NYGC Coco: CoCo in the FUNBOX!!

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Cannabis Grow 76AFE02E 2349 4E9D 95C1 42827B946CD7

Hey all!! I’ve been out of the loop cause of a shitty job I got fired from. I wanted a raise and the owner took that as an offense. So I found a much better job. Now I can build a real routine and get my journal regular again.

Im running coco this time, with the same salts to start and using Jack Bloom for flower. (Got a big bag of it) 

So I’m making it fully automatic and bring a hose into the grow space to make mixing easier. (No more carrying buckets of water)

Growing 5 strains, over 8 plants. Duping 3 and running 2 fast flower types. Using Mykos as the changing factor that made me go for coco instead of another hydro run. 

Grower Love to everyone and I’m putting my head back to the grind of cleaning and prepping my space. Btw I have several lights I’m willing to sell.

Also it’ll be too much for me to name 8 plants per cycle, so I think I’m going to shift to just strain names. Make it easier for peeps.

Posted : 12/29/2021 3:16 pm ChaseG1992, Chefomj, smotpoker and 2 people liked
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Cannabis Grow 618BC297 DFC9 42D1 98D8 21BC05D5BE2E

So I just dropped, running a bit behind with what I need to do. Oh well. I’ll catch up

Posted : 01/01/2022 8:37 am ChaseG1992, smotpoker and Choo liked
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Cannabis Grow 05E68212 7784 4E43 83B6 AD24A19B8E0C
Cannabis Grow 6400D2EF BCDF 4759 BA89 CEE2508B4630

Into the Cubes!!!

Posted : 01/03/2022 8:07 pm ChaseG1992 and smotpoker liked
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Into Coco, but forgot to take pics during the "day". I can wait. Dropped another seed, Lemon auto. Might give one of the GG4s away.

Liking the new setup so far

Posted : 01/07/2022 12:46 am Chefomj liked

Cannabis Grow AB4E7208 FA92 4D37 BECC D89760AB8548

Feeling down today, just this pic atm sozzles

Posted : 01/07/2022 3:21 pm
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Cannabis Grow 6B60D88E 5163 4713 90E8 EF9DA40CC2A6

Doing better today!

these ladies look Fire all ready!

Posted : 01/11/2022 7:19 pm ChaseG1992, Knut and Chefomj liked
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Cannabis Grow AED1E510 1FCF 4D75 B69C 2AE3475255B8
Cannabis Grow 174855D6 31E3 4BC7 B4C0 B63553CF73F7

Whoo Hooo! These ladies are Fire!! Already popping over the edge with the leaves! I’m only doing 1-2x daily watering. I’m excited to see how 7x goes! Just need to figure out the best way to drain…


also bought a cNFT that’s just so dope.

growers love all

Posted : 01/18/2022 8:35 am smotpoker and Chefomj liked

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Cannabis Grow DFDFB186 87D0 4668 A390 F7E6989432ED
Cannabis Grow 7558EF1A F73F 4317 A576 D3C4E4FBD4A1

Wow these ladies are taking no prisoners. It seems like the coco itself is becoming root mass.

im liking these mykos

anyway, looking green. I’m going to start soaking more coco for a transplant in a couple days. Then hooking up my auto water and training time!

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Cannabis Grow 3F6ECEA7 AFEE 476B B4D3 9B60F340AFE2
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Cannabis Grow F8E63BE8 BBEB 46CB B398 DE92B0D52DEE
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Cannabis Grow A067FA17 C4F3 4547 9CB5 AB05CE7EBA08
Cannabis Grow 21B530D9 5E30 4EC8 BCBB 1AFFA7634119
Cannabis Grow F9FE3B70 3061 4CC9 929D FA4822980DFD
Cannabis Grow FA579F38 8E36 4C44 BDA4 20A320C18F37
Cannabis Grow 6D1D41AF 3D05 40D1 8166 06F11D454852
Cannabis Grow DEE00918 6481 4247 8C49 A1EC8DED4C59
Cannabis Grow 5A590E13 2DE6 4245 A9D1 B6610C2BEF75
Cannabis Grow 61738922 68D8 4A68 BF32 C26FDDF84555

TransPlant complete!

AutoWater complete!

AutoDrain… too expensive!

welp I’m ready for the training regime. Let’s get it ON!!

Posted : 01/30/2022 7:38 pm smotpoker, Chefomj, ChaseG1992 and 1 people liked
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Cannabis Grow 302A3AF8 C45E 4A58 891E 57FCF8D51314

First day of Stremch!! Soo stremmmmtchy


the leaves are exploding out of the nodes, I’m only doing 2x watering atm without the drain system. But this growth is still insane

looking fire already!

Posted : 02/06/2022 12:38 pm Chefomj liked

Cannabis Grow 63B06CFA 6BAC 48E2 9B78 7C1AC14528D4
Cannabis Grow BDE88475 B300 45D0 A573 C733ACD7AE13
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Cannabis Grow E32FBCA6 C09D 4B4A 95D6 AAFE33C54563
Cannabis Grow 6D1C20AB 73F6 4322 98F2 5FA6098DD2E6
Cannabis Grow 9EB30EE4 BA79 4621 969E 8A47D2EAA73A

So I did something…

I got a flood tray after being frustrated by the cheap plastic saucers.

and it looks pretty good!

I can now just suck out the drainage from one spot, not sure if I want to do any tubing to make it auto. I think I should be checking these everyday

Posted : 02/12/2022 4:46 pm Chefomj, TheBrad, ThaBigBadWolfie and 1 people liked
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Cannabis Grow D04DD461 6F30 4BD6 8B84 3C123D3FEA75
Cannabis Grow 6DD2D8FA 85F3 4A58 A155 FF70AA13940C

Woooo!! These ladies are booming!! #7X FTW loving this setup. Next cycle is going to be ham on training to the max.


Growers Love all

Posted : 02/20/2022 10:08 am ChaseG1992 and ThaBigBadWolfie liked
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Cannabis Grow CE9A7267 F160 472A 803F 14469CD0FCA4

Whoop! Been slacking a couple weeks, world got me distracted. Here are my plants. 

liking the coco, not so much the black tray. But once I get a couple sump pumps for them it’ll be easier. These ladies look soo tasty I’m very ezcited

Posted : 03/08/2022 6:06 am Chefomj, bloom and ThaBigBadWolfie liked

Cannabis Grow FE7434E5 CF7C 4C6E B6C8 E5461E88EE3D
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Cannabis Grow 7A5D19A5 D955 4D9B AD2D 06F87EA5A3DF

Ka Bam!! Couple weeks and they look fire!!!

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Cannabis Grow A790D0B5 83BF 4510 B8D6 732213590196

Wow sooo much has happened. It’s incredible, I got one of the best harvests I’ve had. Not in quantity, but the highest quality I’ve done.

smoothest grow I’ve done also, the coco has soo much leniency. And now I think I can start dialing in and training out for far more quantity this next cycle.

Posted : 04/28/2022 3:03 pm smotpoker, Knut, ThaBigBadWolfie and 1 people liked
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