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Not certain what seeds I'll be using. I popped a few different strains. I really want Northern Lights from Nirvana to pop but the seeds look old and terrible. I went 0/3 first try in the spring so popping 2 more and they aren't showing anything yet. Have back ups in case. 

Critical + 2.0 - Dina Fem

Purple Kush CBD - Seedsman

Northern Lights - Nirvana

I'm not sure how I'll be growing but... I'll be using a premix and still deciding on what additional things I'll need. Using Nectar for the gods #4 and may add extra Perlite. 

Also not sure what lights I'll be using. I have extra 4ks for veg but for flower I may add supplemental reds. 

This will be a brand new experience for me but I'm looking forward to getting away from runoff waste and a little more sustainable. Dry amendments shelf life alone will save a ton of money so I'm looking forward to this. Hopefully a good learning experience and maybe try dry amendments in coco next if it goes well. 

Posted : 08/15/2019 5:18 pm Prof-Knows-It-All and Vishuss liked

Alright things are starting to progress. This was a very last second decision and I've been throwing things together at the last second. I'm extremely excited about this grow and I expect there to be massive issues but it's all a learning experience. 

Major shout-out to @rosettastoned and his wealth of knowledge and guidance. 

I've finished getting my seedling mix together. 

Equal parts Coco and Compost. Then about the same amount of perlite. Added about a cup and a half of earth worm castings and added a small amount of kelp and gypsum. This will be my starting base in seedling bags. 

On the seed front... I may have let my rapid Rooters get a hair dry but we shall see. Currently have the seed shell heads popping out for Purple Kush and Critical. 

Northern lights x 2 are toast. Been nearly 3 days and I've tried a few things to no avail. Popped a Royal Queen Seeds diesel just in case... Probably won't need to use it but we shall see.

Also this cow on a surfing board is pretty legit. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190817 180933
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190817 175904
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190817 174634

Posted : 08/17/2019 4:30 pm Prof-Knows-It-All, Vishuss, Rosettastoned and 1 people liked
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Still sucking up the germination portion of this grow. Have 2 babies showing currently but both of those had to have the shells removed by tweezers. Picture is of the Purple Kush and looks the best. Most likely accidentally ripped the head off another... Oh well 🙂

I seed shopped all day. I really want photos for any future soil grows just so I don't have to stress about the start as much.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190818 212028

Posted : 08/18/2019 6:24 pm Rosettastoned liked

Watered with a kelp/alfalfa tea today and currently have all 4 showing. Smells good 🙂

Ended with:

1 Purple Kush CBD

2 Critical 2.0

1 Diesel 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190820 172712

Posted : 08/20/2019 2:53 pm Prof-Knows-It-All liked

Another watering with a tea of kelp/alfalfa/fish shit. Things progressing well it seems. One on far right is having an odd rooting problem. 2nd to right is Purple Kush from Seedsman and looking good.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190823 231620

Posted : 08/23/2019 8:26 pm Prof-Knows-It-All and Chefomj liked

Still growing... Watered with a tea today. All 4 are showing some roots.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190827 193504
Cannabis Grow IMG 20190827 234619

Posted : 08/27/2019 8:49 pm Prof-Knows-It-All, Rosettastoned, Dr Coco and 1 people liked
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Transplanted into larger middle stage pots. Have probably my final 2 decided as I've had a few issues with the other babies. I know for a fact my dog is obsessed with this grow as it smells fresh and ripe that's for sure. Don't even notice the flower tent smell anymore. 

RQS - Diesel on left

Dinafem - Critical 2.0 on right

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190901 150957

Posted : 09/01/2019 12:16 pm Prof-Knows-It-All and Dr Coco liked

Did a simple topping on both (I don't remember doing it ever but clearly I did it... Alcohol and grow rooms don't mix well). Also trying to pin them down a bit to keep short. Loving the lack of stress so far on this 🙂 still working on my full schedule and foliar plans. Learning about this grow style as I go

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190906 165723

and enjoying it for sure. 

Posted : 09/06/2019 2:32 pm Prof-Knows-It-All, Chefomj, Rosettastoned and 1 people liked
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Having two different grows in the same room has not been a fun experiment. This grow has dealt with the repercussions of my flower tent needing low rh. Most of the time this grow has been below 50% and over 81 f... Which is definitely not ideal. I've done a fair amount of training and pulling down as I need these as short as possible and going to keep minimal nodes / colas for the sake of space. Barely ever have to touch it though which is amazing. Transplanted into 5 gallon and watered with coconut water and some

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190914 212621

tilapia poo. Yummy. 

Posted : 09/14/2019 6:30 pm Prof-Knows-It-All liked

Update to flip as I do have pistols. 

Posted : 09/14/2019 6:31 pm Prof-Knows-It-All liked

Watered with plain water and been doing some heavy trimming / training lately. Also switched from 24/0 to 20/4. Running out of space really quickly... Not certain what I'll do... One of the Coco plants in flower is really looking terrible so may cut my losses and fit one of these into flower tent. 

Left to right: Purple Kush, Diesel, Critical

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190917 175202

Posted : 09/17/2019 3:03 pm Prof-Knows-It-All liked

A bit of some stretch happening. Either the soil I transplanted into is a bit hot or my tea 2 waterings a go maybe. Guessing the soil. Hopefully they can work thru it.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190919 183925

Posted : 09/19/2019 3:47 pm Prof-Knows-It-All liked

Pretty sure the far right one is the fastest auto I've grown yet and it is Critical 2.0 by Dinafem. I don't have any flowering lights for this tent... So they'll have to deal until I have space in the flower tent.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20190921 205757

Posted : 09/21/2019 6:02 pm Prof-Knows-It-All and Rosettastoned liked

Cruising right along quickly. I definitely over pruned this grow and kept chopping too long into flower also. It has allowed me to keep 3 tho and this is just an learning experiment. Hopefully in 3-4 weeks I can finish them in the flowering tent.

Cannabis Grow MVIMG 20190927 161305
Cannabis Grow MVIMG 20190927 161246

Posted : 09/27/2019 1:47 pm Prof-Knows-It-All and Rosettastoned liked
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These are just cruising right along in quick fashion! Neem/Kelp tea this evening.

Cannabis Grow MVIMG 20190930 215137
Cannabis Grow MVIMG 20190930 215215

Posted : 09/30/2019 7:44 pm Prof-Knows-It-All liked
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