with some Deep and Far red. The red light promotes early gowth, stem elongation, and root development. People often ask me about using UV and IR light – the most confident thing we can say is that Deep and Far red light are good for seedlings. I have a smple board with different LEDs. It has a bunch of 660 and 730nm diodes, so I turned them all on as a bit of an experiment. This pic is January 4th:

Cannabis Grow IMG 1620

Well, I can say for sure that they grew/stretched. That thing we say about stem elongation is true! And these plants had enough overall light to prevent “stretching for light” this stretch is about the red. Check them out the next day, January 5th:

Cannabis Grow IMG 1624

I potted up shortly after that pic! I am using the transplant set I put together with Air Pots. Using the germination cells and then up to #3s.

Along with most of the year’s NYGC cohort, my little girls are 9 days old. They don’t exactly have a home yet so I have them in a corner of my office now as they wait for the tent to clear.

Cannabis Grow IMG 1645

Thanks for growing with me in the NYGC! I look forward to a great grow.

Grower Love

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Just a quick pic and update for day 14.

Three of the girls are ready to move on from being seedlings. NERC had a slow start but is coming around I think. DGTH is the happiest little plant so far, which bodes well, because if she gets grumpy she will go herm.

Cannabis Grow IMG 1656

The girls are stoked because they get to move into their first real tent tonight. My two plants that are in the 4x2 are coming down tonight! I have the Girl Scout Crack and Mama Mia plants that were in my Germination video. They became camera shy after that - or I became busy - but they grew up, got fat, and are coming down tonight. So the NYGC girls get a new temporary home and I get sent to trim jail!

I'll put these 4 in a 4x4 when they go up to finals.

Hope your grows are all going well! Grower Love

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